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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,734

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Curious. Who's counting (holding) the money RUMP is collecting AFTER claiming fraud election?

How will anybody know EXACTLY how much he's getting with all his lies? Will we EVER know?

The only thing i can think of is RUMP is telling ALL of these idiots (his lawyers and staff)

Do whatever you want and lie ALL the time because I'LL pardon all of you!!!

Would it be wise to use the Senate RETHUG stimulus BLOCKAGE during the Georgia Runoff?

I think THIS needs to be pushed VERY HARD! The DEMOCRATS WILL get it done and You'll LOVE IT!! This could be the BEST message to hang on to!!

This evil fucker will have his base, PLUS religious followers believing the

Covid is a HOAX, Voting is a fraud, and in the end he will have them believing COURTS are RIGGED!! The next four years will still be hell on earth with these SCUMBAGS!!!!

Question on RUMP AGAIN!

Could he sell a pardon or multiple pardons THEN pardon Himself for doing this? Crazy shit he possibly could do! What (who)would stop him?

Will ANY RETHUGS STOP Rump from attacking Iran?

What the fuck is wrong with them? I'm thinking if he does this before Georgia runoff, We'll win hands down!!

Can we discuss INHERENT CONTEMPT for a bit? I've heard this mentioned many times during impeachment.

Now that Flynn has been pardoned, can it be used to find out exactly what this WHOLE Rump crowd did during the last four years? I'm thinking AFTER Jan 20th, use this at EVERY opportunity we can. Maybe someone here can explain just why we can OR can't do this? TY in advance!

Wondering here: Is there any serious way to investigate Florida and Texas, Kentucky and OTHER

Southern states with their voting SUPPRESSION? Also any other ways they RIGGED the election process in their states? Before 2022 or 2024. What could be done?

No matter what, i'm thinking for the FIRST time in FOUR years the HOUSE subpeonas

WILL be ENFORCED!!! (after Jan. 20th.) THIS could be be very EXCITING!!!

Silence is Golden on Twitter

We know it's over.
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