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Member since: Tue Jun 2, 2020, 07:59 PM
Number of posts: 201

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Parler switched domain name registrars

They used to use Dreamhost, now they are with https://www.epik.com/. Site still down though. I guess they are still looking for a new server.

Trump surely knew some of his mob were armed

.. or likely would be armed.

This may seem obvious, but I had not really seen this spelled out elsewhere, and felt the need to share. Feel free to say 'well duh'

I think T**** thinks he is smart enough to avoid serious trouble by avoiding directly saying 'go shoot so-and-so or go take hostages'. But he is on Parler, and even without that he surely was aware of the plans for an attack on the Capitol, as he was inciting his mob.

shorts fired in Capitol

Source: PBS / Judy Woodruff


Read more: Link to source

Republicans believing in invisible things

A greater share of Republicans are religious i.e. believe in invisible things (compared with the left) so why do they have such a hard time believing Covid is real and deadly, or that the earth is round?

Trump / Fargo arrest scene

For months I have had the Fargo arrest scene in my head, comparing it to how I think Trump will be dragged out of the White House.

Anecdotal observations of in-person voting? I've seen lines in Herndon

.. every day for weeks now. I am curious what others have been seeing. I can hardly imagine any Republicans except the Trump cultists and the super-greedy are SO excited that they turn out in droves to vote in person like this. I think it bodes well for Tuesday - fingers crossed.

Chris Hayes just now


I think he captures this crisis and inflection point excellently here.

I don't believe a word the COVID President says.

Let's see if he actually develops symptoms.
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