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Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 09:05 PM
Number of posts: 989

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Martin O'Malley for DNC Chair!! nt

Just watching the gangup on DWS and Hillary on Chris Hayes.

I have to say, I am finding Nina Turner more and more insufferable in her obsessive hate for Hillary. And Chris is really annoying. Why would Hillary just kick DWS to the curb after her long, long and hard and dedicated work for the Democratic Party.

I get holding her responsible for the staff under her..that's what people in charge get. But the obsession with not even allowing DWS to even continue to work for the party. Give me a break!

I will say this: We HRC supporters are not as vocal or disrespectful as some...

but we are legion! We will vote for Clinton/Kaine and we will campaign for her.

Folks who can trash a decent man like Kaine really speaks volumes about themselves.

Wonder if the media will set their cameras on the protesters as they DID NOT during the

GOP convention?

Oh, Sally Kohn just let the cat out of the bag that there were e-mails that showed help for BS

Exculpatory e-mails that are not even being talked about.

So I am asking this about the leaded DNC e-mails...

Those leaked e-mails between and among DNC staffers (Hillary not involved) were they worse for the Sanders campaign than the stolen contributor data performed by the Sanders people?

It seems to me that staffers dissing Sanders in e-mails shows their sentiments about Sanders but had little affect on the outcome of the primary. However, the information that was stolen about contributors was much more damaging to the Hillary campaign. Also, super delegates just didn't come up under these backroom meetings, They were decided long before this election. Did the Sanders people forget their what they did and the number of FEC violations committed by them?

Checking on Twitter it is sad to see that so many bitter-enders can't find anything positive to

say about the VP choice ...even after hearing him speak and learning about his life's work...actual results instead of headlines.
They are just looking forward to the convention where fighting against super delegates will be their main focus.
Really sad at this point.

Any tweets from Herr Don? It seems a bit quiet from the GOP camp.

Oh, I forgot. "CROOKED KAINE"

So far, Kaine is three for three on C-SPAN call in. Dem, GOP, Independent. nt

Isn't Sowden still in Russia? Doesn't Putin have a long-standing relationship Trump and his

campaign manager? What's to not understand. Putin and Trump are buddies and neither can stand the fact that Obama is President, more likeable than either and smarter.
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