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Member since: Fri Feb 14, 2020, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 4,742

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Bill Maher on voter suppression

This was really good.

Pope endorses civil union laws for same-sex couples

As someone who grew up gay and Catholic, I certainly never thought Id see this one in my lifetime. While Francis is certainly liberal for a pope, I admit, Im (happily) stunned.

CNN) Pope Francis has declared support for civil unions for same-sex couples for the first time, according to the Catholic News Agency.

The Pope made the historic remarks in a new documentary film, "Francesco," which was released in Rome on Wednesday.

"Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They're children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable over it," the Pope said in the film, the Catholic News Agency reported.


Does anyone else feel like America hit its limit?

Its easy to feel pessimistic about our country. We have so much work to do.

But this month feels like were turning around. That were just done with this man and the horror the Republican Party has become. More and more, Im hearing from people who arent normally invested in politics. Theyre over it. Theres a sense this just cannot go on. Were going to lance this boil on our body politic.

Joe Biden was never my guy. Im a progressive. He was my last choice. But now? Im excited for everything about the man. Hes going to fix this, and were going to help him.

He Never. Answers. The Question.

Why have a moderator at all?

I'm not going to chill until Biden tests negative

I dont get emotional about politics. Not worth the blood pressure. I do what I can, then attend to the other parts of my life.

However, I am a ball of anxiety this morning. Biden next to that screaming idiot. And we dont know which campaign staffers were wandering and mixing on Tuesday.

Im not freaking out, but, Please be fine. Please be fine. Please be fine, has been coming up in my head several times an hour since finding out about shit heel.

I like how Biden is going around Trump by looking into the camera

Hes talking to the people. Trump is flailing at whatever is in the room.

He paid 17,300% more to a porn star than his country

I want to see journalists ask evangelical leaders about that one.

Why was quieting a porn star worth 17,300 times more than supporting the country he says he loves?

Did you know black people can only own certain kinds of dogs?

This one's a doozy. It's a long reddit post from a black woman about how a food delivery driver called the cops on her at her own home because she thought she stole her own dog. The deep suspicion?

The woman owns a golden retriever. Which is apparently a white people dog?


If you don't want to go through the whole post, let me relieve your mind a touch. The cops were not at all amused by the delivery driver.

Wondering how blood banks are handling the virus

The explosion in Beruit injured more than 3,000, and the hospitals are begging people for blood.

I was curious how the blood supply is being monitored with this pandemic. I assume it's all being screened for Covid?

If anyone here in the medical profession knows, I'd appreciate some knowledge.

Saw the most depressingly American thing today

I was down in Cupertino for various reasons, staying at a hotel across the street from Apple Park (their new $5 billion headquarters).

All along the perimeter of the giant circular building?

Homeless encampments.

A $1.3 trillion company with the homeless lined around outside. Positively dystopian.

A fun follow up for those wondering why California is becoming a Covid mess. Passed a huge flea market along 880 in either south Oakland or San Leandro. No social distancing. Maybe half without masks. Completely crowded.

It's a total mystery why cases are spiking here.
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