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Stare Decisis

Stare Decisis's Journal
Stare Decisis's Journal
October 6, 2018

My Letter to Joe Manchin If Someone Here Could Send It To Him-

Senator Manchin,

I was born a Democrat. I will never change. No it isn't always easy. Being a Democrat is something like never being invited to a party unless we are designated drivers. We must always be the adults in the room. It is who we are. We are the ones that collect the keys, that check breath, that make sure our fellow party goers, even if they never ever tell us thank you, get home safely. We for some reason have within our DNA a sense of personal responsibility for others. I carry this burden of adulting with pride. I know that it is what we do that allow others to party, so to speak.

I also understand you are in a state where progress comes glacially. Full of good people, West Virginia is not prone to capricious shifts or rapid growth. And I know you truly want to win re-election. But in every statesperson's life comes a time of choosing, to lead, or to be led. This is a seminal moment in our nation's history, Senator. Right now our sisters, equal in partnership and opportunity to further the progress of our country, feel violated. They feel marginalized. They are hurting.

When you say things like Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was assaulted by somebody, you parrot the talking points of monsters who have trivialized the pain of women time immemorial. No Senator. I do not believe Dr. Ford is in any way confused. And honestly, I do not believe you are confused. I believe you are scared. I believe you are scared to hold to party values in a Republican state. But I think you should consider that every time you bow to such internal fear you do nothing but deepen it's hue of red.

You see this is that time of choosing, of understanding that what is at stake is a line in the sand, a declaration of independence, a message, clear and unmistakable that women matter, they have always mattered, and we men, particular men of power are sorry for not doing more. I am under no illusion that a change to your vote will alter this process. It might well undermine your re-election chances. You may accomplish nothing tangible except for this-by reclaiming your vote, by standing true to what a Democrat is, you will make the Republicans own this. You will leave history no room for doubt as to what side was good and what side was evil.

You will hold to our standard that only way to stand on the right side of history is to have the courage to risk the wrong side of the present. You will be a hero, more than that, you will be morally justified in such reversal. With your vote we will have told the electorate that THIS is your choice. Us or them. You will make clear as a Democrat that we stand united in the defense of women, that we have learned from past mistakes and that with your vote a mother's past trauma will not have to be reciprocated in her daughters. What is at stake, Senator, is the intangible yet indispensable concept of moral authority. We have it. They don't.

Stand with us Senator. Be what you have always been. Be bold, be proud.

Be a Democrat.


October 6, 2018

I Apologize For Previous Thread "Lay Off Joe Manchin"

I originally thought that Schumer allowing his vulnerable to vote to protect the seat, not an uncommon occurrence, is justifiable. Not in this case. In this case principle is supreme, and the idea that Manchin parroted right wing talking points should give us all serious pause as to whether he actually will stay in the party.

More importantly the notion of Dr. Ford being confused is an affront to her and literally the defense of every predator known to personkind. I had not confirmed that he said what he said, but even still I should have set aside my instinct for political business long enough to realize there is good and evil and this kind of evil renders any electoral victory meaningless.

I am sorry. There is no scenario where an endorsement of this man is ok. It is a litmus test that Joe failed as a Democrat, and more importantly, as a human being.

I refuse to be such a failure. Today I am sick to my stomach. I am angry. I have had my faith shaken in any institution in this country. But my only chance to partner and help defeat this tyranny is only if I retain faith in myself. Winning is vital, yes, however so is laying the groundwork for a permanent ethical, empathetic, accepting, and progressive majority.

We must remember the foundation of such road is moral authority.

October 5, 2018

Lay Off Joe Manchin

it is just business. Once his vote can't help a no only hurts the seat, ot at least that is what is honestly believed. We need the seat, so it is just green cheese on top of rotten ham. We lost this one. They will be sent into political wilderness, and one other thing-don't think for a minute a massive swing in the makeup of Congress won't influence BK's partisan bent. He is if nothing else an opportunist.

October 5, 2018

Listening to Collins this is what I hear-

It is time for term limits. Two senate terms, 4 house terms, done. That is all.

October 5, 2018

Why the Manchin Vote Gives Me hope

The best of all worlds as far as Manchin might be concerned, is to tell WV he voted yes on cloture only to have the main vote never happen. Had he voted no, he would stick as no, and then he thinks, but he is wrong, that it would hurt his chances. However, for Murkowski to flip, foreshawdowing Collins, he likely knows that the vote either won't happen, or will come down to him, in which case he has bipartisan cover to vote no as well.

Watch between the lines here. Elaina Plott, who has a bit more to learn about how the game is played, says Joe never switched a vote in order to not have the John Kerry problem.

He isn't planning on having to vote. At any rate, with Daines away, and Murkowski a no, the Reps have only 49 and the Dems, with Manchin have 50. He isn't going to flip this to Kavanaugh single-handedly. This gives the Reps time to looby Trump to pull the nomination after Collins' speech.

The most likely scenario is that there will be no vote, and Kavanaugh's nomination is pulled tonight.

October 4, 2018

There Is Something Big In That Report

Flake says he is having issues and wants to talk to Coons. Sasse and now Gardner are on the fence. Prediction: Moderate GOPs work very hard to get Trump to push him out. Theory: already a done deal-they protect Kavanaugh from charges and withdraw him on the condition Barrett's nomination is expedited. Expounding: Hi Chris, it's Jeff, if I vote no, will you back off Amy? Chris: I think something can be worked out if you can get the two ladies onboard the no train.

Reasoning: If Sasse and Gardner have word the vote isn't there they can keep moderate cred in their pockets for later, especially Pretty Boy Benny.

Right side of history wrong side type thing. Now as far as polls-they bounce, Marist is at six, but IBD I am not taking seriously. Rule no. 1 of polls-THE POLL is the headline, not the spin. Already saying Kavanaugh is backfiring on Dems, unlikely, is spin. The dynamics of this election have not changed. The top issue is corruption. Nothing about this does anything other than reinforce the point. GOTV.

October 4, 2018

Here Is What I Know Absolutely For Sure

I don't want future generations to look back and ask me why I didn't do more. If I die on this political hill IT WILL NOT BE with a white flag in my hand. So be pessimistic, or be a downer if it makes you feel better. There is no courage in engaging in battles where victory is a certainty. The only victories that have ever mattered are those where the participants had to struggle with the enemy of doubt, the test of faith, and the fear of failure. Are you scared everything you, your ancestors, and every decent statesperson we have ever had have worked for is going to fade into the fascist ether?



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