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Wow, Pre-existing conditions was a a part of the 1993 Healthcare coverage HRC proposed.

I have been studying the history of healthcare insurance and healthcare in the USA. Many surprises. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton_health_care_plan_of_1993

https://www.congress.gov/bill/103rd-congress/house-bill/3600/text (full text of the proposed Bill)

I had forgotten about Wm Kristol's role in defeating this movement.

Nothing new under the sun, I guess.

Heads up Democrats!

If this decision by SCOTUS on gerrymandering does not rally Democrats to get out the vote in state and local elections, we have
to take what we get. For far too long, the Democrats have focused on national elections to the weakening of their positions in state and local elections. This decision should be a clarion call for that complacency to change across the nation. The vote was so hard to get for minorities and women. They must use what was fought for so hard and that for which people were beaten and killed for. The governed MUST get out and govern themselves by using the all important tool of voting. Even in heavily gerrymandered districts Democrats can overcome by rocking the vote.

Also, we cannot overlook the impact of climate change on migration patterns and what that impact will mean for gerrymandering. Democrats need to get out ahead of this issue and begin now to study these migration patterns will affect voting districts in future state and local elections. But who is listening to those of us who have long been decrying the lack of energy behind getting Democratic voters out in state and local elections?

We are about to allow race issues of 40 years ago to divide us into a bad situation for 2020.

Instead of attacking each other over ageism, civil rights, etc. Democrats should be exciting the base to get out and vote against Trump and the GOP. Policies fine. There is not a dimes bit of difference in what policies the Democrats would support. We need our base to get out and vote for Democrats at ALL levels, in ALL races.

Mayor Pete and Biden had the best closing statements.

That is where the heart is and that is what I like about both of them.

The best night for the Democrats was last night, in my opinion.

More positive, more together, more strategic.
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