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Gender: Male
Hometown: Poulsbo WA
Home country: United States
Current location: Poulsbo
Member since: Sun Aug 26, 2018, 12:47 PM
Number of posts: 1,788

Journal Archives

Our local TeeVee news was talking about the rallies/protests over the abortion ban....

... and was using the term "pro-abortion" to describe them.
We have a Sinclair station in Seattle, but this one is a normal one.
I was there, and I saw ZERO "pro-abortion" signs... just pro-choice ones.

When the fuck did "pro-choice" become "pro-abortion"?

It wasn't just one reporter. The anchor said the same thing.

How are we supposed to frame the narrative when the media ignores the real message and makes up their own?

trump's financials...

I ran into this old article .. from a year ago... talking about a Federal court ordering trump to release his financial records while president to Congress.
I can find nothing more.
Anybody know if those records were ever released? Or is the Mango Menace simply ignoring the courts. Again.

"... trump's accounting firm must give Congress his tax and other financial records from his time in the White House, and for a longer period about his lease of a government-owned building for a hotel, a judge ruled on Wednesday in a long-running legal fight over a House subpoena."

What's the difference between the Taliban and Christian Conservatives?

Well... like the real estate salespersons always say....


Anti-abortion zealots... including Alito... point out that nowhere in the Constitution ...

... is the right to an abortion mentioned.

That's true.

What they don't deal with is this fact:
Nowhere in the Constitution is it written that zygotes, embryos, and fetuses are human beings with the rights of citizens.
The Constitution - as it was written in 1787 - omitted any rights for women, and counted black people as 3/5ths of a human being.
Alito's leaked opinion shows how dogma can overrule a lot of legal education... and sound reasoning, too.

What's the latest on the Admiral Makarov?.... Haven't seen anything in the last couple of days. nt

Anybody see any problems with the authorities if I "gift" the SCOTUS with these??

$8... and free delivery.

Guns... making it safe to shop again. Or not....

Looks like a "good guy with a gun" was gonna stop the crime of the century.... shoplifting. By shooting somebody.
The shooter wasn't a store employee, and the guy wasn't shoplifting.


This happened at a Safeway store in the least-likely town to have gun violence...
a rich bedroom town near Seattle/Tacoma... $54K per capita income...average home price $840K. NOT a ghetto..

"A suspect is in custody after he allegedly shot a man he believed was shoplifting at a Gig Harbor grocery store on Saturday night.
Gig Harbor police responded to reports of a shooting at a grocery store on the 4800 block of Point Fosdick Drive around 11:20 p.m. Saturday. When officers arrived, they found a 40-year-old man suffering from an injury to the neck. He was conscious and alert, according to the Gig Harbor Police Department."


On NPR today...

I heard a piece about a guy who made up an NFT years ago... without knowing it... and then years later... now...made a whole shitload of money, even though he got conned out of millions.
Did anybody catch that segment?
I was driving in heavy traffic, so I caught the gist, but not the details.
I've searched NPR... no luck.
If anybody caught that, can you tell me some more info so I can track it down?
If I find it, I'll post it.

I dunno whether this is Lounge material or not, but there is certainly a message here...

I think that "Outhouse Diving Challenge" could become the new "Tide Pod Challenge"...

"Emergency responders from the Brinnon Fire Department and Quilcene Fire Rescue were called to the north viewpoint after a California woman fell into a vault toilet while trying to retrieve a cellphone she had dropped.
The woman had been visiting the destination viewpoint in the Olympic National Forest while exploring spots along US Highway 101.
Brinnon Fire Chief Tim Manly said the tourist, a woman in her 40s, dropped her phone while using the facilities.
She then took the toilet apart, removing the seat and its casing, in an attempt to get at the phone.
She couldn't get close enough to grab the phone, however.
The woman had several small dogs with her, so she tried to use the dog leashes to fish out her phone.
When that didn't work, she then took the leashes and tied them together in an attempt to create a safety harness so she could reach down deeper into the toilet for her phone, Manly said.
Instead, she dropped about 8 feet to the bottom of the outhouse pit.
"She tried to tie herself off so she wouldn't fall in. You see how that worked," the chief said.
"She fell in head first, covered from head to toe," Manly said.
For 20 minutes or so, she tried to climb out, without success.
"She could reach the top with her fingertips, but she wasn't strong enough to pull herself out," Manly said.
The woman then used her cell phone to call 911.
Four firefighters/EMTs from Rescue 41 from the Brinnon Fire Department and Aid 21 from Quilcene Fire & Rescue responded to the mountaintop.
Unable to reach the woman, the crew passed down pieces of wood cribbing to the woman so she could make a platform to stand on. Emergency crews then put webbing around the woman and pulled her out.
A hose line was attached to Rescue 41 and the tourist was gently hosed down.
Manly said she was given a Tyvek suit to wear.
The woman did not want to be taken to the hospital, Manly said, despite being strongly encouraged to seek medical attention and being warned of her exposure to human waste.
"She just basically wanted to get in her car and leave," he said.
It was her decision to make, the chief added.
The rescue went quickly, Manly said, and the woman was grateful for the help. Manly said the woman was extremely fortunate not to be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury."


MAC desktop disappeared....WTF

I just upgraded to Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1
And after all the restart stuff and login, I got my dock back with the windows open that were there before.

One small problem... MY WHOLE FUCKING DESKTOP is empty.
I had lots of files.

I can still find them using Finder, and I can move them onto the desktop, but that's gonna be a lot of work.

Did I screw up? Is there a shortcut to getting the files back onto the desktop without doing them a few at a time?

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