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Amimnoch's Journal
Amimnoch's Journal
February 17, 2020

Things you actually LIKE about the candidate you oppose the MOST.

I was thinking this morning about how toxic things have gotten (Yes, I do know I've been part of it). One thing we all agree on is getting Tramp out of office. So, I was thinking, maybe to diffuse a bit of the toxicity.. maybe a thread where people can post something('s) that the actually "LIKE" (positive things please, no snarky bullshit like "I like that he's/she's going to lose). So here goes. Also, I don't think this needs saying, but this is about things you like about the Democratic Party candidate that you oppose the most.

The one I oppose the most is Bernie Sanders, but
I like his positions on most issues. I think they are ambitious and extremely humane. This is admirable.
I do like that he's extremely consistent.
I do like that he energizes significant numbers of people that don't traditionally vote.
I do like that his energy is having a leftward movement effect on our party.
I do actually get some enjoyment from that "grumpy grandpa" persona he runs with.

February 16, 2020

Would you encourage voting for a "strong" or "weak" opponent?

"This is an opportunity for us to support President Trump. We can't vote for him in primary this year so we can help him by participating in the Democrat Primary and voting for the candidate we feel is least electable and is also creating a lot of dissension between The Democratic Party and the Democrat voters,” said Shea.

Leupp said that he believes that the state's large Republican voter base could make the difference in the primary. To his point, in 2016 roughly 740,000 people voted in the state's GOP presidential primary, while only 370,000 voted in the Democratic version.
“I think we can easily affect the outcome,” Leupp told the paper. “This is going to catch on like wildfire.”

Republicans like their chances of keeping the Senate in 2020. But there’s one thing they think would all but seal the deal: Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee.
Some GOP incumbents are practically cheering him on, confident there’s no way a self-described democratic socialist could win a general election against President Donald Trump and that he’d drag other Democrats on the ballot with him.

“It would be good for us to have a nominee like that,” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), who is up for reelection next year and sounded downright giddy about the prospect of Sanders representing Democrats at the top of the ticket.

If you were encouraging your supporters to vote for someone in the opposing party in a Primary. Would you:
February 16, 2020

Bloomberg Flunks the Wokeness Test


Stop-and-frisk was awful. But to disqualify the former New York mayor from the presidency on that basis is to risk something more destructive: a second term for Trump.

Yet black America needs Bloomberg neither to have had a perfect past on race nor to “get it” 100 percent today—and neither does the rest of America. What black Americans want by overwhelming margins is for a moral and intelligent candidate to replace Donald Trump, and fetishizing wokeness above all other concerns may be antithetical to that paramount goal.

Bloomberg, a billionaire who was first elected mayor in 2001 and served for a dozen years, arguably has a better chance of ousting Trump than does Bernie Sanders, a growly 78-year-old man of socialist label who recently had a heart attack. If only because of his bankroll, Bloomberg could easily outshine Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar as well. What rationality could there be in allowing grievances over stop-and-frisk to ease Trump’s quest for a second term? Who is afraid, for example, that Bloomberg would try to reimpose unduly punitive policies like that on black people now?

Bottom line:

Bernie is systematically attacking all the candidates that dare to challenge his manifest destiny, Trump not so much.

Other candidates have gone defensive and counterattacking Bernie's people, diverting them from the real focus.. Trump.

Bloomberg is ignoring all this bullshit and unloading in Trump in the very way that Trump needs to be attacked.

I welcome all to stop the attacks on each other, and go after the common and major threat.

Bloomberg 2020


ANY Democratic Party candidate BUT Bernie 2020.
February 13, 2020

Bloomberg it is!

Time to switch, and all of the drummed up attack bullshit right here on DU is what drove me to switch.

Bloomberg is the ONLY candidate that is 100% focused on attacking trump.

I have no more time for candidates or their surrogates either in their campaigns or here that waste time, energy and toxic division on attacking each other.

When the others get their heads out of their collective asses and start focusing 100% on the removal of trump, they'll be worth my support consideration again.

Trump's the target. Bloombergs the one focused on that Target. I'm with Bloomberg.

February 12, 2020

edited out.

Made you look

But admit.. if you're in for one of these 2, you shouted out "Yeeeessssss!" if not you shouted "fuuuuuuuuck!"

I still hate that we're having such a contested primary during an incumbent year with a strong economy, but damn do we have one INCREDIBLE field of WONDERFUL candidates overall.

On edit: I've always believed that the offended always has the right to determine what is and isn't offensive humor. My attempt was to make a light hearted amusement. So removing the title.
February 11, 2020

Bernie's good peoples booing Hillary Clinton at at the rally last night.

So deserving of our support.. not.


Cynthia Nixon took a stand during Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) rally in Durham, New Hampshire, on Monday night after the audience booed the mention of 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s name.

Good for Nixon though! He might be worth supporting is more of his base had that kind of class.
February 5, 2020

Wow. Buttigieg makes my heart hurt with joy.

Man, the last couple of days have been a rollercoaster of emotions. Born in the very early 70's, and coming of age and developing in the 80's in the rural southern community of Breaux Bridge (pronounced "bro&quot , Louisiana.. I remember the bitter, depressed, sometimes suicidal, angry, self-loathing teenager that was me.. One that shamefully held close those feelings inside me.. those feelings that made me a "pervert", a "sinner", "disgusting".. feelings that made me into a less than human creature whose descriptors were all used as the most vile of insults that could be hurled at people you disliked.

I so wish I could go back in time and tell that tortured youth that.. it's going to be alright. That in his lifetime he will see his sexuality grow to be accepted. That the act of sex itself will soon no longer be a crime. That HIV isn't and will stop being viewed by the majority as just punishment from god. That serving openly and honorable in the military will become reality. That within his very own lifetime gay marriage would be legalized. and that someday an openly gay, legally married man, a veteran that actually served openly and honorably, would run for president for one of the 2 major parties, and actually come out in the first contest on or extremely near the top!!!...

Even if Mayor Pete Buttigieg doesn't go any further, this IS an incredible victory soooo worth much celebration! even if it was only 62% reporting yesterday, and now just a bit more.. This matters, and it is beautiful to behold.


The way I feel!

February 3, 2020

A step back in time to see what we are fighting for.

As we open a new primary season today in Iowa, I decided to take a stroll back down nightmare lane. I found it to be a very sobering reminder on why we absolutely 100% MUST reclaim the presidency.


WE have got to get our collective heads out of our asses, get behind a candidate and get him the fuck out of there.

Strolling through those god awful post-mortem threads, and remembering how i felt after that election... sobering reminder for me of where the focus must be.

I don't know about you, but I sure as fuck don't want to be going through that period again... this time knowing 100% exactly what lies ahead..

It was kind of funny how some of those threads tried to rationalize how it may not be so bad.. I think we know better now.

February 3, 2020

Best of luck to our field of great candidates today!

Best of luck to Biden/Warren/Buttigieg/Klobuchar/Bloomberg/Steyer/Bennet/Patrick/Delaney & Gabbard!!!

No matter how it comes out, may this be the beginning of the road to end this slide into fascism under 45!!!

January 30, 2020

How sad is it when your own long time co-workers just don't feel the bern?

I mean really, what does it say about a candidate that can't even pull his own co-workers into his court for support of his campaign run??

Bernie has 1x senate endorsement, his co-senator from Vermont. Next President Biden, just going into the primaries already has 5 of Bernie's co-workers in the Senate endorsing him.

How about the House of Representatives? His cohorts in the other chamber? Bernie has 7 that thinks he's worth supporting, Biden has 39.. in both chambers of Congress Biden has at least 5 times as many endorsements as Bernie.

Tell me again, how someone who's spent almost his entire adult life as a Representative, or Senator in our Congress, and can't even get these long-time co-workers to get behind his candidacy is in any way shape or form going to be able to use the Presidency to get such a lofty and high-aiming agenda passed in any form??

His co-workers don't want him, why should we?

Biden 2020!

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