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Bjorn Against

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Member since: Mon May 22, 2006, 07:07 PM
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Larry Sanders tells how his brother Bernie stood up for Korean orphans when he was a teenager

Bernie Sanders' Big Bro, Larry, Serves Up Some New Insight on His Kid Brother
By Natasha Noman 7 hours ago

Oxford, England — In the late 1950s, a few years after the Korean War, a 17-year-old young man ran for president of James Madison High School in Brooklyn, New York. While other high school candidates campaigned on the promises of rule changes, this young man's platform was based on a proposal to offer scholarships to Korean orphans affected by the war, who couldn't otherwise afford to go to school. That young man was Bernie Sanders.

"He didn't win. He came third out of three," Larry Sanders, the presidential candidate's big brother and only sibling said with a chuckle. "And, in fact, the guy who won adopted Bernie's scholarship program."


In the aftermath of the Korean War there was a lot in the papers, there'd been huge devastation, deaths of millions of Koreans and it was ... a very damaged and destroyed country. And he read about a lot of orphans who couldn't go to school because it was not publicly provided, and so they couldn't go to school unless they had money and those poor orphans had no money. So, they had a hard time now and little prospects for their future.

I don't know where Bernard got the idea. He thought it would be a very good idea for the better off kids in Brooklyn — although we weren't rich, we were certainly massively better off than the Korean children — to raise money, to provide scholarships so that some of these children could go to school. So that was his program. And, in fact, the guy who won adopted it. So, I don't know how much money they raised, but it was a successful thing. I don't know how many children were affected, but they did send money — a significant amount of money — to Korea.

Posted by Bjorn Against | Thu Dec 31, 2015, 07:55 PM (4 replies)

I am not a Hillary supporter, but I need to defend her. She did not lie about Trump.

There are certain things that we all know to to be true.

We all know that Donald Trump is on the television a lot.

We all know that when Donald Trump is on the television he says some really nasty things about Muslims.

We know that the nasty things Trump says about Muslims get broadcast all over the world including the Middle East.

These things are all facts that are easily proven. There are other facts that may not be quite as easy to prove, but should be obvious to everyone.

We may not be able to prove that Muslims in the Middle East get pissed off when they turn on the television and hear Donald Trump saying these nasty things about them, but I think any reasonable person would agree that it is certain that some of them do get pissed off.

I think that any reasonable person would also agree that a pissed off Islamic Fundamentalist is far more likely to join ISIS than a Muslim that had nothing to be upset about.

Hillary may not be able to provide physical proof of her claim, but the claim she made is such an obvious statement that I don't even understand how anyone could doubt it.

I am a strong Bernie supporter, but I don't have to be a Hillary fan to see that the media is distracting us with a gotcha game instead of focusing on the real issues.
Posted by Bjorn Against | Tue Dec 22, 2015, 09:37 PM (53 replies)

Millennials have gotten royally screwed: That's why they're voting for Bernie Sanders

Millennials have gotten royally screwed: That’s why they’re voting for Bernie Sanders

In recent years, it seems like a cottage industry of sorts has formed around bashing the Millennial generation as a bunch of narcissistic, lazy, entitled, coddled, uninformed digital junkies who just can’t deal with the real world. Though older generations have always complained about youngsters being in trouble, this animus towards Millennials seems rather unique, especially because, well, Millennials are rather unique.


With all that hate, it’s easy to forget sometimes that the Millennial generation is also the one that faces staggering levels of debt, a bleak job market (even when one does get a college degree, which has become ever more important), and the overall prospect of having a less prosperous future than one’s parents. While today’s 18 to 34 year olds are the best-educated generation in American history — 22.3 percent with a bachelor’s degree — they also have lower median earnings (inflation adjusted) than 18 to 34 year olds did in 1980, when just 15.7 percent had a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, becoming the best-educated generation has made Millennials the most indebted generation. Back in 1993, while the oldest Millennials were busy playing Sega Genesis, the average debt per borrower in the graduating class was under $10,000; by 2015, that number had more than tripled to about $35,000 — earning the class of 2015 the honor of being the most indebted ever.


So then, is it any wonder that Millennials — especially those who are currently in college or recently graduated, who happened to grow up during the biggest economic downturn in nearly a century and witnessed how the greed of a few could hurt an entire society — are the biggest supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt)? Millennials have inherited an inherently unfair economy and corrupt political system that is a result of nearly four decades of a neoliberal consensus. Or to put it a bit more crudely: Neoliberalism has screwed the Millennial generation. And Sanders is the antithesis of a neoliberal.

The latest poll from the Harvard University Institute of Politics found that Sanders, who trails Clinton overall by about 25 points, actually leads her 41 percent to 35 percent among Democrats aged 18 to 29. It also found that the term “Democratic Socialist” has, if anything, a positive connotation among this age group — 66 percent said the label makes “no difference,” 24 percent said it would make them “more likely” to support Sanders, and only 9 percent said “less likely.” This seems to back up past polls that have shown Millennials reacting slightly more positively to the word “socialism” than “capitalism.”


It is time to stop insulting millenials and start reaching out to them. I have heard far too many people decry the low voter turnout numbers among young people without taking the time to consider why they are not showing up. The reality is that many millenials do not vote because they don't feel the establishment politicians represent them and it is time to start listening to those millenials and find leaders like Bernie who do stand for the issues that are important to them.

The best way to build a progressive movement is to mobilize millenials and I am very proud of Bernie for his efforts to reach out to this demographic that is too often ridiculed or ignored.
Posted by Bjorn Against | Mon Dec 21, 2015, 08:11 PM (20 replies)

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did not go to law enforcement, she went to the press

All you need to do to tell that the allegations against Bernie's campaign are partisan smears is take a look at how Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has handled the situation.

If Bernie's campaign was really involved in illegal activity then it was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's duty to report that to law enforcement, but instead of going to law enforcement she went to the press.

What does that tell you?

It tells me that this is a political smear job and not a real attempt to get to the facts.

So far we have not received information on this from ANY neutral parties. We have only heard from the DNC, the IT company, and the response of the Sanders campaign.

Not a single neutral person has provided information about this case, not a single law enforcement agency has spoken, we are just supposed to believe Bernie's campaign was involved in criminal activity because Debbie Wasserman-Schultz launched a smear campaign to imply that.

Bernie's campaign was willing to go to Federal Court and present evidence under oath. I don't think a campaign that was trying to cover up a crime would do that.

I am far more suspicious of someone who goes to the press before contacting law enforcement than I am of a campaign that shows a willingness to present evidence under oath.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz needs to resign. Now.

Those who claim the Bernie campaign engaged in criminal acts are spreading conspiracy theories

I have seen several people on this site push unfounded conspiracy theories today alleging that there were people within the Bernie campaign who were involved in a criminal conspiracy to steal data from the Clinton campaign.

So far however no law enforcement agency has suggested there was any criminal wrongdoing, in fact there is nothing to suggest that they even plan on launching a criminal investigation.

If the people on this site who are suggesting that a crime was committed have evidence of such a crime then I suggest they turn over that evidence to the FBI, if they don't have any evidence then I suggest they stop spreading conspiracy nonsense.

What is especially ironic is that the same people who are spreading these conspiracy theories are denouncing Bernie supporters for pushing conspiracy theories. The truth is however I have not seen a single Bernie supporter push a conspiracy theory today. I have seen Bernie supporters allege that dirty tricks are happening, but dirty tricks are not the same thing as a conspiracy. By definition a conspiracy involves an illegal plot between two or more people, and I have yet to see a Bernie supporter allege any criminal activity took place.

Anyone who has any evidence of a crime needs to turn it over to the FBI, I am not too worried about that happening however because I know damn well that the DUers pushing this conspiracy nonsense are full of shit.
Posted by Bjorn Against | Fri Dec 18, 2015, 09:08 PM (8 replies)

It is time to take our party back from the 1% fringe

For a number of years now there has been a group of people who represent extremely wealthy interests that have fooled Americans into believing that they are centrists.

It is time to stop pretending these people represent some kind of middle of the road ideology because they don't represent the center of America, they represent the 1% fringe.

When a politician takes large bribes in the form of campaign contributions from lobbyists representing corporate interests they are not representing the center of America, they are representing the 1% fringe.

When a politician supports trade policies like NAFTA and the TPP that result in jobs being shipped away and a weakening of labor and environmental standards they are not representing the center of America, they are representing the 1% fringe.

When a politician votes to attack a country like Iraq based on lies that were already exposed well before the vote to invade took place that politician is not representing the center of America, they are representing the 1% fringe.

The center of America is not given bribes by corporate lobbyists, instead they are people who are struggling to survive with low wages and enormous health care costs.

The center of America struggles to pay for their food and rent, they struggle to pay college tuition, and let's face it their biggest struggle is to pay for the salaries of top corporate executives and stock holders because that is ultimately who the money they spend goes to.

While the center of America struggles however the politicians who claim to be centrist are being wined and dined by the very 1% fringe that is screwing the real center of America over every single day.

If we want to stop the 1% fringe we need a party that will represent the real center of America and not the fringe one percenters.

We need to get the people like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Rahm Emanuel who represent the 1% fringe out of positions of power and we need to get people who truly understand the struggles of the working class people into leadership roles.

There is only one candidate that I believe will work to remove the 1% fringe from leadership positions within the Democratic Party. There is only one candidate who I truly believe will put people who truly understand the struggles of ordinary Americans into leadership roles.

I would tell you that candidate's name but I don't need to, I think most people already know it.
Posted by Bjorn Against | Thu Dec 10, 2015, 10:28 PM (35 replies)

I support Bernie because the Democratic Party leadership is long overdue for a shakeup

Since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy I have heard many people question his party loyalty.

I am going to speak a truth that a lot of party loyalists don't want to hear, but the reality is that a huge number of us who consistently vote Democratic do not particularly like the Democratic Party establishment.

We don't vote Democratic because we believe the candidates we are presented with represent us, we vote Democratic because the Republicans are even worse.

I know that I am not alone in thinking that the leadership of the Democratic Party is terrible. The money that has flowed to the top Democrats from corporate interests have thoroughly corrupted the leadership and the party is in desperate need of a house cleaning.

That is a big part of the reason I support Bernie Sanders, because I don't want a President who is loyal to the party establishment, I want a President that is loyal to progressive values.

I know Bernie will shake things up in the party leadership if given the opportunity, and I am sure that is a big part of the reason he is not getting many endorsements from establishment Democrats. The establishment knows that if he becomes President he is going to want big changes in the party leadership, and they don't want a change to the system they personally benefit from.

While the establishment may not want a shakeup, I know I am far from alone in saying that I do want a shakeup.

I want a party leadership who puts progressive values above big donors. I want a party leadership that stands up for what is right and does not sell out the rich and powerful.

We need a President that will shake up the party leadership and Bernie is the only candidate that I can see doing that, that is one of the many reasons why I support him.

Posted by Bjorn Against | Wed Dec 9, 2015, 11:00 PM (53 replies)

Hillary's Rahm Problem

Editorial: Hillary’s Rahm problem

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton appears to be putting politics ahead of justice when it comes to Chicago mayor and former top Clinton and Obama White House aide Rahm Emanuel.


So far Clinton, who vowed to “replenish our depleted reservoirs of trust” between law enforcement and communities of color, has only said, via a spokesman, that she is “deeply troubled” by the shooting and “the outstanding questions related to both the shooting and the video.”

As to Emanuel? “She knows Mayor Emanuel loves Chicago, and is sure he wants to do all he can to restore trust in the Chicago Police Department.”


If Clinton is serious about black lives — and not just black votes — this is a moment of truth.

Posted by Bjorn Against | Fri Dec 4, 2015, 09:04 PM (109 replies)

The real reason Bernie's supporters are being attacked is because they are very effective

Over the past few months there has been an aggressive effort to smear Bernie Sanders supporters. Many broadbrush attacks have been made, sometimes even going so far as to suggest that his supporters are white supremecists. The attacks are often not even consistent, sometimes his supporters are portrayed as the far left fringe, other times they are compared with right-wing Ron Paul or Donald Trump supporters.

Anyone who actually knows any Bernie supporters in real life however knows that these attacks against them are nothing more than smears. The vast majority of Bernie supporters are not white supremecists, they are people who are passionate about civil rights issues and want a candidate who has spent his career fighting for equality. The vast majority of Bernie supporters do not hold fringe political beliefs, they are people who believe in universal access to health care, better schools, environmental protection, ending wars, and raising the wages of workers. These are not "far left" fringe views, these are positions that are held by tens of millions of Americans.

Most of the smears that have been made against Sanders supporters have been absolutely false, yet there is a small group that continues to make broadbrush attacks. But why target Bernie's supporters and not the candidate?

The answer seems obvious to me. The Bernie campaign is about more than a candidate, it is about building a movement to shake up the status quo and bring about real change. Bernie did not achieve the level of success he has had in this campaign on his own, he achieved it because tens of thousands of people got involved in his campaign. Bernie has been clear from day one that this campaign is not about him, it is about starting a political revolution to challenge the billionaire class.

This terrifies those who want to maintain the status quo, they do not just need to stop Bernie but they also need to bring down his supporters as well because they don't want to see a political movement grow which challenges their power.

Already Bernie's supporters have shown how effective they are at organizing for change. Bernie's campaign has far more volunteers than any other, he has more small donors than any other candidate, his supporters turn up by the thousands and even tens of thousands for his events, no other candidate has a group of supporters that are as organized and motivated as Bernie's.

Bernie's supporters are just as much a threat to the status quo as Bernie himself is because they view this campaign as being about something much bigger than their candidate, they view it as a real opportunity to change the political system as we know it and eventually that is going to spill off into downticket races as well. I have no doubt that Bernie is going to inspire many new people to run for Congress, it will inspire them to run for local offices and judicial seats, it will inspire them to organize community groups to advocate for change, it will inspire a major change within the Democratic Party and across the political system.

Those who want to protect the status quo are desperately trying to stop this from happening so you can expect more attacks on Bernie supporters in the future. It is going to get nasty, but the people who are engaging in these smears will be shown to be on the wrong side of history and they are going to be the ones who end up looking very bad in the end.

Bernie will win because most Americans worry far more about health care costs than they worry about socialism

They tell us that Bernie can't win because he calls himself a socialist, well I am here to say that those people are full of shit. Bernie will not be hurt by the socialist label, he will be helped by it and this is why.

Bernie's opponents seem to think that Americans will run for the hills the moment they hear the word "socialism", but the fact is that word has already been used against Bernie countless times but instead of running for the hills voters are running to the arenas to hear Bernie speak.

Here is what Republicans and the third way Democrats who like to "reach across the aisle" don't understand, the average American spends a lot more time feeling pissed off at the political establishment than they spend reliving the Cold War. The typical American thinks that our Congress is made up of a bunch of corrupt assholes that care more about themselves than they do about our country. Americans spend a lot more time thinking about how frustrated they are with our current political system than they do about the names that are on our modern day Joe McCarthy's list of suspected socialists.

If the Republicans go after Bernie on socialism then Bernie can use the same argument that he has already very effectively used, he can move the discussion beyond the single word and on to the issues. Bernie is a Democratic Socialist because he believes everyone has a right to health care, everyone has a right to a good education, everyone should be paid decent wages for their labor, and everyone should be able to get Social Security benefits when they retire. These are all ideas that most Americans find attractive and a person can not make these ideas unattractive simply by screaming "SOCIALISM!!!!111!!!" at the top of their lungs.

Every time that the Republicans and Third Wayers do scream socialism Bernie will remind them that he supports health care for all, they support a system that denies people access to health care. Bernie supports a system that increases the wages of the workers, they support a system that benefits the CEOs and screws the workers. He supports a system that allows any qualified student to go to college regardless of income, they support a system that leaves students with crippling debt. The average American worries far more about their access to health care than they do about socialism and if the Republicans think they can defeat Bernie in a debate on health care by saying the word "socialism" over and over again I think they are in for a shock.

If Bernie's opponents think they can effectively attack Bernie for being a Democratic Socialist I got three words for them: BRING IT ON!
Posted by Bjorn Against | Wed Sep 9, 2015, 11:08 PM (47 replies)
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