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malletgirl02's Journal
malletgirl02's Journal
May 22, 2016

It is interesting how art imitates life. Sanders Vs. Clinton

There is an old musical by Stephan Sondheim called "Anyone can Whistle". The plot is pretty complex, but the basic plot is about a nurse and a doctor fighting to save their town from a corrupt government. They are fighting for their town just like Bernie Sanders is fighting for our country.


There are two songs I think of whenever I get down about the primary, There Won't be Trumpets and Everybody says don't.

In "There won't be Trumpets" Nurse Fay Apple tells the corrupt officials what we all want to tell them. Pay special attention to the proceeding monologue.

In her monologue Nurse Apple says:

Now, why do I want my Cookies to take your waters? I'll tell you why. Because my Cookies are people, Schub. They are human beings and they are to be treated as such and have the same rights as everyone else! So you both can bloody well let them dip into that leaking drainpipe. If you don't I'm not saying I'll go to the police because I'm no fool, nor will I go to the Mayoress because she is. But this is a free town in a free county in a free state in a free country and I am a free woman with a free mouth and if you say no to my Cookies, I will open up that mouth and talk and I am telling you here and now that when I talk, I talk LONG - AND - LOUD!!!

When I feel like nothing is going to change I think about the the song "Everybody Says Don't" from the same musical. It reminds me that if I feel something needs to change I need to fight no matter the circumstances.

"I say try, I say laugh at the kings or they will make you cry. Lose your poise, fall if you have to, but lady make a noise. Everybody says don't, everybody says can't, wait around for miracles. I insist on miracles if you do them, miracles nothing to them, I say don't, don't be afraid!"
April 10, 2016

The main difference between Clinton and Sanders Supporters.

The main difference between Clinton and Sanders supporters is that Clinton supporters are more likely to attack Sanders supporters than Sanders supporters attack Clinton supporters. Clinton supporters talk about personality while the vast majority of Sanders supporters are about policy. I noticed this even before I became a Sanders supporter, and it is across all modes of median not just on this website. That is part of the reason I became a Sanders supporter.

While the media gave us the narrative on the Bernie Bros, it gave them Clinton supporters a carte blanche to say what ever nasty things they wanted to about Bernie supporters.

The Clinton supporters complain about the Bernie or busters, but their continued nastiness of the Clinton supporters are only going to increase the ranks of the busters. I now stay away from General Discussion Politics, because her supporters there with their constant insults to Sanders supporters name it hard for me to vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination.

Have these people ever heard of the book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People,"? Most Clinton supporters are not doing a good job with winning over non supporters. It seems like they are alienating people on purpose. It causes me great concern in the general if Clinton wins the nomination because of many of her supporters are clueless on winning votes. If her campaign and supporters treats members of her own party with such great contempt, is she going to treat independent voters the same way in the general election, and potentially turn them off voting for the democratic candidate?

April 8, 2016

Emily's list misrepresenting the Sanders Clinton qualifications conflict.

I received the following email from Emily's list last night that presented Sanders comments about Hillary's qualifications without context. Mainly that it was Clinton that started the conflict by dismissing Sanders qualifications. At fist I just deleted. Then I decided I was going to unsubscribe so I could have the chance to tell them my opinion about their misleading email. If I didn't visit this Bernie Sanders Group I would not have known that the email I received was not the complete truth. How many others will this email mislead?

Can you guess which candidate Bernie Sanders and his campaign just called ambitious and unqualified to be president?

If you guessed Donald Trump, you'd be wrong.

On Tuesday, Sanders' campaign manager said Hillary Clinton's ambition could destroy the Democratic Party. And Sanders himself said she was not "qualified" to be president at a rally in Philadelphia last night.

I don't know about you, but I'm GLAD the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency threw her hat into the ring nearly a year ago. And I'm proud that EMILY's List threw our full support behind Hillary the moment she did.

Let's do it again — donate $3 directly to Hillary's campaign right now if you believe she's the best and most qualified person to be president (100% of your donation will go to her).

Plenty of women know a thing or two about being called ambitious, as much as they know about being told they're too brash, abrasive, or bossy when they act assertively. We also know — scientifically — that women are assumed to be less competent and trustworthy overall than men, regardless of their experience.

I don't need to rehash Hillary Clinton's 40 years of experience fighting for women and families, or why she's absolutely qualified to be our president and commander-in-chief.

But while this kind of language is all too familiar when it's used to describe someone running to be the first woman president, it is a surprise when it comes from Democrats in our own party.

And it deserves a response.

Donate $3 to Hillary today — 100% of your donation will go directly to her campaign:


Thanks for having Hillary's back,

Stephanie Schriock
President, EMILY's List
March 31, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton supporters are their own worst enemies, or the Emperors New Clothes

Although I am a strong Bernie Sanders supporter at the beginning of February I was a nominal Clinton supporter. I admit I supporter her solely on name recognition. Another part of was that I believed the talking points about Sanders set forth in the media. Most of my information came from an African American blog I frequent. Like the other members of the blog, I fell for the "Bernie is racist", Bernie hates Obama", and the the whole Bernie Bros talking point. One of my Facebook friends posted a comment conflating Sanders with Trump, saying that both their supporters were stupid and bad at math. I dislike Trump by default, so I wasn't bothered by his comments toward Trump, but like the towns people in the story the "Emperor's New Clothes", I didn't want to be thought of as a great fool so I support Clinton, even though I had concerns about her foreign policy.

Then I visited Democratic Underground after a long hiatus. I visited the General discussion Primaries forum in order to get up to speed in order to vote in my state's primary on Super Tuesday. While reading the forum I saw many of the attacks on Sanders were ridiculous. One that stood out for me was first the Clinton supporters were attacking Sanders because they said he didn't raise money for Democrats. The when it was found that he participated in Democratic party fundraising, the Clinton supporters attacked him for that as well.

Then there were the reaction of Clinton supporters to the post by Sanders supporters to Clinton's foreign foreign. Foreign policy is very important to me, because I have a degree in foreign affairs. The dismissive attitude of a considerable segment of Clinton supporters to well sources post about Iraq, Libya, and Honduras enraged me. the last straw was when I saw some Clinton supporters post laughing smilies in response to post about Iraq and Libya. I was very angry at their lack of decorum in face of wars that left scars across the Middle East, left millions dead, and led to the raise of ISIS. It was also disrespectful to veterans of the Iraq war like my dad. I can't support anyone whose supporters are like that.

Then I read the New York Times articles on Hillary's Clinton's role in the Libya regime change. Not only did she had a key role in getting President Obama to agree to regime change, but once it turned out to be a disaster she refused to take responsibility while at the same time she cites her experience as a key reason to vote for her.

It turns out it was when I was a nominal Clinton supporter that I was the great fool. I let the lies of the media mislead me.

March 21, 2016

Everybody Says Don't

Like everyone else here I was very upset at the primary result last Tuesday. Then the song called "Everybody Says Don't" from Stephen Sondheim's "Anyone Can Whistle," started going through my head. It makes me think of what Bernie Sanders is trying to do, trying to make a fairer American even when it seems impossible and everybody is indeed saying don't. Until I came to the Bernie Sanders Group I didn't feel like I had a voice, like I had the authority to as a lyric in the song "laugh at the kings," the political establishment in society.

This is my favorite segment of the song:

Everybody says no,
Everybody says stop.
Everybody says mustn't rock the boat,
Mustn't touch a thing!
Everybody says don't,
Everybody says wait,
Everybody says can't fight city hall,
Can't upset the cart,
Can't laugh at the king!
Well, I
Laugh at the kings or they'll make you cry.
Fall if you have to,
But lady, make a noise!

The song is right we can not be afraid to laugh at the kings aka the political establishment. The only reason politicans have the legitimacy to govern is because of we the people. They have no legitimacy in themselves. We have to use our voices to get the political establishment to work for the people.
March 19, 2016

We need to stop letting the Republicans off the hook for Trump.

Democrats are very forgiving, the problem is the Republicans are not. I think some Democrats are letting the Republican party off the hook for their role in the rise of Donal Trump. Don't forget it the Republican party is Trump. The Republican party dog whistles are the same racial issues that Trump trumpets. The Republican party is Dr. Frankstein and Trump is the monster that they lost control of.

The Republican party is the Ego while Trump is the Id, it has become clear that the Id has taken over the Id. We have to hammer the Republican party on Trump, don't let them get away with not taking responsibility for Trumps rise.

March 18, 2016

Please don't Hillarysplain to me

There seems to be a lot of complaining of Bernie Sanders supporters Berniesplaing to people of color. This is propaganda, the Clinton campaign and the media are using this to silence Bernie and his supporters from getting Bernie's message out.

If they are calling Bernie and his supporters merely campaigning as Berniesplaining, I am going to call out the Hillarysplaining. I am a young African American Female in my 30s. I am tired of Clinton supporters saying I don't know my own mind or that I am sexist because I support Bernie Sanders. Bernie supporters are called Bernie Bros, cult members, Chinese Cultural Revolution guard members, cyber bullies, and so on. They keep on saying that we want ponies, rainbow, and unicorns, and that we are not serious. Hillary supporters demand respect from us, but they don't give us respect. They dismiss us, but they demand our vote.

All Bernie Sanders supporters want is a fairer country, and we believe Bernie Sanders is the best person for the job, that is our right, and we deserve respect.

I can not support Hillary Clinton, because I believe she will led us into another large, long term war. I believe our republic will be in danger is another war is fought. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who I believe will not led our country to war.

March 13, 2016

Yes, how dare we criticize powerful politicians

If you visit the General Discussion: Primaries forum, there is a post about Howard Dean saying that Bernie Sanders supporters are cyberbullies for criticizing Hillary Clinton. How dare those Bernie supporters criticize powerful politicians what do they think this is a democracy?

Calling Sanders supporters cyberbullies for criticizing Hillary Clinton is ridiculous. The Sanders supporters are simply regular people while she is a powerful politician. Feudalism is over, we no longer owe homage to our feudal lord.

In a democracy the people are sovereign. Our elected officials gain legitimacy from our votes, they are not legitimate in themselves. Politicians are suppose to work for us and not the other way around.

It is apparently fine for Dean for Hillary and her supports to say anything they want while Bernie supports need to brought to Heel. Dean is chilling speech with his comment, and very authoritarian.

February 14, 2016

Bernie Sanders is not a foreign policy lightweight.

There has been a meme through out the media that Bernie Sanders is a foreign policy lightweight. This is completely untrue. When I watched the debate on PBS last week, I was very impressed with Mr. Sanders grasp on foreign policy. What impressed me the most was that he knew that past U.S. policy affected our current foreign policy environment. I actually have a degree in foreign affairs and can attest that his information was correct.

February 9, 2014

The Affordable Care Act and Why Compromise with the Republicans is Counter Productive.

I was reading this column by New York times columnist Ross Douthat

"Leaving work Behind"


"That big number prompted Republicans to recycle their predictions that the health care law would be a “job killer.” As liberals retorted, this is not exactly right: These would be working hours freely given up, not jobs lost in huge Obamacare-induced layoffs. Any health care reform worthy of the name would have some version of this effect: If you weaken the link between insurance and employment, workers will have one less reason to stay at a job they dislike. And it’s easy to envision cases where the ability to reduce one’s working hours would be an unmitigated good — for ailing near-retirees, for parents of young children.

At the same time, though, the design of Obamacare — Medicaid expansion, subsidies for comprehensive rather than catastrophic coverage, and then the way the subsidy disappears if you get a raise or take a higher-paying job — makes the work disincentive much more substantial than it would be under, say, a conservative alternative that offers everyone a flat credit to buy a catastrophic plan."

He pretty much says that the Affordable Care Act disincentive to work and he ends with a paragraph about conservatives and the dignity of work.

On the conservative side, things are somewhat clearer. There are libertarians who like the basic income idea, but only as a substitute for the existing welfare state, not as a new expansion. Both “rugged individualist” right-wingers and more communitarian conservatives tend to see work as essential to dignity, mobility and social equality, and see its decline as something to be fiercely resisted.

This post is not really about the Douthat column, because he is clearly full of crap, because he is against the American worker to have the freedom not to be stuck with a crappy job just for the health insurance. It is about how trying to compromise with the Republicans is counterproductive. I'm sure you all know that the Affordable Care Act was actually base on Mitt Romney's healthcare plan when he was governor of Massachusetts. It was first pitched by the conservative think thank, the Heritage foundation. Now that Obama adopted the idea it is now a bad socialist idea. The Ross Douthat column I posted is a clear example of this.

Democrats need to try to persuade the public with their own ideas instead of serving up warmed over conservative ideas in the name of compromise, because the Republicans are just going to reject them anyway.

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