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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 05:48 PM
Number of posts: 301

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If the rumors come out of NV are true

Then itís time for every Biden supporter to join Mayor Pete.

Sorry, but we donít have the luxury of time.

If Pete is only solid moderate bet then we need to take it now, yes we all know some challenges with Pete but letís handle them later. One bridge at a time, first need to avoid the meteorite thatís heading toward us.

Plea to Amy, Pete and Liz!

Please drop out immediately.

You know and we all know that the ONLY viable opposition to Bernie is Biden and he simply cannot succeed with the moderate vote so divided. The members of this party need a viable choice and we cannot allow Bernie to reach nomination without a valid choice. Yes, we must support him if he is nominated but youíve all seen the shocking events of the last 24 hours.

Itís time to put country before yogurt personal ambitions and let the moderate support coalesce behind Biden and then we have a fair decision,

I've tried to be positive on Bernie, but this latest tweet is shocking

Dem establishment is NOT equal to GOP.

No way.

I urge him to delete this tweet.

If not, then tomorrow DNC must come out and disqualify Bernie (and do the same to Bloomberg while weíre there).

How will the "Russian Connection" hit Bernie's numbers in NV?

I think significantly since caucus goers tend to be very politically sensitized. Most will have this information already. This might be what it takes to push Biden to the top. Bernie doesnít seem to have a good explanation for this sadly.

Genuine question to those who say Trump will crush Bernie?

(Please note that I'm a Biden supporter because I feel he has the best chance to beat Trump. But on the other hand, I still feel Bernie will defeat Trump although it definitely becomes much more of a gamble).

My question is; where are people getting all this certainty that Bernie would lose against Trump?

I've rarely experienced anything with complete certainty in my life, so I'm just amazed at how people are so confident Bernie will lose.

Yes, I get it, Bernie will be called a socialist, he might have a cardiac event etc, etc this is all definately possible. And I get all of that. But this is all "could happens" and yes it will be harder with Bernie, but is there any HARD data that says Bernie will lose vs Trump (e.g. a poll or something). Or are people basing this on their personal feelings or betting markets, Nate Silver etc.

I'm not a Warren fan, but one thing I noticed yesterday in the debate.

She was cold, clinical and shredded Bloomberg to ground round. There was no emotion, she talked precisely, used very efficient words and at the end Bloomberg was standing before the world naked. It didn't seem personal for her, but purely business.

Again this is a conflict for me since I don't believe MFA will ever fly, Biden is my guy and I don't like Warrens policies generally, but then I think if thats what she did for Bloomberg, considering how much filth there is on Trump she would decimate him at the first debate.

As much as I like Biden so far he just hasn't demonstrated the pure devastating attack capability that Warren showed last nite.

Klobuchar has a less than 1 in 100 chance according to Nate Silver

And she's at 3 cents on PredictIt.

What exactly is she trying to prove by remaining in the race?

Other than taking away support that real moderate contenders like Joe or Pete need to give them a chance against Bernie.

Her views don't seem to be that dissimilar to Joe or Petes; the single best thing she can do is throw in the towel and ask her supporters to back Biden.

Its time.

Ultimate winning P/VP combo; Biden / Bernie


Trump would be destroyed.

It's time for Amy to step down and let Biden, Pete or Warren lead the moderate charge

I was very disappointed with her and Bloomberg was a disaster.

We need moderate support to coalesce around the strong candidates.

Did Klobuchar just storm off the stage?

Looks like Pete was trying to shake her hand.
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