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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,750

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I'm thinking the ASSHOLE traitors that want to subpoena TFG, should

Subpoena EVERY ONE of the Fox news GANG! THAT would be very interesting, i think.

Serious question here.

Is there ANYTHING Joe Biden administration can do PREEMPTIVELY to continue the mailing of mifepristone by pharmacies? (planning for this assholes judges bad decision)

I thought i heard on MSNBC that some contaminated crap from Ohio train dreailment

Heading to Texas and Michigan? Anybody hear this? (plus NO ONE was informed about it)

Question on indictments.

Would i be wrong in thinking the people lawyering up, already were told they will be indicted?

Gotta ask this here

What are the Special Prosecutors powers requesting a fast decision from the SC in regards to TFG's delaying tactics? I'm sure Smith knows what they are doing. IF he has this power, what would be the reason for NOT using it? Especially regarding Subpoena's to Meadows and Pence.

I'm back. TY TY TY

For another heart!

Another heart!!


Last day heart!

TY so much!!

Two questions about Pence's subpoena

1)Could pence testify, even if TFG's attorney files executive privilege lawsuit? 2) in your opinion, WILL HE?

Another heart.

THANK you so much!!
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