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Member since: Thu Apr 23, 2015, 02:54 PM
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Snyder asks Obama for emergency declaration in water crisis

The President should order the Justice Department to charge Snyder and his personally appointed "manager" of Flint with criminal negligence.

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has asked President Barack Obama to issue an emergency and major disaster declaration amid a drinking water crisis in Flint that began months ago.

Snyder's office said in a statement late Thursday night it had asked for the declarations and is seeking additional federal aid for both individuals and public agencies involved in the effort to provide Flint residents with clean drinking water.

Flint's tap water became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched its water supply in 2014 to save money while under state financial management. Local officials declared a public health emergency in October. Residents already are being urged to use drinking water filters, which are being distributed for free along with bottled water.

- more--


Rude Pundit has some entertaining comments on David Brooks column...

Like every fucking bullshit Christian, the solution to poverty was the free market for Robertson, not actual programs. So where the fuck does Brooks get his information when he says, "The best conservatism balances support for free markets with a Judeo-Christian spirit of charity, compassion and solidarity." No. Jesus doesn't say jackshit about free markets. He says take care of the poor. You can pretend that's Christian because you happen to be a free market conservative who believes Christian hoodoo, but that doesn't mean it's "Christian" in the sense of, you know, Christ, the biblical dude

Other have dealt with Cruz's contemporaries who Brooks views as better Christians (really, David? Mike Huckabee? Jesus would turn that hateful cockknob inside out and dance with his organs). To return to Robertson, after his campaign was finally over, George Bush and Dan Quayle had to kiss fundamentalist ass to get endorsements, pressing their lips to the bright white buttocks of Robertson and Jerry Falwell. The Christian Coalition became a presence in American politics throughout the 1990s. Their existence and their bitch members of Congress were a big reason we had to go through the fucking Clinton impeachment nightmare. And those taintfleas all but accused then First Lady Hillary Clinton of being a witch and demanding her burning. Brooks writes, "Evangelicals and other conservatives have had their best influence on American politics when they have proceeded in a spirit of personalism — when they have answered hostility with service and emphasized the infinite dignity of each person. They have won elections as happy and hopeful warriors." No, they didn't. They won as hateful motherfuckers who only want everyone else to fuck their mothers just like them. Actually, the evangelicals who do give a shit about the poor are liberals and would rather be crucified than vote for Republican jackals and whores.

Ted Cruz isn't an anomaly in his "brutalism," as Brooks puts it. He's modern Christian fundamentalism's perfect example. (Note:

Don't google "armpit fucking" unless you want to see men fucking armpits.)

- See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/#sthash.EA7RSRsp.dpuf

Chris Christie brags about coming in 42nd in economic growth...

Christie boasts of saving N.J. economy

TRENTON — Boasting about saving New Jersey from the brink of economic calamity, Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday credited Republican principles and his bold leadership with making the state "strong and growing stronger every day."

In a State of the State address aimed at a national audience as he campaigns for president, Christie also warned the state's gains are in jeopardy if the Democratic-controlled state Legislature strays from the path he forged over the last six years...

....Still, New Jersey is experiencing the eighth slowest job growth of any state in the nation and is one of 13 states that have not recovered all their jobs lost during the Great Recession. The Garden State only recovered 82 percent of the jobs it lost since the state of the recession, having been outpaced by neighboring New York and Pennsylvania — which both regained the lost jobs and then some.


He also talked about addiction while ignoring his own addiction...will he support stomach banding for all overweight people in NJ?

Can we have Ben Carson take a drug test?

He always looks like he's about to nod of into a drug-induced coma. If food stamp recipients have to be tested, shouldn't the same be true for presidential candidates?

Another good guy with a gun foils a home invasion!

CINCINNATI (AP) — Police in Cincinnati say a man has fatally shot his 14-year-old son in their home, thinking he was an intruder.

Police say the man thought his son had caught the bus for school Tuesday morning, but the teen returned home soon afterward. Police say the man heard a noise in the basement and checked on it with a gun in his hand. Police say the father fired after apparently being startled, hitting the boy in the neck.

Authorities say the father called 911 and the boy was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, where he died Tuesday morning.


Opinion: Trump’s downtrodden supporters don’t deserve our sympathy

As the Donald Trump phenomenon endures, it’s become fashionable to make a certain kind of excuse for the boorishness of his backers, if not The Donald himself.

“Don’t blame them” is the theme of front-page stories and much-discussed magazine essays. The economy left them behind, the world doesn’t work like they were promised it would as young people, and we have to understand. They’re angry, and should be.

Well, bull...

--the author explains why at this link--


No Labels: Hunstman and Lieberman on MSNBC selling steaming pile of manure...

designed to coopt Democratic Party winning issues. Total crap!

Did the skyscraper in Dubai collapse?

As we know from 9/11, skyscrapers melt and collapse after fires like this.

BULLETIN: Trump to hold press conference on board his airplane! Only moments from now!

I wonder if he will be sitting on his gold plated throne?


Republicans are sabotaging our government at home and overseas...

Remember when the Republicans were screaming about this during the Bush debacle?

Senate Republicans Are Blocking Obama's Judges at a Nearly Unprecedented Rate

The Senate has confirmed just nine judges nominated by President Obama so far this year. It's the slowest pace of confirmations in more than half a century, on track to match the 11 confirmations in 1960.

"It's still like pulling teeth to move nominations," says a senior Democratic Senate aide. "They're being held by a number of different Republican senators for every reason under the sun. None of which have anything to do with the actual qualifications of the nominees."

With Republicans in charge of both branches of Congress, odds are slim that Obama will sign major domestic legislation during the last two years of his presidency. Even keeping the government's lights on and selecting a new House speaker have required protracted fights in this dysfunctional Congress. But judges are still one area where a hamstrung president can leave a mark, as district and circuit court judges who win confirmation receive a lifetime appointment.


America’s Empty Embassies
...American diplomats have made remarkable progress across a number of fronts, from
climate change to checking Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Such success depends on making common cause with our allies, an effort
led by America’s ambassadors. And yet, thanks to Senate politics, dozens of
ambassadorial nominations have been delayed unnecessarily. At one point in
2014, nearly a quarter of the world’s countries lacked an American
ambassador, and even today, despite some efforts to approve candidates, a
dozen nominations have not received congressional action — including
nominees to represent the United States in strategically vital countries like
Mexico, Norway and Sweden.

Some of these are still early in the nomination process, but several have
received overwhelming bipartisan support in committee, only to see their
candidacy halted on the Senate floor.


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