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Member since: Thu Sep 2, 2021, 07:27 PM
Number of posts: 449

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How many will die this weekend?

We are off to a great start!
I think the final body count will be over 300.
ON EDIT: It' s gun violence!
Sorry for the confusion.

You all just choose to argue? That's not the point!

The bar sign just got longer

No Smoking
No Colors
No Drugs

Lawernce seems to like the word


Here's a great idea! (re: Tx)

Texas! You are on your own and are no longer a member of our United States.
Puerto Rico, Guam and Micronesia. Come on down. You are our new 50th state. Sorry good Texans, but you are not in charge.

Math Anxiety!

It is a thing I knew in the early 70s. I never got math and failed Algebra twice in HS before I dropped out and once in a CC. For that I was a failure, doomed to do some menial job. I joined the Marines and ended up doing Avionics/Electronics and retired from the field a few years ago. I needed applied learning, not general made up stuff.

Helpful encouragement in math books is NOT a bad thing.
My brain isn't wired for math. I do know how to use resources though. Got calculator?
All support is appreciated and DeSantis can piss off!


I tried the googles but I doubt the meaning is correct.
I tried.
WTF does TDFG mean?
I do know TFG.
Thank you!

Does anyone know what DEFCON we are at right now?

I do not want to play a game, but Putin can Fuck Off!
No surrender, no quarter given!

My feelings watching the Rethugs.

FFS, grow up!


Stephanie Ruhle

We all know MSNBC has anchor issues. They don't want Olbermann back which makes them "The Worst Persons In The World!" Sorry Keith.
I find Stephanie fine with financials and when she was with Ari, BUT, I feel she get's too emotional covering the tragedies in Ukraine.

I hope she can emotionally separate or I will.

ALI not Ari. Sorry!

Never again???

What the hell does that mean??

Never again, to me? This must stop by any means necessary.
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