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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2004, 03:49 PM
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John Lewis

I will be able to say that I was lucky enough to be alive @ the same time he was.

A very personal confession .... please don't judge me

Adam Schiff is a lot smarter than I'm and a better speaker too.

No evidence?

Just keep it up. So by repeating that time after time will not make that lie true.

Then he said that Trump wanted to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016 in the Ukraine.
Straight up Russian talking point.

Chairman Nadler There is a vast preponderance of evidence.

Trump is Jesus and the Democrats are worse then Pontius Pilate.

Madeleine Dean of PA

She would make a good President. Smart lady.

Lesko (R Arizona) How did she get the Afghan Dog to sit on her head.

Collins of Georgia as Republican M.C. "Thank youuuu!" (Thank youuu very much) 100% Cheese Ball

Mike Rogers D-Bag Alabama w/a message for the Fox News crowd.

" ... this is nothing more than a democrat, liberal media, and a deep state conspiracy ... "

Where do these yahoos come from?

D speaker .... good points, the law, history, evidence, and morality

R speaker .... made up crap, yelling, Russian talking points, people wanted Trump removed
from the get go (botany = guilty), the will of the voters 2016, lots of twang accents, abuse
of power, and just b.s.

Daily Kos: The New York Times' impeachment coverage devolves into Republican talking points

Firmly adopting Republican spin as the best way to view the House impeachment of Donald Trump, The New York Times in recent days appears to have forfeited much of its news coverage to the GOP. Adopting Republican talking points that impeachment is "a political plus" for Trump; "risky" for Democrats; that the White House’s impeachment war room is humming on all cylinders; Democrats are in danger of devaluing impeachment; and that nobody can really tell which party has the facts on their side, the Times is doing the GOP an incalculable favor by refusing to be aggressively honest with readers about the historic events that are unfolding.


The case of impeachment is even more incendiary because not only are Republicans stuck in obstruction mode, but they've dived headfirst into the swamp of conspiracy and lies and refuse to engage in a public debate on the facts. Remember, Trump has admitted to pressuring the Ukraine government to launch a bogus investigation into Trump's political rival at home, yet Republicans now routinely parade in front of microphones categorically denying Trump ever made any such public admission. Given that behavior, you'd think the dominant media narrative would be about how radical and detached from reality Republicans have become, and what the deep and lasting implications are for our democracy.


Wallowing in Both Sides journalism, the Times recently insisted impeachment is playing out against a backdrop where "conspiracy theories are everywhere and conspiracy theorists are in the White House and Congress." But of course, the Times cannot point to a single "conspiracy theory" at the heart of the Democrats' fact-based impeachment claim against Trump. Indeed, most of the wrongdoings that Democrats claim are things that have happened in plain sight, or have been reported by officials in Trump's own administration. By contrast, the entire so-called Republican impeachment defense is built on a completely debunked lie about how Ukraine worked on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.


With the House poised to impeach President Trump on a mainly party-line vote and Republicans already threatening retribution, fears are mounting that presidential impeachment might, like the filibuster, become a regular feature of America’s weaponized politics, with members of the party out of the White House but in control of the House routinely trying to oust a president they find objectionable.
That's literally a Republican talking point—Democrats are “normalizing” impeachment—which the Times typed up in the form of analysis.


And so Rudy is being paid by the Russians/Vlad through Lev Parnas to help invent dirt on the Bidens

"Trump’s domestic interests are one intended beneficiary of his scheme. The other is Vladimir Putin."

And Trump, Pence, and Pompeo (?) all knew about this little scheme too.


President Trump is facing impeachment primarily for abusing his power for political gain, extorting a foreign country to discredit his political rivals. The secondary aspect of the plot is that the target of his extortion is hardly random. Ukraine is the victim of Russian aggression, and Russia’s continuing incursions into Ukrainian territory is the muscle that gave Trump’s threats leverage. Trump’s domestic interests are one intended beneficiary of his scheme. The other is Vladimir Putin.


Meanwhile, federal prosecutors charged yesterday evening that Lev Parnas, an associate of President Trump who represented him in Ukraine, was wired $1 million from a Russian bank account weeks before his arrest. Which is to say, Trump’s Ukraine plot appears to have been financed by Russia.

Parnas met repeatedly with Trump and his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. Parnas claims Trump pulled him aside at last year’s White House Hanukkah party and personally directed his activities in Ukraine. That allegation remains unproven. What is proven, though, is that Parnas met with Trump numerous times (there are photographs), was Giuliani’s official business partner, and represented himself to Ukrainians as an agent of both Trump and Giuliani.

Rudy has worked as Trump’s lawyer for “free,” but Parnas paid him half a million dollars for his work. If Parnas himself was being paid by Russian sources, this means the Russians were essentially subsidizing Trump, paying for the work themselves so he didn’t have to lay out a dime of his own money.

What did Russia get in return? Quite a bit. Trump attempted to hold up military aid that had been passed by Congress by margins Trump couldn’t block. He has continued to withhold a desperately sought meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky, which the Ukrainian president believed would serve as a signal of American support, and give Ukraine leverage against Russia. Instead, Trump met this week in the White House with Russian foreign minister Sergey V. Lavrov, sending the opposite of the signal Ukraine wanted. Andrew Weiss, a Russia expert at the Carnegie Institute for International Peace, tells the New York Times, “The Russians surely arranged the Lavrov visit to capitalize on all of this and to send a message to the Ukrainians that they’re basically on their own now and need to cut the best deal they can since the U.S. backstop is largely inoperative.”

Trump administration allows pork slaughterhouses to have fewer USDA inspectors

Source: NBC

The Trump administration will allow pork plants to reduce the number of Department of Agriculture line inspectors assigned to them and run their slaughter lines without any speed limit under a new rule intended to modernize an antiquated inspection system. But the changes have alarmed consumer advocates who believe the rule will make food less safe and endanger workers.

The new rule will let factory workers, rather than USDA inspectors, remove unsuitable carcasses and trim defects in plants that opt into the new inspection system. USDA inspectors will still examine the carcasses, but they will be stationed farther down the line, and off-line inspectors will be roaming the factory to conduct other kinds of safety checks.


The USDA says that the rule is the first time in more than 50 years that pork inspections will be modernized, making food safer by focusing inspectors’ attention on more targeted safety checks rather than visual line inspections. The agency estimates that the change will reduce the total number of USDA inspectors at pork plants by 40 percent, saving about $8.7 million a year.


“This rule puts industry profits ahead of public health,” said Thomas Gremillion, director of food policy for the Consumer Federation of America, an advocacy group. He called the rule “a recipe for food safety disaster.”

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/trump-administration-allows-pork-slaughterhouses-have-fewer-usda-inspectors-n1055451

Trump is a Russian asset who is trying to crash America from the inside. If people can't see that
now I just give up.

"Republicans have already decided to protect a lawless President from constitutional accountability.

My 2 cents:

Trump is the biggest crook in American history and the rat fucking of our elections and democracy
by both foreign and domestic players is the biggest crime in American history too. And so if the
Republicans in the Senate want to stand with him in order to protect such unprecedented lawlessness,
un-American actions, and a full on assault of our Constitution fine let 'em and then we will grind them
into dust in the next elections. BTW "they" know their day is coming to look @ all of the Rs that are
retiring. And let's out every single one of those who took Russian money too.

And from NRaleighLiberal post this AM.


Republicans have made their intentions crystal clear. It is an abdication of responsibility not to state this clearly. Republicans have already decided to protect a lawless President from constitutional accountability. They’ve betrayed the constitution and their oaths. This is a point to make consistently over and over and over again. Because it is true.
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