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This town wow

Massachusetts launches application process for medical marijuana stores, growing operations

Wanted in U.S. and India, Islamist leads mass rally in Pakistan

Metropolis - c 1927 is coming on right now on TCM

U.S. resumes aid to Mali after new president takes office

Don't miss this discussion on Pat Robertson's charity scam:

Drought Helped Spark Syria’s Civil War — Is it One of Many Climate Wars to Come?

There's no courting anymore, Mom. Is this true?

What will your Obamacare premium be? Numbers are in for 17 states (lower than CBO anticipated)

Virgin Galactic in successful supersonic test SpaceShip Two rocket plane

MoveOn Endorsement in NYC Mayoral Race

MoveOn Endorsement in NYC Mayoral Race

My Grandmother said this was young people's music

Synthetic Marijuana May Be Linked To 3 Deaths In Colorado; Officials Advise Users To 'Destroy' Drug

A Poem By Patricia Lockwood - Rape Joke

Remember "Da Bears?"

"No, white people won't save the GOP"

So, Senator McCan't are you feeling a tad bit stooopid

New research pins some extreme weather events on climate change

Church Trap

Google Encrypts data amid backlash against NSA spying

Pat Robertson's Katrina Cash.. The Nation : September 2005

In December 1998, the Clinton administration...

Undercover at the Tar Sands: What It's Really Like Working for Big Oil

Mr. Pete gave me a flu shot Wednesday

Court: Texas Can Use Existing Voting Maps in 2014

Have we really left Iraq? The US embassy in Baghdad is as big as Vatican City...

The Revolution That Wasn’t ( Hugh Roberts )

Fables of Faubus

Boulder's Jon Caldara to vote in El Paso County amid cries of fraud

Friday Talking Points (272) -- Potholes On The Moral High Road

you ever just feel like dying?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace & a new

Syria resolution likely to fail, Lindsey Graham says

US Department of State Fails to Check Sources about Who the Terrorists in Syria Really Are!

my fave rummage tomorrow morning!

Any Lee Childs/Reacher fans out there ?

U.S. clears Smithfield's acquisition by China's Shuanghui

Pope calls all Catholics to pray and fast for Syria on Saturday

Syria Video Turns the Debate on U.S. Intervention

Update on the cd player/audio books for my sister

Bashar Assad, in his own words (An Interview with Izvestia)

Freedom Day

Bank of America, Merrill in $39 million gender bias settlement

Syrian regime offers reward for captured rebel fighters

I rode in a Tesla tonight. WOW!!!

O.K.a pissed Dem here: I trust my Dem prez/SoS. ty. Meanwhile

Bernie Sanders: Billions for 'Another War,' but No Money for Needs at Home

Post a song from your childhood here:

Syrian Defense Minister DID Defect to Turkey

The execution of 7 Syrian soldiers would be SOP for any rebel group.

FDA: No Immediate Risk Is Found From Arsenic Levels in Rice

85 Million Have A Shot At Seeing Tonight's Moon Launch

Glen Beck's "university historian" is all-knowing in science...

Some TV options for Tuesday evening...

"All American Boy" at it again.

And I was assured Obama's 2nd term was going to be a "Liberal Renaissance"

Baseball is still King - Raiders, Chargers might swap home games, per report

Oh my god, oh my god, Oh MY Gaahhd!...

The President's choice for the hard fight

Will our Neville Chamberlain moment last much longer?

Give Obama a Fucking Break

Colombia court rules against Castaño family

Red Light photo enforcement ticket

Dennis Rodman has social outings with North Korea boss

O.K., let's do this: The much under-appreciated Ms Liza MINNELLI

Stop it, dammit !!

Hot twerking video

If he had fought this hard for Single-Payer...

I believe that Obama 's motivation is the WMD

The Lies at the Heart of the Obama/Kerry Push for War—and Why They've Backfired

Pardon me while I gloat...

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen!

Salt is alive.

Here's something to keep you up st night

Rumsfeld Book Signing Event Sept. 24 at Wash DC Navy Yard Exchange 11 am-2 pm

John Fugelsang Tweet regarding the difference between Syria and Iraq..

How do any of you know Assad is guilty?

Andrew Weil, his woo, and anti-GMO hysteria...

Portrait Of A Lady

Does anyone else have trouble being understood by their phones?

How soon should I put applications out??

How soon should I put applications out??

I ate some asparagus 4 days ago...

NASA moon launch tonight 11:27 p.m. visible on east coast

Johnson & Johnson recalls Infant Motrin due to plastic specks

NASA moon launch tonight 11:27 p.m visible on east coast

UN my ass

Real cool songs you've simply forgotten about.

Re: NASA Launch tonight - you don't just have to be on east coast to see -

Ferrari F40 v Ferrari F50. Like You've Never Seen Them Before

NYPD Hate Crimes Unit Investigating Union Square Attack

City of Fresno to raze Homeless Ministry Church 9/9 at 8am

Begich a probable "no" vote on Syria strike

MNSure has more information posted & the rates look better than they did using the calculator

Syrian Children Plead For A U.S. Strike

G' Night, everybody!

T minus 4 min to launch

My dog's injury:

This country is saying no to war.

My dog's injury:

Anyone else just watch the LADEE moon probe take off?? I'm in Virginia and ran outside

Snowden Disclosures Finally Hit 12 on a Scale of 1 to 10

kafranbel: a message to the US congress ''support the US strikes''

sweet jesus, heineken sucks

Clark Says Strike would Stop Syria Chemical Arms.

Tonight on TCM....BRAZIL

I think not. Am I yet?

Longmire renewed.. The Glades cancelled..

I had an email from my congressman

PHOTO: Why we should punish the use of chemical weapons...

Senator's relationship with staffer to be investigated

On Israel and Palestine

Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S.

NC students organize against voter suppression

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria in the Cross-hairs

I have heard it all before.

Just got this email.........

LADEE Launches on Mission to the Moon

Did we lose our roots and rich history at DU?

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 7, 2013 -- The Essentials: Back At The Ranch

If we are truly outraged by the chemical attacks...

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 8, 2013 - Tonight on TCM: Sundays with Hitch

Who Knows What The 1982 Hama Massacre Was?

White Marine brutally Attacked for Protecting 14 year old Black Teen!

23 Condom Wrappers That Get Marketing Majors Excited

I need guidance using ebay, etsy, etc

Will you vote for your RW Rep. if they vote no on Syria?

Wonder what it looks like …

looking for astrologist

Please read: click to help people who must leave abusive situations but are worried about their pets

A Warm San Francisco Night (VIDEO)

We're Told We Spend So Much Tax Money On Defense Because We Need To Protect....

One more number today from the mighty Cream...

Congressional Black Caucus instructed to hold tongue on Syria

Birds live with cataracts in Chernobyl

Legislation Seeks to Bar N.S.A. Tactic in Encryption...

Why do they always think that a few bombs will cow our adversaries?

Could you ever envision yourself risking the life of a SINGLE American Citizen...

The real war is against us, regular Americans.

Some more right wing anti-war quotes...

KKK group plans rally at Civil War battlefield

The Friday Night Magical Music Video

MIC wants action NOW!

September 7: National Acorn Squash Day and Salami Day.

Why war with Syria might just be promoting a false reality...

Pat Buchanan has a funeral to attend...

So the Strike vote fails.

New timeline for origin of ancient Egypt

Obama won't say it, but vote on Syria has high stakes for his presidency

"Guess Who Came to our School Today?"

New rights worries over arrests in Egypt

Photos show camel fossils unearthed by Apache project

UK's lowest-paid employees to be classed as 'not working enough'

The Man Who Forced Anthropologists to Respect Native Cultures

UO anthropologist: Northern natives face climate, economic risks

Freeh: Possible corruption in BP claims handling

NASA launches robotic explorer to moon, orbiting craft will study lunar atmosphere, dust

Unexpected performance! Never in a million years would I have guessed this would happen:

A few more reasonable ideas on how not to bomb Syria...

Lolita was the first Kubrick film I've ever disliked...

10 Ways America Has Come to Resemble a Banana Republic

Inside America's Dark History of Chemical Warfare


Snowden did to the NSA what they have been doing to US citizens for years:

Russian lawmakers call off U.S. trip after Congress snub

School Is a Prison — And Damaging Our Kids

Obama, Syria, and Congress: Why Did He Go There?

McCrory exempts more state workers from civil service protections

federal teams headed to rim fire to assess damage

europe urging u.s. to delay action in syria

Creating barriers to voting

Obama Nominates Voting Rights Supporter To Powerful Court--Here’s How The GOP Freakout Will Play Out

Clean energy law reducing electricity costs in Ohio

Replacing poultry inspectors with factory workers might not be greatest idea, says GAO{large image}

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday Sept 7th

United Nations draws up emergency plan for Syria strike

Confirmed: Fracking Practices to Blame for Ohio Earthquakes

The US Successfully Tested An Incredible Anti-Ship Missile Today{large image}

What do you believe is the main factor driving the U.S. toward military action against Syria?


Australia election: Abbott poised for victory

Atheist Religiphobia #1: Fear of Believing Anything At All About Gods

Gay rights vs. religious rights: 7 issues to watch

Catholics to address immigration nationwide

Why all the anti China hate regarding military cooperation

5 of the Fiercest One-Liners in History

Defense One Guidebook: Who's Who in Syria's Opposition

Do your cats require a top off?

The Real Reason for War With Syria

Walmart Workers Plan 'Widespread, Massive Strikes and Protests' for Black Friday 2013

Here is what the President could say to the nation on Tuesday that would go a long way towards...

Spare Us A Thought - Support Living Wage

AIDS Turning Point: 'A Cure Is Possible'

UAW statement on VW Works Council in Chattanooga

Failure On All Fronts: No Progress from G-20 Leaders

Forget about taking out the chemical weapons cache

The Syrian War Is Creating a Massive Kidnapping Crisis in Lebanon

Uncomfortable Monument: Art Fills Former Spy Station in Berlin

Ted Rall Toon: Necrobigots

Failure On All Fronts: No Progress from G-20 Leaders

Not a Step in the Right Direction

All the world rejoices: Sox (D) Torment Yankees (R) Again

Egypt army attacks Sinai militants

PLS help me remember this book and author

Syria in astrology

The Lies at the Heart of the Obama/Kerry Push for War—and Why They've Backfired

Syria begs question of America's role in the world

Direct link between Assad and gas attack elusive for U.S.

Oh Magog! Why End-Times Buffs Are Freaking Out About Syria

Weekend Antiwar Toons: The Nice Man at the Door

Is there a "filter" meme going around, and I didn't get the memo?

"What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

If Congress Says No, Can Obama Strike?

IMHO, we need to intervene in Syria. We can't ignore what amounts to genocide,

The Repetition Compulsion for War -- and How It Might Fail This Time

Joseph Stiglitz: Why Janet Yellen, Not Larry Summers, Should Lead the Fed

Regime Change and its Unintended Consequences -- or have we forgotten arleady?

Why do people seek advice from John McCain whose class rank at the Naval Academy was

Flatulent is as flatulent does. Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Shitter's creed (AKA Ode to War)

Kerry urges EU to postpone funding ban in Israeli-occupied territories

Does Sequester Limit Options for Actions Against Syria?--No Preventive Presence!

EPA Quietly Withdraws Two Proposed Chemical Safety Rules

If Assad is losing and desperate, why does the Senate insist on "changing the momentum"??

China, Kazakhstan to ink deals worth $30 billion on Saturday

The costs and doubts keep growing for carrier Ford

Governor cancels controversial grant to United Sportsmen of #Wisconsin

We as a society don't show enough empathy and support for veterans

Do I have a moral obligation to wrong numbers?

Outlast Trailer: Scarier than Amnesia?

IKEA instructions - Henj

A.F.L.-C.I.O. Has Plan to Add Millions of Nonunion Members

Despite oversight worries, US to allow Chinese processed chicken-imported for consumption in America

Any math wizards here? I need help calculating odds...

Detroit Bankrupt? Six Ways the Motor City Is Thriving

Uncle Sam Has A Few Words For Obama

I didn't think it was possible, but Dana Perino has gotten even dumber

State (CA) Takes Lead In Health Care Law - AARP

Man Who Stopped Election Fraud

Like President Clinton, Obama will strike without UN or Congressional approval IMHO

The following exchange might have come straight from Monty Python. Unfortunately, it's real.

New Mexico high court to hear case for same-sex marriage statewide

How many DUers have read Lenin's

am having trouble with the "ignore" function

Saturday, September 7th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

(Military) Base vulnerable to more big cuts

Conservatives Sweep to Australia Election Victory

Being critical of Ron Paul's anti-Semite cronies is "anti-Catholic..."

Crude Oil at 28-Month High on Heightened Syria Tensions = Saudi's Profits Enormous

Yahoo says U.S. sought data on 40,332 user accounts in 2013

Indictment returned in fatal shooting at Jarvisville

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 7, 1957

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 7, 1957

There’s an antidote to the repetition compulsion for war. It’s called democracy.

Study: Average person become Unhinged Psychotic when alone in own house

What are you reading the week of September 8, 2013?

Man brain dead after Union Square rampage

We need a financial constitutional ammendment

Ordinance outlaws fake guns where real ones are banned

DU is typically 2 weeks ahead of everyone when it comes to the news.

Vulnerable Senators Straddle The Syria Fence

TIFF 13:Did Steve Mc Queen's ,12 Years A Slave Just Change the Game? : L A Times.

Are you getting voice calls from 5-digit numbers on your cell? I did and it's Dem fundraising.

True Courage Is Knowing You’re Wrong But Refusing To Admit It

My cookies may be disabled

Dean Baker: The Media's Disgraceful Acquiescence to Larry Summers' White House Boosters

Politico: deBlasio/Quinn mayoral race like Obama/Clinton

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria With a Focus on Forces

The Pivot to Africa, The Startling Size, Scope, and Growth of US Military Operations on the African

I went into enemy territory last weekend(The Reagan Library) to see the Lincoln Exhibit

Angelina Jolie twerking with Ms Cyrus? (pic link)

Holy Cow: Former Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Says Every Single Reactor in the U.S.

Mark O'Mara, George Zimmerman Lawyer, Joins CNN As Legal Analyst

Meet Australia's New Conservative PM, Tony Abbot

No head? No Heart? No problem! Please come PROVIDE A READING FROM Rush Limbaugh's tome!!!

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: Uncounted Costs of Capitalist Crisis (audio link)

Have you e-mailed your Congress person and Senators about Syria?

Miley Syria

Blessed are the cheesemakers

After Iraq, Obama should entirely share that intelligence with the American people

Meet the ex-'Seinfeld' funnyman turning the tables on ‘Nigerian princes’

Greenwald: UK's Detention of My Partner Was "Incredibly Menacing" Bid to Stop NSA Reports

Al Shabaab bombers strike Mogadishu restaurant, 15 dead

Wow: Desperate Bloomberg calls de Blasio campaign racist for showing interracial family

The People's Front

The big three: Sweden reacts to report of intel cooperation with NSA, GCHQ

1 divided by 81 is .0123456789 forever.

Syrian Anarchist Challenges the Rebel/Regime Binary View of Resistance

NSA Revelations Cast Doubt on the Entire Tech Industry

France pulls back on supporting strike, Kerry fails to convince EU counterparts

When people call the majority opposed to Syrian intervention....

My thought for today

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant

NSA Revelations Cast Doubt on the Entire Tech Industry

What happened? Why did Abbott win?

Hitler rants on taxonomists

This poor clerk.

Pentagon Seeking to Avoid Congress on Syria Strike Costs

Giants' Petit loses perfect game on last strike to D-Backs

Madeleine Albright to Congress: Authorize Obama's Syria plan.

Rangel: Let's Fight a War Against Joblessness Instead

The Bush Burden

Why You’re To Blame for the NSA (and So Am I)

Defining WashingtonSpeak

No Immediate Risk Is Found From Arsenic Levels in Rice

Government to Finally Release Its Secret Justifications for Vast NSA Phone Records Database

It is getting cool...Summer is ending..

100 cars invovled in early morning accident pile up...

War weary? Hell yeah I am war weary!

GOP plan to keep uninsured Americans from healthcare working (#NC)

am I the only DU person who likes trance/techno/EDM ?

Just curious: Worst president ever

IBM moves 110k retirees off healthcare plan

also we discussed who we thought was the best president

What would had happened if 9/11 had not happened...

Why Janet Yellen, Not Larry Summers, Should Lead the Fed.

Michael Moore on Syria

When woo fails really spectacularly...

George Zimmerman’s Very Bad Week – Speeding Ticket, Divorce And Now The U.N.?

Pope Francis’ First Encyclical Shows What He Really Believes About Unbelievers

Shady PR operatives,pro-Israel ties,anti-Castro money:Inside the Syrian opposition’s DC spin machine

Boogie time!

Winspear, Kamau and Amani ...

hopefully this meets the criteria for posting here (Syria)

I know I'm going to get ripped apart for saying this....

Interesting Tidbit

Atheist teacher gets backing from High Court

Is it true that Michelle Obama has a huge staff and all other first ladies only had one or two?

Scott Walker/GOP Crony Payola Scheme Exposed

Exclusive: U.S. prosecutors add China bribe allegations to GSK probe

The kooky things pets do

Rev. J.C. Michael Allen dies; activist priest who once had no religion

Shattering The Plastic Ceiling: Why It Matters That LEGO Just Created A Female Scientist

Glenn Greenwald on the End of Internet Privacy

Syria Vote May Be Delayed in House as Leaders Fear Major Defeat

Afghan vets reunited in NY with 8 battlefield dogs

I'm calling it.....Wawrinka WILL dispose of Djokovic.....

Quinn, Thompson Hope Weekend Campaigning Can Push Them Into Runoff

EU: All info on Syria gas attack points to Assad

A Prayer For Peace In Syria

Funeral for man who died during NYPD raid on Brooklyn home

Weird Divorce Story: Man Claims Church Bells Ruined His Marriage

Westboro Baptist Church Set To Be Center Of Drag Show Parade Planned By Equality House

Arrested 'spy' stork killed and eaten after release in Egypt

No War on Syria DC Protest has started

Female Afghan MP released by Taliban after three weeks in captivity

Tree Lobsters rediscovered after 80 years

Bloomberg says Bill de Blasio running "racist" campaign

Michael Bloomberg Blasts Bill De Blasio Over 'Racist' Campaign

Why Janet Yellen, Not Larry Summers, Should Lead the Fed - By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

Democracy Now job opening for Full-time Linux Systems Administrator in NYC

We're getting played.

PIC - Bill de Blasio and Family treated like Rock Stars in Harlem Today. The Momentum is Palpable

Murdoch celebrates conservative victory in Australia with Twitter tirade

Florida’s Fraudulent Voting Witch Hunt Produces a “Shocking” Number of Cases — All Republican

IBM to transfer U.S. retirees to healthcare exchanges next year

Independence Institute asshole promotes voter fraud in Colo. recall elections

Fox News "tired of atheists"

U.S. Military and Intelligence Officials to Obama: “Assad NOT Responsible for Chemical Attack”

Unintended achievement

EU to ensure settlement guidelines will not harm ties with Israel, says Ashton

I wish that the United States were not a superpower

Alaska Cat Injury News: Mayor Stubbs survives dog's assassination attempt ; Wasabi's 11-story plunge

Dallas, Texas thug shoots 8-year old boy for no reason...

Poll: Potential U.S. Military Strike in Syria Most Unpopular in 20 years

I'm not giving up, but I don't have any hope.

Is Miley Cyrus Distracting us from Syria?

I'm finally putting the pieces together about this reigning insanity and I don't like what I see.

Michael Bloomberg Blasts Bill De Blasio Over 'Racist' Campaign

California Youth Flock to Sport of Shooting, critics want to make it illegal for kids to shoot

Religion is like Internet Explorer

Here's what I don't understand about the attempts to absolve Assad.

Neighbourhood heroes saved quadruple stabbing victims, police say

Chile coup: 40 years ago I watched Pinochet crush a democratic dream

Chile coup: 40 years ago I watched Pinochet crush a democratic dream

IBM to Move Retirees Off Health Plan

I don't get the obtuseness of Assad.

Your formal, official, no pressure invite to visit the IMVU DU chat room......

What will happen in next weeks primary?

Netanyahu rejects Iranian regime's Rosh Hashana Twitter greetings

Oddly enough, Congress never deciding on Syria might be best

Sweet's been ten years since Warren died.

Wasn't Assad's Forces winning the civil war before the chemical attack?

Dog's solo bus adventures delight Genoa

Global Research

Youtube videos to entertain your cat

No. I've seen the recent videos. Sarin gas attacks on civilians. It needs a response.

Brooklyn man may be brain dead after unprovoked hate attack in Union Square

The Whip Count On Syria And The Administration Pressure On Congress.....

If you find yourself uncomfortable

My participation in juries on DU has confirmed one thing to me.

Why hasn't the United States ratified the ban on cluster bombs?

Who Said it: A Republican or an Insane Person?

It's not a repeat of Iraq.

should we leave Syria alone??? Video (Very Graphic video)

On Syria Vote, Trust, but Verify - By Alan Grayson

MSF Surgeon Killed in Syria

Italy intercepts Syrian refugees off Sicily

MoveOn: Create a Petition or sign one!

MEMORANDUM FOR: The President - FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

My answer to Syria and any country using weapons against their citizens

Dispensationalists, Theocrats, Racists and Dominionists in the Military. (Tied to Syria, BTW.)

AIPAC to deploy hundreds of lobbyists to push for Syria action

It isn't 'Bush Fatigue' which is responsible for opposition to Syria strikes; it's 'Lessons Learned'

My sister found these among my mom's old things

What to do, what to do...

In my opinion, th only good thing we can do in Syria.

Dean Baker: The Media's Disgraceful Acquiescence to Larry Summers' White House Boosters

Texas' Cornyn avoids tea party primary challenger

The Daily Caller report cited by Grayson was written by the president of neocon group

Texas Business Creates Truck Decal Of Woman Bound And Tied To Bring In New Customers

WAR! HUNH! Yeah... What is it good for?

Environmentalists back $5B bond act

Conservatives sweep to Australia election victory

how long to keep: bank statements, utility, other receipts?

My message for all on DU who are fighting over Syria (or any other sh*t):

Cleveland dispatcher who took Amanda Berry's call is disciplined

European Union: No strikes on Syria before UN report - MSNBC

I want to buy a used Xbox

The wealthy's compassion deficit (David Wolpe, LA Times Sunday guest op-ed)

Watch President Obama's Weekly Address on the need to act in Syria

Weekly Address: Calling for Limited Military Action in Syria


Willingness to take "yes" for an answer.

Hey you stinkin chicken Gators!

Weekly Address: Calling for Limited Military Action in Syria

President Obama to tape interviews with anchors from NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN and FOX on Monday

I'm waiting for the video shots of collateral killings from U.S. bombing; from our 'limited' wars

If it is Sarin gas.. it can be traced to its source

New Mexico high court to hear case for same-sex marriage statewide

Vatican: 100,000 answer pope’s call, fill St. Peter’s Square for Syria peace vigil

How far does responsibility extend?

VIDEO on MOYERS: Andrew Bacevich on Taking Action in Syria = 33:00

One affected infant, and one illegal chemical weapon:

I just had an unpleasant experience at the recall election.

Fire-starter jailed for attacks on churches

Interview Professor Noam Chomsky = Sept. 7, 2013

Drunken man arrested with gun

Atheist awareness week

Olympics: Madrid eliminated from 2020 host race; Tokyo gets them

No comment.

Syrian Kurdish Rebels are not the Baathist Islamic Jebhat al-Nursa who fought Americans

Web of life unravelling, wildlife biologist says

What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (full movie)

Toon: War Hawks Reunion Tour

A four minute video on our lives before birth........amazing!

The Burial Brigade of Homs: An Executioner for Syria's Rebels Tells His Story

Aurora shooting victims finish bike ride across country as changed men

New rapture film coming soon!

I admit to being "on the fence" about the proposed strike on Syria -- until I read this

Who was responsible for the chemical attack?

Holy mother of god!

TCM Schedule for Monday September 9 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Private lawyers bill Va. $90,000 more to represent McDonnell, staff in chef-theft case

Hey, MSNBC. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Thanks for the snuff videos you just showed.

President Obama to tape interviews with NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN and FOX to air Monday

Do USPS, Ebay and China Post really have a trilateral agreement?

2020 Summer Olympics to be held in: Tokyo

Tokyo Wins Race to Host 2020 Olympics

Vatican: 100,000 answer pope’s call, fill St. Peter’s Square for Syria peace vigil

Truck tailgate makes other drivers think woman is being kidnapped

Seeing eye, really.

Why are diplomatic options no more than one-liners for the Obama administration?

There's something about Alan Grayson that really bugs me

It's not about the gas. This is a proxy war

Saudi King lavishes Hillary Clinton with $500K worth of jewels

Stop sending arms to Syria

Dumb Criminals: Meth Pipes Found In Religious Artwork

It's allways 2014

It's kitten day on Animal Planet!

Virginia GOP Atty. Gen. Candidate Campaigns with Head of Anti-LGBT "Hate Group"

Vatican abruptly removes envoy

Wonder how Bashar and Asma Assad feel as world watches new videos of civilian gas victims

From 2012: Syria: Climate Change, Drought and Social Unrest

TX State Sen. Wendy Davis Wins Lawsuit Against Racist GOP Redistricting Plan

I have a bad feeling about an air strike against Syria

A resolution against war on Syria--feel free to steal for your organization

Missing homework, late assignments matter little as Oregon schools grade exclusively on academic...

Voting in favor of war on Syria while knowing the American populace is overwhelmingly opposed.

Syria: western activists volunteer to become 'human shields'

No attack on Syria, no matter what, say voters [in UK]

Tunisia opposition rallies to street, pressures govt over crisis

"Jesus is my (N-word)"

3 Simple Questions/3 Answers: The USA has no moral standing to lecture or attack Syria re: CWs

Channel 5 news was at todays 9/7, Protest

God and Mammon together at last.......the prosperity gospel movement:

Thank you Caribbean Community-CARICOM warns against using military force in Syria

Florida GOP-Led Voter Fraud Investigation Finds Nothing - Except GOP Fraud

Bruce Schneier: How to Stay Secure Against the NSA

Ex-World Leaders Urge US to Forego Military Attack on Syria

2020 Summer Olympics will be in Tokyo!!

5 Reasons Solar Is Beating Fossil Fuels

The Clock Is Ticking: 68 Years of Denial

Rush. The Movie.

Syria: So what can we do instead?

Here's how it's going in NYC mayoral primary campaigns -primary is Tues. Sept. 10


How was it that with the entire world and most of us against an Iraq attack George Bush managed

Three Summer photos--what do you think?

So this is what Obama doesn’t understand according to many on DU.

Movie I'm looking forward to.

Ted Nugent’s Wife Files for Divorce after being Outed as Ted Nugent’s Wife - See more at: http://www

Computer program uses Twitter to 'map mood of nation'

Syrian (American?) attacks McCain in Townhall meeting

Peace·nik young bull versus warmongering sheep

Joint Statement on Syria

Syria is a horrible situation.....

American People Making It Clear To THEIR REPRESENTATIVES They Do NOT Want War With Syria!

On a much needed lighter note, here's a gem for all of us, no matter where we stand on Syria . . .

Florida County Bans Smokers from New Jobs, pledge in a signed affidavit to stay tobacco free

Tweet fro PPP

This is just a small group of the FACE OF DRONES/BOMBS/SURGICAL STRIKES....of Endless War!

Man At Town Hall Meeting Tells John McCain Should Be Arrested And Tried For Treason

Robert Reich Believes It Is SoS John Kerry Sounding The War Drums of Syria.

Hey Don Lemon! STFU!

Newtown victim, 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler, has Queens street renamed after him

Why are they showing

They’re Taking Over! (Jellyfish)

Forbes: The 147 Companies That Control Everything

"Military glory--that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood--that serpent's eye, . . ."

Hit and Miss

given that we Americans are against military intervention in Syria - at least mainstream Americans

In case you missed it. You may never see it in your lifetime again. >>

What UN Inspectors Can Tell Us About Chemical Weapon Traces Found In Syria

"The body shuts down and you can be dead in minutes".

Obama’s Battle for Syria Votes, Taut and Uphill

Olbermann's new sports show is really good....

Science Confirms: Politics Wrecks Your Ability to Do Math

Bombing Syrians is more important than jobs in America.

CA student takes on Michelle Rhee's ed reform. Kudos Hannah Nguyen.

NYC Rally To Stop The War in Syria

15 patients in 3 states possibly exposed to fatal brain disease

How Americans Feel About Each State

TexasTowelie isn't allowed in SeaWorld anymore.

Tobin digs in for the weekend:

Panda B'ars:

Dog BBQ:

Pre-order your copy now: "MiddleFingerMom's Guide to Effective Communication".

Li'l Tiny MFM was such a creative little guy.

French consulate worker arrested at Israeli border with 69 pounds of gold and $2 million in checks

President Obama's Weekly Address 9/7, transcript

Bring Assad to justice. Don't kill innocent civilians!

MUST READ!! Joseph Stiglitz: Why Janet Yellen, Not Larry Summers, Should Lead the Fed

deBlasio responds to Bloomberg's comments about his 'racist' campaign

Congress Members Who Have Seen Classified Evidence About Syria Say It Fails to Prove Anything

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