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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 6,009

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Need a new Router and what about those signal booster thingys

I am so not a computer person, my head spins when all the numbers start flying. So be gentle we me please.

Our router is several years old and should be replaced, our modem was replaced recently. My computer and Ipad like to link to the printer instead of the router and now that I've turned off the printer they often link to nothing. I have to go in and re-establish the link at least once a day.

Both devices are set to link automatically, it doesn't happen to the other four users so I'm thinking it must be my location in the house.

We currently have a Netgear N300 which was purchased by someone else who is known for their thriftiness.

I'd just like a recommendation what to look for in a new router, and wondering if a booster thing that plugs into the wall might help


Finally Wisconsin does something right - I am Jazz reading

'I Am Jazz' co-author will attend reading of transgender book in Mount Horeb


On Nov. 23, the Mount Horeb Primary Center was scheduled to read and discuss the book, the real-life story of Jazz Jennings, a transgender girl. The school was working with a student who has male anatomy but identifies as a girl, so the reading was arranged in an effort to educate other students and "to support this student in living as her authentic self."

But the reading was canceled after the Florida-based Liberty Counsel — a self-described religious "litigation, education and policy" group that is also classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center — threatened to sue the district if it proceeded.

Since Liberty Counsel intervened the school chickened out to avoid a law suit so they held the book reading at the library expecting 15 - 25 people and they got almost 600

Mount Horeb is a small town of about 7000, while it is near our most liberal city it was the city my knuckle dragging sister and her knuckle dragging husband chose to live in while he worked in Madison. They must of felt it had some redeeming qualities that was worth the daily drive for their extreme right wing beliefs

My daughter is on her way

She's my daughter no matter what but she feels the need to have surgery to complete her journey. I'm so proud of her.

She's started a go fund me page but if anyone has any other ideas like any possible grants that would be very helpful.


Keyboard crapped out, time for a new laptop

I think it might be time for a new laptop. I like to play games on Facebook, I know they're silly but they help me escape and give my hands something to to other then shovel food into my face.

I need to know what to look for in a new computer so my games play smoothly

So there any hope of restoring the keyboard?

Sex reassignment surgery in Thailand ?

I have someone close to me considering this option. Does anyone have an informed opinion about this?

Thinking of jumping from Wisconsin to Minnesota

How's Winona when it comes to politics.

My niece would like us to move to Duluth but that is just too much winter for me. I'm hoping she might move south, she wants to set up a dog grooming shop but hasn't started the process so there is still time to move before.

scrolling gone crazy

My grandson, when it starts with a lead in like this you know it's trouble, did something and now every scale zooms to the top. Anything that has a continuum of some sort zooms to the extreme.

when I try to copy and paste or check the spelling the screen flashes on and off way too fast to do anything with it.

I'm sure it must be an easy fix, if only I had a clue what needs to be turned on or off. So far no success so if anyone knows or has an idea what the heck I need to do please let me know.

BREAKING: US Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin from implementing law requiring voters to present photo

Source: WISC-TV / Channel 3000

There is no text, just a picture

Read more: https://www.facebook.com/channel3000?hc_location=timeline


MADISON (AP) — US Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin from implementing law requiring voters to present photo IDs.

This is a developing story.

And it is being reported on MSNBC now

my oldest was born in a male body

and now is in the process of changing.

I'm at a loss, I don't know how to help her. I have no money to help other then to buy her meds on occasion.

The nearest PFLAG is in the next city and doesn't meet in the summer. My hubby is having a very hard time adjusting and believes it's a phase - mostly because the kid has already had a hard life but this is going to make it more difficult. She lost her job due to being honest with her employer

any ideas

Wausau schools blow up over music


Expert: Wausau schools' reform of holiday concerts on the 'right track' but 'heavy handed'

...The controversy began Friday when Phil Buch, who has directed Wausau West High School choir programs since 1981, told Daily Herald Media that he had temporarily disbanded the school’s elite choir group, Master Singers, after a meeting with district officials. Buch said administrators gave district music educators three options for December concerts: choose five secular songs for each religious song performed; have no holiday music whatsoever, or postpone any concerts in December.

The statement released Monday contends that changes are part of a review of an administrative rule governing the use of religiously themed music in the district’s curriculum. The rule was put in place in 2001 and reviewed in 2010. As part of the process, a committee of teachers and administrators reviewed proposals submitted by music teachers for musical performances for the first semester of this school year.

Williams also said in the statement that elementary-school holiday concerts were postponed not because of their content but because students need to devote their time to preparing for and taking state and federally mandated tests....
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