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After his 'Veterans for Biden' sign was vandalized 7 times, Vietnam vet sets up cam to catch perp


Ted Poull was an infantryman in Vietnam so he can handle himself in a fight.

After his large handmade "Veterans for Biden" sign was vandalized seven times since mid-September, Poull had had enough.

The 4-foot by 8-foot plywood sign includes a painting of Poull's uniform and medals, "Veterans for Biden" and the phrase "No ID required" at the bottom. He's not a fan of Wisconsin's Voter ID law.

He's had cardboard yard signs stolen from his rural Town of Saukville home and someone has driven over his large plywood sign numerous times.

"I kept putting it up. They kept knocking it down," Poull, 71, said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon.

Poull, a retired carpenter and construction supervisor, even painted "I Won't Back Down" on his sign. It got knocked over.

So he put up a trail camera commonly used to take photos and video of wild animals. On Oct. 18, someone drove their car across Poull's lawn and knocked over his "Veterans for Biden" sign and damaged his yard.

He contacted the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department the next morning and the trail cam showed a vehicle with what appeared to be a sticker of a skull on the back. The deputy told Poull it was from the comic book character the Punisher.

This image from a trail cam shows a vehicle running over the "Veterans for Biden" sign that Theodore Poull put up.
Using images from the trail cam, deputies determined the make and model, which helped them track down the vehicle's owner — Daniel Seyfert, 51, who lives near Poull in Saukville. Seyfert admitted to deputies he intentionally damaged Poull's signs by driving over them with his vehicle, the sheriff's department said.

The trail cam images helped authorities determine who ran over Theodore Poull's sign supporting Joe Biden for president.
Poull wasn't told the name of the sign vandal but deputies said the man lives nearby.

Seyfert was cited for criminal damage to property, hit-and-run property damage adjacent to a highway and failure to report an accident. The sheriff's department has also requested Seyfert pay restitution for damages to Poull's sign and property.

Poull served in the Army from 1969 to 1971, including a tour of Vietnam, earning two Bronze Stars, the Army Commendation Medal with "V" device for valor, Combat Infantry Badge and the Air Medal for 22 combat assault missions while serving in the 1st Cavalry Division.

Poull, who has already cast his vote, knows tempers have flared across the country during this election. And he understands that Trump and Biden supporters sometimes get into heated debates with each other.

But he's perplexed as to why someone would get so angry they would drive their car across his lawn and knock over his sign.

"If I haven't earned the right to voice an opinion, then who in the hell has?" Poull said.

5 More Days After Today

Boogaloo Boy charged for shooting police, arson, looting during George Floyd protests in Minneapolis

Governor Walz was right when he said there were right-wingers coming to Minneapolis to create mayhem. Minneapolis was attacked by the alt-right.



Feds say Ivan Harrison Hunter helped burn and loot the Third Precinct building as part of a coordinated attack from the far-right group trying to ignite an American civil war.

In the wake of protests following the May 25 killing of George Floyd, a member of the “Boogaloo Bois” opened fire on Minneapolis Police Third Precinct with an AK-47-style gun and screamed “Justice for Floyd” as he ran away, according to a federal complaint made public Friday.

A sworn affidavit by the FBI underlying the complaint reveals new details about a far-right anti-government group’s coordinated role in the violence that roiled through civil unrest over Floyd’s death while in police custody.

Ivan Harrison Hunter, a 26-year-old from Boerne, Texas, is charged with one count of interstate travel to incite a riot for his alleged role in ramping up violence during the protests in Minneapolis on May 27 and 28. According to charges, Hunter, wearing a skull mask and tactical gear, shot 13 rounds at the south Minneapolis police headquarters while people were inside. He also looted and helped set the building ablaze, according to the complaint, which was filed Monday under seal.

Unrest flared throughout Minneapolis following Floyd’s death, which was captured on a bystander’s cellphone video, causing Gov. Tim Walz to activate the Minnesota National Guard. As police clashed with protesters, Hunter and other members of the Boogaloo Bois discussed in private Facebook messages their plans to travel to Minneapolis and rally at the Cub Foods across from the third precinct, according to federal court documents. One of the people Hunter coordinated with posted publicly to social media: “Lock and load boys. Boog flags are in the air, and the national network is going off,” the complaint states.

Two hours after the police precinct was set on fire, Hunter texted with another Boogaloo member in California, a man named Steven Carrillo.

“Go for police buildings,” Hunter told Carrillo, according to charging documents.

Benjamin Ryan Teeter, left, a North Carolina resident charged with conspiracy to provide aid to a foreign terrorist organization, is pictured with Ivan Harrison Hunter, a Texas resident who was charged Oct. 19 in a federal criminal complaint with interstate travel to incidte a riot. The complaint alleges that he fired several shots into the Minneapolis Police Third Precinct building. This photo was included with the sworn affidavit, filed by the FBI, that serves as the basis for the complaint.
“I did better lol,” he replied. A few hours earlier, Carrillo had killed a Federal Protective Services Officer in Oakland, Calif., according to criminal charges filed against him in California.

On June 1, Hunter asked Carrillo for money, explaining he needed to “be in the woods for a bit,” and Carrillo sent him $200 via a cash app.

Five days later, Carrillo shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy in Santa Cruz when authorities tried to arrest him, according to charges filed in California. Authorities say he then stole a car and wrote “Boog” on the hood “in what appeared to be his own blood.”

Brags on social media

A couple of days later, during police protests Austin, Texas, police pulled over a truck after seeing three men in tactical gear and carrying guns drive away in it. Hunter, in the front passenger seat, wore six loaded banana magazines for an AK-47-style assault rifle on his tactical vest, according federal authorities. The two other men had AR-15 magazines affixed to their vests. The officers found an AK-47-style rifle and two AR-15 rifles on the rear seat of the vehicle, a pistol next to the driver’s seat and another pistol in the center console.

Hunter denied he owned any of the weapons found in the vehicle. He did, according to the complaint, volunteer he was the leader of the Boogaloo Bois in South Texas and that he was present in Minneapolis when the Third Precinct was set on fire. Police seized the guns and let Hunter and the others go.

Hunter had bragged about his role in the Minneapolis riots on Facebook, publicly proclaiming, “I helped the community burn down that police station” and “I didn’t’ protest peacefully Dude ... Want something to change? Start risking felonies for what is good.”

“The BLM protesters in Minneapolis loved me [sic] fireteam and I,” he wrote on June 11. According to the complaint, “fire team” is a reference to a group he started with Carrillo “that responds with violence if the police try to take their guns away.”

“Hunter also referred to himself as a ‘terrorist,’ ” the complaint states.

A confidential informant told police that Hunter planned to “go down shooting” if authorities closed in. He didn’t. They arrested him without incident in San Antonio, Texas this week and he made his first court appearance Thursday.

Hunter is the third member of the Boogaloo Bois, a loose-knit group intent on igniting a second American civil war, to be charged in Minneapolis as a result of the unrest that followed Floyd’s death.

Michael Robert Solomon and Benjamin Ryan Teeter were indicted in September with conspiracy to provide material support for a foreign terrorist organization.

Angie Craig YouTube ad

If anyone has contacts within the Craig campaign, one of the ads they are running on YouTube is being run with a really low volume.

When Donald Trump starts ranting and raving his Hunter Biden conspiracy therories tonight on NBC....

Twitter and Facebook will have done more to stop perpetuating this disinformation then NBC.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article: WI residents involved in plot to kidnap & murder Gov Whitmer

link: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/crime/2020/10/08/plot-kidnap-michigan-governor-involved-bringing-her-wisconsin/5924190002/

The article seems to suggest there were other conspirators, including residents of Wisconsin.

Last month, the men, including other unnamed residents of Wisconsin, did nighttime surveillance of Whitmer's vacation home. The vacation home is not in Wisconsin.

Posted by TheRealNorth | Thu Oct 8, 2020, 01:37 PM (0 replies)

Remember what Alex Jones said about flies

Alex Jones: Sources Confirm Clinton and Obama Are Smelly Demons From Hell


That fly hung around Pence's head like a dung beetle hangs around, well, dung.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 11:30 PM (0 replies)

It appears the GOP is sticking with "Covid is no big deal"

They can't admit that they were wrong, especially this close to an election.
Posted by TheRealNorth | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 12:32 PM (2 replies)

I wish that when Trump was bragging about the shooting of Michael Reinoeh (debate)

that Biden would have asked him if he ordered that.
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