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Mr. Ected

Mr. Ected's Journal
Mr. Ected's Journal
March 3, 2022

For those of us with Russian friends

Is anyone aware of a safe way to transfer funds from the US to Russia at this time? Or have all avenues been blocked?

My apologies if this is placed on the wrong message board.

January 30, 2022

CNN Panelist: "In the upside world we're living in right now"

Is our world really upside down? Is up down and left right? Is some news fake and some news real? Could I ever be influenced by fake news directed at me?

I must admit, I sometimes have these questions run through my mind and I have to clarify to myself that MY news and MY sources are the real ones and the other guy is the one getting bum information (or no information) from his FAKE NEWS source. It's a ridiculous doubt to carry these days, but I think all of us realize that these are times like no other before and all of us are a few missteps away from living in a compromised democracy...if democracy can exist under Trump's rule at all.

But here's one way I can divine the truth from the fiction and the real from the fake. An imaginary world doesn't have courtrooms. It doesn't have a set of laws codified at the state and federal levels. It doesn't have prisons. It doesn't have trials (except for lame Congressional hearings). There's never been a Democratic transgressor that landed in their fake prison.

The real world features real trials with real evidence and due process. The real world has already tried and sentenced real people from their fake world to serve time in our real prisons.

Just like discovering moss on the north side of a tree can help get you oriented if you're lost in the woods, the results of real world action can help distinguish what is real from what is fake. Right now, there are tens of millions of Americans who want their fictional world to be considered on par with ours.

It will never be.

January 26, 2022

Donald Trump has only $93 million in cash per Forbes report

The New York attorney general is investigating the former president for manipulating the value of his properties in ways that benefit him. It’s something we’re familiar with at Forbes, because Trump tried to mislead us about his financial information for decades. This is the first in a series of stories digging deeper into the numbers...

How much cash does Donald Trump have? He’s often said he has a lot. At times he’s said he had a little. Some say he’s flat broke.

Of the former president’s more than two dozen holdings, much of them tough-to-value real estate, his pile of cash and liquid assets should be the easiest to pin down—you just add up the balances on his account statements. But Trump doesn’t share those publicly, and his government financial disclosures only required him to list his cash and investments in broad, imprecise ranges. So, the exact size of Trump’s cash pile has always been something of a closely kept secret.

But filings released Tuesday by New York Attorney General Letitia James, as part of her civil investigation into the Trump Organization’s financial dealings, offer the clearest picture yet: Trump’s liquid assets stood at $93 million in 2020, according to the documents.


January 6, 2022

Doesn't it feel like we've waited over 5 years for this moment?

Through one stolen election, two impeachments, a 2-year special counsel investigation, another attempted stolen election, little media support, crazy voices overspeaking the sane and just...

...I will admit that after Mueller, I felt like the inertia would never turn back around, and like so many here on DU, I was afraid, very afraid, for the future of our nation.

After yesterday and today, I no longer feel so hopeless. We've got this. Our leaders have looked us square in the eye and told us that they ain't messing around. We may not get the results we want - Trump may never get frog-marched to a holding cell - but I think the TRUTH is about to be told over and over again, and the propagandists' message will be drowned out.

For now.

October 4, 2021

Where is Brian Laundrie, where is Carmen Sandiego, and where is the love?

1. Somewhere on the Appalachian Trail, apparently.

2. No earthly idea.

3. I don't know but the Black-Eyed Peas seem well-versed on the subject.

Sorry, I saw all these "Where is...." posts and couldn't help myself.

January 20, 2021

Good morning, Mr. Trump. My name is Letitia James.

I have now just become your worst nightmare.

Please be seated.

January 7, 2021

If Trump gets 25th'd

What is the likelihood that Pence would pardon him and his co-conspiring family?

Frankly, that's my only concern about going this route. Sure, there's still a chance that Trump could use a self-pardon, in which case future litigation would determine its effectiveness, and I don't think such absolute power would be deemed constitutional.

I would prefer that Trump stay at Camp David for the next 2 weeks and cut off of Twitter while the House pursues impeachment. I doubt that any presidential pardons granted during impeachment would ultimately be deemed constitutional under the circumstances, but it would certainly be a matter taken up by the Supreme Court eventually.

Long story short, we have to survive the next two weeks, but hopefully not at a cost of losing our ability to exact justice against this traitorous, treacherous and felonious lame dick.

I mean duck.

November 10, 2020

Words matter. Trump isn't 'failing to concede'

He's consolidating power and intends to subvert the vote and install his dictatorship by fiat.

People spend too much time thinking about whether he'll be successful or not. It is high time for Trump to stand before us and declare his intentions. I don't want to wait until January to deal with a reckless and eminently dangerous Trump.

Let the normal processes proceed as Joe transitions to his presidency. But Trump is a one-man wrecking crew right now, and it would be smart to stop him now before he gains any momentum.

November 10, 2020

COLLUSION in 2016 - has he already forgotten?

It has been firmly established that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election, with the express intention of boosting Donald Trump, harming Hillary Clinton, and sowing distrust and division among the American people. According to the FBI, this was undertaken at the direction of one Vladimir Putin. This interference was corroborated by our intelligence community, the international intelligence communities, the Mueller Report, the Senate and House of Representatives, and anyone else paying even a little bit of attention. It was summarily dismissed - and covered up - by Donald J. Trump. Because the man is an amateur, his participation was evident throughout his ham-handed obfuscation of the truth.

Despite the fact that there were no consequences to pay, it is irrefutable that Donald Trump owes his victory in 2016 to the infiltration of our elections by a hostile foreign power. There were no actions by Trump taken to acknowledge or remedy this breach of our national security and the sanctity of our elections.

Fast forward to 2020, and this time the American people did the only thing that could possibly circumvent another stolen election: we came out to vote in droves. This victory is one to be cherished, because we fought every odd against us. Anything less and we might as well have stuck a fork in the USA, it was doomed to transform from democracy to fascism in very short shrift.

However, NOW, the very man who dared to partner with an enemy to defeat a domestic rival now has the temerity to assert that the 2020 election was plagued by voter fraud. After covering up and lying incessantly for four years regarding his collusion, against all facts and truth, he finally wants to weigh in on the legitimacy of the election: the won he lost. And he wants to stir up millions of sycophants to wage a war by proxy on Democrats in particular and the USA in general.

To that I say: We need closure on 2016 before we can even pretend to address 2020.

November 8, 2020

I wonder if William Barr has had a change of heart about his coveted Unitary Executive theory

Something tells me the idea of a consolidation of power under a Democratic president isn't quite as much of an urgency to him.

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