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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 1,788

Journal Archives

WTF....I mean.... white women....WTAF!!

55% of white women voters voted for trump this election.
That's more than the 52% of white women voters who voted for trump in 2016.
WTF... just WTF!?

I - foolishly - expected that white women would see trump's misogyny, his hatred of ANYthing that women seem to value, and his boorishness, and reject him soundly.
Am I such an idealist and feminist supporter that I don't recognize that white women can vote against their own interests... even when it's so blatant?


Headline from the New Yorker...

"Biden May Win, But Trump Remains the President of Red America"

FUCK Red America!

Those states are a social and economic drag on the rest of the states. How about they get their shit together? Then we can talk.
"Twelve of the bottom 13 are states Trump carried...
former states of the Confederacy, particularly the more conservative of them, donít do well in these rankings: Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana are at the very bottom, while Arkansas (45th) and South Carolina (42nd) also do poorly. Itís an interesting commentary on the ancient reactionary idea that a low-tax, low-regulation, anti-union environment guarantees growth. If that were true, Alabama and Mississippi should be dynamos with high living standards. They really, really arenít. But the myth endures that the good life is found where government is weak and job creators walk tall, particularly from the safe distance of conservative think tanks far away."


My state...WA... ranks first, but you should hear the Neanderthals from the Repub areas in rural Eastern Washington scream about being pushed around by the Western - educated, prosperous, progressive - part of the state. The counties over there are welfare queens and money-sucks... one and all. Without them, we'd be better off.

I'm thinking ahead....

... and I'm not thinking kind thoughts. Do NOT try to talk me down.

Kentucky and Tennessee and those other states...?

I hope the Powers That Be in the Dem hierarchy are keeping track of them.
I sure as hell am.

In the past, I'd have said the the Dems need to reach across the aisle and bring them into the fold. More flies with honey, and all that happy shit.

Now... I want the Dems to remind those states that elections have consequences, and when the Dems get control of the Senate - and keep the House - those states need to be reminded that those consequences can be ugly. No slack... no rhythm.
Those defense contracts? Elsewhere. Highway and infrastructure funds? Elsewhere. Those USDA grants - like the $200,000 grant to the Florida clam company? Elsewhere.

Fuck 'em. The red states are money-suckers anyway, so let them have their "free-dumb".

I was just cleaning up some old files on my computer...

.. thumb drives, actually...
and I ran into some really old memes about Dubya.
You know... stupid...criminal.... war criminal...
All irrelevant now. He's gone. He may not be dead, but he's dead to history... and us.
I was deleting them, and suddenly it hit me.
In about 10 years... or five.... we'll be deleting the trump memes.
Totally irrelevant. Dead to history, too. And to us.

Problem is... like Dubya's fuck-ups... we'll be living with trump's fuck-ups for decades after he's gone.
I look forward to deleting all the trump memes.
"Delete" .... has a nice sound, doesn't it?

trumper brandished a gun young women protesters....

..in Woodinville, WA - pop. 13,000.

Just curious... if a "good guy with a gun" was there and lit him up, worried that the trumper was gonna open fire, what would the charges be against the "good guy with a gun"?

Edit to ad citation...
No arrest... no citation. Safe to say, if he'd been black, this would have turned out different. Even in Woodinville.


trump is saying Joe did nothing about several different things.

JOE... BUDDY... tell him the goddam Republicans blocked everything.

With all this outpouring of sympathy for trump,

...why isn't anybody asking about Louie Gohmert?
He got the virus....
He's gonna be OK. So stop worrying.


I went to see what the Freepers are up to today...

...and typed "free r..." on the url line, and Google auto-completed "free reptiles"...

Who says Google is stupid?

Freepers... a different universe...

I just dipped my toe in at my least-favorite RWNJ site.
Here's a comment posted there.

"I tuned in briefly to hear the debate. But there was no debate. Instead, there was a two-against-one pile on, Wallace and Biden vs. Trump. Biden was obviously hopped up on something and kept interrupting Trump during Trump's allotted time to speak, with no censure from Wallace, who did plenty of his own interrupting of Trump. Trump was never given, as far as I could see, any opportunity to make his reasoned, logical reply to questions--he was constantly either being walked on, interrupted, or taken to task by Wallace. It was a sleazy parody of a debate."

A better moderator...

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