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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current location: Humboldt County
Member since: Wed Nov 27, 2019, 08:34 PM
Number of posts: 83

About Me

Former Navy submariner and Big Tech engineer. Got burned out working for a giant evil corporation and just decided to uncouple from "normal" society. Bought some property up in Humboldt County and moved up there shortly after. My girlfriend and I built a cabin all by ourself (under the watchful eye of our German Shepherd Lola). I grow marijuana, fruit, vegetables, and also have a few beehives. My girlfriend runs our little AirBnB rental, teaches yoga, and handcrafts hemp products. We don't make nearly as much money as in the past, but our enjoyment of life, nature, and each other (and a massive drop in day-to-day stress) has made me a happy, fulfilled human being with a sense of peace and gratitude.

Journal Archives

Let's say Bernie wins the nomination as expected

Then loses handily to Trump in the general election.

What changes if any do you see the DNC making?

And for the Bernie supporters, if this were to occur would you be in favor of switching back to an Obama-style incremental approach to change, or would you still be in favor of radical transformative change to some of the key areas of debate in America (healthcare, climate change, worker’s rights, wealth gap, etc)?

A Bloomberg/Warren ticket could be unstoppable

I would love to see this happen. Despite some of their policy disagreements I really think they would be a formidable challenge to Trump as they would unite both the moderates and progressives. Bloomberg is a New Yorker and knows how to handle Trump, plus he’s got the money to outspend him. Warren would be a fantastic VP. Not having to focus on the foreign affairs/strategic policy making would free her up to focus on environmental and minority issues, which is really her forte (I think she has a better handle on that kind of stuff than any other candidate).

Crossing off Klobuchar

If she can’t handle an attack from Mayor Pete how the heck is she going to hold up against the Putin’s and Kim Jong Un’s of the world?

Not to mention the fact that we’re she the nominee she’d have to share a stage with Shitler himself. Seems like a recipe for disaster.
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