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Stare Decisis

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Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2018, 04:01 AM
Number of posts: 229

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If Joe Doesn't Run Because Of This Garbage

I am supporting Adam Schiff. Not running you say? For now, maybe. Watch this space.
Posted by Stare Decisis | Thu Apr 4, 2019, 08:51 PM (14 replies)

Anthony Manzo-Lewis Played Professional Football-Until He Didn't, And Was Put Out On The Street

Anthony is part of the Memphis squad of the AAF. When the league snapped its fingers and shut down, Anthony came back to his hotel to find his belongings in the lobby. He found himself 17 hours from home, no real knowledge of the area.


Many players are in dire situations apparently. Please contact your city's local franchise and ask them if there is a fund for the players because this is unacceptable treatment of labor.

It still comes down to respect for labor. Does this episode unfold like this in the Obama era? Interesting thought experiment.

Will update as needed.
Posted by Stare Decisis | Thu Apr 4, 2019, 01:00 PM (1 replies)

How I See Women

How certain Twitteratti portray women-

That is my take. I was raised by women during my teenage years. I see them as strong. They don't need big tough me to protect them from #ForABeatTooLong shoulder squeezes and compliments.

Or Eskimo kisses, or nuzzles, or hugs.

Or a lovable Teddy Bear of a VP and hopefully future President who only wanted to connect.

Posted by Stare Decisis | Thu Apr 4, 2019, 11:55 AM (4 replies)

WAPO-Ally Coll-Joe Biden Squeezed Her Shoulders And Held Them "For A Beat Too Long."

Ally Coll said she was a young Democratic staffer helping run a reception of about 50 people when Biden entered the room. She said she was then introduced to Biden, who she said leaned in, squeezed her shoulders and delivered a compliment about her smile, holding her “for a beat too long.”

I am leaving this here because a major newspaper thought this was a woman "coming forward." Their words, not mine. That's it-this is what we are arguing about. If this is what happened there is nothing to apologize about, Joe. Any man over 35 has likely done similar. I will wait for about 7 gazillion women to come forward to end my career for hugging them or being too flirty in a way no rational humans could ever be expected to anticipate.

The more they talk, the less seriously I take it.

Coming forward? I swear we are days from, "Inappropriate look sends young woman into therapy." "He winked at me. My fee fees were shaken. But, but my agency."

Agency is important. It should be respected. But if you want to move the agency goal posts to an endzone that reads, "No human contact allowed," you will not be taken seriously.

The psychological damage abuse does is incalculable. How DARE someone attach "MeToo to this garbage. It trivializes real suffering.

And Ally Coll's claim of truth simply is not important enough to me to risk this party losing the next election. Not more than me, my family, and the entire nation-sorry not sorry.

I don't doubt her. I don't dispute her story.


That's my truth.


Guess which one wins out?

Posted by Stare Decisis | Thu Apr 4, 2019, 07:43 AM (17 replies)

Sage Carson Has A Lot To Say About Joe Biden-But What Changed Since January?

Hat tip to PNWMOM for this first Tweet.


Now read this-


She is thanking him in January.


In March she is claiming he was some kind of serial head kisser/back rubber.

What event happened in that time frame? I am not saying she is without reason to drastically change her opinion, but what is it? Because the two statements are so contradictory, I think it is a fair question.
Posted by Stare Decisis | Thu Apr 4, 2019, 05:54 AM (3 replies)

One Stat Tells You About Income Inequality

If Medicare were a mortgage Jeff Bezos could make a twenty-five percent down payment on the entire nation's yearly expenditure and still be left with about $20 billion.

[link:https://wealthygorilla.com/jeff-bezos-net-worth/|As of 2019, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is roughly $170 billion.
In FY 2018, the Medicare program cost $583 billion, about 14 percent of total federal government spending. After Social Security, Medicare was the second largest program in the federal budget last year.

Jeff Bezos has a net worth equal to FIVE percent of TOTAL Federal Government spending.

How long does democracy last under this paradigm?
Posted by Stare Decisis | Wed Apr 3, 2019, 09:09 PM (2 replies)

Two of Biden's Accusers Appear To Have Known Each Other Since 2013

Lucy Flores and Caitlyn Caruso.


Example 1-https://twitter.com/mylovelycece/status/569610555767394305


Example 2-https://twitter.com/LucyFlores/status/523196582788104192

I am not speculating on what this might or might not mean, I just thought it was a noteworthy addendum to the record.
Posted by Stare Decisis | Wed Apr 3, 2019, 07:38 PM (61 replies)

Can you find the content of my

accidentally deleted post? I deleted the wrong post.
Posted by Stare Decisis | Wed Apr 3, 2019, 03:06 PM (11 replies)

I Think I Have Figured Something Out About Joe Biden And The Party

Rather than overtly trolling us as our enemies, the Russians may well be undercutting us pretending to be our friends. Or at least this side of the political spectrum.

When I go to a different unnamed premier Democratic blog and get swarmed for having the audacity to defend the greatest VP we have ever had, and they are nearly universally supportive of one candidate I go hmm-

But let me be real clear: I STAND BY MY Democratic Party, made up of Democrats, people like me who have done the work, fought the wars, endured the threats, sat in on policy discussions and felt the lows and highs. People who have been Democrats their whole life. Now truly, I think that applies to Bernie-indie or not he has been one of us in platform. And in my heart of hearts I do not believe he or anyone associated with his campaign are behind these accusations. If I am wrong, I will be more than disappointed, I will be for lack of a better term, sad.

I will not apologize for defending Joe. We need Joe. We need humane people in positions of power. The sterile dehumanizing philosophy of a generation of millennials confusing a phone screen for human contact can't be normalized. My message to them is to put your phone down, and initiate an actual human interaction.

The next time you are Twitter trolled by a so-called ally ask them how many pairs of shoes they wore out canvassing. You know who wore out a pair of shoes canvassing? Joe's old boss:

Ask them about phone banking, organizing, voter registration ask them if they have ever done ANYTHING besides run their Twitter mouth and post their hashtags.

Joe Biden hugged me. He high-fived me. He thanked me for my efforts and told me that people like me inspired him. This country needs Joe Biden. I am not sure it deserves him. But it needs him.

But I will not be subjugated by outside interlopers trying to divide this party. Nope not now or ever. We can choose to welcome those of like minds-

But hopefully not at the expense of losing OUR minds.

Posted by Stare Decisis | Wed Apr 3, 2019, 10:11 AM (15 replies)
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