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Soph0571's Journal
Soph0571's Journal
August 31, 2021

Mainstreaming the Great Replacement Theory

This is just straight up fascist great replacement theory

These are literal far right talking points

The Spectator reaches a new low publishing this far right poison. You expect that shite from Shriver - but what are the editors thinking giving it the nod? Also the irony of an privilege white American (Karen) calling out the diversity of Britons as a bad thing? Heh. Really?
What has happened to this country that such utter white supremacist bullshit is allowed to be mainstreamed. It is utterly unacceptable.
August 31, 2021

anti-vaxxers are so close to figuring it out


New Qonspiracy theory in 3...2...1... I reckon it must be the deep state infecting them with a secret poison because they are standing up to the man... or something. *rolls eyes*
It can't possibly be that the vaccine works to stop death and not having the vaccine increases your chances of dying enormously. Can't possibly be that simple. Oh no! That would make far too much sense. *rolls eyes again*

August 31, 2021

All of the ironies (again)

“Irony is wasted on the stupid” Oscar Wilde
August 30, 2021

This logic never gets old

Billionaires love the working poor blaming 'other'. It has been ever thus. They cheer every time the cult votes against its own best interest. The conservative movement is the biggest con in history. They are not about conserving, they are about denying to build their own power and bank balances. But MAGA, right? 👀
August 29, 2021

The ghosts of Afghan conflicts past

Very Powerful Observer Cartoon today

Won't be the last time either, we never learn..
August 29, 2021

...such a specific and sexist slur


August 29, 2021

This is what happens when a bunch of sycophantic tossers get the top jobs for kissing breixt butt

From the Sunday Times today

Absolute dereliction that should of course see him resign, but they don't do that anymore do they, since we are lost to a generation of arseholes incapable of gravitas or integrity. The fact they did nothing for six months as the drawdown date neared just reinforces the fact that they could not give a shit about brown people half a world away, irrespective of how they may have supported during the occupation. In fact if one was being cynical one might suggest that this is not callous indifference, it a calculated plan to keep Afghans who are entitled to settled status, in Afghanistan, being unable to take up that opportunity cause bordering countries won't play, because no-one has asked them too...

Brexit Britain really does not like brown people and they really hate refugees, after all.

Although as an aside, interesting to see number 10 briefing against him... hhhhmmmmm

August 29, 2021

COVID's Still Here Because "All Lives Matter" is a Lie

Sadly, I fear that we will avoid confronting the more profound meaning. Because to admit we were brought low by the prejudices of large segments of Americans will be too much for some to bear.

But it is inarguable, and I can prove it.

A combination of racism, classism, ageism, and ableism — all connected in that they all rely on a hierarchy of human value — and the indifference to the suffering of certain groups’ members is at the heart of our failures.
From there, the horses were out of the barn, as the saying goes, and there was no bringing them back. Concern about COVID was associated with liberalism and Democrats, which means those perceived as the constituencies of the Democratic Party: Black folks and other peoples of color, and people who live in large metropolitan areas.

So a combination of racial indifference (and class indifference, as it was also disproportionately impacting low-wage workers), along with regional prejudices, tied in the minds of the right to political party cleavages, caused much of the nation to demand taking our collective foot off the brake.

Rolling the dice became easier for millions because the people who were, in their minds, at-risk were unlike them in critical ways.
Because like racism and classism, ageism reflects a hierarchy of human value. And in the face of a deadly pandemic, the elderly are at the bottom of that hierarchy.

In addition to off-handed remarks about the dead being mostly old, those opposed to distancing and masking were quick to suggest that if you didn’t have some pre-existing condition, you had nothing to worry about.

But what was the message here? First, the implicit subtext was, they were already sick, and that was their own fault. They should have taken care of themselves. Sorry about the diabetes, but you should have eaten better. Sorry about the cancer, but I bet you were a smoker. Sorry about the high blood pressure — should have done yoga or CrossFit, lazy.
And whereas the first months of the pandemic saw a clustering of deaths in large cities, by the end of 2020, the dying was disproportionately happening in whiter and rural areas.

So although age-adjusted mortality is still disproportionate for Black and brown folks, the overall death percentages for whites roughly mirror the white population now.

What all this means is that there are hundreds of thousands of white families who have buried their loved ones because large percentages of Americans — especially people like them — didn’t take COVID seriously when it was seen as a Black and big-city problem.

Sadly, because the political battle lines are hardened, even as white death spreads across the country, and younger death — the result of a variant wreaking havoc on people much healthier than last year’s victims — those who staked their claim to denial and “muh freedoms” are backed into a corner, too ideologically rigid to admit they were wrong.
But hopefully the rest of us can learn the lesson, even if the anti-vax fanatics refuse to do so.

And that lesson is this: Indifference is toxic, and it seeps into the soil upon which we all stand.

Emphasis mine

More at the link and worth reading the whole thing IMO
They have backed themselves into a empathy free white lives matter corner from which is there is no way out without admitting they were wrong. But at least they have horse wormer, so there is that 👀

The soil right now according to the NYT hot spot map.

August 28, 2021

It is all so blooming pointless; it did not have to be this way...

Just some of the headlines from the past few weeks from both sides of the pond:

Anti-vaxx police officer who had been taking horse worm medicine dies from Covid
Rightwing radio host and anti-vaxxer dies of Covid
A Texas GOP leader railed against vaccines and masks. Then he died of covid.
Anti-vaxxer dies of Covid nine days after saying virus is ‘nothing to be afraid of’
Anti-vaxx mother dies of Covid two weeks after husband
Family of anti-vaxxer nightclub boss who died from coronavirus urges people to get the jab
Tennessee radio host who criticised vaccine efforts dies of Covid-19
Man who mocked coronavirus vaccine in viral tweet died of COVID-19
Chef’s parents and brother die from Covid within week after jab refusal
Fit, healthy 42-year-old father who refused vaccine dies of Covid ‘wishing he had listened’
Man refused to get vaccinated even after his own father died of COVID – now he’s dead from COVID too

With Delta running rampant, and with 50% more likelihood of landing in hospital if you are unvaccinated and catch it, in comparison with the alpha variant, it did not have to be this way.
As the radio host James O’B here in the UK is fond of saying, contempt for the conmen, compassion for the conned. But as more and more disinformation is spread on social media it is getting much harder to distinguish when someone who has been conned moves into the conmen category. So many unnecessary deaths because of the dark money propping up the anti-vax disinformation barrage and the radicalisation of normally sane people. There is always a motive with such sustained propaganda campaigns, and it is never altruistic. Just sayin’

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