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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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Priebus call to FBI violated norms, if not rules

from politico article: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/reince-priebus-fbi-contact-trump-235351

For decades, presidents from both parties have prohibited White House staff from discussing specific investigations and enforcement cases without clearance from the White House counsel.

The rules were developed to prevent even the appearance of political tampering with law enforcement—just the situation the White House finds itself in after a report that President Donald Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus asked senior FBI officials, including Director James Comey, to publicly refute a report about Trump associates’ contacts with Russian intelligence.

This is not the first time long standing policies have been abandoned by this administration. It makes me wonder just how powerful these policies are. I would call this a "common sense" policy, but it should also be considered close enough to legal that the DOJ should admonish the WH for breaking with it (at least). This would give it more standing and demonstrate to the public that the WH cannot exercise authoritarian rule over everyone in the government and its agencies.

Isn't this how civil wars are started?

Feds tell the states what to do. States refuse. Feds send military in. States fight back.

Feds tell states to have police help ICE. Washington refuses....

I'm not saying refusal is a bad thing. I just wonder how far Don Small Crowds will take it.

Just Ignore His Supporters

Personal opinion here, but I think it might be best to simply ignore any and all tRump supporters...COMPLETELY. That means not responding to them on social media. It means not responding to them on the streets.

Does it mean they will go away? Probably not. But is it better to give them a voice for their lunacy?

Think back to how you were told to respond to bullies in school. Just ignore their taunts. Eventually they will give up. If they get no reaction, not even a trace, then they should realize you are strong enough to resist them.

With tRump supporters any attempt at meaningful dialogue is wasted effort. They know how we feel and why. They must figure out the truth for themselves and in their own time (if at all).

Focus your energies toward something constructive and believe that you are having a positive impact. My advice. Take it for what it's worth.

tRump is a cockroach

One of those big, nasty Madagascar hissing roaches. Except he doesn't have the sense God gave all the other cockroaches. No, when you turn on the lights, he stays in the middle of the room. All the other roaches run and hide. Not tRumproach. He raises up and hisses at you, hisses all sorts of incomprehensible garbage about how he's the greatest and no one can stomp on him.

Come on intelligence agencies, DROP THE SHOE!

What is the point of detainment and deportation?

It creates a logistical nightmare. It requires hundreds of man hours that could be devoted to something of real benefit. It overburdens infrastructure (housing detainees). It disrupts business and causes who knows how much financial loss.

So, someone tell me why.

Just to create chaos?

Focus Should be On Congress Approval Rating

Two year, people. Are the ones who voted rethug in 2016 going to vote the same again in 2018, or are they going to see the connection between lousy, treasonous tRump and the congress who keeps him in control? We should be upset that the MSM doesn't give adequate coverage of the nasty things congress does while giving disproportionate coverage to the stupid things Don Small Crowds does (or tweets).


It will take hurricane season for tRump to stay in the WH

Even when he can't go to Florida, he is still going to play golf on the front lawn of the WH. You know he's thinking of putting in a mini-golf course.

What Influence Can Foreign Govts Have Over tRump?

We have Trudeau inviting Syrians to live in Canada. There is the British parliament set to decide whether or not to revoke their invitation for a tRump visit.

What course of action can any foreign government take with this administration that will have an affect? How can anyone diplomatically scold a five year old throwing a temper tantrum? Remember, that the best way to treat a temper tantrum is to ignore the child until he/she decides it is in his/her best interest to stop. However, tRump believes in isolationism, and he has his supporters believing in it, too. I don't know that Britain telling him he is not invited will have any impact. Nor do I feel that another country inviting refugees sends any kind of message to tRump. Instead, these moves play right into his tiny hands.

So what is the next step? Sanctions against the U.S.? Would any country be willing to try that when it is obvious that they will be hurting a lot more Americans who hate tRump than support him?

Helpful Vox Article on Congress Investigating Russian Connections

I found this helpful because it does a good job of explaining the different types of committees, how much power each has, and how partisan each is. Maybe no one else needs this, but I'll post it just in case:


Let's all send tRump some cheese

to go with his whine.

Could be the next big meme and really drive him over the edge.
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