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Member since: Wed Aug 20, 2003, 09:49 AM
Number of posts: 9,854

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I know no one will care and I know this will get just REAMED

But, I am out.

I had a great time this weekend. I really enjoyed the convention last week and I asked myself, "Why did you ever leave here??"

I was reminded today. I posted something that I still think could become a problem for Dems both in the election and for Obama and was called a concern troll and accused (I think?? It was a little obsure...) of being a conservative operative trying to...I don't know. I am not real sure what the point of that was.

Have fun!! I am not tough enough for you guys. Continue to pat yourselves on the back and enjoy Trump imploding!!

Nah...this is NOTHING....

It's just Trump talking about this...right?






So, this $400 million thing is looking like a thing.

I am getting a little nervous.

Please don't do the 'concern' bullshit. This is a problem and I am curious how it gets to be less of a problem.

Did anybody hear Rick Wilson say that Trump was a virus eating his host from the inside out?

I am trying to find it. A friend just told me that and I want to put it on FB!!

Can I just say, that damn ant thing keeps driving me crazy.

Even though I KNOW it is probably a FAKE ant, I still touch my screen about half the time to be sure.

Could Maria Comella be Christie's payback for not being chosen for VP?

She says Christie doesn't know, but I wonder if this is payback for Trump not choosing him?? He seems like a payback kinda guy.

I just had a mini argument about WMD's in Iraq...

and why do people think "I know a lot of people who were actually THERE and you should just take my word for it." is a compelling argument?

The story is Trump adviser tweeting that Capt. Khan is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood

I have started hammering that on my FB in the last hour since I heard about it on here.

It has already being shared and TWO different Trump supporters have PM'd me and said that they cannot stand for this.

This is the story. This hurts him. And the beauty of it is that he is doing it to himself. And it is GROSS and disgusting and NOBODY can pretend it isn't. This isn't the Swift Boat people going after Kerry. This is Trump going after an American Hero!

Good Morning, DU!

The fun of the weekend is over and the morning news is picking apart the events that occurred.

The spin cycle is busily trying to white wash Trump and under the guise of 'fairness', they are dragging Hillary down.

Polls are moving our way, but we have to stay vigilant. It amazes me that anyone can support Trump or justify his over the top and tone deaf attack on the Khans, but they can and they are.

**sigh** Funs over, folks. Back to the grind in more ways than one.

See you later and stay positive!!

I love this place!!

I drifted away for quite awhile. Between work (I am essentially a farmer and work has been crazy the last couple of years) and life (kids, husband, blah blah blah) and just getting overwhelmed with staying informed (which sounds weird, but sometimes knowing stuff can freak you out), plus honestly, sometimes I don't feel like I fit in so well. I am a Southerner and we can take a beating here sometimes.

But this has just been the most fun all week. I watched the convention with my laptop open to the DU and Facebook and I have just been DRENCHING my Facebook page with all the clever things you guys say and all the information I have learned here.

Temperatures are about to drop back down to something slightly lower than the seventh level of Hell starting tomorrow, so I will go back to work. Just wanted to say THANKS, DU!! I feel so much better now! I am not complacent and I don't think this is going to be a slam dunk, but I am a lot less freaked out!
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