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Name: Doug
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Tn
Home country: USA
Current location: Tn
Member since: Fri May 18, 2018, 03:38 PM
Number of posts: 733

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Let's go golfing,,

Not President kind of golf,,actually FUN golf with Dad!

Why are you a Progressive? my short story

I will make this as short as possible. I read full replies and hope you will too.
I am 60 years old, I was raised to treat ALL like me. And I have.

14 years ago I met a woman after my divorce who cemented my thoughts. She didn't let me see her hcp daughter first because she told me later,, "Im in R country."

I met her daughter who took over my life. I have finally made her Mother believe that you stand up for beliefs no matter where you live. I left that visit and went back to my single apt. And I questioned my belief. Alot, Could I accept this girl?

I will tell you TODAY and every day, I am thankful I was raised to have the belief brought in me to make the decision I made.

I will not post pics here of the fantastic life I have now, if you choose to look at my previous posts of my inspiration and joy of my life, then you can search my past posts and pictures on here. I have worked in the hcp field for the last 7 years,, I am retired now because those " uppers" I worked for in this field did not agree with my thinking on how to care for "our" individuals. They were looking at , where are the $$,, even the non profit I worked for.

So now I am free to be an activist, a Democrat , truly, above all , I can be a PERSON now,,, with feelings. I read today that kids may have died away from their parents. OMG ,,how can we do that as humans? Are we seriously to a point where a letter on the ballot after a name means that much? We cannot as a human race be dumbed down that much.

I read today a child died,I repeat for effect, I read today that some children may never see their parents again.

If you chose to look at my past post, you will see my anger,,you will see my rage. I will not settle down, I will not be "correct" as long as children never see their parents again and as long as kids are in cages because of certain political views.
Because,,if I give in to that, My daughter would be in one of HIS CAGES.

I will hold back no longer,


I recently posted some pictures of my hcp daughter on the general discussion area here. Fairly new to DU but wanted to share my joy of my life. CaliforniaPeggy mentioned in response to that post about this group, so I thought I would stop and say hi and share my favorite pic of Tess.
Unfortunately, the pic comes with a short tale, Tess loves camping and water above all (except her mom and dad, lol ) We hooked up camper after she went to sleep, I put her in truck at 2AM and she never woke. We went from Tn. to Myrtle Beach and straight to the ocean at campground rather than to our site and setting up. I carried Tess(still asleep) to the beach, then opened camera on my phone.
This was pic #3 out of about 25 I snapped. Maybe because of my heart for her, but I have only seen Joy like this less than 20 times in my 60 years on this planet. I blew it up to one of those"motivational posters" that were all the rage in my working days and it hangs in our den with these words printed below; "PURE JOY! Don't we all need some?"
Thanks for indulging, Pics of Tess are daily and never know when the great ones happen. I will sign off as,,

Feeling blessed


Im not sure what to think about this,

I hate war, so if our soldiers are coming home,,great. But part of me senses a "reassignment of resources" in a way.
Thoughts from DU are appreciated.full story at link;

President Donald Trumpís diplomatic team is reportedly negotiating directly with Taliban officials as he surrenders large swaths of the country to the Islamists who gave safe-haven to the terrorists responsible for the September 11th attacks.

The New York Times reports that Trumpís State Department is negotiating directly with the Taliban, with no involvement by Afghanistanís government. Negotiations with the group, which is waging a civil war against the government that the United States has supported since the fall of the regime, reportedly took place in Qatar last week......


NO! Fuck this!


im new here,but just read this
1 the actual"talks" dont begin for 2 hours yet.....



edited for my anger ,, I am new,,still need to learn to control the "dark side" Hans would say

Im new here and can finally post some pics

of My life and my girl! They said she would not see 20 years when she was born, she just turned 30 on May 24th and she and her mother are my whole world. I just thought maybe we needed to go away from politics for a sec and be people. TY all DU family for indulging me

Oh yeah,, I sing a bit and made a CD for her,


Please Don't feel guilty.

I have been lurking in the halls of DU for a while. But, you're story moved me to register and reply.
I have worked in mental health field for years, primarily as full disclosure because I adopted a mentally challenged young lady 7 years ago, who is my world.

Tess put me into the professional world of mental health care, which I worked in for 6 years now, one of the biggest obstacles we deal with is guilt as you are having from family. It is normal.
We as professionals in my case have worked through this many times. My advice to you would be, accept the guilt, ( at some point as I am 57 yo now, I will not be able to care for Tess and will have to do same). Then, and this is big, become part of his life with the professionals, your brother is not gone, he has just gained a trained support group that can make his life so much better. Please be a part of that.

Your decision appears to be right and I am proud of you to have the strength to make it. We will keep you in our thoughts!

PS Enjoy all the DU forums and thoughts and discussions. Hope my little 10 cents of experience can help backtoblue

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