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Many Metro East warehouses don't have tornado shelters despite a low price tag

Missouri GOP officials rally to eliminate a Democratic congressional seat in Kansas City

Angel From Montgomery - Bonnie Raitt, John Prine

What if Pantera wrote Sad But True

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's new Florida neighbors not happy

This video clip reveals what's really at the heart of the critical race theory mania

Now That A Number Of States Are Lifting Their Mask Mandates & Schools Are Relaxing Their Mask.....

Say It Ain't So: live on Letterman '95

AHA, Macron is about to start new campaign for 'rerun' as president, in April,

Salvadoran Armed Ships Enter Nicaraguan Maritime Space

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Governor Glenn Youngkin accused of 'toxic culture' after aides attack teen on Twitter

Wildfire- Michael Martin Murphey

BREAKING: KS Legislature fails to override Gov. Kelly's veto of gerrymandered congressional map.

Man hallucinates and 'hears God' while on antibiotics. What happened?

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Ohio Supreme Court again rejects Republicans' state legislative maps

Ice age mammoth, woolly rhino and hyena bones uncovered in English town

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'Adults are banning books, but they're not asking our opinions'

Shut out the nonsense of the world and share your sofa with an undignified but carefree companion.

Texas professor dismissed after recommending students mask

"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight,

Colbert took Gym Jordan to the cleaners last night.

Rogue black hole spotted on its own for the first time

Ex-president heads into Costa Rica run-off, ex-finance minister likely awaits

Ex-president heads into Costa Rica run-off, ex-finance minister likely awaits

California to lift indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people on Feb. 15, Newsom says

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So Discount Duce steals 15 boxes of documents, many torn up apparently, and keeps them

The scientific-screw-up-that-helped-covid-kill

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Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox) [Official Music Video]

Bolsonaro Is The Target of Six Investigations

"Reacher" on Amazon

French Pres. Emmanuel Macron meets with Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin in Moscow (Photo)

John Prine and Nanci Griffith - A VERY special video production of Speed of the Sound of Loneliness

I sure hope Manchin and Sinema were watching the Reid Out tonight.

Black lawmakers blast plans for monument to Justice Thomas

Question. Why is it that in the United States,

In the age of conspriracy theories and disinformation and denial an old joke explains all.

Congress holds a moment of silence to mark the deaths of more than 900,000 Americans from COVID-19.

Where can I find out how individual justices voted on supreme court decisions?

Snoqualmie Indian Tribe purchases thousands of acres of ancestral forestlands

Judge: Kemp can't use leadership committee funds for primary

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Sound Transit Tests Link Trains Through Bellevue

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Texas AG Faces Challenge as a Bush Heir Seeks to Move Up

Free Community College Is Off the Table, Jill Biden Says

Winning the 2022 US Senate Elections in AZ,NV,PA and WI will keep Democrats in the majority.

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Banker gets gets 1 year in prison in Manafort loan scheme

Watch This Dog's Life Get Completely Transformed

Billionaire Republican Donors Are Now Giving To Manchin And Sinema

Orphaned oil wells costing taxpayers a bundle

Leukemia cat was languishing in shelter. This woman took him home. (Hankie Alert: Sad but sweet)

Dog Chooses His New Mom And Travels Everywhere With Her

This Is How A Baby Skunk Sprays

Why Trucking is Struggling - 94% Turnover

TFG's former national security advisor slammed the RNC for suggesting the Capitol riot was a

IRS Has Second Thoughts About Selfie Requirement

Elephants Celebrated By Trumpeting After Eating Fruit Cake - ElephantNews

Rand Paul encourages Canadian trucker-style protests against public health regulations

Spirit - Mr. Skin

Louis DeJoy believes this country needs more air pollution

Unvaxxed Villian:

Britain joins EU-China WTO challenge over Lithuania

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New York likely to drop State Mask Mandate later this week...

Drumpf reportedly 'confused' staffers weren't excited about watching Capitol attacks again and again

Advocates: Medicaid carve out will harm Black New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS

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Trump tore up documents as President, National Archives confirms.

When the gqp boasts of their 40 black candidates, remember, as DU' er WestMichRad

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Abandoned Work Horses happy rescue

A tiny kitten found abandoned outside. A family's DOGs took him in as their own.

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NBC News: Supreme Court allows Alabama voting maps that advocates say disenfranchise Black voters

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I am now ready to be a precinct chairman

AZ GOP State Rep. Mark Finchem intros resolution to "decertify" '20 elex in 3 AZ counties.

Amazing Reaction to Slipknot - Devil and I

Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick - Live

I somehow glimpsed into the new DU today ...

Jalan Crossland. "Parlor Trick"

Pamela Moses sentenced to six years in prison over a voting error

Dionne Warwick - Anyone Who Had A Heart ❤️ 1964

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy thread!

Trump's Latest Document Debacle - Zerlina.- The Choice MSNBC

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Last Song -- Edward Bear

Heart songs ... whatya got ?

Racist Raids: See Breakdown On 50 Year, Bipartisan 'No Knock' Scandal - The Beat - MSNBC

Ignoring Trump's attacks, Congress persists in trying to prevent stolen elections

Bannon issues threat to Pence

Palin felt uncomfortable after 2010 meeting with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, book reveals

If Robert De Niro worked at the Apple Store:

Retail on the pandemic front.

White House considers expanding limits on 'no-knock' warrant

Omarosa Says Trump Made a 'Habit' of Tearing Up White House Files

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Former 'Hercules' Star Kevin Sorbo's Vaccine-Trolling Tweet Backfires Badly

The Right's Obsession With George Soros - The Mehdi Hasan Show

At last! A solid leak of specs on the OM System 'wow' camera!

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House passes bill to end forced arbitration in sexual misconduct cases

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Dream Academy - "Life In A Northern Town"

WaPo opinion article worth a read...

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Blue Train - Maura O'Connell, James Grant, and Nanci Griffith (my absolute fav version of this song)

Ukraine ranks...

Trump Used 'Burn Bags' To Destroy Docs, Took Records To Mar-a-Lago - All In - MSNBC

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Steven Beschloss: Ripping Up the Record

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Someone I don't know

Countdown! 39 days to "Downton Abbey 2: A New Era".

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Ha! I just saw tRump's coffee table book...

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Prosthetics have come a long way

Could the 14th Amendment keep Trump out of the Oval Office?

Baby kitten was found alone, screaming because he was so hungry. Who was adopted by mom cat

Dire Straits - Walk Of Life

Ted Cruz Gushes: Canadian Truckers 'Defending America' - All In - MSNBC

Lincoln Projects Latest; Legitimate Political Discourse

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Fox News Airs Wildly INACCURATE Graphic

Three weeks visiting my native state

FreeDumb Convoy: Persons of interest (attempted murder and arson)

Because so much 80s hair metal is awful, some folks assume all of it is

Hey, Kellyanne......your terms are acceptable. CYA

Five years ago, a prophetic and creepy jest was spoke...

What Else Did He Steal From THe WH Bessides 15 Boxes?

TCM tomorrow:

The End of the Line

Imagine if you will...

They - WSJ editorials and other nonTrumpians - are grasping at straws: Pence for President?

Life advice from Caddyshack

Discourse Is Discourse - Rocky Mountain Mike

As an NBA fan, this is really disappointing.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Why Everything Online Is Suddenly Cringe

I'm going to a fancy dress party dressed as Anne Boleyn...

Crossroads - Cream - Live

Tennessee Bible history teacher proselytized, made antisemitic comments, mom says

Sex and the Proxy Fight: There's a Better Chance of Success if the Target CEO Is a Female

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TOM PETTY - Dont Come Around Here No More ( Take The Highway Live ) 1991

Donald Trump Illegally Shredded Documents By Hand, Used Burn Bags Legal Expert Says

Trump Says America Is 'Going To Hell' After Mike Pence Calls Him Out - Ring of Fire

Biden to appoint son of late Sen. John McCain to Naval Academy board

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Albert King - Blues Power - Live

Oh, no - Sherpa the YouTube husky has "funny turns" (mind) & losing hair

Gay Man Yells 'Hail Satan', Burns Bible In Protest Of Book Burning

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Joyce Vance on the most telling part of the Alabama ruling

Dwayne Johnson calls Joe Rogan support a 'learning moment for me': I was not aware of his N word use

A Gay Man Burned a Bible in Protest at a Tennessee Book Burning

It was black voters in Alabama who saved the state from an accused child molester

The Daily Show: Joe Rogan N-Word Montage Triggers Another Apology

NBC spokesman says blocking Leslie Jones' Olympic tweets was just a 'misunderstanding'

"Wow....the boys took a beating on that one."

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Pence Finally Kinda Stands Up to Trump, Olympics COVID Controversy & Bright Side to Oscar Snubs

National Archives Recovers Trump Records From Florida - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Vernon Jones ends bid for Georgia governor and endorses Perdue in GOP primary against Kemp

Infant killed after coast guard opens fire on boat carrying Venezuelan migrants

MPs blame Boris Johnson's 'poison' after protesters mob Keir Starmer

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Goldman On Trump Keeping And Destroying WH Docs: What's He Hiding? - The Last Word - MSNBC

Fla. Republicans ditch Texas-style abortion law for what they call a 'generous' 15-week ban, drawing

Senate Republicans Angry with RNC Censures

Four men who brutally beat a gay couple for holding hands claimed self-defense. The judge said no.

Wrongly accused of genital cutting, a Muslim mom won't accept 'case closed'

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Nathan Chen!! Team USA!

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Olympics. "Sportsmanship" shown by Chinese skater.

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Banker gets 1 year in prison in Manafort loan scheme

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Pennsylvania Senate committee holds first-ever hearing on legalizing recreational marijuana

Medicare for All Bill Introduced by Pramila Jayapal Gets Record 120 Cosponsors

Oklahoma school board member slams gender identities, implies parents should kill themselves

Ignoring Trump's attacks, Congress persists in trying to prevent stolen elections

I get so tense watching the figure skating that you'd think...

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Thiel-Backed Video Platform Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million to Switch From Spotify

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Ministry that once nourished Duggar family's faith falls from grace

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Accused Capitol Rioter Wants Trump To Testify That He Ordered Them To Storm Capitol - Ring of Fire

UK: Porn sites will be legally required to verify users' age

A whale & a dolphin playing together:

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Awww--newborn ferret yawning:

Trump's Document Destruction; Pence Says "Trump is Wrong" & Republican Party Continues to Implode

Mama ferret shows off her babies to her human ("Look, but don't touch," she says):

"But who among us *hasn't* walked off with fifteen boxes of federal property..." (great tweet)

Those eyes!

The 102nd Dalmatian:

Without seeing its face I can't tell what the animal is, but the crow is plucking its tail fur,

Adrienne Lawrence REACTS To Joe Rogan Revelations - Rebel HQ

US and Japan agree to cut Trump-era steel tariffs

Kitteh provides the fluff for its own snazzy hat collection:

Tuesday A.M. Jazz and Positive Vibe Bossa Nova Streaming

Alex Wagner: Trump Is The 'Magnetic North' Of The GOP - The Last Word - MSNBC

Bob Rae, Canada's representative to the UN on the "truckers":

Sen. Chuck Schumer To File Cannabis Legalization Bill In April

Moshu , the red panda:

Sen. Chuck Schumer To File Cannabis Legalization Bill In April

Jeff Tiedrich tweet:

Every meal, for 5 days straight--& it looks pretty nasty:

Winter Jazz - Smooth Piano Jazz for Coffee Shop Ambience in February

Fanny - covering "Hey Bulldog" - Live in 1971...

More Tuesday A.M. Jazz - Great Feeling Bossa Nova for Relaxing

Republican Party Agrees That Insurrections Are 'Legitimate Political Discourse' - Ring of Fire

Eating Oreos at 1AM

Trump Flouting Of Presidential Records Act Leaves National Archives Scrambling - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

Scientists Discover 'Supermountains' That Stretched 4,500 Miles

☦ Orthodox Christian Chant of Psalm 102 (103) Mt. Athos, Byzantine

MIT researchers create new material as strong as steel and light as plastic

Thiel-Backed Video Platform Rumble is doing a deal with TFG's SPAC entity

Cop Tells Camera Man Stay Put, Camera Man RUNS

Mountain-Sized Rock Hidden Underneath Japan Could Be a Magnet For Megaquakes

Red flags trailed ex-UCLA lecturer across elite universities

☦ Eastern Orthodox Hymn to The Blessed Virgin - 'Agni Parthene' in English & Russian

January 6 Committee Adopts Prosecutorial Style In Hope Of Prompting Garland To Action: NYT - MSNBC

turns out trump knew it was against the law to rip up government documents

(Jewish Group) 'Be kind': Rabbi Doug Goldhamer, founder of first synagogue for the deaf, dies at 76

Andrew Yang deletes his "I don't think Joe Rogan is a racist" tweet

San Diego State Univ Dean's tweets draw threats of violence

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Any Time The Memory of January 6th Starts To Fade, Just Watch These.

[Singlepayernews] How Libby, Montana, got Medicare for All (new 10 minute video)

How long before TFG calls on truckers in the US to demonstrate

'Hillbilly Elegy' Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance "needs a course correction ASAP"

Supreme Court Conservatives Help Alabama GOP Keep Biased Map For Next Election - Ali Velshi - MSNBC

What a gift the GOP domestic terrorist, hate groups, liars and criminals have given to the Dems,

Why did the rope get into trouble?

🟩 Tuesday's Wordle - 2/8/22

Breakfast Tuesday 8 February 2022

Steve Bannon Issues Ominous Warning To Mike Pence For Going Against Trump - Ring of Fire

The lunatic Slobfather in all his glory

US Senate Seats up for re-election in 2022 that the Democrats will be going to end up winning.

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Architect Jonathan Ellis-Miller on the modernist buildings that inspired his home in the

Israeli, Palestinian representatives propose 2-state confederation

Class? Bueller? Anyone?

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DHS employee faked official letter to daughter's employer to solicit financial settlement

BP profits surge as high gas prices hit household finances

'Legitimate Political Discourse'? Make Them Own It, Democrats

Wordle 234 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

The 1887 Law Putting American Democracy at Risk

Biden's schedule for Tuesday, February 8, 2022

A photojournalist was caught on camera staging a shot, and the backlash was swift

Peloton CEO John Foley to step down, become executive chair - WSJ

Top Georgia Democrats Outraise Republicans

BBC: In Pictures: Stunning sunrises around Scotland to start the week, Feb. 8, 2022

Her Husband Boasted That She Became 'Speaker of the House' on Jan. 6. Now She's Been Sentenced

Biden makes good on being most Union president

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Let's See Action

Noam Chomsky on the GOPs trump/ led insurgency

Amazon more than doubles salary caps to $350,000 for US white-collar employees

C-Span Washington Journal right now!

This is just a request... take it as you will (hearts)

Retired pope asks pardon for abuse, but admits no wrongdoing

Tuesday TOONs - Seems Legit

IRS abandons facial recognition plan after firestorm of criticism

Grateful Dead - Dancin' in the Streets. New Years Eve 12/31/71. (Audio only)

Trump broke several laws re: preservation of documents

Looks like these convoy assholes have spread to the US-Canada border

VAL DEMINGS -- we've seriously GOT to get behind her Senate run against corporate Rubio

Vice President Kamala Harris - a simple visual aid

How Manchin used politics to protect his family coal company

Canada: Expect more of this. January 6th, now this.

Guardian: Canadian truckers' anti-vaccine protest was steered by extremists

One Love

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All of Trump's prosecutor's sitting at a table playing poker;

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Randy Rainbow strikes again

Even some Harris county republicans finally seem to recognize too much hate.

In 19 Winter Olympics Host Cities, February Temperatures Up Avg. Of 4.8F Since 1950

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 2/2/22

'Proud Patriots' are putting tfg's face on a $2 bill and claiming it's legal tender?? Huh?

Ghosts of Comics' Past: February in Comics History

Boomb Tube: The Week of Comic Book Television, 1/30/22-2/5/22

Ian Kennedy, Veteran British Comics Artist, Dead at 89

The Rundown: February 7, 2022

Who would be the last man standing?

Razzie Awards: Bruce Willis Bags His Own Category for 8 Bad Performances in One Year

Park outside: Hyundai, Kia recall vehicles due to fire risk

Wienermobile alert

First look: Biden to sell BBB in Spanberger's swing district

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Dear President Biden and DoD. How to handle fascist truckers in America

Yesterday I asked a stocker at Costco where I could find the nuts. She said "In the

Kern County CA Irrigates W. Oil Wastewater; No Data On Dozens Of Chemicals, But It's "Safe"

The Matt Gaetz investigation.

The GOP has an agenda...finally

I think it's safe to say Democracy is in

OMG, I got hearts!!!

Does anyone know the rules for fastrac? I have a plug in hybrid with an HOV sticker, and a fastrac

The world's greatest song

You raised $500.00 on February 7, 2022 for the kick US Senator Grassley's butt fund

Republican Attorneys General Association accepts illegal contribution from RFK Jr's anti-vax group

Florence Foster Jenkins

Today's Image Dump (2/8/22)

The Republican Platform

Chicago Trib (conservative newspaper) comes out anti big lie:

Meet the Blockers, of course we lost 5-4

Poor Boy A Long Way From Home (RL Burnside COver)

What if I don't feel like coming together with the other side?

Live updates: Here is the complete list of Oscar nominees for 2022

Here comes Wordle8.

Bridge to Canada in Detroit closes as Canadian protesters block the trade route

Erik Prince Helped Raise Money for Conservative Spy Venture

Similar Canada Trucker Op is developing in blockage NATO Headquarters

Who's that dude in the mirror?

It was kinda cold and dry for my run yesterday, so I wore an N95 to warm and moisten my breath.

This is for those of you who have also travelled abroad...

C-Pap Users Info

They are still messing with the Ambassador Bridge:

Fascist police at work

Brian Kilmeade of Fox News Rips Trump for Lying About Election: "Please Stop Wasting Our Time"

Thank you for the hearts! ...

The Very Worst Thing Trump Took from the White House

Grateful Dead - Estimated Prophet (let's set the correct mood for today)

"Instead of helping suffering Americans, a GOP majority will be feeding Trump's election delusions."

"...those dudes wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire."

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CRT & The Day Ruby Bridges Went To School

Senate Republicans Distancing Themselves From RNC January 6 Rhetoric

The finches love the Nyger seed I put out

Mont. kids' climate case may be first to go to trial

It's never too late

Florida voters claim they were duped into changing party affiliations

Medical research dog breeding facility blames COVID-19 for dozens of disturbing animal welfare viola

About the complaints from the FOP about being "betrayed" by their leadership.

Virginia lawmakers step in with 11 bipartisan bills to hold dog breeding facility accountable

Happy 90th Birthday, John Williams, Composer of Unforgettable Movie Music!

Towing companies on city contracts refuse to move convoy vehicles

Pic Of The Moment: In Case You Hear Anyone Suggesting That Trump Can't Be Guilty...

Wow ... woke up to a heart! What a nice way to start

Michigan GOP want to ban social media companies from removing politicians' accounts

What happens to some of the Envigo dogs? Taxpayer funded research exposed

I don't even know where to start with this. It's disgusting.

Trump Used 'Burn Bags' To Destroy Docs, Took Records To Mar-a-Lago

Some of dis and Some of dat

US Attorney SDNY @SDNYnews: Bank CEO Stephen M. Calk sentenced to one year

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Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 8, 2022

Back when we had folk singers, we had Tom. He has a birthday today.

*****February Contest: Reminder

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 7

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: Feb. 7

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: Feb. 8

3790 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today,Tues; 183 deaths

Clever NYT crossword puzzle that works two different ways

Watching the talking heads this morning.. and things seem to be looking up

Cartoon: Legitimate political discourse By Clay Jones -February 7, 2022 10:30 AM

It couldn't be any clearer. Indisputable charts on the vaccine.

Free Covid tests arrived!

On this day, February 8, 1943, Creed Bratton was born.

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Delayed robot probe of Fukushima reactor begins

Fulton Co. DA on how she's going up against #FailedCoupGuy

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UN report: N.Korea speeding up missile development despite sanctions

Ice hockey teams play in respirator masks

Report finds 'collusive behaviours' by RUC officers over murders

Any type of domestic abuse a 'serious crime' - McEntee

FBI probes pre-Capitol riot meeting of far-right groups in a DC parking garage

Anybody see TikTok Boom?

A pod of manatees.

Proposed Georgia law to get rid of all childhood vaccination requirements

Cuomo considers options after DA decisions amid rumors of New York AG run

David Sirota, Bernie Sanders' Former Campaign Advisor, Is Now an Oscar Nominee

Thank you for the hearts. They make mine feel warmer . . . ❤

SCOTUS Allows Alabama Congressional Map that Diminishes Black Voting Power

All Fun And Games Until Fox News Hosts Start Calling Bullsh*t On Trump's Big Lie

National Republicans renew attacks over national debt they helped create

We Must Strengthen and Protect The US Postal Service

'A secret meeting place': Fake GOP elector reveals how phony ballots were cast for Trump

School lunch rules updated to help ease pandemic disruptions

From the mouths of babes . . .

Erik Prince Helped Raise Money for Conservative Spy Venture

Emergency SNAP benefits extended again for February in NM

What's behind the right-wing book-ban frenzy? Big money, and a long-term plan

Reuters: FBI probes pre-Capitol riot meeting of far-right groups

The Tinder Swindler on Netflix

Wave of Coups Disrupts Africa as U.S.-Trained Soldiers Play Key Role in Overthrowing Governments

Good Day DU (February 8, 2022)

Something is Rotten in the State of Texas

Something is Rotten in the State of Texas

Tell me you committed a crime without telling me you committed a crime

Sinema is polling worse in the Democratic primary for her re-election than

We know who Trump is already

Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on Republicans censuring Cheney, Kinzinger

Black History Month 2022 Jeopardy Game - Week 2

I have a question about cream of tartar. I have a recipe for scones that calls for 1/4 t.

Fuck the whole-Rogan-saga BUT a whole bunch of people owe kathy griffin one huge, groveling apology

Matt Walsh is trying to trick trans people into joining a fake documentary

GOP candidates add a repulsive new twist to Trump's big lie

NY Progressive Action Network endorses Jumaane Williams for guv...

Thank you for all the hearts

tfg Tells Joe Rogan To 'Stop Apologizing' To 'Radical Left Maniacs'

Why Liz Cheney's money might not save her (CNN)

Right-Wing Americans Want In on Canada's Anti-Vax 'Freedom Convoy'

Hamsters Sparked a COVID Outbreak in Hong Kong

J.&J. Pauses Production of Its Covid Vaccine Despite Persistent Need

So, who is this new postal board chair that supports De Joy?

Wait...wut?!? CDC website offers blank vaccine cards for download, despite fraud worries

Arizona GOP governor candidate promises to illegally build border wall on federal land

Peloton layoff 2,800 people and replaces CEO... severance includes a free 12-month subscription...

Great Dane puppy really wants to ride robot vacuum

"QAnon is basically scientology for hillbillies" ROFL!

Chimps observed medicating themselves -- and others -- with insects for the first time

What do you suppose the disclaimer will be on Rogan's podcast?

[Manu Raju] Asked McCarthy about "legitimate political discourse." "What they were talking about...

There's a name for someone who calls violence 'legitimate.' It isn't 'Republican.' - Millbank

Which one sings better? (Wait for it!)

How The Biden Admin Is Taking On Union-Busters

Now & Then podcast

Man Arrested For Storming The Capitol While Out On Bail For Attempted Murder

About Trump's coffee table book?

Sidney Powell asks for sanctions order to be reversed, saying the judge unfairly portrayed her team

Neil Young urges Spotify employees to quit

Starbucks Manager Quits To Protest Union-Busting

'Insurgency' Looks At GOP Past And Its Impact On The Present

Opinion: GOP candidates add a repulsive new twist to Trump's 'big lie' - Sargent

The Republican Party: Doing right, doing wrong, by polls only.

Donald Trump's fantasies of racial violence reflect an all-too-real history

How do I get to the donation page? I have been a member for

Democrats get HUGE news ahead of midterms - Brian Tyler Cohen

I think I figured out what Putin is really afraid of. He has been grifting from Russia for decades

Why are Republicans such dicks? (part 2,479)

Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million to Switch From Spotify

Thank you for the heart!! : )

Senators Ask JPMorgan Chase to Explain Its Lawsuit Blitz Against Credit Card Customers

Canada to Republicans: Mind your own f______ business

Mr. Cat is doing well on my porch.

"Sorry, kid. He's my daddy, too."

Why It's So Hard to Get a Defense Lawyer Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Charlie Kirk trying to start "America first" K-12 school

Peter Thiel to Leave Meta Board to Be Full Time Trump Fluffer

Notice How proud some US citizens are about supporting the Canadian Freedom Convoy?

Oversight Board tells Meta to crack down on Facebook address doxxing

The perfect lapdog:

you are welcome for the hearts!

From the shadow docket, radical Supreme Court blows up Voting Rights Act, allows racist gerrymander

FBI has arrested a man who stormed the Capitol while he was out on bail on an attempted murder case


From my heart to your hearts ....Wado...Thankyou...

Air Force ordered to pay more than $230M in Texas church shooting

John Fugelsang tweet:

Have you developed or enhanced any skills or hobbies during the pandemic? I bought a cheap

Made my wife a cup of coffee she said it tastes great

If our laws cannot be enforced, why do we have them?

'Stop the Steal' Organizer Scored Big Payout at Curious Time

What would you envision happening if Trump was indicted??

Thanks for the hearts!

Military can't discipline officers for refusing vaccine, Florida judge rules

TFG's aides avoided him during his final weeks in office, report says

Money on the table: child credit $ available via tax returns

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Supreme Court Keeps Eroding the Voting Rights Act

I went to see my doctor about my short term memory problem. He made me

Macron says Putin told him he would not escalate Ukraine crisis

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In his fight against 'woke' schools, DeSantis tears at the seams of a diverse Florida

As I age I think of all the people I've lost along the way. Perhaps being a

Found on FB

Feds arrest married couple, seize $3.6 billion in hacked bitcoin funds

Vos fights attempts to ID deleted election probe records

What a pleasant surprise I received at Target, just now

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Lumix news!

Fragile Puppy Needed The Perfect Sized Friend To Play With

Amazing blues-rock guitarist/singer...from Finland.

Blogging in the good ol' days

Thank you for the heart

House panel rejects constitution amendments to restore voting rights, remove same-sex marriage ban

Cartoons 2/8/2022

Former Fox News anchor explains how network brainwashes viewers into believing conspiracy theories

Whenever you think that conservatives can't possibly get any dumber,

Starbucks and other retailers brace as unionization efforts gather steam

Our side has witty tweets, we all rah rah about, while they keep winning and no one goes to jail.

Can we please get Al Franken back to Washington?

Breaking: Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says he is NOT running for Senate.

Why the Republicans are calling the January 6th attack "legitimate public discourse"?

Another heart!

No. 1️⃣ will be retired. Forever.

Nursery Rhyme Headlines


'A 1938 moment': Lithuanian PM warns about Russian troops in Belarus

Putin's use of crude language reveals a lot about his worldview

Ron DeSantis: Joe Rogan 'Shouldn't Have Apologized' For Slurs

Welsh Word Search

Could TFG be prosecuted for his serial Presidential Records Act violations?

Judge Lays Down The Law With Annoying Sovereign Citizen

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From voting rights to 'critical race theory': There's no law or fact the GOP feels bound to respect

Denmark steps up military readiness amid Ukraine crisis

Arizona Republican Says His Daughter Got Text Calling Him 'N-Word' RINO

First of all, Republicans are on the defensive.

Just noticed the vodka bottle is easier to open than the ibuprofen bottle

Nikki Haley's Clueless New Trump Defense Trashed On Twitter

WTF... 'legitimate political discourse' refers to people in Florida

Fourscore and what??!!

Hot Sauces - Your "Desert Island" favorite?

City planners, mayors, governors, law enforcement, the National Guard and DoD better have a plan

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Matt Gaetz Makes Fool Of Himself In Ironic Ploy

Development around Fenway Park is changing the character of the neighborhood

Opinion: GOP candidates add a repulsive new twist to Trump's 'big lie'.

Yes or no on Mueller report criminal charges? Don't let Trump just run out the clock

Rightwing lobby group Alec driving laws to blacklist companies that boycott the oil industry

LIVE: Biden delivers remarks on creating manufacturing jobs in America

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Lead pipes

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When you want to post an article from the Onion for laughs, but are unable to laugh because it...

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GOP MOC and Capitol Police spat over office door being left open. Conspiracy theories are flying!

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There's no law or fact the GOP feels bound to respect now

Jim Jordan Rails Against Jan. 6 Committee Having So Many Prosecutors

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LIVE: White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds news conference

Big game tonight Illinois at Purdue

RNC censure language leads to GOP divide ahead of midterms (CNN)

Color coded list of books conservatives are trying to ban?

Horse Found On Craigslist Recognizes His First Friend After 2 Years

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If Mark Kelly wins re-election to the US Senate by a wider than expected margin and

US skateboarder Josh Neuman, 22, among four people killed in Iceland plane crash

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American Airlines flight diverted after passenger made threatening statement, airline says

Breaking on CNN - MoscowMitch disagrees with the RNC over censure of

This Vaccine Disinfo Is Wildly Disgusting, Even For Tucker And Charlie Kirk

Doug Emhoff evacuated from DC school visit after security threat

More Breaking- Bomb threat - 2nd Gentleman ushered out of DC High School

Turns out, this was a Crime Scene

We must do everything possible to avoid an enormously destructive war in Ukraine Bernie Sanders

The biggest chip deal in history has fallen apart

North Carolina Man Arrested on Charges For Assault on Law Enforcement During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach

Former RNC Chairman: 'My Party ... Just Declared Itself Anti-Democratic'

Peter Thiel Facebook Departure, Far-Right Politics Focus, Campaign Funds Vance-OH, Blake Masters-AZ

Right-wing influencer Charlie Kirk wants to educate your children.

Add McConnell to the growing list of repubs breaking with the RNC over censure. My question now is:

Kansas GOP lawmaker convinces his colleague to back dangerous bill that provides him with legal cove

The 2022 MD US Senate Election is now in a very safe D column.

Chuck Grassley just said "the RNC Censure is just the Republican Party being a big tent"

Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes walk into a bar

Doug Emhoff whisked out of event following security incident

Affirmation by George Benson (listening to the entire Breezin' album this afternoon)

If Cats Were Olympic Judges

Favorite TV theme music?

Johnny Cash & U2 - The Wanderer (both on studio version, U2 alone at tribute for Cash)

Norman Ornstein @NormOrnstein: This is their definition of "pro-life"

Starbucks unbowed as union movement spreads, some see 'head in the sand'

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The whole world should be worried by the 'siege of Ottawa'. This is about much more...

'Black Mirror' Robot Dogs To Patrol U.S. Border

나 가거든 If i Leave by Lee Su-hyun

Ukraine crisis: Macron says Putin pledges no new Ukraine escalation

McConnell calls Jan. 6 a 'violent insurrection,' breaking with RNC

Ripping up documents is evidence of mens rea.

I signed up for Peacock just now, to watch the Olympics.

Far-Right Troll Tried to Dupe Trans People Into Joining His Anti-Trans Documentary

Trump humper Ronny Jackson took off his tie so Jan. 6 rioters couldn't strangle him

Read this from the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus

Trump Calls for Boycott of DirecTV

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Nurse wanted for attacking, burning coworker is found dead from apparent suicide

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'This Is Sedition'

NC State Board of Elections says it can disqualify Madison Cawthorn if he "engaged in insurrection"

Chemical Waves - To The Deep

For most of civilizations history there have been kings, emperors, chiefs, etc

"That's Hitler!," Bannon thought.

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The Open Door by Darrell Scott (from Transatlantic Sessions)

It sure is wonderful to see 2014 era Russian disinformation being reposted unchalleged on DU today

How is this not an obvious point?

Trevor Bauer will not face criminal charges following sexual assault allegation

Another man taken off transplant waiting list after refusing COVID-19 vaccine

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Capitol Police dismiss Texas Congressman Troy Nehls' accusation that he's being illegally

If Jim Cooper decides to run for the US Senate in 2024,

Question for DU experts

McConnell: Jan. 6 Was 'Violent Insurrection' After A Legitimate Election

9-year-old girl beat 4-year-old brother to death with broomstick

Worried Man Blues - Stanley Brothers - Live

While I consider any anti-Trump voices welcome, I find the former Republicans more

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What's for Dinner, Tues., Febr. 8, 2022

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 10, 2022 -- What's on Tonight: Comedy on the Rails


FX maestro Douglas Trumbull, 2001, Close Encounters, Blade Runner has died.

Virginia Senate approves amendment that may spell end to school mask mandates

Legislative leaders sending Congressional mapmaking back to Ohio Redistricting Commission

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Allows Use Of Ballot Drop Boxes

Trump-backing lawmaker accuses Capitol cops of 'illegal' investigation at his office

'Class warfare' in action: Amazon dodged $5.2 billion in taxes in 2021

Doug Emhoff evacuated from D.C. high school event after bomb threat

Drumpf ATE Ripped-Up Documents?

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Republican funny business changing peoples' political afiliation

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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan won't run for Senate despite recruitment effort by GOP leaders

Erik Prince Helped Raise Money for Conservative Spy Venture

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Dani California-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Two Republicans spoke about children and COVID today 👀

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FreeDumb Convoy using their children as a 'shield wall'?

Head of Texas DMV resigns amid pressure to stop widespread sale of fake paper license plates

First Nations speak out against trucker convoy

Shame Cometh: The Jared Kushner Story

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On the rise, southern MD

Erik Prince Helped Fund Pro-Trump Espionage Scheme, NYT Says

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Air Force ordered to pay $230 million to Sutherland Springs shooting survivors and families of slain

Biden Administration Condemns Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Legislation

Biden Administration Condemns Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Legislation

Anyone near Oakland who is able to trap feral cats?

Psaki says Biden supports push by Capitol Hill staff to unionize.

So America can easily become a dictatorship with the "One Election Rule"

Young black man shot in the back 5 times here in Madison Wi. by cops but no one knows what

In light of all the theft

Kraken lawyers' appeal of sanctions gets slapped down after they make basic errors in court brief

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Who will be the 2022 Democratic nominee for NY-3cd.

Starbucks Fires Leaders In Memphis Union Organizing Effort

Greg Gutfeld will tape Fox News shows that require proof of vaccination or negative tests

FBI arrests Trump supporter who stormed Capitol while on bail on attempted murder charge

Caitlyn Jenner Supports Noted Transphobe Joe Rogan, Who Mocked Her

100 children amongst trucks at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Children's Aid worried about

Cities make their case to Missouri Supreme Court that the state's gun law is unconstitutional

Mcturtle admits it was an insurrection (link)

Bye Bye...

Illinois attorney general appeals court order blocking Pritzker's school mask and vaccine mandates

Dallas Morning News: Our recommendation in the Democratic primary for Agriculture Commissioner

The hunt for critical minerals is on -- in the Midwest

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Colm Meaney on being the busiest Irish actor ever

Rabbi held hostage in Colleyville tells Congress that houses of worship need more security funds

Rabbi held hostage in Colleyville tells Congress that houses of worship need more security funds

Indirect talks on Iran nuclear deal resume in Vienna

Prisoner-painted skateboards to be auctioned off for underprivileged youth

Massachusetts giving $500 payments to low-income workers

@ sunset, on the river

Teeth...? In the grille...? WTF? The explanation of this one should be interesting.

Man arrested outside of Las Vegas casino claimed to have 'grenade in his a**'

Elementary students stage protest, successfully get chocolate milk back on school's menu

Kraken lawyers' appeal of sanctions gets slapped down after they make basic errors in court brief

Ethanol Plant to SuperFund Site: " Nebraska approved unprecedented use of pesticide-laden seed corn"

CBC chair says GOP lawmaker told her 'kiss my a--'

CBC chair says GOP lawmaker told her 'kiss my a--'

Feds: Woman sold drugs at site of St. Louis deaths

There have already been 9 earthquakes under Lake Erie in 2022

'Brother Can Ya Spare A Trillion?' Anne Feeney, Pgh Labor Activist, Folksinger: Many Thanks, RIP

House Republican Claims Pelosi Is Dressing Up Capitol Police Like Construction Workers To Investigat

Fight Back against the Scammers

Putin sponsoring Ottawa truckers?

Phil Harvey, who battled government over his sex-product business, dies at 83

Photo of Teacher Making Students Nazi Salute in Class Sparks Outrage

Who would win the 2024 MD US Senate Election if

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Connecticut Billionaire on Verge of Buying Second Shasta County Board of Supervisors Seat

Ukrainian-Canadian bakery in Toronto targeted for hate crime

Ecuador's Indigenous Groups Have New Power to Protect Their Lands from Destruction

Virginia Senate Democrats join GOP on amendment to allow parents to opt out of school mask mandates

Just watched Jake Tapper promoting a book "Red Carpet"

Anatomy Of A Cover-Up': Nekima Levy Armstrong Interrupts Presser On Amir Locke, Calls Out Officials

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Abraham Galloway Is the Black Figure From The Civil War You Should Know About

Exclusive: FBI probes pre-Capitol riot meeting of far-right groups

Bizarre Customer Encounters

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The House passes a major financial overhaul of the USPS

With 'Maus' ban, McMinn County group accuses school board of violating its own rules

Cryptocurrency is a Ponzi (w/ Sohale Mortazavi) - Scam Economy #2

Abraham Galloway Is the Black Figure From The Civil War You Should Know About (NC)

Wild Hipster Couple Accused in $4.5 Billion Crypto Crime

FAIR - CounterSpin: 'The Entire Cryptocurrency Market Is Basically a Ponzi Scheme'

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1/6 Committee Zeroes In On Events Attended By Domestic Violent Extremist Groups - Deadline - MSNBC

The Arizona bill that would condemn LGBTQ kids to "conversion therapy"

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NYC's school bus staffing shortages hurt students with special needs, advocates say

How about a little Don Rich with Buck Owens?

Malcolm X's Michigan home goes on National Register of Historic Places

Aussies Say James Cook's Ship Was Found, US Says Not So Fast

Quack On PBS Newshour

UPDATED 12:40 PM, 2/9 - Members without a heart, in case you have an extra one to give

Many Service Members of Color Are Turning Down Assignments Because of Concerns about Racism

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Has anyone watched "Flowers" on Netflix (or in 2018 in the UK)?

U.S. Capitol Police rejects GOP congressman's claim that check of his open office is illegal investi

"Take This Job and Shove It"

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Hillary Clinton full interview with Willie Geist in Dec. 2021

Woman discovers naked man living in trunk of her car

Dr. Vin Gupta On Covid: 'April 1st Will Be A Watershed Moment For The Country' - MSNBC