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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 1,095

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Made myself watch Fox and Idiots this morning for two hours.

I was wondering if they would say anything about the Jan. 6th committee or the text messages or the people caught up in this. Nothing. Not one word about any of that. So much for their claim of being fair and balanced. This is what their Fox diehards love. They got them to believe that if Fox does not talk about it, it`s not true.

If this is true then why do we let the republicans get away with blaming Biden?

Just wondering if anyone knew anything more about this? If it is true then those people who did not do what they were told to do are at fault for our service members dying. They told them repeatedly to get out. FOX has been blaming Biden for the deaths. Where is our media? They should be repeating this on every nightly newscast for a month. https://www.mediaite.com/news/top-state-department-diplomat-blames-americans-left-in-afghanistan-we-put-out-repeated-warnings-to-leave/?fbclid=IwAR0GglZ65WM_4n4cXPjJXcG352tgZeu8fzrXxE0tx8FfRz6w5wAxiB-mgME

The democrats in DC has to get off their collective asses.

I will give you one example. The capital riot was on Jan 6th. Pols did not get going on a committee and seat it until around Aug 18. They had ONE meeting and then went on a seven-week vacation. Why was all this time wasted when they know 22 is coming fast and if the House is lost, so in the investigation. All the while the republicans have been going crazy all over the country from new voting laws, abortion, and now we know where the supreme court will be. We have two rogue congress people that are hell-bent on stopping anything we want to do. What have we heard through all of this from the Democratic leaders? Crickets. If leadership does not start to show some balls on issues then we will lose everything in 22 and the WH in 24.

Pelosi just announced a committee on the capitol Riot.

I think she made a huge mistake when a question was asked about a timeline. She said the republicans will have all the time they need to investigate this. The republicans have been given that leeway will not be anywhere near being done by the 2022 election and maybe the 2024 election.

Republicans are setting up 2022 and 2024 for republican wins.

If we can`t stop them, Trump will walk into the office and declare that he is now the dictator of the country. He thought he was doing that in 2020 but the people saw it and got him out of office. But he will be back with the help of the republicans who just refuse to see what he wants to be. They never were too smart. Trump will throw them away as soon as he wins. The question is what will we do about it?

Is this true that Liz Cheney stopped Trump from using the military during the vote?

Does anyone have any other info on this and why in the hell was Trump not arrested? https://www.rawstory.com/liz-cheney-trump-military-coup/

It is about time something is done with Cruz and Hawley.


When is Ted Cruz going to be held responsible for his election interference.

Why have no charges have been brought forward on this fool? He is down at the border building his career on attacking Biden at the Border. Someone has to step on his neck now. It`s been long enough. Has anyone heard of anything or are is he going to walk on this?

Did anyone hear what they are going to do with Gaetz, Hawley and Cruz?

Just wondering if they are going to do anything to them for trying to overturn an election.

If we can fire Dejoy, than what are we waiting for?

This guy is not going to stop messing up the post office more every day. Get rid of the fool.
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