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skip fox

skip fox's Journal
skip fox's Journal
May 31, 2013

Flare high the famous flames of Friday! Come CAPTION Fox's Erick Erickson!!!

Erick ("I think I need a second lobotomy" ) Erickson is saying: "That's right, Lou, but it'll be even worse than that. . . . The families themselves will begin to break apart when the women breadwinners start making their male 'partners' (they won't call them 'husbands' any more) do all the menial chores and wear pretty clothes while the women are around, and they'll make them become vegetarians and eat tofu so they grow breasts ('manoobs' they call them), while their kids . . . oops, I mean 'clients,' . . . will be thrust into massive gender-blending educational training centers. . . . Well, Lou, you get the drift. . . . The family is D.O.A. . . . That means 'dead on arrival.'"


Here's a Media Matters link to the real story:

May 30, 2013

"Sarah Palin is my favorite philosopher after Jesus Christ." Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

Michele ("This is your egg on drugs&quot Bachmann is saying: "But even more than running for President, Sean, I'm proud of the bills I wrote from the We're Packing Bill that allows conceal carry weapons on White House Tours to the Fairness for Americans Act that would make it illegal for foreigners to call us foreign when we're visiting their country. . . . It's a shame that the Democrats had to show their disdain once again for common sense by voting them down."
May 28, 2013

Too much potato salad and beer? Too many burgers and games? Come CAPTION this Fox News Defecator!!!!

Frank, fecal stew, Gaffney is saying, "Well, Martha, I don't blame you for not getting it, since it was all in code. . . . In Obama's last three public speeches, in fact, he has referred to different sura, or chapters, of the Koran as well as verses to tell the Islamic Extremists that we will offer only token resistance to their current series of jihads, or death struggles, until they have taken over our entire way of life including our government, our laws, our religion, and our sense of Western decency. . . . The codes are very clever but real as death warrants. . . . It's the greatest story of the past two weeks and could change the course of American history!!! . . . But do you think any of the lame-stream media are carrying this???? . . . They won't even return my calls anymore. . . . Your viewers must wonder why they can only hear this on Fox!"


Here's the media Matters link to the actual story:

May 24, 2013

Freshest festivity for a fickle Friday? Please come CAPTION Michele Bachmann!!!

Michele, pray-the-mind-away, Bachmann is saying: "A lot of progressives and liberals aren't going to believe this, but God sent me an e-mail the day after my bill to repeal Obamacare passed the House. . . . It was a picture of him doing a high-five with me!!! Little old me! . . . WOW!, I thought, but when I went to save it, it was gone. . . . He sure does act in mysterious ways!!!"
May 21, 2013

"A bunch Oklahoma whiners!" Please come CAPTION Ayn Rand!!!

Ayn, "A heart is for suckers," Rand just finished saying, "Who cares? They're inconsequential people. . . . Why do you think they live in Oklahoma!"
May 20, 2013

"A little starvation will do us good." Please come CAPTION this rethug:


Rep. Stephen Fincher (R., Tennessee) is saying: "Look! A little starvation can be a good thing. . . . The example of a couple well-placed piles of corpses on the outskirts of cities will make a many of our fellow citizens consider taking menial jobs, and so we won't need so many immigrants to pick our crops. . . . More people will volunteer as subjects for human experiments and this will be a benefit to science. . . . We can change food kitchens into local clinics and thus make the the survivors healthier. And it will probably shorten the lines at K-Mart and Goodwill. . . . It's 'Win, Win' as they say."


Here's the real story:

May 19, 2013

"You gotta handle? I've gotta scandal!" Please come CAPTION Darrell Issa (aka Wheels)!!

Hot Wire is saying: "Listen, Chris, if it brings a smile to just one child's face, if a single retiree gets a welcome handshake, if only one lonesome dog is able to find a new home, then I know my work will not have been in vain!"
May 16, 2013

Unchain your inner Cheney. Please come CAPTION the fat dick!!!!

Dick, never-too-early-to-lie, Cheney is saying, "Our invasion of Iraq on mistaken information is not even close to the errors (the downright criminality!) of this White House as concerns Benghazi for one good very good and obvious reason: we weren't wrong about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!!!! . . . It's obvious that before we invaded, Hussein moved a majority of the country's WMD's into Syria and dismantled the rest, covering up all evidence. . . . Imagine if we wouldn't have invaded! . . . We still be sitting in bomb shelters eating dried food waiting for the radiation level to return to livable levels! . . . Our invasion SAVED our country, . . . and now Obama is trying to bring this nation down single-handedly by covering up the Benghazi terrorist attack! . . . Can you imagine the gall!?!?!?"
May 15, 2013

Darrell Issa: "I'm not making any charges." Please come CAPTION the felonious twerp!!!

"No, of course not. I'm not pointing any fingers. . . . I am not saying, for instance, that Romney would have won the election if Obama and his crew of adviser-thugs hadn't squelched the Benghazi story, though there is every reason to suppose that's the case which means, then, that Obama stole the election by manipulating the news on this issue, and that is, of course, an impeachable offense, . . . But I'm not saying that. . . . I just want to get to the bottom of this."

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