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Member since: Thu Aug 11, 2016, 03:03 PM
Number of posts: 3,211

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I was sick over the weekend and had a strange and horrible nightmare

The election was Biden vs Trump and for some odd reason Jane Sanders, who was running as an independent. And he won again. Trump got reelected. In the dream I was cussing out and yelling at certain members in my family who voted for him.

But you know they say you dream about your fears. I am truly terrified he will win again.

Realisticly, what's going to happen?

Even if the house does impeach. Does anyone really believe even just one Republican will turn on their party? I don't

Joseph Maguire's eyes.

Is he really exhausted? Allergies? It really looks like he's been crying. Does he always look like that?

Who are Iran's allies?

Right now - Active shooter in Downtown Dallas. Suspect in custody. No reports of fatalities.

I think he was just standing outside and shot AT the building. He saw him using a rifle and wearing body armor.

The bomb squad is out searching two separate locations right now.


If Barr is held in contemp, what will be the consequences?

Large protest in Fort Worth right now, following police shooting earlier today

Hundreds of people on the streets in Fort Worth, Stop Six Area right now.


I've been following this on social media for the last several hours. Lots of video from witnesses and bystanders, little from local news.

There was a police shooting earlier today. Witnesses are saying it was a 15 year old black male. Police are saying it's not a juvenile, but the victim hasn't been identified yet. Here is a Video of the incident:


Another video of the protest to show how massive the crowd is. This person left, but the protests are still going on right now. There are hundreds of people out there right now.


So, I watched FOX's live feed and of the Pelosi/Schumer press conference. And I read the comments.

OMG, these people are just as hateful and as blind as ever. One comment after another of just pure vitriol against the democratic leaders and tons of love for Trump.

This is going to be an uphill battle.

Abortions now, birth control next.

Don't think it will happen? Look at the hobby lobby decision. Next Republicans will try to limit access to birth control because they think it kills babies.

What comes after that? Women lose their rights to vote? To work?

I live in a Red State. I'm scared.

Will Congress hold Barr in contempt of congress? (Questions)

1 - How do they do that?
2 - What would be the consequences?
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