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CorporatistNation's Journal
CorporatistNation's Journal
February 7, 2016

Typical Chuck Todd, Pump Hillary... Where Was The Follow Up On The Transcripts?

He lobs fat soft balls at Hillary... Gives her decidedly 30% more TIME than Bernie and then goes after Bernie in an aggressive fashion... Bernie held him off, but the paradigm to pump Hillary and and attempt to derail Bernie...

No follow up on the transcripts from Chuck... Not surprising! Hillary is "paid" by Wall Street NOT to change anything, but rater to keep things as they are... To maintain the Status Quo...
Because the Status Quo is what allows the Lloyd Blankfeins of the world to do what they do to US.

The same goes especially for Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews who complete what is...
essentially the MSNBC Clinton Campaign Team!

The Mainstream Media is a vital component to preserving "The Corporatist Nation."
February 6, 2016

Hillary To Bernie, "You Smear Me When You Tell The Truth!"

An interesting question came up about whether Hillary would be willing to share transcripts of all her speeches before the big money boys. She said she’d look into it. If she’s the “progressive” she claims to be, she should be willing to share those transcripts immediately as a matter of public record. Something tells me we either won’t see these transcripts, or they’ll be released months from now, after the primary race is decided. SNIP

But back to the “smear” campaign. Obviously, Hillary and her team are hoping the media will focus on the smoke and mirrors generated by that loaded term, while neglecting the reality of Bernie’s truth-telling. Given the craven nature of the mainstream media, her cynical gambit may even work.

When the big money boys give millions to candidates, any candidate, they’re not usually so blatant (or stupid) as to be buying votes. They’re not going to get caught telling a candidate, vote yes on this, no on that. What they’re buying is access. They’re gaining the candidate’s ear. They want to be the last “person” to whisper in the candidate’s ear before she or he makes a decision. SNIP

If THAT is the kind of candidate that you as a voter thinks that we need... You've got your _______________!
February 5, 2016

Secretary Clinton, It IS Really Easy.. RELEASE THE DAMN TRANSCRIPTS!

Who is in charge Madam Secretary? You or the Wall Street cronies, Moguls and Hedge Fund Managers to whom you were speaking?

We, The American People... have been patient....

Bernie Sanders has been exceedingly ... patient...

You are determined to be President... (Bucket List?)


February 5, 2016

"I'm Not Sure What The Status Is... I'll Have To Look Into It..." Now, Let Me Just Change The...


Where was Chuck's follow up for the YES or NO answer on THE TRANSCRIPTS????? Chuck followed up on the foreign policy stuff with Bernie later... But let Hillary bullshit and sliiiiiddde on releasing the transcripts....

"I don't know what the status is..." BULLSHIT! OK Hillary... Well America wants an ANSWER ON THE STATUS OF THE TRANSCRIPTS!

WHO is in control of the effing transcripts if NOT Hillary herself????

February 4, 2016

Tonight's Forum: Bernie Cogent, Specific, Genial.. Hillary General Mostly Blathering Off The Cuff


Hillary looked generally unprepared... Lots of thinking/conniving while talking... making shit up... (You can tell the wheels are turning when she is looking down while talking.) Hillary, "90% of my contributors are small donors..." Opps Hillary... Another FIB! See Below...


Clinton, the former secretary of state and senator, relied on small donors for only 19 percent of her primary haul, though her campaign has emphasized its small donor outreach efforts. SNIP

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-donors-218569#ixzz3zAfPUu7x

I wonder where the convenient Rabbi came from...? Hmmm? I smell a "set up" here.

Anyone think that maybe Hillary was watching Bernie do his 45 minutes before she took her turn?

On the other hand, Bernie was spectacular in how well he interacted with the audience. Bernie answered questions with specific answers. A very "clean" and mature performance by Bernie tonight. I cannot wait for the DEBATE tomorrow! Hillary will not be able to get away with uncontested BS tomorrow. No more O'Malley to step between them or save her... Especially from herself.
February 3, 2016

Listen To Hillary ...FLIP FLOP In Record 3 DAYS On Universal Health Care Just Last Week!!!

HOW can anyone possibly put ANY Credibility or Trust... in ANYTHING... Hillary says?

February 2, 2016

The Fair Thing To Do Is... Throw OUT The Coin Toss Business... It is Too Close For That Kind of

Nonsense! Count the raw vote and PUBLICIZE IT AS WELL!

Absolutely a TIE by ANY Stretch and Hillary Does NOT want to accept it. Hillary IS in Acute Denial!!!!

In ANY event, Bernie WON the hearts of people across America for the way he handled himself vs his opponent...

Who was characterized as... "Having a MELTDOWN!" By Mrs Greenspan...

Chuck Todd and Brian Williams were beside themselves and actually speaking their mind rather than the script as they were incredulous in Hillary jumping out and ... "Declaring Victory" when the result was in every context a TIE!

The Inevitable One IS in TROUBLE! She has not a soul to blame BUT herself...

February 2, 2016

Hillary Is A Poor Sport... NO Character Candidate With 90% in TIED 50-50 Declares "victory?

Hillary's action, declaring "victory" when the vote count remains INCOMPLETE with 10% left to be counted demonstrates once again why Hillary should not be the party nominee.


Since when is a tie... =VICTORY?

The Commentators on ALL Networks are INCREDULOUS at her AUDACITY!

In the Tank "Establishment Shill Super Delegates? Fuck NO!

Again she exhibits POOR Judgement!

No grace from Hillary... With EVERY Advantage, the Corporatist Media behind her, The Candidate of Inevitability! Wall Street CA$$$$$$HHHH! SUPER PACS galore!!!!

The setting aside of EVERY mistep, prevarication, wrong vote, poor decision and flip flop that she has ever made... And She CANNOT wait for the votes to be counted?

Bernie is the Victor here in every sense of the word at this point...irrespective of what the final number is. 1PERCENT or less... IF Hillary wins the caucus... IF????

In any sense of the word... Hillary LOST tonight...

January 30, 2016

Clinton Rationale For private Server... "Convenience!" Yes, A Poor Decision Hillary, Perhaps...

just your second worse decision after... Voting to Invade Iraq!

The ONLY question that ANY citizen should ask before deciding to install a private email server in your home where as Secretary of State government communications and business will take place (in addition to your private email communication) is...

Will I as Secretary of State EVER be receiving or having to send sensitive email communications i.e., TOP SECRET, CLASSIFIED or SAP/SAR?

Hillary's judgement on this... NOPE! or No problem... "I'm opting for convenience..."

or As Foreign Policy Guru that she purports herself to be...

SHE NEVER thought... TO ASK HERSELF THE FRIGGING QUESTION... Before she decided on installing the server!

Respected former Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed concern over possible Hack by Russia, Iran or Chinese of Clinton's private server! http://theweek.com/speedreads/600728/did-russia-read-hillary-clintons-emails-robert-gates-says-odds-are-pretty-high

Just as with her Iraq decision, Libya, Quaddafi and a host of others... Hillary NEVER paused to consider the larger consequences of her decision(s).

And Hillary wants US to TRUST HER JUDGEMENT as President of the United States? Why Certainly...

When America elects a President, the one characteristic above all others that we require is JUDGEMENT.

Hillary from opting to take HUGE speaking fees from Wall Street Banks which former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell recently noted "Was not a smart move if she was planning to run for President..." to the email server, to a lackadaisical attitude toward management prerogatives in Benghazi and the decision to overthrow Quaddhafi that preceded it...

should give Americans pause in who they consider to represent their interests and safety as both President and Commander in Chief.

The personal political history and performance of Hillary Clinton that America has observed over both the long and short term should therefor be cause for concern. The evidence is clear that Hillary Clinton has a well demonstrated propensity for poor judgement, and less than optimal associated decision making.


Clinton's campaign responded that the new roadblock "appears to be over-classification run amok" and that it will "pursue all appropriate avenues to see that her emails are released in a manner consistent with her call last year." SNIP

"It was a mistake because who wants to put people through all of this?" Clinton said. "I don't want to go through it; I don't want to put a lot of my friends through it. So it was a mistake."

Clinton stated previously that "Her vote to Invade Iraq was just one instance and that was a mistake" as well...

As someone who wants so badly to be ... The First Woman President, she sure makes a lot of "Mistakes!"

If in the end Hillary fails in her quest to be ... The First Woman President, she will have no one else to blame but herself.

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