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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 03:26 PM
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It's a BFD that Trump Org and not Trump himself is getting indicted today

Lots of folk are disappointed that today's indictment is going after the Trump business and not Trump personally, believing that this is somehow letting Trump off the hook. But that's not the case. And, in fact, this is an even bigger deal than targeting Trump himself right now, for a couple of reasons.

First, the Trump Org IS Trump. There is no light nor air between him and his business. As some observers have pointed out over the years, the Trump companies aren't some large conglomerates with tentacles everywhere and complex layers of management and staff. This is a pretty rinky dink operation consisting of just a handful of people - Trump, his grifter kids and a few hangers on. They operate out of offices on one floor of Trump tower that look more like the back of store than an international business concern, people shouting at each other down the hall and wandering in and out of each other's offices.

Going after Trump companies IS going after Trump.

Moreover, given how raggedy this organization seems to operate, it's unlikely that they took the correct steps to insulate Trump and his team from liability for their actions done in the name of the company. it probably won't be long before the prosecutors and court "pierce the corporate veil" that would normally protect individual corporate owners from personal liability.

In addition, this case is going to cause as much trouble, angst, and suck up as much time and money as any prosecution against him personally - probably more, because he won't be able to get away with the games he plays when fighting personal battles.

Also, Trump's entire ego and brand are wrapped up in his business. He's gotten very good at making any attempts to go after him personally as a witchhunt, done for political purposes and because he's such a untouchably brilliant businessman, that's all they've got, supposedly. This indictment is going to put a lie to all of that. He's not only going to be publicly exposed as a fraud (indeed, the case apparently is based on fraud), but the world will see what a hot mess his business actually is.

AND the best part is that this isn't over. While he's fighting to protect his company, prosecutors are still laying the groundwork to prosecute him individually. And the mess they expose in the corporate case will only make it harder for him. So he's got his hands completely full and when they come after Trump personally, he'll have an even bigger fight on his hands.

This is going to be good ...
Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 1, 2021, 08:56 AM (143 replies)

UNC board FINALLY approves tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones

It shouldn't always be this hard to get what we work for and deserve. It's just exhausting.

Trustees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill voted Wednesday to grant tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones, after weeks of controversy over why the university chose to hire the award-winning journalist as a professor without that level of job protection.

The board’s 9 to 4 vote in favor of tenure came after a lengthy closed-session meeting on the final day of the terms of several members of the board of trustees of the public university. It also came a day before Hannah-Jones had originally been set to start working for UNC.

The decision to award tenure to Hannah-Jones could defuse what had become an extraordinary showdown over the academic appointment and the degree of influence of politicians and donors in faculty affairs. A decision to deny tenure could have plunged Chapel Hill into deeper acrimony and infuriated faculty who see the case as a test of equity for Black women in academia.

Hannah-Jones is best known for conceiving the 1619 Project for the New York Times, an initiative to reexamine American history and the consequences of slavery from the year enslaved African people arrived in colonial Virginia.

Last year Hannah-Jones won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary for the essay she wrote for the project. She has won numerous other professional honors, including a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant. She holds a master’s degree from the UNC journalism school and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Jun 30, 2021, 06:28 PM (10 replies)

You're right

Because people killing each other isn't news. And when they do, they usually are immediately arrested, charged, tried and convicted. In other words, the system more often than not works to punish the perpetrators and mete out some measure of justice for the victims.

But when agents of that same system, agents with the guns and the badges, kill innocent people - and disproportionately target people of certain races while not similarly targeting people of one particular race - and the system and society circle the wagons to protect them from punishment and deny the victims any measure of justice, it is necessary for people who care about fairness and justice to raise our voices loud and strong and, when necessary, take to the streets to draw attention to the wrong so that the system that works so well when it comes to charging and incarcerating particular people when THEY commit crimes can maybe find its way to at least making an effort at holding those agents accountable.

I assume that's what you were talking about ... But since there's not much to say after reading this report other than "That's a damned shame. We need to continue finding out why this is happening and communities and work on solutions for preventing it," I'm not sure why you felt the need to tacitly suggest that there is something wrong with people reacting to person-on-person crime differently than they react to state-sponsored and societally-protected extra-judicial killings of American citizens.

Unless you were hoping for a different kind of response - the kind that right wingers like to give as a tactic to divert attention from the situation I explained above - I'm not sure why you would think it odd that certain other types of details would result in a different response since those details would certainly MERIT a different response.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jun 29, 2021, 08:39 AM (1 replies)

"They believe they're not wrong so they can't be racist" - WHOOP! There it is!

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun Jun 27, 2021, 10:23 AM (22 replies)

An excellent way to explain systemic racism

Any questions?

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sun Jun 27, 2021, 12:15 AM (16 replies)

I have a question about the Miami condo collapse

I know nothing about structural engineering or building collapses, so I'm hoping any experts here can help me with something I'm wondering about ...

Why haven't more bodies been found at this point? It seems to me that a building of this size would have had lots of occupants on the side of the building that collapsed, but they don't seem to be finding many bodies, despite the number of unaccounted for people.

Is it that in a building collapse of this type, casualties are very far under the rubble and there's no way to get to them quickly? Or perhaps many of those condos were actually unoccupied? Or could there be a other explanation?

(I certainly don't want there to be a lot of casualties and I'm hoping that maybe they're weren't as many people in the building as we think) ...

It just doesn't make sense to me - But as with most things that don't make sense to me, I assume there's likely a very reasonable explanation that I just don't know yet.

Thanks in advance for any expert assessment.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Jun 26, 2021, 04:33 PM (26 replies)

Dayum! Tiffany Cross "snatched out the remaining strains of Bill Maher's hair"

Watch the whole thing. It is a Master Class in setting someone's ass straight.

Posted by StarfishSaver | Sat Jun 26, 2021, 01:45 PM (67 replies)

The architect of the attack on Critical Race Theory said the quiet part loud

Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jun 24, 2021, 08:49 AM (15 replies)

Jeff Tiedrich has a message about Critical Race Theory


pro tip: if your definition of critical race theory includes the words 'marxism,' 'socialism,' 'woke' or 'cancel,' you are an unserious idiot who needs to sit the f*ck down
Posted by StarfishSaver | Wed Jun 23, 2021, 12:18 PM (33 replies)

Chris Jones is amazing, but also an example of continuing bias against Black candidates

The fact that a man of his talent, experience, background and - well, everything - will be expected to run against the likes of Sarah Huckabee and will likely be treated with less respect and consideration is a perfect example of the uphill battle people of color have, not just in politics, but in many other areas of our society.

For example, look at this NBC Headline:

Chris Jones, a nuclear engineer and political newcomer, enters Arkansas governor's race

Candidates like Jones could ride a recent wave of people of color with limited political experience running for and getting elected to higher office.


So, Jones represents "a recent wave of people of color with limited political experience"? Seriously? This man is running against a woman whose only claim to fame is nepotism and lying - who has never run for or held political office whose only political experience was running her father's campaign, and whose only government job was standing at a White House podium and lying and attacking the press and her boss' adversaries.

And yet it is JONES who is characterized as having "limited political experience" - something that NBC suggests is unique to people of color. Because there hasn't been a recent wave of white people with limited political experience running for and getting elected to higher office.

This race is going to be very interesting

Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jun 22, 2021, 06:22 PM (45 replies)
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