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Shell_Seas's Journal
Shell_Seas's Journal
September 30, 2021

Angela Paxton Lies About Working For Minorities And Uses Racist Trope

The wife of Texas’ most famous criminal has a long history of working against minority communities, but she’s offended if you point it out.


September 29, 2021

Matthew Dowd Running For Lt. Gov - Is This A Ploy To Derail A Blue Texas?

This morning, former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd announced he was running for Texas Lt. Governor as a Democrat.


September 28, 2021

Meet Justin Calhoun - Texas State House District 73 Candidate

Justin Calhoun is a veteran and social worker whose passion is defending, fighting, and protecting his community, state, and country. Last week, I sat down with Justin to get to know him a little better.


September 27, 2021

The Mythical Moderate And The Concocted Centrist

Democrats will win Texas by ending their chase of the mythical moderate and focusing on non-voters.


September 26, 2021

FedEx guy gets fired for tiktok video

Remember last week when I started the Twitter thread from the wrong side of tiktok. I wrote about it on DU, here: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215862507

Well, one of my tweets on the thread was some idiot who worked at FedEx saying he wouldn’t deliver packages to people who had a BLM or Biden flag at his house.

The tweet went viral. And the guy is now officially fired.


September 22, 2021

How Beto O'Rourke Can Win The Governor's Seat

Beto can beat Abbott and turn Texas blue.


September 18, 2021

Are Your Republican Neighbors Planning On Killing You?

Unfortunately, as much as it sounds like satire, it isn't.


September 16, 2021

Soooo, I purposely found my way to the "wrong side" of TikTok. We need to talk about this.

I started a new TikTok account and began watching, liking, and following right-wing content. I initially did it because I thought I would find morons talking about magnets in vaccines or something like that...I was going to make fun of them. It was hard at first because I kept getting clips of Trump over and over again.

But then something more dark and nefarious began showing up on my feed. So, I made my way over to the Domestic Terrorist side of TikTok.

(If you're unfamiliar with TikTok or their software, they will feed you content based on your likes and watches, and they are VERY specific, even in narrow niches. TikTok's software's algorithm is IMO the most brilliant and effective of all social media platforms.)

Ok, so the first thing everyone needs to know is hundreds, maybe thousands of so-called patriots hanging these black American flags on their houses and cars. These are no quarter shall be given flags. I have asked several of them the meanings, to be sure. What these flags mean is that they will not surrender, and they will execute their enemies.

Who are their enemies? Democrats, Liberals, Communists, the Government, Biden, vaccinated people, LGBTQ, and BIPOC.

They are openly letting everyone know they are ready to start murdering non-conservatives.

Then, they are organizing. I'm sure they are organizing on other social media platforms as well. Still, they are talking about their locations and asking nearby people to message them to start organizing and planning.

There are hundreds of them online talking about how they are ready to die, they are ready to start forcibly removing elected officials, and they are ready to start kicking in the doors of Democrats.

They also plan to meet at their local libraries at 9 am every Saturday and not bring their cell phones, so they can start secretly planning their "taking back of America."

I started a thread on Twitter with some of these clips. (Some of them are just stupid) But you can see how many of them are openly planning violence and trying to connect with people who are down for their cause. This thread doesn't even cover how many of them I've come across.

Saturday in Washington DC, it wouldn't surprise me if there was violence. Also, in Colorado, too. I'm sure there are other places, but those are the only two I've heard about so far.

They think that Joe Biden has committed treason by mandating the military, and employers with more than 100 employees have to get vaccinated. They have been saying that this is the civil war, and Biden made the first shot.

Then, many military people will not take the vaccine and are leaving the military because of it. So the people who are trying to organize are directly targeting them and vets.

The FBI would go round all these people up and hit them with some red flag laws in a perfect world, but the world is far from perfect.

Many of us saw January 6th coming for months. But, I'm here to tell you, it's coming again, and this next time will be at the expense of much more human life.

Here is my thread; I suggest watching all of the videos, especially those close to the end.


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