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Member since: Thu Jan 10, 2013, 09:31 AM
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Debbie Wassermann Schultz at it again!

This time against her opponent Tim Canova.
She needs to go. NOW.
I'm sick of her & her political bullshit and cronyism.

I messaged Tim letting him know I cross posted here on DU. He's a nice and genuine guy and I hope he chimes in here. It would be most excellent to have him here on DU!

This is unfair and undemocratic
Last week, I called the Florida Democratic Party to request access to the voter file database and software known as VAN that is routinely used by Democratic candidates across the country.

I was told that our campaign would be denied access to this database because I am running against an incumbent Democrat, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I was also told that any Democratic candidate running against an incumbent Democrat would be denied access — even a lifelong progressive challenging an out-of-touch incumbent.

This is unfair and undemocratic. My opponent already has untold advantages against an insurgent progressive campaign like ours. We are refusing to take corporate money, while she has taken millions of dollars from Wall Street bankers, payday lenders, private prison companies, and other corporate special interests. How much more of an advantage does Wasserman Schultz need to silence the voices of grassroots voters in our district?

This is nothing less than an entrenched establishment throwing up roadblocks against our political revolution. We’ve seen my opponent do this against Bernie’s presidential campaign and other progressive challengers. As head of the DNC, Wasserman Schultz has pushed strategies that suppress voter turnout, all to protect incumbents and establishment politicians. She has routinely defended the party’s use of Superdelegates to block the will of Democratic voters in state after state.
All of this has made our party weaker and more vulnerable against Republicans in general elections, which is so painfully obvious with the Democratic Party’s losses in the midterm elections in the past six years — 13 Senate seats and 69 House seats, the biggest loss of congressional Democrats in modern political history.

Bernie Sanders had to go so far as to sue Wasserman Schultz’s DNC in December to regain access to his own party’s voter database. As we continue to compile alternative voter databases from other sources, rest assured that we will not allow the establishment to weaken our campaign. We will overcome any obstacles and we will fight back.
In solidarity,
Tim Canova

Found in released emails--Bernie to SOS Clinton

On KXL.....
THIS is why I support Bernie! Integrity like a boss!
But....there's nothing in those damn emails. Bwahahahahah!

Tens of thousands to leave Democratic party the day after their primaries in protest

And this is one of the scenarios playing out and illustrates why a Hillary nomination is a perfect storm for Republicans to take back the White House.

Personally I'm not on the #BernieOrBust train but here is a glimpse into what many of us have been saying.


As a protest thousands and thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters are making plans and preparations to say goodbye to the Democratic National Committee. Many have realized that as those who control the party move more and more right away from those who actually vote that it may be time for a revolt within the party itself.

Bernie Sanders calls for a political revolution, and many are now feeling that the establishment is conspiring against them at every turn. Whether it’s Bill Clinton’s election fraud in Massachusetts, or coin flips in Iowa, or rigged debate schedules – the fact is there are many people who just can’t let this race run fair and square and may the best candidate on merit and public opinion win.

My thoughts---
I think a Hillary nomination, should it happen, would spell disaster for Democrats. Yes, she has a lot of supporters but we also need to be honest here. She is ONLY popular among Democratic voters and doesn't have the sway with Indy voters like Bernie or even Trump has. That my friends is now the largest voting block in all of America, the indy voter, at 47% of all voters. The whole mindset & meme of "Vote for Hillary if she's the nominee because otherwise Trump/Cruz" is dead. People won't go for it and they are sick & tired of the lesser of 2 evils.

It is what it is.

Found on twitter; Hillary & The Color Of Money-pic says it all

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