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Deminpenn's Journal
Deminpenn's Journal
January 5, 2017

Corman's 2017-18 budget priorites

Jake Corman, the senate majority leader, lays out his plans for the budget.


There are some ideas here, like prison reform, that I agree with and I'm sure Gov Wolf does, too, but the big enchilada is "pension reform". I actually do think that a pension system that allows beneficiaries to withdraw their entire contributions and still receive a pension does need some tweaking because there is no defined benefit system of which I am aware that allows you to be both in and out. I was amazed when I read that Ridge and Rendell among others were able to take a lump sum pension withdrawal and still get around 1,000/mo state pension.

January 2, 2017

PG wingnut columnist Jack Kelly retiring due to cancer

Jack Kelly, the local rightwing columnist at the Pgh Post-Gazette announced a day or so ago that he was retiring due to a recurrance of cancer. Ironically Mr anti-union, anti-ACA and anti-all things safety net was very grateful to the writer's guild/union, presumably for protecting him from being fired when he had to take off for chemo the first time.

The commentors wished him well, but I'll be happy if it's an aggressive cancer that puts another rw crank out of their misery shortly.

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