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Member since: Mon Apr 11, 2016, 08:34 PM
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Bernie's stance on Israel, I'm a Hillary voter who agrees with Bernie

I know this cost him with the Jewish vote in New York, but I totally respect his balls to say it. If you look at the facts, it looks like Israel is just making land grabs illegally. Anyone have evidence to refute this? If not, why aren't more politicians speaking up to let Israel know it needs to back up?

If I was a one issue voter this would have swayed me to Bernie. But I'm not.

Btw, this should be appropriate for GDP since it is an issue in the primary.

Do you think Israel is to blame for the violence there?

I have to say, if you just look at the facts, it looks like Israel is just making land grabs illegally. I'm a Hillary supporter, but I kind of agree with Bernie on this issue.

What do you think?

GDP is a lot like the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812

You see, the Paris Treaty had already ended the war, but it took ships months to cross the Pacific and bring the news to New Orleans. Although the battle at New Orleans was very real, it was a battle that was unnecessary, causing destruction and death, simply because they didn't realize the war was already over.

The only GDP thread you ever need to open

All threads in GDP contain the following information, so if you're wondering what's the latest in GDP, see this thread for the next couple of months.

Bernie supporters:

Hillary is bought and paid for.
She is no different than a republican.
She rigged the election.
Half the Hillary people here are paid by Brock.
Sanders can still win.
Hillary is a warmonger, the facts prove it.
Hillary will be indicted any day now, and hopefully it will happen for the good of America.
The establishment always planned to coronate Hillary, the results of the primary and the rigged elections prove it.
Her transcripts probably reveal she is getting rich being Wall Street's puppet.
Hillary voters are definitely low information voters.
Trump will beat Hillary and Hillary supporters will be to blame for it all.
Skinner shouldn't call it until it's really over.

Hillary supporters:

Sanders isn't really a democrat.
The election is over if you understand math.
The indictment fairy was all dreamed up by republicans, and sore loser BS supporters now believe it because it's their last chance.
Hillary's policy ideas were never that different from Bernie's.
BS supporters don't realize that writing in Sanders helps destroy our first chance in decades to take the Supreme Court.
BS supporters heard it somewhere that Hillary is a warmonger and swallowed that line because researching the facts is too hard.
Hillary is winning because she is getting more votes.
You can take Wall Street's money and still kick their ass.
Big business, while well regulated, is a vital element of any economy.
Hillary wants to fix the wealth gap, too.
Bernie supporters are definitely low information voters.
Bernie really never had an understanding of how he would implement his big ideas.
Bernie blew his chances by showing his temperament can't allow anyone to be on his lawn at anytime.
Skinner should call it already

Clock is ticking Bernie supporters

Those who are clear thinking democrats will know Hillary is our nominee and shift support. Those who have gone off the cliff... Meltdown this time tomorrow.

Bernie to supporters: enough with Hillary's emails

Bernie made it very clear that Hillary's emails are a ridiculous distraction that no one cares about, or should care about, and that the differences between them are minor in comparison to how they both differ from republicans.

That was until Bernie started to lose. Then he showed that emotion can easily get the better of him, a bad sign for anyone seeking one of the most stressful jobs in the world.

When faced with defeat in New York, Bernie abandoned his sense of reason and clarity of mind, in order to win at all costs.

Hillary immediately became a hideous monster that must be defeated even if it means taking away the will of the people by swaying superdelegates, regardless of who earned more votes from the people.

This goes beyond any sour grapes Hillary displayed in 08.

This is what led Paul Song to take his cue from Bernie and go nuclear. This is why some supporters of his are here proclaiming a desire to vote for a non-democrat: because their leader abandoned his role as the clear headed revolutionary and gave the ok for everyone to let emotion call the shots.

If Republicans win, it's back to the horrors of the Bush economy, of religion dictating science policy (remember stem cells?), another 50 years of GOP control of the Supreme Court. For starters.

This is what the sour grapes are saying they would prefer.

Tomorrow this thing will be even more over than it already is. But the truth won't matter. After all, we are humans. And humans like winning, and don't mind flipping over a few board games when the loss is imminent in order to avoid the onset of the emotions of defeat.

The Hillary/Bernie "debating" is becoming comical. Welcome to the Itchy and Scratchy show


Bernie supporters currently in stage one and two in the 5 stages of grief

As you can see the forums are flooded with angry Bernie supporters who apparently are starting to realize the math, so I thought this would be a good time to list the famous 5 stages of grief:

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Many are still in stage one (Bernie will win!), more are already in stage 2 (Hillary and her supporters are the devil!, and Bernie or bust!), Jeff Weaver knows the math so he has skipped to stage 3 (the superdelegates will ignore the votes of the people and give it to Bernie!)...

I suspect after Hillary wins NY, which the polls still show she will, Bernie supporters will all move up one stage.

Some will never reach stage 5. But most will remember what they used to know (and fairly, many never forgot): that the republicans are the greatest danger to us all. They will remember the many long lines of the jobless in Bush's aftermath, they will remember the Supreme Court is within our grasp for the first time in ages, they will remember that the republicans ARE the protectors of the wealth gap, they will remember that the real enemy is whatever slithers out of the RNC convention with the nomination. When they see that thing, they'll remember that Bernie and Hillary were always on the same side.

Watching the angry Bernie people's denial of the math is a little sad

It reminds me a little of 08 when Hillary kept thinking she could defeat math. And that was actually a closer race than this one. When I see the angry vitriol against Hillary I also imagine the moment they realize math is real and more people have voted for Hillary. Those new to politics haven't ridden this ride yet. They'll learn what it's all about very soon.
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