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Name: Don\'t wish to share just yet
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About Me

I am in a state of semi-retirement, cannot afford not to work and actually enjoy working but live from paycheck to paycheck most often. I\'m old enough to remember when we had hope and when politicians didn\'t have to sell off our kids\' future to get elected, when almost every job came with a health insurance plan, and when schools and streets were safe and there were no SUVs and people seemed to be getting more tolerant and not more bigotted. That\'s all for now, I just hope to stay in my Happy Place as long as I can!

Journal Archives

Hillary Clinton is doing VERY WELL in Arkansas!

Not so well in her adopted home state of New York and much of the rest of the country.

You can take the presidential quiz yourself: https://www.isidewith.com/elections/2016-presidential-quiz

The results tell you which candidate most agrees with your views, it's not about which candidate you say you'll vote for.

Bernie's doing well. I like the look of this map.

Among 976,715 voters surveyed:


"Feel the Bern, Make 'em Feel the Bern, on the way to the Whitehouse make em Feel the Bern

Spread this around:

The Pied piper Bernie Sanders for the middle class,
while the GOP wants to put our interest last, he’s gon give it to you raw, no hesitation,
with the right ideas to lead this great nation, no hand outs no special interests groups,
he don’t lie to get votes he’s telling you the truth, and while the media wants to down play him,
He’s still gonna fight tell em all he ain’t playing, pushing for higher wages so we all can feed our families,
The only one I know who can conquer this Insanity, of this wall street bickering, belittling the poor, dollar bills only thing they’re considering, when people need health care, kids need school, when it comes to politics Bernie’s breaking, no attack ads on the competition needed, he’s running on the facts and its something that we needed,

Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern,
Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, tell the haters on the Right, They can feel the Bern,
Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, all the way to the White House Feel The Bern,
Feel the Bern, make em Feel the Bern, tell the haters on the Right, They can feel the Bern,

You hear them scared shook, “he’s a democratic socialist”, but they don’t even know what it means they just roll with it, get over it, check the resume, fighting for civil rights ever since the first day, while other candidates, still with their handouts, we do it old school grassroots standout, cuz this is our time to have our voices heard, you fat cats had your chance now it’s our turn, they say he can’t win cuz he’s just to liberal, way to extreme, to honest, to cynical, they want another robot politician the same old rhetoric, now they’re gonna listen

— ‘Feel the Bern’ is written and preformed by Tony Tig

Why this Latino supports Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton:

Why this Latino supports Bernie Sanders and not Hillary Clinton:

Due to recent tone deaf statements that marginalize Sanders' existing minority support, I felt compelled to post this article and say a few words about my support as a Latino for Bernie Sanders and why I do not support Hillary Clinton.

I am proud to support a candidate who actually took the time to visit the fields and see first hand how migrant workers were being horribly mistreated and then spoke up for them. I am proud to support a candidate who traveled to Nicaragua to take a stand against U.S. imperialism under Reagan. Actions speak louder than words. I am proud to support a candidate who rightfully says the war on drugs has been a failure. I am proud to support a candidate who believes healthcare is a right, especially since this issue affects minorities in such a disproportionate way.

I am proud to support a candidate who doesn't need to be dishonest about their immigrant heritage to pander or flip flop and refuse to take a stand until it's politically expedient. I have zero trust in Hillary Clinton to be an advocate for Latinos and immigrants in general. I fully expect her continued support for violent right wing regimes and then to continue to turn her back on the refugees her actions help create.

I stand with Bernie Sanders because he stands with us.

GREAT read and links at Kos: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/07/29/1406832/-Why-this-Latino-supports-Bernie-Sanders-and-not-Hillary-Clinton


The choice is simple. La elección es clara.

Vote for Bernie Sanders. Vota por Bernie Sanders.

Women. Bernie Sanders and Womens' Rights. What's up with that?

Please give this a watch. Bernie has been out there for women's rights for decades.

Visit our website: http://www.Women4Bernie.us

Serious " Arm Waving " or why Andrea won't be having a televised Tea with Bernie.

Posted in GD: Primaries

H/T to DU member orpupilofnature57.

New PPP Poll: Captain Crunch out in front of Deez Nuts, Butt Stuff, and Cranky Pants.

Damn. I did NOT see this coming!

Candidates who have filed to run for President
this year include Beast Mode, Butt Stuff,
Captain Crunch, Cranky Pants, Deez Nuts,
Limberbutt McCubbins, ‘Murican Cookies, and
Queen Elsa Ice. If you had to support one of
these candidates for President, who would you
vote for?

Beast Mode 5% .....................................................
Butt Stuff 3% .........................................................
Captain Crunch 17% ...............................................
Cranky Pants 2% ..................................................
Deez Nuts 9% .......................................................
Limberbutt McCubbins 1% ....................................
'Murican Cookies 1%............................................
Queen Elsa Ice 4% ...............................................
Not sure 58%


New Loras Poll: Sanders does better with better educated, more liberal Democrats.

Contrastingly, Clinton does well with those whose "highest educational attainment is high school" and "moderate and conservative sections of the party".

Clinton and Sanders Supporters
The two top candidates do have different strengths within the electorate. One such point of difference is in family income levels. In the most recent Loras Poll, Clinton garnered the support of 55.0 percent of those with a family income below $50,000, whereas Sanders only received the support of 20.6 percent of these same voters. Sanders does very well with those with college or graduate degrees, however; 64.3 percent of those who select Sanders as their first choice candidate have a college or graduate degree, whereas only 47.9 percent of Hillary supporters hold such degrees. Furthermore, Clinton captures 56.0 percent of all the likely Democratic caucus-goers whose highest educational attainment is high school, while Sanders secures 13.0 percent of the same part of the electorate.

Clinton and Sanders have comparable appeal to the liberal elements within the Democratic electorate, but Clinton is stronger than Sanders with the moderate and conservative sections of the party. Clinton leads Sanders 45.1 percent to 40.2 percent among those who label themselves very liberal. This constituency does make up a greater percentage of Sanders supporters than Clinton, however: 28.7 percent of those whose first choice was Sanders label themselves as very liberal, whereas the number is 15.3 percent for Clinton.

“In all, it appears Sanders draws his support most from among those with the highest levels of formal education, of liberalism, and those with middle and upper income levels. Clinton does better with those with lower levels of education and of lower income status, as well as moderate and conservative likely Democratic caucus-goers,” Budzisz remarked.


Of course, it's early yet, things will change as more people learn more about each candidate.

Paging mcctatas. mcctatas please come to the emergency phone, but don't tutch it.

Once upon a time: http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=105&topic_id=7950254

"Don't tutch the but"

It's going places:


Which Democratic candidate can be MOST trusted to protect social security, seniors' needs?


Whomever that candidate is, they have a chance to OWN the primary AND the general election.

We all know that senior citizens come out in numbers and most of us are hurting.

So, who wants to win the election?

Who is most likely to reach out and successfully connect with this demographic and be credible about it?


I'm concerned.

Please take note.

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