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German Handelsblatt: The West on the wrong path

Residents in NE Thurston County should boil tap water, says health department

What will be the major story from tomorrow's morning news shows?

If you don't love George as much as I do, then watch this:

Tree of 40 Fruits

Does this chair make my butt look big?



The West Wing - Bloopers

On a lighter note, West Wing Bloopers

Venezuela to close Colombia border at night to slow smuggling

Joe Scarborough scolds restaurant owner for minimum wage surcharge on customer's bill

Teen arrested for death, rape of 6-year-old Bremerton girl, authorities say

Are US millenials turning away from Israel?

No boots on the ground, my butt.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to share this but this is close to my heart

Ok, so what should I watch...Packers or the Johnny Football guy....

Good teacher, bad teacher? Proper criteria? Hear from one Campbell Brown plaintiff.

New GOP meme is to play African Americans off against immigrants. Talking

Who would control the Senate?

American military takes out American made armoured military column manned by Iraq....

Breathing new life into old classic rock hits.

What's the US endgame for this war in Iraq?

First 2016 Olympic test event a success in Rio

What it's like to go blind

The Tragedy of Great Power: The Massacre of Gaza and the Inevitable Failure of the Arab Spring

‘We are all Palestinian’

"What’s behind Obama’s war on corporate ‘deserters’?"

Bad bite: A tick can make you allergic to red meat

Rio’s Slums to Jacob’s Pillow

Levi's Stadium: 'An affront to the common man'

"Possibility Of Genocide Moved Obama To Act In Iraq"

Autism CARES Act signed into law by President Obama

Russia starts drilling its northernmost oil well

When I try and play a video of the Colbert Report in Canada I get this:

We Break the World. . . Help Repair It

If we're still in Iraq in 2016, nothing any Democrat or progressive supports

Food, not bombs, for Iraq.

What Happened When A Gorilla Saw The Man Who Raised Him, 5 Years Later.

‘An extreme rightwing regime behaving in the most criminal fashion and defying the world

Anyone watch "The Knick" on Cinemax?

Egypt court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood party

Tensions flare anew in wake of Ferguson shooting

Love trade makes it official: Lakers’ luster is gone

Ray Allen to play next season

How do I access True Detective from my t.v.

Mason Plumlee wants to start for Brooklyn Nets? Should he?

So that's what it's for.

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/09/14

Judge Threatens Argentina Following Lawsuit Filed Against US

"Anti-Union ALEC Group Holds a Rally, No One Shows Up"

Scott Brown's campaign is faltering in New Hampshire, but Roger Ailes has arrived with the cavalry!

Now this guy has a heckuva collection!


How Would You Score on a Common Core Math Test?

ism, teach me how to ignore trolls (HOF THREAD)

I just bought my books for my last semester as an undergraduate.

Another Failed Policy of Subversion: Obama Youth Infiltrate Cuba

Iraq Airstrikes May Continue for Months, Obama Says

Good job trolling HANNITY, ye Twitter Libs and Russell BRAND

Market Basket board claims offer to sell to Artie T.

BREAKING VIDEO for the BOG from an entry posted to the White House Blog:

Gas prices lately

Another Failed Policy of Subversion: Obama Youth Infiltrate Cuba

Google Maps Now Lets You Explore Mars And The Moon, If You Know Where To Click

Defense says Cole attack mimicked a US ruse

Any one remember BING?

Russia food ban offers big opportunity for Brazil

The President goes it alone. (BOG POST)

Taking astronomy to the next level: Large Synoptic Survey Telescope gets funding to start constructi

I have the right to perform a sexual service in exchange for money.

The Last Pagans of Iraq

One More Parade-Phil Ochs

'The August 2014 full moon happens at the same time all over the world.

AUGUST 2014, Full Moon coming!

Best Sy-Fy movie ever!

Mobile County Commission won't hear on displays for atheists, Pagans, keeps 'In God We Trust'

I must say

Greg Abbott buddy Ped Nugent again

Ted Nugent won't be booked again

Post Right-wing Anagrams HERE!

OK, that's it.

Possible on-track homicide at sprint car race in upstate NY

Tawny Port and Seltzer water.

Any Arabic speakers?


Keoni Wright, plaintiff in Campbell Brown's lawsuit, is a member of Michelle Rhee's Students First.

Clenching teeth. Does anyone else do this?

Radio Host Fired For Racist Tirade Resurfaces In "Pro-White" Media

Hawaii US Senate: Hanabusa Holds Slight Lead Over Schatz

Keoni Wright, plaintiff in Campbell Brown's lawsuit, is a member of Michelle Rhee's Students First.

Ige holds big lead over Abercrombie in early returns

Ige Beats Gov. Abercrombie in Hawaii Primary Race

Embarrassing realization about a Cyndi Lauper lyric.

A great song

So I went to a reunion

The verdict is already in-Americans SOUNDLY reject more military adventurism in Iraq

Now that folks supported direct U.S. strikes for this humanitarian cause in Iraq... Are they all-in?

It's important to notice the complexity of prostitution.

Tony Stewart pulls out of race after fatal crash

SA, Chile foster trade, military ties

Ok, so I'm just some nobody with no authorative power. How do I solve allthe Middle East's problems?

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tony Stewart MAY have murdered someone!

Ige triumphs; Abercrombie becomes the first incumbent to lose a gubernatorial primary in Hawaii

Police-mayor tensions mount over chokehold death

Venezuela to close Colombia border at night to slow smuggling

Rising numbers of Venezuelans seeking asylum in Europe


WTF ...82

What are the limits on President Obama's ability to order direct military action in Iraq?

WTF ...83

Perhaps we should encourage Ambassador Joe Wilson...

Revealed: USAID ‘Cuban Twitter’ contractor given secret level clearance

Hanabusa and Schatz eleven votes apart.

Tea Party Loses Again; Blame Game Begins

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Iraq Crisis: 'It Is Death Valley. Up To 70 Per Cent Of Them Are Dead'

Report: Israeli Document Proposes International Force In Gaza

No capture order for fugitive former Colombia intelligence director: Panamanian President

Schatz takes the lead.

And The Winner Of Turkey’s Presidential Election Is… Populism

I Voted To Impeach Richard Nixon: Here’s What Watergate Means Today

Air Force Academy snooping revisited

Tony Stewart Runs Over Driver During Confrontation, Killing Him

Let's Stop Trying To Teach Students Critical Thinking - strange article from io9

Swimming Against the Rising Tide

EDITORIAL: Bombing cannot mask our shame over Iraq carnage

The ESA's Comet as compared to a couple of US cities

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Flash Card Edition

How Long??? "Obama: U.S. airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq a 'long-term project'"

Do these methane bubbles signal the start of rapid climate change?

The Cruel Jest of American “Humanitarian Aid” to Iraq

As the rooster crows...

Your new Martha Mitchell is Maureen McDonnell: A little bit nutty, a little bit slutty

Amazon invokes Orwell in war with publishers

Ugandans hold first pride event after overturn of Draconian anti-LGBT law

6 Bonkers Right-Wing Statements This Week: Peace Prizes for Warmongers Edition

Prosecutors request reinstatement of Kennedy cousin murder conviction

Why a $16 Billion Fine Is Chicken Scratch for a Big Bank

Police use deadly force on black man not using sidewalk

Three Updated Charts to Email to Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

Another Conservative Group Gets Entangled in an Indian Casino Money-Laundering Scandal

A Peace Prize for the IDF?

George Will confirms Nixon's Vietnam treason

No more Ms. Nice Nunn

Back From Nam (poem)

Sunday's Doonesbury- Great Question

7 Reasons Why the Rent Is Too Damn High {CHARTS}

Now Is a Critical Moment to Stop Some Scary Global Corporate Deals That Are in the Works

Man's suicide note leads his mother on a mission

Troops frustrated by loss of vehicles during (PCS) moves

As bombs fall over Iraq, old emotions rise in U.S.

Evidence Emerges of Israeli “Shoot To Cripple” Policy In the Occupied West Bank

Turks vote in 1st direct presidential election

Ga. trial shows food safety relies on honor system

Battle Stations?

Russia starts drilling its northernmost oil well

For shipbuilders, finding talent for open jobs isn't easy

From tyrants to turbines: Obama’s subtle shift in African foreign policy

The Midichlorians Made Me Do It: Can Microbes Explain Religion?

Are peanut butter jars purposely made so that

Defense Ministry shelves proposal to shift U.S. Ospreys to Saga

Dumb Question Here - Where Is Hamas Getting Its Arms From?......

Tennessee's 'Don't Say Gay' Lawmaker Loses Primary

Marsden Hartley: A Gay American Artist In Kaiser's Berlin

Islamic State kills at least 500 from Iraq's Yazidi minority: Baghdad

I need help with a very snarky reply to this genius..

‘Bad Feminist’ and the subversive thinking of Roxane Gay

Oil Rigs Hit Record as Drillers Move Outside Big Basins

Thomas Frank calls out blind partisanship by Dems

Mississippi Is Hell for These Lesbians

Openly Lesbian Council Member Heckled, Called 'Filth'

When She Talks, Banks Shudder

Cenk Explains Why Money Trumps Everything on GMOs

Palestinians accept new 72-hour cease-fire offer

The Fight for Justice is a Fight Against the NYPD

Still hot inside the Moon: Tidal heating in the deepest part of the lunar mantle

Women rally in Brazil over pap smear testing

Breakthroughs made in ovarian cancer research

Once they start developing opposable thumbs, we're all fucked...

Mine waste spill in Canada puts Southeast Alaska fishermen on edge

I thought Manziel looked good in his Browns' debut

Oil Industry Denies Climate Change But Demands Taxpayer Money For Climate Change Protection

Question submitted by Orrex

After 15 years, Ga. ban on aquifer banking expires

Rachael Maddow on GMOs & Big Money

New director at Chula Vista vets home

"All?" Well… Maybe not all except that one guy standing who's next to you... He's all three.

The President's ability to wage limited war appears almost unlimited. . . and then some

Allen Telescope Array, nearly destroyed, survives California wildfire

New Navy ships boss installed

(CA) Veterans in line for lower tuition

Analysis: Obama returns to the quagmire he exited in Iraq

Palestinian negotiators say willing to accept 72-hour truce

A Charter School disaster--- I mean WTF Texas!

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO - ISIL? ISIS? (Or whatever they call themselves) propaganda video

Blast targeting convoy kills 4 civilians in Kabul

Teach Your Children

Pentagon audit finds poor control of weapons given to Afghan forces

Under siege, Pro-Russia separatists call for truce in Ukraine

FAA bans U.S. airlines from flying over Iraq

The Tragedy of Great Power: The Massacre of Gaza and the Inevitable Failure of the Arab Spring

"I drink kerosene just to stay sane." . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Erick Erickson!!!

American Apparel, others try to profit from domestic production

Photo of the Day

Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Dealing With Sexism And Letting Go Of 'Perfect'

Teamsters, prominent Hollywood vendor in high-profile standoff

Shining Through: Republican Talking Point Destroyed as Seattle Goes Solar

Memo to Obama’s Critics: He’s Not Callow Anymore

Oil Industry Denies Climate Change But Demands Taxpayer Money For Climate Change Protection

Judge shoots down settlement in Apple, Google hiring collusion case

The so-called 'war on whites' is a fight the GOP can't win

Dead Zones: Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

Illinois landfill to appeal ban on PCBs, gas waste

Families bombed at home, Gaza, July 2014 (initial figures) B'Tselem

Feds Bust US/Israeli $100 bill Counterfeiter ring

(TX) City Council revokes $32 million pledge for rail system

As I was saying...

Crisis in the Middle East: The end of a country, and the start of a new dark age

"What is the cost of ignorance?" Now we know.

Big Gay Pals The troubles and triumphs of fat gay men.

Vacuum packed…

Israeli forces shoot, kill 12-year-old Palestinian boy near Hebron

If There Is Any Justification For Eradication It Should Be ISIS, The Taliban And Al Qaeda.

Atheist who spoke against 'In God We Trust' sent hate mail, death wishes

Rise of ISIS: West, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Responsible for Talibanization of Iraq

From Peyote to Sex: Religious Liberty Fight Recast

Engineering Failed States: The Strategy of Global Corporate Imperialism

Apparently, Sarah Palin dropped acid and then decided to respond to Elizabeth Warren.

Does anyone know anything about reverse mortgages?

The World’s First Climate Change Refugees Were Granted Residency in New Zealand

What Drives Most Prostitution is Men.

Catholic Nun Dies From Ebola While Working In Liberia

What do you do with old bed pillows?

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda -Is this scary or what?

Smells Like Ted Nugent: Rocker Criticizes 'Stinkyass' Native Protesters

French FM in Iraq to boost aid efforts

Women, Science, Health: 20 Years, Little Progress | Mickey Z.

On Heroes and Preachers: Gaza’s New Resistance Paradigm | Ramzy Baroud

The Trucking Industry Needs More Drivers. Maybe It Needs to Pay More. (NY Times)

Jesus feeds the multitudes of GD.

Dark Age America: The Rising Oceans | John Michael Greer

Giants' woes continue in Kansas City

'...comes the Revolution.' | Emanuele Corso

Fascinating story about coercive drug abuse therapy by a former victim

Backed by Obama, Hawaii Governor Ousted in Unprecedented Primary Loss

"If, as Obama so casually admits-'we tortured some folks'-then we have to prosecute some folks too"

Nagasaki marks 69th anniversary of its atomic bombing

This guy reminds me of the anti-GMO hysterics...

Rare footage of Nagasaki atomic bombing

Big ($2,800) COLA adjustment coming January 1st!!!!!

Best butterfly release reaction evah!

McCain Slams Obama: We Should Have Stayed In Iraq

Disney employee sexually assaulted co-worker at Epcot

A new theory of ISIS

Once we've banned prostitution, what other industries will we ban?

Most of us have been conditioned ...


McCain Slams Obama: We Should Have Stayed In Iraq

Storm drenches Japan; 1 dead, 52 injured

Copenhagen’s newest bike lane totally rules

Prostitution, Pornography, Circumcision, & Olive Garden

Youth video project features debut of over-the-top Super Ninja Japanese Schoolgirls

Ask Andrew W.K.: My Dad Is a Right-Wing Asshole

Youth video project features debut of over-the-top Super Ninja Japanese Schoolgirls

Kevin O'Leary (SharkTank) badly beaten in GMO debate with 14 year-old girl

This guy is advocating impeachment, provides reasons, and I agree!

Branstad Hosts hate fest in Ames

Branstad host hate fest in Ames yesterday

I know whose side I'm on.

Jon Stewart is not enough: The curse of centrism & why Tea Party keeps rolling “Daily Show” Dems

"I’m tired of smiling-tired of having to worry about some stranger feeling uncomfortable..."

Oil at the Center of Reason U.S. Has Launched Airstrikes in Iraq?

The best advice on intra-family political conflict

New Oval Office Surveillance Pic...

The Weapon The NRA Feared Most...

3-D figures offer memento of happy days

Kurdish forces claim to recapture 2 Iraqi towns from IS with US air support

friends need help, mentally ill grown son at home

The MSM news reporting is bordering on evil....look at the parade of apologists and warmongers

3-D figures offer memento of happy days

1907 Joseph Pulitzer Quote [WTF happened to American journalism?]

How the hell does consensual prostitution harm anyone???

McCain is getting very close to advocating a mushroom cloud over northern Iraq solution.

Tucker Carlson: You TOOL! you NRA TOOL!

How has everyone's week been?


Prostitution laws should follow Nordic model, former sex trade worker says

"When I learned how to light my f*rts, I could find my way at last!" Come CAPTION The Donald!!!!

Atlantic: Invest 94L; Pacific: Typhoon Genevieve, Hurricane Julio, and Tropical Storm Halong

Ayn Rand's New Book: “ZERO SHADES OF GREY”

Is Pres. Obama's Statement About Leaving Iraq Because Parliament Rejected Immunity Sincere, True?

If you do stupid stuff and it creates a disaster,

Lindsey Graham predicts an ‘American city in flames’ if Obama doesn’t go to war in Iraq

BBC interview at the GAZA Protest

GA candidate: Black female opponent can’t win by ‘dusting off copies of The Color Purple’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she supports President Obama's decision to authorize airstrikes in Iraq

Hillary Clinton, love her or hate her...

More kitties

Elizabeth Warren's PAC turns blind eye to corporate ties

What are you reading the week of August 10, 2014?

Well, they've figured me out. (Ally bashing. Warning: Discussionist)

Prostitution won't change, even if it's legal

Pres. Obama Says He Bases Timetable for Airstrikes on Iraqi Political Reform-Not What He Said Before

"Over himself or herself over his or her own body and mind, the individual is sovereign."

Study: Keystone carbon pollution more than figured

Mass grave discovered on grounds of former Florida reform school

Jackie Robinson West team reaches Little League World Series

what's for dinner - sunday, august 10th

Peshmerga Retake Gwer; IS in Retreat in Nineveh

"We didn't want the proof to be a mushroom cloud."

Why can't people just can’t get this?

David Gregory schooled on Iraq as he pushes drumbeat to war

OK County GOP Learns That KKK 'Discussions' Not Welcome

Supermoon Tonight!

Brazil: GMO 'Bt corn' no longer resists pest attack

NC Restaurant Drops ‘Prayer Discount’ After Threat of Lawsuit

18 year old unarmed black man killed by police. Crowd chants kill the police.

Huge rally planned by Market Basket workers-customers-not hostages on Tuesday in Chelsea MA

Fury at Brazil job seeker pap smears, virginity tests

should campaigning be allowed in Hawaii election even tho the outcome is known so far?

Supermoon tonight 8/10

Operation Protective Edge Hillary Clinton: Hamas responsible for civilian deaths in Gaza

Noises we could all live without.

WikiLeaks Reveals Proof Of Government And Corporate Surveillance Of Native Americans

Advancing the progressive message vs. debunking right wing misinformation

Thousands of Yazidis rescued, Iraqi Human Rights Ministry spokesman says

The DU Lounge is just a big ol Peyton Place...

"... nobody gives us rhyme or reason, have one doubt, they call it treason ...."

Feinstein winning fight with CIA, Obama over torture report

Farmers Speak Out: GMOs are a Trap for Monsanto to Take Over Agriculture

Giggles the Fawn Seized, Killed by Wisconsin DNR

Easy Project from a Flea Market Find

Flood Watch

War Profiteering $$$$$ 1-35 2008-13 Profit over Ethics

A new theory of Hamas

Radio Host Says Ebola Is a ‘Cleansing Force’ That Will Kill Homosexuals and Atheists

Israelis and Palestinians Accept New Cease-Fire Deal.

Brazil teachers: VIRGINITY tests before hiring them. Coming soon to the US thanks to Y'all Kayda

Reviving folk agriculture in the modern food economy

Rand Paul gets schooled: Libertarian fantasies don’t help kids learn — teachers do

Is Mitch McConnell's wife involved with anti-coal group?

Beaten-Down Wisconsin Liberals Suddenly See Hope Of Defeating Scott Walker

We are being attacked by ISIS!

Hell on Wheels.... A little spoiler talk on Season 4, episode 2

How hard was this? Should've moved diplomats from Irbil before ordering forces to defend them there

I have an ominous feeling about Invest 94L

Life In Gaza Explained

Steve Gregory retires.

Just saw Schindler's List - No way was the situation as bad for Jews in Europe as the film depicts.

Whomever coined the phrase "terrible two's"

soon ...

Erdogan Wins Turkish Presidential Vote

Boston city hall scene of 3,000-strong Israel rally

Little Lord Bowtie bites the cloven hoof that feeds him

Turning lanes are put there for TURNING. Not for driving on. Especially not

If the Obama's vacation at Martha's Vineyard is

Hillary Clinton Blasts ‘Unfair’ World Reaction Over Gaza, Cites Anti-Semitism As Factor

Which is the greater threat to you and your family today?

Kentucky School District Drops Federal Lunch Program

Bellingcat, Brown Moses' Open Source Project For Global Citizen Journalists

Lest we forget: Mission Accopmplished in Iraq, 11 years ago:

NATO Plane Arrives In Ukraine With $4.5 Mn Worth Of Military Aid For Kiev Troops

Chile's Mega-Earthquake Triggered 'Icequakes' in Antarctica

Chile's Mega-Earthquake Triggered 'Icequakes' in Antarctica

I Have to Share This: Hitler Was NOT an Anomaly. Countries Create Their Own Fascism

Jordan's Abdullah: Israel Must Be Held Accountable For What Is Happening In Gaza

U.S. Evangelicals cheer on Latin American culture wars

Hillary on the POTUS: Under the silt under the soil under the pavement under the bus

Channeling State Farm

Group aims to create wild horse sanctuary

The Age of Jackson: breaking the bank and expanding the economy.

The black hole at the birth of the Universe

Sorry Hill...

Republicans Invoke 9-11 During Sunday Show Interviews To Justify Another War In Iraq

Economic War in Venezuela continues ... BUT… Social programs forge ahead

Keystone climate impacts could be 4 times higher than estimate, study says

A little Sunday evening love.

According to the "Austrian School" a Fart is a "Good"

Dear Hillary. Please stop making it difficult for progressives to support you.

Nothing Should Be In Reach Of GOP. Shows How Stupide We Are As A Country.

I've decided to become a Therapist.

Why Germany Is Backing Away From a Trade Deal that Lets Corporations Sue the Government

"All cops should be wearing cameras" UPDATE AUGUST 20, 2014

Food for Thought: US students struggle with hunger as tuition skyrockets

Iraq--had they only listened...

Supermoon from Orbit

Meet Mary Burke, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Worst Nightmare

Shark Week

Why Almost No Scientists Are Republican

Glenn Beck Wants To Be The Next Walt Disney

Eyes Wide Open | Photo Blog ( B'Tselem ) Ruins in Beit Hanun, August 2014

German Student interested in U.S domestic politics

Baltimore Sun TV Reporter takes down Sean Hannity

So the Kurds are kicking ISIS' asses

Did You Ever Want Your Picture On A Box Of Wheaties?

Tony Stewart pulls out of Watkins Glen Sprint Cup race following fatal incident in Canandaigua

Know when to be offended.

Troops surround Baghdad “Green Zone” as outgoing Prime Minister Maliki appears to cling to power

Troops surround Baghdad “Green Zone” as embattled Prime Minister Maliki appears to cling to power

Surgery Wednesday. Need some positive DU vibes.

Central NY patients to have options with new surgery centers

USB 'critically flawed' after bug discovery, researchers say (BBC)

Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki Orders Troops To Guard Baghdad Amid ‘Coup’ Talk

What would be better vs. ISIS?

Iraqi Prime Minister won't resign and will run for a 3rd bid

Deadline Aug. 15 to register for primary voting

Report on Irish baby homes documents use of infants for med school cadavers, vaccine testing

ISIS Crisis -- Any word from Dubya?

How about a program offering incomes to all workers in the prostitution industry?

Michigan Voters Lack of Information on Proposal 1 of 2014, Leads Pending Language Clarity Lawsuit...

Resisting the merger urge

If you need a break, listen to the plants.

I enjoy stranger sex.

I saw one of these a couple of blocks from my home yesterday.

I got a friend in New York City

UPDATE: Message from Artie Ts side re: the purchase of Market Market

UFT's Mulgrew Ridicules Common Core Critics; Threatens to "Punch You in the Face..."

The US District Judge who presided over the Siegelman trial

Bethlehem Steel

"A jury was not selected for this post because it was locked by a Host."

Which women should be memorialized on U.S. paper currency?

For those that sometimes feel excluded....

The reader's editor on… the online abuse that follows any article on women's issues

World's oldest eel dies in Swedish well (The Local)

Can we have a civilized talk about the U.S. water fluoridation industry?

Republicans already counting their chickens in November election...

Keep Your Head To The Sky

Primary foe gives liberal rebuke to NY governor

Anybody else getting political survey calls this weekend?

Watching 'The Stand' on Netflix.


U.S. Evangelicals cheer on Latin American culture wars

New song from Koda Kumi, "In the air"

"IN THE AIR" ~Koda Kumi

Life At Jefferson's Monticello, As His Slaves Saw It

90 years on, push for ERA ratification continues

Former UKIP candidate and boxing manager comes out as transgender

California debates 'yes means yes' sex assault law

Trust me, you're much better off eating a real mango instead.