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I needed a list like this. Sharing this thread here in case you did, too.

Let's start a list of things trump has exposed that we need to fix:
1. Cable TV news-bring back fairness doctrine?
2. Background checks for ALL candidates running?
3. Mandatory tax returns shared with public?
4. 5 independent doctors do periodic exams, results shared publicly?


THIS. So much this.


Would you look at this map

America’s satisfaction with The 🍊🤡’s response to coronavirus (https://t.co/hoVthDETES ) converted to an Electoral College map:

Can someone please help me understand this?



Some very legitimate concerns

Posting as someone who supported Bernie in the 2016 cycle, these are my key concerns with
Bernie’s quest this time around:
1. He is not being transparent with his health
2. He is not being transparent with his funding and his “Our Revolution” Super PAC that’s not a Super PAC (particularly because the FEC accounting for campaign contributions won’t be done until AFTER the election in November)
3. His potential selection of Tulsi Gabbard as VP (see concern #1 above)
4. An assumption (conveyed by members of his campaign) that Warren voters will transfer to him if Warren drops out


Wondering where everyone has gone

There was a great deal of participation in this forum a few months ago. But now...the number of undecided has remained steady, while the percentage of supporters/traffic to this forum has dwindled considerably.

Why is this so?

Looking at engagement for the first page of results, I see that there are a relatively small number of posters making the majority of the posts.

While the tone in this forum is nowhere near as 🔥 as it was in 2016, I have noticed that there are a few voices who spend a lot of time here, make a lot of posts, and are kind of dominating all of the conversations here as a result.

I get that some posters are very enthusiastic about their candidates. As someone from a deep blue region of a very blue state, I am very familiar with what an echo chamber looks like. But as you may recall from 2008 and 2016, there is a lot of ball game left to play.

So—this is for you posters with posts in the 5 digits—before you rush to share the latest polling data that favors your candidate, maybe take a lap and let someone else—someone undecided—have a moment to post what they think. Let the newer participants ask a question, and chill while someone who might also be undecided answer with their own framing and opinions. Let’s try to make this forum an open and inviting place to share all opinions, so that maybe we can see that undecided number start to move down and numbers of different posters move up.

Show of hands: what's your social media of choice?

And do you think your candidate is getting fair treatment on your chosen platform?
If not, how are you choosing to engage?

Good point in this post about Warren's M4A plan


An interesting observation about bias against Harris


Remind me again why she is running as a Dem?

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