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rainin's Journal
rainin's Journal
March 8, 2018

Stormy needs to get in touch with Larry Flynt and get that 10 million dollar reward.

Remember when he offered a $10 million reward for information leading to the impeachment of trump? Once she tells all, including publishing pictures, we know she's half way there.

Next, she can start buying congress. We know republicans can be bought, so 10million is plenty of money to buy enough impeachment votes to put this over the top.


McConnell and Ryan are pretty pissed about this tariff debacle, so they might love an excuse. We know they'll love the money.

February 16, 2018

Perhaps it will be unpopular, but I think the "father" is culpable.

Consider this, if the father were asked "would he do anything differently?", my guess is, he would strongly regret his judgement with the gun. It's not a handgun, or a rifle. I doubt any one of us would agree to bring a high powered machine gun into our home and give a key to a 19-year-old.

I wouldn't even give my car to a 19-year-old without a lot of proof that he was stable, healthy, trustworthy, etc.

This dad was wrong, even though he meant well.

January 7, 2018

A Post-Franken World

We are moving into a critical time in our history when it is more important than ever for democrats to be united. There are members who believe Franken was at best a distraction, at worst a sexual abuser and needed to go. There are members (I am one) who think our leaders should have let him have his investigation.

I propose we pick a day in the very near future after which we forbid any further argument about Franken on DU. Perhaps the Admins can move all Franken discussions to their own separate forum.

This is why: Trolls can see division and exploit it. Every thread is vulnerable. I realized this after I did it myself in the recent thread about Liu and Schiff. I was reminded about my anger and I jumped in about my bitterness about Franken. Then I realized how dangerous this is. Any troll can see the opportunity here: disrupt a discussion by reminding us about something that divides us. Drive a wedge between democrats using something that brings out emotion.

I'm not a troll so I am stopping today on my own. I will not discuss my feelings about Franken again because it will not bring him back and it won't build party unity -- we need to be unified now.

Franken is gone. We can't change that. We can only make ourselves weaker by not being mindful about the potential for outside forces to exploit our emotions and divisions.

What do you think? Can we learn from the past, but work together now to save our democracy?

October 27, 2017

Democrat Party

Why do we let it pass when we are called the Democrat Party? We know they are demeaning us when they use it. I hear it in television interviews and democrats just let it pass. How hard would it be to correct it?

To be civil, we could pretend it was an honest mistake. Just a quick correction like you would if they had called you by the wrong name. If the situation called for it, we could even slip in a half-hidden patronizing or condescending tone.

It is so offensive. And it's aggressively rude. And we just take it. Why?

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December 8, 2012

Indignities that our children face.

I came across a blog today that got me thinking. Here is an excerpt:

If someone were to give me a token prize in a transparent attempt to manipulate my behavior, I would feel patronized and used. If I were ordered by the government to use my free time to take classes that didn’t interest me, I would experience that as an unjust intrusion on my liberty. If I were made to sit silently in an uncomfortable chair at someone else’s whim, required to ask permission even to use the bathroom, given only ten or fifteen minutes to eat my lunch, and made to feel shameful or defective if I couldn’t comply with these “expectations” – all while being given no say over my treatment – I would quickly either become a revolutionary or settle into a clinical depression.

(Should I post the link? I'm not promoting this blog, I just followed a trail to this post.)

Kids live through countless indignities in school. I remember hearing hours of 'threats' woven into the first days of orientation aimed at kids who were likely to be truant. For me, it was demeaning since I always went to school.

My kids' elementary school adopted a policy of no talking in the cafeteria. They enforced total silence while these 6-10 year-olds ate lunch.

What do you remember? Is this good training for life? What is the long-term impact of herd-mentality?

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