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Lindsey Graham runs away from Marine Corps vet who confronts him. What a coward

Saw this was posted in GD but it's nice to have the youtube link too

Even though I am for Warren, my gut feeling is that Biden will take the nomination

I still base it on who people think is safest to run against Trump and when people get in the voting booth they won't be making a quick decision this time. A lot will be going through Democratic voters minds because Trump is so horrifying he absolutely has to be taken out and people will be thinking very carefully about who would match up with him the best especially on the debate stage and who has the experience on the National stage to go head to head with the nut case. Even though I like Warren's policies and I think she is a good debater I see Biden as the best match-up against Trump in a debate. (I could be wrong) Biden is extremely talented at debating and I think he would have the right charisma and toughness to go after someone as gruff and brutal as Trump effectively. I would say Warren is not far behind as she can come up with some super quick knockout blows. Not sure I see Pete Buttigieg's low key style being very effective against Trump? Hard to say as his professionalism might make Trump look foolish? Just not sure I am willing to take that chance. I could be wrong but think Sanders is going to struggle with Warren in so I think it will come down to Biden, Warren and Pete with Biden ultimately taking the nomination. I will work my ass off for any of the Dems! Love them all!

If Romney and Flake keep attacking Trump and guys like Miller is it possible Utah could go blue?

How Utah Could Go Blue in 2020
By Owen Migdal • Utah Contributor • News October 28, 2019 at 3:00am

Snip: Even though a large amount of Mormons have conservative social views and make up approximately sixty percent of the Utahn population, there is one person that has unified this predominantly-white voting group against the Republican party: Donald Trump. Most Mormons hate Donald Trump because his misogynistic, adulterous, and narcissistic lifestyle does not reflect the values of the LDS Church. Mitt Romney, alongside other notable LDS leaders like Arizona's Jeff Flake, have condemned Trump for years now. In fact, Trump did everything he could to keep Romney from winning his Utah Senate seat in 2018.



Mitt Romney Wants Answers From Stephen Miller About Leaked Emails
“The president gets to choose who’s around him, but I don’t think that reflects as well as it might,” the senator said of Miller’s apparent ties to white nationalism.


Nate Silver: Could Utah become a blue state? Why expert Nate Silver says it already is:


Trump is currently negative 3 in Utah: https://morningconsult.com/tracking-trump-2/

Don’t Look Now, but the Mountain West Is Turning Blue
From the 1980s until recently, Republicans were as ubiquitous in the Rockies as Coors. But Tuesday, the Democrats made serious inroads in nearly every state. What’s happened?


Salon: There is hard data that shows that a centrist Democrat would be a losing candidate

Don't know if this is true or not. Just something for DUers to debate and think about.

JUNE 2, 2019 6:00PM (UTC)

Economist Thomas Piketty wrote a paper about this in 2018, though the Democrats paid no attention

The Republican Party has earned a reputation as the anti-science, anti-fact party — understandably, perhaps, given the GOP's policy of ignoring the evidence for global climate change and insisting on the efficacy of supply-side economics, despite all the research to the contrary. Yet ironically, it is now the Democratic Party that is wantonly ignoring mounds of social science data that suggests that promoting centrist candidates is a bad, losing strategy when it comes to winning elections. As the Democratic establishment and its pundit class starts to line up behind the centrist nominees for president — like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg — the party's head-in-the-sand attitude is especially troubling.

The mounds of data to which I refer come from Thomas Piketty, the French political economist who made waves with his 2013 book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century." This paper, entitled "Brahmin Left vs. Merchant Right: Rising Inequality & the Changing Structure of Political Conflict," analyzes around 70 years of post-election surveys from three countries — Britain, the United States and France — to comprehend how Western politics have changed in that span. (Note: I wrote about this paper in Salon last year in a slightly different context, before the 2020 Democratic Primary really got going.)

First, the sheer amount of data analyzed in Piketty's paper is stunning. He and his researchers analyze voters in those three countries by income (broken into deciles), education, party, gender, religion and income disparity. The final 106 pages of the paper consist of graphs and charts. This is a seriously detailed data analysis that took years of work, and any intelligent political party operative should take it very seriously.

More: https://www.salon.com/2019/06/02/there-is-hard-data-that-shows-that-a-centrist-democrat-would-be-a-losing-candidate/?fbclid=IwAR1zPfH3fvdI4lOq9xjDHMEHqNeasPJ0C4DP1xLk8Amxk3s8OyuLWVpd_Yw

Time Machine: FDR wants to tax the rich! Establishment says this will hurt the economy!

Makes you wonder what will happen? Waiting with bated breath!


Trump or Jesus: Who said it?


Deleting because the video on youtube was switched to short version


Tucson Cop Under Investigation After Wrestling Teenage Quadruple Amputee To The Ground

These witnesses look like they are from Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

It comes across as Trump being a complete ass hole to someone with a demeanor like Fred Rogers and it clearly isn't playing well Nationally.

Could Trump lose in Nebraska and Georgia where he has a negative approval currently?

Losing in Nebraska would be a freaking earthquake for the GOP!

He is also underwater in deep red states like Montana, Utah and Alaska.


At the very least if Trump is having to spend time in these red states it is going to look very bad for him.
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