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Quixote1818's Journal
Quixote1818's Journal
August 30, 2015

Poll if Biden jumps in to race

I don't know if this poll has been done yet on DU, but I am curious how the dynamic would change here if Biden jumped in. I fully support Sanders right now but I would be torn if Biden got in. My first choice would have been Elizabeth Warren but she isn't running.

August 28, 2015

A Dad Has A Beautiful Response After His Son Decided To Buy An Ariel Doll

A California dad is being called the “father of the year” after posting a video on Facebook saying he is excited his son chose an Ariel doll at the store.

What a beautiful world it would be if everyone treated their kids this way based on who they were. Put tears in my eyes.

August 23, 2015

I rarely do this but just watched a Fox News video about Trump and the ad before it was in Spanish

Goes to show how many Mexican folks are tuned in and I am sure it's out of anger for Trump. That is going to be one motivated voting block!

This is EXACTLY why nothing will ever be done with the Hispanics in this country. You want negative growth, then deport a shit load of people who buy your products.

The ad was for Charter Spectrum.

August 23, 2015

So 95% of Ashley Madison accounts were males and vast majority of women profiles were fake

The website was pretty much a fraud and chances are, few people actually had an affair because there weren't many real women profiles.

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