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Legal beagles... What qualifies as incitement...? a la "Burn this b**** down...

My layman understanding is that it has to be an immediate and direct incitement to action. IOW, you can't talk about what you might do next Tuesday...

Where would Michael Brown's stepfather's statements fall into that with his whole "Burn this b**** down" statement in the large group that he was in. If it could be shown that folks from that group immediately left and then proceeded to set fires could there be a case?

When the grand jurors identities are released...

... and they will be...

Should they be prepared to take security precautions?

Chief: Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson ‘immediately’ returns if cleared in Michael Brown's death

Criminal charges would ‘most likely’ result in firing, he says

The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown will be “immediately” returned to active duty if he is not indicted, Chief Tom Jackson told Yahoo News on Friday. Officer Darren Wilson has been on paid leave since the controversial shooting in early August.

He would come back to a “not yet determined assignment,” the chief writes in an email. If the grand jury charges Wilson, Jackson said the officer would “most likely” be terminated “if it is a felony.”


Cursing in court gets you 120 days... fair?

Ex-Pentagon Janitor Writes Tell-All Book Roasting Leon Panetta

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A former Pentagon janitorial supervisor has become the latest D.C. insider to criticize his former boss with the release of an explosive tell-all book highlighting a Defense Department he characterized as having a lack of leadership and inability to function in a high-stakes foreign policy environment, Duffel Blog has learned.

The book “Worthy Spills” by Jesus Lopez is set to be released next week, detailing former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s eating habits, his secretary’s domestic snacking issue, and even includes a highly-critical anecdote claiming that Panetta spilled coffee all over the floor during the mission to eliminate Osama bin Laden, and he didn’t even put down so much as a napkin to mop some of it up.


Critics have already slammed Lopez for what many believe is a blatant attempt to make money off his political patron as soon as the threat of being fired was removed. However, supporters have used the same argument, claiming that Lopez’s privileged position in Panetta’s inner circle prevented him from telling the truth during his time at the Pentagon.

Republicans have seized on the book’s claims as another example of failure within the Obama Administration, and many Democrats have expressed fears the book would hurt their chances during the mid-term congressional elections.White House and Pentagon higher-ups have also been quick to refute Lopez’s claims, though not addressing the book directly.


Read more: http://www.duffelblog.com/2014/10/leon-panetta-book/#ixzz3HFbE7Tpz

Daniel Snyder watches Redskins-Cardinals with the Navajo Nation president...

The Redskins have been under fire for their name the past few years.

There were protestors at the game today as the team took on the Arizona Cardinals, and that's been a theme throughout the season.

But Dan Snyder, Redskins owner, countered with the above scene from his box, which turns out to have an interesting subplot. Ben Shelly is actually the soon-to-be former president of the Navajo Nation, as he was beaten badly in a recent election, as Deadspin discovered.


Live from the voters values summit...

Got booked in the same hotel in DC on pure chance . It's madness...

Santorum, Beck and the duck dynasty guys are coming...

Jesus give me patience...

Edit : Oh Lord, the duggars are coming as well...

Manning sues government over hormone therapy...


Chelsea Manning, convicted of espionage and imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth, has filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming she "has been denied access to medically necessary treatment" for her gender disorder.

The inmate once known as Bradley Manning announced in August 2013, the day after her court sentencing, that she is female. Manning is suing to follow grooming standards such as growing her hair longer and using cosmetics, and to receive hormone treatment "in order to express her female gender," said the suit filed Tuesday in district court in Washington.

What will the response from the players union be to the release and indefinite suspension of Rice?

Currently they have no statement.

What are their obligations to him?
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