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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,204

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Can't prove it BUT i think RUMP and PUTIN are planning everything

Daily weekly or monthly communications as to what RUMPS next move should be!!

Seems like these fucking repubs have everything tied up in the

Congress or in the courts!! and everyday something new! God how i hate them bastards!!!!

How long could RUMP drag this on with the excuse

I can't get a Lawyer? Could this upset Muellers plans?

How does this work? The REPUBS closed the house investigation right?

I hope the Dems can continue the investigation on there own? Also if the Dems do this do they have to have REPUBS present? Anyway the Repubs couyld stop them from doing this? TY in advance.

Just for shit's and giggles here. Would ALL (i mean everything Mueller's done) Just stop? IF

RUMP resigns or is impeached? Someone explain the process after that please! (If it happens)

Anybody think of a reason why the Supreme court has NOT decided the PA map issue?

Shouldn't they have rejected it AGAIN??? It's a STATE issue is it not?

how many fucking lives does rump have to fuck up before the

worthless repubs DO SOMETHING???????????????

Just wondering about the PA election

So far does everyone there feel it's going Legally? Every thing on the up and up??

Can Saccone request a recount after he lose's? (Don't want him to get recount)

How close does it have to be to get auto recount?

Could Mueller somehow force congress's hand by

Indicting a sitting president? What if Mueller finds sooo much bad shit on RUMP that he decides not to let congress make this decision? Is this a possibility? (I HOPE SO)
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