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Archives: October 8, 2020

Remember Pence told us that smoking isn't bad for you health

I knew it!!!

Biden releases his plan for Puerto Rico en Espanol:

Gross!!! The rallies are starting again

I have an Idea that Twitter Engineers could implement in a heart beat

"Oompa Loompa" is trending on Twitter...

34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus

She ready.

Numbers is just numbers, right?

Wide-bodied 747 crowned Alaska's fattest bear

Whenever the question of responsibility arises

Stephanopoulis just said, "Pence is the epitome of a number two."

What would your occupation be if you'd have followed your childhood dreams?

The Villages are ridin' for Biden!

Classic scene from the movie "Downfall" updated with Trumpian subtitles

Michigan secretary of state refers GOP press release for 'misinformation' investigation

Tweet of the hour

The contrast tonight is going to be off the charts.

Plexiglass Barriers At Harris-Pence Debate 'Are A Joke,' Won't Stop Coronavirus, Medical Experts Say

Question to consider about Trump vs Biden..Very simple

This is from March, but she describes a "mild" case of COVID.

Marine general has COVID after Pentagon meeting

CNN's Joe Johns and the White House raccoons

Plexiglass Barriers Won't Stop the Virus at the Debate, Experts Warn

Pence is also bringing the Black business owner whose shop was destroyed...

Zoom in on that 45 video. Whoof...

Over 1,000 get coronavirus at Sri Lanka factory that made masks for US

Breaking: "In an unprecedented move,"

Newspaper Endorsements

The right-wing media has a new fake Hillary Clinton scandal

I FEEL LIKE I struck a blow for FREEDOM today.

So, will Kamala be forced to prosecute herself after she murders Pence tonight?

Senate Democrats push for mandatory coronavirus testing, mask usage

How do WH staffers work securely from home? What does that even mean?

D.C., White House officials begin talks on contact-tracing efforts after outbreak

Notre Dame's President Faces an Angry Campus After Getting the Coronavirus

An explosive new documentary details how Jared Kushner's coronavirus task force consisted mainly of

The pandemic could push 150 million more people worldwide into 'extreme poverty'

Facebook to temporarily halt all political ads in U.S. after polls close Nov. 3, broadening earlier

Search for "early voting lines" in Google images. It's a pick-me-up. nt

Trump Planning Campaign Trip Next Week

Thomas and Alito want to reverse the same sex marriage

DeVos pledges use of 'bully pulpit' to urge school reopening

Canada banning plastic bags, straws, cutlery and other single-use items by the end of 2021

Biden's net favorability jumps to +17 with likely voters

White House Security Official Gravely Ill

34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus: Internal FE

Regeneron doesn't cure racism

Faster! faster! - Sack cartoon

The Trump administration is pushing for airline aid in stimulus that could leave out unemployment

MSNBC just went dark.

Artists Have Final Victory in a Case of Destroyed Graffiti

Florida villagers ridin with Biden

Biden Widens Lead Over Trump to Double Digits in Florida and Pennsylvania: Poll

DOJ IG Horowitz Report on Family/Child Separation: Trump/Rosenstein/Session, "Take The Children"

"28 days from reverse mortgage infomercials"


Pete Buttigieg made an easy prediction

The undecided voters on CNN

***FOX NEWS Poll of LVs*** Biden 53 Trump 43

Why Kamala Harris Is Still Showing Up Tonight

The shy Trump voter is probably the "undecided" or non-voter

OMG! -- CNN has UNDECIDED voters - give me a break!

Stacey Abrams voting rights group tops $32 million raised

What should I watch for free on Amazon Prime? Got trial membership but

'A Republican Party unraveling': GOP plunged into crisis as Trump abruptly ends economic relief talk

This is one of the only things in 2020 that is undeniably beautiful

MIT Tech Review: Trump's antibody treatment was tested using cells derived from an abortion

Mayor Pete bashes the trump administration on FOX NEWS, and tweeted about it!

CNN: Two people in contact w/Trump say they have seen him have some trouble breathing

White House Staff Heartbroken By Sight Of Weak Trump Struggling To Yell Racial Slurs At TV

So, my Congresswoman just popped into the house where I'm watching the Debate../

I think Trump is terrified and in denial

Mandatory Wednesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

A 'herd mentality' can't stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Neither can a weak vaccine.

Poll finds more Americans than ever think we should wear masks

California fire's now a gigafire, a rare designation for a blaze that burns at least a million acres

Former intelligence officials condemn Trump administration's selective releases about Russia investi

that antibody cocktail trump got... did use a cell line originally derived from abortion tissue

Kamala's Got This


Nice smackdown, Pete

Randy Rainbow is a national treasure

They are too close!

Hidden in plain sight: evidence Trump had Covid at the debate with Biden

Undecided voters (rant)

I'm crying just looking at Senator Harris on that stage.

Debate thread #1

Kamala is all sparkly!

Right out of the box she hit it out of the park@

Does Pence have pink eye?

On campaign trail, vulnerable GOP senators play down a more conservative Supreme Court

Susan Page already

Pence does not look very good. Less than flattering makeup, maybe?

My God, I think Mike Pence believes his own lies.

Tell me this is not the same guy.

Kamala looks like a hungry cat eying a parakeet

Hmm, pence is lying already.

34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus

Kamala doesn't need to say a word and interrupt. Her facial expressions are all she needs.

Pence is talking and the B.S. meter is off the charts. He is claiming they are doing a great job on

How calm were you?

Clearly, whatever they've done hasn't worked.

Texas Supreme Court rules against Houston mail voting plan


The 210,000 dead Americans are in Pence's thoughts and prayers

Pence, shove your thoughts and prayers up your ass.

Hey Pence! You done??

I looked forward to this, but after a bit it was too much, I can't watch.

Postal worker charged after nearly 2,000 pieces of mail, including ballots, found in trash

Pence is SOOOOOO Fucking Gross

He's so stupid. And his Reagan impression


C'mon, Susan Page -- Tell Pence HIS TIME IS UP!

This moderator is terrible.

I had (stupidly) high hopes

Vice President Kamala Harris.

Pence is a smooth bull shitter, MF45 is a bombastic bull shitter

Trump: 'Maybe I'm Immune' - Paul McCartney Parody

Way to not answer the question Pence .... The American People should be tonight's drinking word.

Kamala said the same thing as I have been saying.


Susan Page can go sit in the corner with Chris Wallace

Do you think Pence has permission to be in a room with TWO women?

*No Time for Sergeants (1958)

I've already had enough of Pence's lies

Well, I almost made it through Pence's first statement about 45 "protecting the American people"

Pence is just damn smarmy.

Pence is repeatedly getting his ass punted into his plexiglass. Nt.

"We're gonna have a vaccine in record time."

'I will never love another president again': Matt Gaetz

Just like Trump, Pence has chosen to answer the question of HIS CHOICE,

Lie thread 🧵

Yo Susan, make him STFU

If she doesn't jump over the table and strangle him, she is much better than me.

just shut up man!!!

What a loser... look at Pence face LOL

No wonder Pence is afraid of women - Harris is kicking his ass.

60MM Americans infected in with the Ebola virus?

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. About. Swine. Flu. Seriously.

Democrats guide to regaining control of the US Senate in 2020 without NC.

"I took on transnational

The pot calling the kettle black

Kamala now needs to say

He's not

If the drafters of our constitution wanted this nation to be a Christian fundie nation...

Pence is about as inspiring as a sleeping pill

Debate thread #2

Pence Is Not Answering The Questions.....

Drinking game

Did I just hear a Senator Allen from Pence

If I roll my eyes any further...

Pence sure does not want to

The last time there was a Republican VP from Indiana

More Americans Want Kamala Harris as President than Mike Pence Ahead of VP Debate: Poll

Pence: "Tens of thousands of C19 vaccines by end of the year"

the walking Q-tip is delusional and trying to bulldoze in a quiet smarmy way

So one thing is very obvious ...

She's winning it!

Hilarious. Page is even less in control than Wallace.

Pence wants to be

Do you suppose Mother is getting off on

150 speak over 4 hours urging changes to Durkan's proposed Seattle budget



Do you mean $750,000? No $750. LMAO!

Republicans,are like 5 year olds

Pence sounds so creepy

why is the moderator giving speeches instead of asking questions

Pence's left eye is bloodshot.

Bartell Drugs sold to Rite Aid for $95 million

Watching debate. Pence looks like a plastic mannequin. He knows he's toast.

She's Laughing In His Face!

He's just makin' shit up.

Harris IS a happy warrior

Done watching.

I don't fucking get it:

Steve Schmidt twitter feed must see.

Pence is talking like he's talking to his radio audience...

When he keeps talking about jobs

I found a way to release my energy when watching.

Mr Vice President I'm speaking.



He is interrupting and she is having none of it.

I love the way Kamala tells Pence to STFU

Jane Lynch - That's who I'd like to see run a debate

This is clearly a case of puppet abuse.

The K-Bomb for the win. "If you don't mind may I finish?


Let him talk! The more he says the worse he's doing!

They Have a Plan!!!!

Study Finds Housing Homeless In King County Hotels Was Effective

Our next VP is clearly demonstrating she is

I turned it off. I cant. Just cant do it.

Proud of their record on environment.

Can't access California democratic party site

I am so glad that my antique firearms are locked away in safe and the

What effing clean enviroment!!!???

Electoral College: Biden crosses 270 threshold in CNN's outlook for first time

When the time is right, I want her as president.

I love her face when...

Pence strategy: Drone on about nothing until time's up then throw in a sound byte. nt

Did Pence talk about hurricanes when answering a question about California wildflowers?

Why all this time on fracking?

Wanna get biblical?

Facebook is banning political ads ... after the election

I am amazed that Kamala

Forest management? In US owned lands? Their plan seems to be clear cutting.

Tweet of the Day

He Never. Answers. The Question.

Pence lies on a pace with trump....impressive

Besides Covid testing Pence, he needs tested for STDs!

I Don't Want to Answer the Environment Question so I'll go Back to Tax Cuts

Did that little prick just sigh?

He said

Reminder: Susan Page hosted a party for Trump appointees.

Why is he so bizarrely obsessed with fracking?

okay so I heard several lies and now i'm muting pence,

First adventure with Sous Vide.....

Pence is pulling a Trump!


CUT HIS FUCKIN MIC !! DAMN !! I don't believe we're going through this shit again !!!

why don't they cut his mic?

Harris is 10x smarter than Pence.

I hope they talk about the Southern Border and the separation of families.

Likely 2022 Democratic US Senate Nominee for US Senate seats Democrats are likely to win.

Taxpayers pick up tab for billionaire US ambassador's stay at Donald Trump's Scottish resort

Kamala to Pence:"Joe Biden is responsible for saving the US Auto Industry and you voted against it."

He never answers the question

Debate thread #3

She nailed him on who saved the auto industry and his no vote for it!

I Don't want to Talk About China So I'll Go Back to Autoworkers

Kamala is kicking Pence's butt right and left n/t


New England Journal of Medicine has condemned #Trump admin for its response to #Covid-19 Pandemic

WTF. Harris has to interrupt him when he talks more than his time. The moderator won't

I think, for an unusual reason, Pence is losing.

Page might as well stop saying, "You have 2 minutes, uninterrupted."


I just made another donation to Biden/Harris - and she is Awesome!!

Did he just call her a cheerleader?

Susan Page is inept dolt.

New England Journal of Medicine calls on US leadership to be voted out over pandemic response

Sorry Page

Pence is not used to dealing with women as peers - just ignores them and talks over them.

those moderators have no courage.

This is why Kamala should have demanded deal breakers: zoom & mute buttons

"Pence talking over two women simultaneously is his way of sending hugs to Trump through the TV."

San Diego County emergency rental assistance information

Sorry Page

Bonus Tweet of the Day

I just got home and tuned-in. Pence's eyes look bloodshot.

ISIS is NOT diplomacy. nt

Pence looks like he's dead.

Harris, don't let pence continue to talk after his time is up. I have to turn off this fucking

WTF is going on with Pence's eyes?

Page allowing Pence to go over time limits constantly makes this debate a travesty.

Both candidates failed to answer the question regarding ...

Susan Page ... ***PLEASE HAVE SOME COURAGE*** !!!!

Is There Any Real Time Fact Check

Finally the moderator talks about the rules


Pence is pissing in his pampers!

All I can hear when Pence talks is "Der..Der". Is it just me?

Condescending asshole

this fucking piece of shit for a debate moderator

I'd love it if they ran a timer at the bottom of the screen.

Does Suilimani do abortions as a side gig?

The subject is Roe vs Wade, idiot, not Syria.

I'm seeing lots of tweets about Pence's eyes as a possible sign of covid. Raw Story article already

I thought he was supposed to be answering about abortion?

He is refusing to answer 5he fucking questions. I hope pence and all the fuckers associated with

If Pence having trouble inhaling?

Don't sweat Pence rolling over Page.

Shove your fake Christianity up your ass, Dense.

Pink eye often a symptom of COVID- check out Pence's eye

The Chris Wallace & Susan Page Show

This debate will not change Trump's slide.

Kamala is going to kill him on Roe v. Wade

He is Cheating!!!

Joe Biden opposed the raid to kill bin Laden?

I'm going to lose my health insurance

Susan Page should never ever be allowed to comment on or moderate anything remotely

Pence is a Golem.

After four years they still still don't have a health care plan. I hope Harris pushes that

Ain't no one gonna be throwin' no boat parades for Mike Pence

Keep digging, Mike.

I'm speaking

I'd PAY to see this!!

Page even speaks louder over Kamala than she does with Pence

Did Chris "talk over your opponent" Christie also prep Pence?

Love how she slaps him when he interrupts


They are going to pack the Supreme Court

If this was a prize fight they'd stop it!

The Chris Wallace & Susan Page Show

Winey slimey smarmy Mikey makes me ill.

Two debates now and neither of our candidates has brought up Merrick Garland

Pence never answered about pre existing

Come on, Kamala,

My goodness, he is a complete embarrassment.


US Senate Election Rating for US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats will win.

That's it - I've had it...I'll catch up later.

Extra Bonus Tweet of the Day


Yeah, we know the answer, and we're ALL for it.

I don't want them to cut the mic when candidates go over time. I want an orchestra to swell

He is such a phoney bastard

I thought Kamala would do well but she has been AWESOME!

Harris just needed to show America

No president of mine is without a canine

A fly just landed on Pence's head and is walking around.

Holy Shit! Susan Page is proving to be the Chris Wallace of Chuck Todds

Fly on his head!!!

Mike, there's a fly on your hair.

There's a fly on that POS's head

A fly shitting on his head! Priceless!!!

Aren't flies attracted to Satan? nt

Fly on his head


Pence the Dense attracts flies.

A fly in his hair, fuck the wall.


This is not an anti-Kamala thread

Is that a FLY?

The question to Pence was about preexisting conditions.

Bwahahaha... A fucking fly on his head...

Look at his hair - there's a fly on it

If Pence doesn't have COVID yet

Is that a fly on Pence's head!

Do we know if the moderator of the Oct 15th Pres Debate is..

There's a Fly on Pence's White Hair

He had a fly in his hair!

A dead fly on his head how appropriate. nt

There's a fly on my head oh noes

You can tell who smells like shit!

What is in Pence's hair

There is a fly on Pence's head looking for a brain. nt

Pence has a fly sitting on his hair!

Tweet of the Debate

What's on Pence's head?

Proof Pence is a piece of shit

I hope that fly lays eggs in his head

How come neither Biden nor Harris bring up Merrick Garland?

theres a FLY in his hair!

pence is getting more pail, he is melting

Dear DU keyboard eye doctors please stop

Anyone see the fly that landed on Pence's head?

Mike Pence is starting to look like a thin Cabbage Patch Doll

Quick impression from Twitter is that this debate isn't changing any minds. If Page hadn't allowed

That fly has Covid now.


And tomorrow's headlines will be all about the fly on Pence's head.

Was there a fly on Pence's head? I can't find a thread...

Debate thread #4

"I'm the only one on this stage without a fly sitting on my head.

"Thank you" means go ahead and talk as long as you want, Pence

I'm outta here.

RE Pence: There's a fly in the ointment. Hilarious

Mr Pence, who are these American people you've continually cited in every non answer you've given?

even the fly is pissed off

Go Kamala!!

Momala is kicking Pence's butt!

The Fly is the takeaway tonight.

Flies only land on dogshit where I come from:

Didn't know if I could watch it

That Fly just won the debate.

Motherfucker just won't shut up.

I have never liked Susan Page.

Our power just went off right in the middle of the debate.

fly boy

So that's how it works . . . .

LMAO. Like flies on s***

A fly had a boil on its ass on live TV

First a fly, now a dog? WTAF?

His only black friend

Mike Pence had a fly on his head while arguing "America isn't racist".

Sen. Harris Did Good Tonight

Is Pence's fly sneezing in the background?

"Trump has refused to commit himself" She said it twice! (The moderator)

The fly will be the main thing remembered

Flies never fail us they always land on s**t during a vice president debate with white hair.....LOL


The Fly . .

What a baby! They spied on me wah wah wah...

OMG! Already!! The fly is famous

In case you missed the PENCE FLY

I'm so ready for Joe and Kamala to take over!

The fly doesn't think he is fly for a white guy. n/t

just watching his face with sound off. alll this chin wagging and tut tut looks of concern tell me

Start twittering Dump about the fly.

The Fly has been ordered to quarentine for 14 days.........

A Fly in his Anointment

Is Pence's hair 70's dog shit?

Here Comes the Both-Sides-Do-It Question

Last question is classic ...both siderism

Mike Pence & The Fly

Help Me! Help Me!

Close up on the fly:

It's coming, it's coming, it's coming....

Stephen King has one of the best debate Tweets

What was his answer to the question about peaceful

Lord of the Flies

Sticking your head up drumpf's ass will draw flies

Fact-Checking the Vice-Presidential Debate

That turd on tv is drawing flies


Bingo -

Not even 47 months, he's wrecked us all.

I'll just leave this here

Waiting for dump to tweet that the fly was sent by Obama to spy on Pence aka THE SPY FLY!

Next President debate: Town hall meeting with a Covid Positive debater.

Sen Harris. One word. Brilliant. Nt

So "mother" was allowed to not wear a mask?!

"I'll take care of that fly..."

New meme for the fly that was in pence's hair at the debate

Bill Kristol Awarded 2nd Place To The Fly

I have one word for Kamala: Bravissima!

OK, who had fly on their bingo card?

Bill Kristol just said the fly came in second to Harris

Kamala kicked his ass

Joe Biden's campaign is on the ball, flies into action!!! Here's his tweet ALREADY:

Bill Kristol just awarded second place to the fly.

Fly finds on home on

CBS: Pence interrupted Harris twice as often

If you come across "Black Flies Matter" came from here

Breaking News:

Never knew you didnt have to answer questions in a debate

How Obama-San deals with a fly

Just in from hubby on the couch. The thingy with Pence's red eye comes from his lying. Nt

Stuart Stevens: "He will be crushed by women"

Nicolle Wallace just said Pence was flaccid tonight.

Flies land on shit

Bill Kristol per Brian Williams -- Kamala won, the fly was second.

Yo! Yo! Yo! You don't stand there for 5 minutes with a fly on your head, like Mike Pence, unless...

The late night comics and SNL will have a field day with that


This has to be one of the tweets of the night

Nicole Wallace called Pence FLACCID

Fucking flies

BREAKING: The Biden campaign needs YOU!!!

Even 538 live-blogging the debate paid a lot of attention to the fly

No Flies on Kamala!

Nicolle Wallace just said Pence's performance was flaccid


FLY supports Biden Harris

Joe Biden (official tweet): Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.

AOC responds to Pence

Pence tactic

Stuart Stevens: I've known so many Mike Pences in the Republican Party. Small time, phony, can't

The answer to packing the courts is


What is the CNN anslysis

"The fly left him when it got too boring" : Nicolle Wallace

Mike Pence has never let a woman finish

Pink Eye and answer the question

Nicole Wallace has an interesting choice of words for Pence .

I want to see a total for speaking time for both Pence and Harris...

Nicole Wallace - Pence was "limp and lame" n/t

It was a stunt fly planted by the left

ANOTHER rapid response tweet from the Biden Campaign: "Fly will vote"....

Just Remember...

"Insect politics" monologue from The Fly (1986)

Pence's response to the systemic racism question elicited a biblical response.

It's started on Twitter already. 😂

So who are the MSM is saying won the debate

Pence really wants to lose the woman vote.

Rick Sanitarium on CNN:

Is Pink Eye a sign of covid?

Should have sprayed the fly on his head

WaPo: While Pence defends Trump on coronavirus, Harris calls it a 'failure'

We didn't need a debate to tell us that Pence is a douchebag too

A quick look at DT's twitter feed shows that someone else was tweeting for him

When are the Biden/Harris flyswatters going to be on their store? nt

Why Norman Bates wouldn't hurt a fly

Poll results are in: the FLY won the debate. Here's another funny tweet:

THE FLY 2020.

Flies Are Naturally Attracted To Piles of Bullshit.

Latest brutal ad from Lincoln Project

Can we please stop with the fly posts?

Nick Drake ... FLY

LOL! Ana Navarro wants the Biden campaign to sell Biden-Harris fly swatters

Someone timed the fly on Pence's head. Two minutes and 20 seconds.

How would Whinny Donny have reacted to a fly?

The Cramps - Human Fly

H1n1 vs Covid. I don't remember h1n1 being that bad.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Presidential Health - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

Debate soundtrack - best song for tonight

The VP has conjunctivitis.

Mike Pence's head:

There are already dozens of new Twitter accounts named after Pence's fly

Did anyone do this one yet?

Wire - I Am the Fly

I Prefer Candidates Who Don't Attract Flies

Dedicated to Pence's Fly...

THE FLY!!!!!!

Great new Lincoln Project ad... Gasping For Air

Pence was pandering to Trump and only Trump

I was getting scared this debate was turning into that house thing in Amityville, NY.

This is from a trump adviser 🤬🤬🤬

Pence's fly already has it's own Twitter account:

Joe FTW! (Yep... it's fly related)

So, where's Covita

Maine Hires Lawyers With Criminal Records to Defend Its Poorest Residents

Mother is going to be VERY upset tonight - everyone is talking about Pence's fly.

Bernie had the Bird. Pence has The Fly.

Halloween Is Coming! #32

Halloween Is Coming! #33

When Nicole Wallace said Pence was limp and flaccid was she referring to his FLIES!

I just couldn't stand by and listen to his lies any longer

Maybe the fly was actually donny telling pence what to say.

Halloween Is Coming! #31

DU this poll:

Halloween Is Coming! #34

Halloween Is Coming! #35

Update: I am now migraine free and fully briefed on the flies....TY EVERYONE! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Kamala should've rebutted the foreign policy attack tonight by talking about bin Ladin --

Exodus 8:21 "Else, if thou wilt not let my people go, behold, I will send swarms

Oh, to be a fly on that wall, or that Brylcreem encrusted head.

Sooo. .the JCOS are in quarantine. The asst. Marine commandant just tested positive. But, of

Please! Make a Biden💙Harris fly swatter

The Fly

Bernie got a bird and pence got a fly.

Pence's "You're insulting the job the American people did."

A fly flies into a bar.

The fly is a sign from GAWD! We need a theologian to interpret the sign.

A New Chemical 'Tree of The Origins of Life' Reveals Our Possible Molecular Evolution (ScienceAlert)

The Daily Social Distancing Show: re Harsher Vote-By-Mail Laws Really Just Voter Suppression?


The problem with Pence is ... he's not only a lowlife lying sack of ꜱhit, but he's spineless.

Seeing Pence's pink eye and the fly on his head . . . we need to start a rumor that the GOP top

Hillary's email sent the fly

The RNC needs to go to Hollywood and hire some cinematographic talent.

Maybe "the fly" was actually a transmitter giving Pence answers????

Lot of people think Pence's eye might be a Covid symptom.

Kamala Harris Wonders What Else Trump Is Covering Up at VP Debate - NowThis

Joe is really having fun with that fly.

Well, no flies on Kamala tonight.

Will you guys stop it! It wasn't a fly on Mike Pence's head. It was his only dark-skinned friend.


Re Mike Pence: ". . .how profoundly full of shit he is. . ."

Of course MAGAts generate flies!

ABC News: 11-30% of Covid-19 Patients suffer from Pink Eye

'Pink Eye' Often a Symptom of COVID-19, and Infection Via Tears Possible (WebMD)

My prediction is that Pence will ask Barr to arrest that offending

My 'delusional' uncle is now 'willfully getting people sick'

Van Jones was as bad as Pence!

Pence Put Contempt For Truth and His Opponent On Display, But Harris Was Up To The Job

New Biden/Harris sign

Leave that fly alone! That was a BLM fly.

Fmr. CIA Director Brennan On Why He Will Not 'Relent In His Criticism' Of Trump

That was fast!!!

Biden campaign already selling flyswatters $10

Look at this poll Biden 91% 350 EV

Was Trump Tweeting During The Debate?...

'This administration has forfeited their right to reelection': Harris begins VP debate with mic drop

That moment of stunned silence.

What kind of shit was that fly attracted to?

Truth over Flies

OMG--Pete Buttigieg

WTF do they have Rick Santorum on CNN for what a f---g idiot nt

Lest we forget how Obama handled this situation

Wire - "I Am the Fly"

Truth Over Flies fly swatter! Available now....

Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra

It's a little scary that Mike Pence is matter-of-factly stating that Obama spied on their campaign.

If they have another debate, they need a kill button

The Fly! An Internet Viral Moment! The fly nestled on Pence's hair!

She did it!

Mayor Pete,

Oh god - the undecideds panel is up on CNN

Bizarre tweet from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). Is his COVID also being treated with steroids?

Fly Away

Funniest comment on QAnon I've seen so far...

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Coronavirus Spreads Rapidly Through The White House

Just seen on Twitter: "The fly is Pence's only black friend!"

Didn't get to see debate. How long was that fly

Just watched Trump calling his infection with covid a "blessing from God".

What Did Trump Think

"I'm living rent free on Mike Pence's head." - the fly. fly swatters: Truth Over Flies

MSNBC just called Pence's responses in the debate "Pencesplaining"

Trump isn't an anti semite for refusing to denounce supremacists!

The MideasTouch has a new ad out already:

who's moderating the next debate

What gets me is no one told him that he had a fly on his head

I really do think that Pence looked unwell tonight.

Pence left his fly open

Halo of Flies - The Coop

There should be a group for apologies because I owe one: So Sorry Rule of Claw

Stuart Stevens: Trump and Pence just don't respect women. That's why they hire creeps like Jason

Colbert: That fly stayed on Pence's head for 2 minutes. It has a longer attention span than Trump.

Mother is upset: "That fly is getting more head than I ever did!"

Fly Spy

CNN instant poll: Who won the debate? Kamala Harris 59% Mike Pence 38%

Biden is already selling this on their website: "Truth over flies".....

@GeorgeTakei In the end, Pence will only say that black flies matter....

Pete Buttigieg will be on Colbert's live post-debate Late Show tonight - ON NOW

It had to be said

Kamala Harris won

IS pink eye a sign of Covid

Grassley is being taken to task on Twitter:

Rick Santorum interrupts only woman on CNN panel to defend Mike Pence's interruptions of Kamala!

Lincoln Project has the fly AD up... Did they create the MikePenceFly Twitter acct?


Trump Back at the White House after testing Positive for Covid

Brent Terhune: Mike Pence won that debate. 🎤 drop. ((Satire))

Pence cast the deciding vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary

It's funny, re: pence.

Has covid antibodies! after doctor gave him covid antibodies

Did Trump campaign get 150k ballots thrown out in Iowa.

NEW FLIPPABLE: Mokah Jasmine Johnson for GA-HD117

WaPo: Vice President Pence couldn't stick to his time limit at the debate

Regarding Pence persistently interrupting Harris, isn't the correct quip for that situation:

Michelle Obama tweet about Harris in tonight's debate: Strong. Honest. Clear. Hopeful. Tonight,

Anyone else here watch Olbermann's comments, tonight?

Question: Which one is the fly and which one is the shit?

It seems Pence likes Harris more

Paraphrasing the late Robin Williams...

BREAKING: Trump administration files emergency application to halt census count at the Supreme Court

Do we understand?

Plexiglass Barriers Won't Stop the Virus at the Debate, Experts Warn

Trump / Pence - Lies and Flies

Harris Rips Trump Over Virus as Pence Hits Biden on Taxes, Court

SE Cupp: Tonight he made my skin crawl

N.Y. Times asks:

A Statement Just Released...

Post-debate CNN poll: Harris seen as winner in a contest that matched expectations

Boy this country really doesn't want a liberal woman near the presidency

Mean while- Texas voter suppresion, or "Where's the ballot-drop off box?"

Chubby Checker: "The Fly"

Seth Meyers - Trump Returns to the White House After Hospital Stay - Monologue 10/6/20

Who sent the fly?

Joe Donnelly speaks out about Peter Kassig and the Obama/Biden administration

*On the Basis of Sex, on HBO/TMC NOW,

Remember what Alex Jones said about flies

Seth Meyers: Guest Bob Woodward Says Trump Was Confident He Would Not Catch COVID-19

Anyone notice Pence's eyes?

During both debates I expected either Joe or Kamala to bring up

Marco Rubio has lost his fucking mind.

Trump also has scaled back TV ads significantly in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota..

Pence never went after Kamala

More fly memes!

Keith Olbermann's new show..he minced NO words

10/8 Mike Luckovich: Protective wall

It just seems that this administration attracts bugs.

Ever heard that saying: "No flies on you"?


I call bullshit on these undecided voters

"White House coronavirus outbreak may have exposed thousands"

Soliloquy of a Fly

Dear DUers in Texas: Are their links to the drop box sites?

Why Are Airlines Refusing 787s From Charleston S.C. Plant? Boeing Announces 4Th 787 Defect In A Row

Scott Dworkin: Here's Mike Pence saying adultery is a big deal.

'You might say they're flying off the shelves'

Can you imagine how pissed Dump probably is right now?

I honestly don't know who won the debate tonight...

Top WH Security Official seriously ill from Covid.

Lord of the Lies

Steve Schmidt is funny...

And all the girlies say, he's pretty white for a fly guy.

Today, KentuckyWoman posted about her extreme RW neighbor deciding to vote Biden.


What do you use for fly away hair?

Twitter flagging Ben

Karen Pence is a true piece of dogshit for tearing off her mask when she went up on stage

"Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly."


5,663,679 have voted

Kamala Harris Humiliates Mike Pence At VP Debate

"Covid: a blessing from God! Over 210K blessed already! More blessed every day!

Remember when Obama calmy slapped a fly during interview....

Gov. Greg Abbott allows Texas bars to reopen with restrictions as COVID-19 rate stabilizes

Anderson Cooper: Harris "had a smile on her face and..."

Has Covid's "Person 1" tweeted about his VP's performance yet?

Kamala Harris Wipes The Floor With Pence In Big Debate Smackdown

One thing I don't miss...Chris Matthews

Ya'll have got to see the newest item in the Biden Store! #Flyswatter

I would like to thank that fly for giving us all a laugh when we need it most.

Borat is back! Subsequent Moviefilm.

Hundreds take to the polls for the first day of early voting in Pima County

Lewiston (ME) reports strong turnout during first few days of early voting

The fly is all anyone will remember! They have to be pissed about that. No one can even talk about


Coronavirus can survive on skin for 9 hours

OK, laughing my ass off.

CW coming from MSM seems to be that the debate didn't change anything in the race

Record turnout for early voting, voters talk issues

The fly had a secret agenda

Man who sold AR-15 used in Midland-Odessa shooting massacre pleads guilty in court

Just because of tonight, and because I love this track

Picture of pence and friends right after the debate:

So I'm guessing we might hear these

I really want to see Pete Buttigieg's Mike Pence impression now.

Dozens more temporary election staffers set to be hired by Allegheny County

Carolin Gallego December 7, 1992

DA: Judge of elections in Lehigh County charged in darkening of ballot choices

Court battle erupts over voters' signatures on mail ballots

I can't resist - ORKIN says:

The election appears to be slipping away from Trump in Pennsylvania

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Pence Harris VP Debate

Joe Biden moves ahead of President Trump among Miami-Dade Hispanic voters, poll finds

VP Debate Poll Results: Only 1 in 3 Pence Supporters Thought He Won. The Other 2 Thought The Winner

Official says misconfigured servers brought down Floridas registration website

Netflix indicted on felony charges in Texas for 'Cuties,' promoting 'lewd material of children'

Tens of thousands registered to vote when Florida extended its deadline

the fly knew it's 2 minute limit

I LOVE how she calls him Joe

It matters when he last tested negative

I think Biden should only agree to the next debates...

Alaska State House moves from 'Tilt' to 'Lean' Democratic Coalition

Not to be Debbie Downer,

Cat catching flies

It even looks like Pence. Caught in a web of lies.

One Fly Knows Poop When He Sees It

GOP Pa. state rep. shared Snapchat videos enticing son, 5, to smoke cigar: 'hit it harder'

Mike Pence with his only black friend

NYT estimates it costs $1.5 million for the Regeneron antibody cocktail.


Republican Congressman Refuses COVID-19 Test After Staffers Test Positive

Pete Buttigieg for the win! Best political pivot of the week!

Never mind equity, that's just DUMB

Rick Santorum is a jackass

Jeff Goldblum must play The Fly on SNL.

The biggest takeaway from tonight's debate

DOJ charges mail carrier for dumping mail and ballots in New Jersey dumpsters

Stephen Colbert: Like Flies On What? Stephen Colbert Goes LIVE After The Pence-Harris VP Debate

Drill Baby Drill - Or - Green New Deal

Senator Jones needs to toss a Hail Mary.

BREAKING: Inside witness to debate debacle deliberately exterminated!

Stephen Colbert: Guest Mayor Pete Buttigieg

The fly and the snot?

Upon review, it was funny. But please don't give the night to the fly. Sen Harris deserves more.

Pete Buttigieg: Pence can deliver 'outrageous' talking points with a straight face


Just to go on record (not that it matters so much about what I think, but...)

Do we have any post debate polling numbers

Trump or Biden, the U.S. and Europe Will Split

Flies love the smell of shit!

Bear McCreary - Fallen Through Time

How well do you think Kamala did in the debate?

Biden's Team are killing it with the fly on Pence

The fact Trump won't admit the date and time of his covid positive

"At least 27 across Trump's White House, .. campaign and military .. tested positive"

'We Are Losing Parts of Our Culture': Virus Tears Through Choctaw Community

Checks and balances ... Voting in FL

That fly last night - I laughed so much my sides ached because of The Spider and the Fly

Grandson of President John Tyler, Who Left Office in 1845, Dies at Age 95 (Smithsonian)

Here's What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan

Medical journal writes unprecedented editorial against Trump

His care could cost ordinary Americans millions

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2020 that Democrats are gonna be winning.

The best cut of the VP debate night, plain, clear and must be an ad.

The Pence memes today are devestating.......he is a laughing stock today.

Here's everyone at the White House Rose Garden SCOTUS event now called a likely 'superspreader.' Hel

Blast From The Past: Pence May Have His FLIES, But Bernie Has His BIRDS.

Meet Sen Tillis (R Idiot from NC)

The Morning Joe Scum Opening - The Fly

Did anyone caught that Pence was sweating a lot?

Barrett noncommittal on recusing from election-related cases

No masks and no back up measures

Philadelphia officials announce legal action against Pennsylvania over gun laws

The Man Who Pretended Not to Notice A fly landed on Mike Pence's head... he did nothing. (Atlantic)

CNN Post Debate Poll: Who won? Kamala 21 points over Fly Boy

Killa Con - " me it wasn't therapeutic, it made me better..."

"A blessing from God"?

Mother can't be bothered to wear a mask

Trump forced Walter Reed Doctors to sign NDA's last year.

Thursday TOONs - Name A Flyboy Who's Not A Pilot

Republican gubernatorial candidate is opposed to democracy

Louise Glck wins Nobel Prize in literature

Close up of the fly on Pence's head...

I wish Kamela would have asked this healthcare

Breaking : Commission on Presidential Debates : Next debate will be totally Virtual

Breaking 2nd debate will be Virtual

Vice presidential fact check: Daniel Dale selects his lie of the night

what? no tweets from the asylum this morn?

Commission: 2nd Trump-Biden debate will be 'virtual' amid concerns about Trump's COVID-19

JPMorgan commits $30 billion to fight the racial wealth gap

Texas Supreme Court rejects top Republicans' request to shorten early voting period

Biden crosses 270 threshold in CNN's Electoral College outlook for first time

As far as the Reptilicans are concerned, we can throw the 25th amendment

Progressives unveil 2021 agenda to pressure Biden

Spotted on the wall outside the White House

Regeneron Asks F.D.A. for Emergency Approval for Drug That Trump Claimed Cured Him

538 now at 84 - 15 For Biden!!! Still..........GOTV and Donate!!!!

Under Pence, Politics Regularly Seeped Into the Coronavirus Task Force

The fly wanted to frack, but

Democratic and Republican tickets to converge on Arizona; Pence also plans stop in Nevada

We're up to $8 million in fundraising through @actblue since the start of the debate. Big haul for D

Breaking : Trump rejects virtual debate...he ran away

Morning Joe with a funny fly montage

Does anyone know an artifact buyer?

"Obviously it's funny that Stephen Miller has it but he could have easily infected others...

Ruby Ridge echoes in deadly Madison Heights FBI shootout

Kennedy vs. Nixon was virtual

so Trump now says he won't do a VIRTUAL DEBATE with Biden, despite earlier announcement

Trump says he won't participate in a virtual debate; Biden accepts the commission's offer

Podcast with TLP Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast: Veep Debate Was Like an '80s Horror Movie

Greenfield Shatters Fundraising Records With $28.7M Haul

toddler locked in hot car. Dad refuses offers to smash windows to prevent damage to his new car

BREAKING: Trump will do a "rally" rather than attend 2nd debate.

Both candidates agreed to debate. Joe is willing to live by the agreement and participate

More republican rule breaking re: masks

Lord of the Flies!

😃🇺🇸🥟🗓❗️Yay or Nay?

Judge Orders Twitter To Unmask FBI Impersonator Who Set Off Seth Rich Conspiracy

My theory about why Trump bailed on the debate...

The Truth About Reading Horoscopes

Poll : Biden is winning NY-22 - Its going to be a long night for Republicans B45%/T44%

Soleimani and Baghdadi are "bigger names than Osama bin Laden"

David Frum: The Man Who Pretended Not to Notice

Milwaukee County district attorney will not charge Police Officer in shooting death of Alvin Cole

Trump boasts that he could have beat COVID without drugs -- despite four-day hospitalization

Pres. Trump "somebody got it ."..."I'm back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I'm young"

How Alex Gibney pulled off a secret expos of America's COVID-19 failures in 5 months

And I asked the internet- "What is a fly's favorite food?" The answer is:

No charges for Wisconsin officer in killing of Black teen

26 days to go, and Trump is focusing on the issues that matter...

Trump ass kisser gets owned on Twitter

FINGER'S CROSSED: Trump's COVID-19 case rattles Republican hopes to hold Senate

MSNBC Peter Alexander - Trump implied blame on Gold Star families (this interview is something else)

Beto O'Rourke "Lets Go Kamala"

In defense of the vice president, flies are also attracted to

Whiney orange bitch trump refuses virtual debate.

"Very Fine People... ...on Both Sides"

Reminder: Pence said Smoking Doesn't Kill

So the commission should do the town hall with Biden.

Trump skipping virtual debate is an empty threat

Breakfast: Thursday, 10/8/20

The Rundown: October 8, 2020

Art of the Week: Week of 10/7/20

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 10/7/2020

He just called Kamala Harris "a monster" & complained that the media didn't cover his Nobel

Paging Doc Brown and Dr Who....attention. Doc Brown and Dr Who

The only positive thing Republicans have to run are their COVID-19 test results

A Fat Bear Week champion has been crowned: 747 is 2020's thickest king

Meadows hosted wedding despite guidelines banning gatherings of more than 10 people: report

Pence, "Joe Biden opposed the raid to kill bin Laden." Oh really? A little help please.

Flies are attracted to a corpse.

Trump is down to 15 on Fivethirtyeight. Attaboy !! You can do it. You

Debate inspires poetry

Biden campaign sells out 'truth over flies' swatter after fly lands on Pence during debate

"Mike Pence won that debate." - Brent Terhune Satire

The Daily Mail (I know, I know) has some exclusive reporting on the Parscale arrest, including video

There's a glitch in the Matrix

CNN insta-poll: Kamala Harris Crushes Mike Pence 59%-38% In Debate Viewer Poll

These words are as true today as they were in 1965.


Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl turned themselves into law enforcement this morning (voter intimidation)

So Trump apparently wasn't too sick this morning?

A Virtual Debate would help Trump overcome his biggest liability -

Pic Of The Moment: Pence's Response To Fly At Vice Presidential Debate

The issue of Trump/Pence not agreeing to peaceful transfer of power

I'll give you an encouraging sign:

They will have no choice but to 25 him

Profiles in Courage - Donald J. Trump, Superspreader

Drugs + desperation equals a train wreck interview--"Communist Kamala" planning to overthrow Biden

Trump today on Gold Star families: "They come within an inch of my face sometimes. They want to hug

Trump plots return to campaign trail as soon as Monday despite COVID-19 diagnosis

Insane: Trump says Gold Star families want to kiss him and he won't tell them he has COVID

orange asshole loses either way. If his covid infection was a stunt,

Nothing Is Ever Deleted on the Internet

I was thinking about the differences between Pence and Cheney this morning...

Key takeaway from tonight's debate. Women can reach the height of professional success in this cou

Florida fights to avoid extending voter registration

Florida fights to avoid extending voter registration

Trump Has Manic Episode on Twitter

Trump Aide HUMILIATES Herself Attacking Biden for NOT Having COVID

Cartoon: Pence Fly By Clay Jones -October 8, 2020 9:00 AM

Stephen King: "The Fly Knows"

BREAKING: The Debate commission will let Biden participate in the next debate by himself,

YOU raised $19,804.66 for Biden-Harris, $10 for Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $10 for duhneece on 10-7

Georgia senator's election pitch: I want to cut your Social Security

The Media Seems to Have Lost the Script on the Debate This Morning.

Mother Goes Maskless

Here's a brilliant idea.

NOAA buoy 42002 is right in the path of Hurricane Delta

Operatives accused of voter intimidation via robocalls turn themselves into Michigan authorities

'A Republican Party unraveling': GOP plunged into crisis as Trump abruptly ends economic relief talk

When you lie sooooo damn much...

Wow. Sen. Mike Lee admits he hates Democracy

"Democracy Isn't The Objective": Sen. Mike Lee; They're Saying It Out Loud Now, March Toward Fascism

WaPost paper edition, top small headline, 'Vulnerable Republicans back away from Trump'

An explanation of Trump's skin coloring

I'm thinking about getting an instant pot

Trump's fuming!

Ruth Kluge, Holocaust Survivor and Author Has Died At 88

***Data for Progress National Poll of LVs*** Biden 56 Trump 41 (B- rated Pollster)

Kamala could have been more aggressive, but instead she nailed the tone

Breaking: In redacted footage Pencefly seen exiting his left ear after entering his right

I am shocked!

Poll: Majority believe Harris won VP debate against Pence

Moonpie Starbox & Buttercup

House Democrats Poised to Expand Majority

Jim Carrey to Spreader-in-Chief:Don't fear the electoral landslide-Don't let it dominate your life!

Pence Reveals Oatmeal For Brains In Farcical Answer On Climate And Science, W. Generous Side Of Lies

You don't know me

Trump enjoys top Covid care that could cost ordinary Americans millions

Trump calls Harris a 'monster'

I predicted this would happen (Trump's morning rant)

Lindsey Graham Trying To Run On His Environmental Record; It's Likely To Be A Short Jog At Best

If Pence's fly is young

Protests against new labor law turn violent across Indonesia

BROKEN: Kamala Harris Smuggled Fly into Debate

Mike Lee wtf

BTRTN: Trope-a-dope...Pence Evades Tough Questions, and Harris Wins the Debate

BTRTN: Trope-a-dope...Pence Evades Tough Questions, and Harris Wins the Debate


In less than four weeks it will be a breath of fresh air not having the media cover ...

The five craziest moments from the president's rant..... Trump is crazy!

Economic relief talks are back on, Trump asserts, two days after he cut them off

Why Dump won't do virtual debate: "they cut you off whenever they want."

"I can't be losing in the polls because there are 5,000 boats and thousands of trucks..."

Nurse Gets To Finally Reunite With Dog After Month Separation

Trump's ego won't let him, but.....

Trump says Gold Star families could have given him Covid-19

Kamala Harris Called Out Covid Lies and Guilty Men

The Electoral College is destroying our international credibility:

A friend just sent me this:

IA-03: Axne moves from 'Tossup' to 'Lean Democrat'

Trump cannot stand up for 90 minutes

The Lincoln Project: Gasping For Air

The Lincoln Project: Gasping For Air

For Tongue-Tingling Flavors, Reach for These Mexican Candies

NY-24: Katko moves from 'Lean Republican' to 'Tossup'

Trump asked Walter Reed doctors to sign nondisclosure agreements in 2019

Women in Kenya Are Using Knitting Needles to End Their Pregnancies. Blame Donald Trump.

NC-11 moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean' Republiccan

Maya Wiley announces her candidacy to be NYC Mayor

'Republican Senator Blurts Out That He Hates Democracy'

Poor Fly had to go to intensive care!

What's with that painting (?) behind Hallie Jackson?

Jake Tapper: Coming up after the break, a @CNN exclusive

PA-07: Wild moves from 'Lean" to 'Likely' Democratic

Another poll has Biden up 15% - Data for Progress Biden 56% - Trump 41% LV

PA-16: Kelly moves from 'Safe' to 'Likely' Republican

ECONOMIST election model is now Biden 91%

NYT also estimates it costs $1.5 million for the Regeneron antibody cocktail.

Police fatally shoot suspect in woman's carjacking death in Philadelphia

TX-07: Fletcher moves from 'Lean' to 'Likely' Democratic

Covid Treatment Trump received would cost average American $100,000

"They're Coming for You": Kamala Harris Slams Trump and Pence on Preexisting Conditions

John Brennan: In debate, Mike Pence lied about handwritten notes of mine from 2016...

"There's no fly in my soup!" . . . Please come CAPTION Vice President Mike Pence!!!

Pence is pretty fly for a white guy.

GOP now openly admitting they intend to overthrow our democracy

Trump says he beat COVID-19 because he's a 'perfect physical specimen'

VA-07: Spanberger moves from 'Tossup' to 'Lean Democratic'

US counterintelligence chief says foreign adversaries are exploiting Trump's lies to influence elect

The monster on steroids called a brilliant woman, the second black female Senator

More than 2,300 people evacuated after explosions at munitions depot in Russia

Excuse me Mike Pence, but ...

Pete Buttigieg tweet about Fox News appearnce just now: Too bad Trump is afraid to debate (VIDEO)

Brian Karem: Trump: Sick in Mind and Body

Why is this even a story? Flies have ALWAYS buzzed around piles of shit.

The Wit of RBG - another tribute

Protests against new labor law turn violent across Indonesia

Judd Apatow: We aren't hearing about the conditions of all the different republicans who have covid

Something to consider: Vermont, home of Bernie Sanders, will safely re-elect a Republican Governor..

Meidas After Dark: Listen Up America

Christine Pelosi: He. Is. Blaming. Gold. Star. Families. For. Giving. Him. Covid. #TrumpIsAMonster

A clear choice for president: The (Tampa Bay) Times Editorial Board recommendation

Over 6 million people have already voted.

White House installs a campaign veteran at the CIA

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 10/08/20

I wish Kamala used this info last night -Trump's Regeneron Treatment Developed Using Abortion Tissue

GOP Rep. goes on racist tweet rant about Harris.

Lincoln Project files amicus brief in lawsuit on Abbott's his limit on mail ballot drop-off sites:

Wow. The fly on Pence's head:

The most important revelation of the debates was Pence's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer.


The GOP Is Pursuing A Strategy of Public Slaughter

How long does a course of dexamethasone usually run...?

Bradley Whitford describes Pence perfectly.

DOSE OF JOE -- Oct 8

Donald Trump Calls for AG Barr to Indict Joe Biden With 26 Days Until Election

Foreign trolls attended confidential meeting in the Danish parliament

Thank You, RBG!

Wow, Mikey Lee, R-quarantine, speaks for all Republicans (and papa Pootey Poot)

What's the name of this band?

Wall Street Journal (paywall): How the Russians get disinformation into RW outlets

Good morning DU MA. Got my Irish up this AM. There's Trouble

Chasten Buttigieg: If we expect second graders to show up for virtual school the least Trump could

Cornbread Custard Recipe

The Rose Garden Experiment

Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime [The Reflex Revision]

Conservative operatives Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman to be arraigned today in election robocall scheme

Another robo call from the RNC tried to evade my trash call dumping service

Exclusive: "I just couldn't stand by and listen to his lies any longer."

Broward School Board demands Parkland parents turn over their psychiatric records

Nancy is kicking ass in her comments on msnbc right now

Buttigieg questions why evangelical Pence supports 'a president caught with a porn star'

Park Frederick aka Pepper Adams was born on this date.

Mike Pence's Fly even has a favorite song.

Provider of Trump Covid drug is president's golf friend

Now where were we?

Biden doesn't need to do a thing

Endorsement: Ammar Campa-Najjar is the clear choice in the 50th Congressional District

Did we take note of Kamala stating they will decriminilzed pot and purge records?

Pete Drake was born on this date.

Biden campaign sells out "truth over flies" swatter after fly lands on Pence during debate

NY Mag headline: Trump Won't Debate Unless There's a Risk of Infecting Biden

Steven King for the Win

Trump asked Walter Reed doctors to sign nondisclosure agreements in 2019

Watch Jim Sciutto 's reaction to Trump calling Kamala Harris a "monster:" (Stelter tweet w/ VIDEO)

26 Days left!


863 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Thurs.; 10 deaths

Trump's antibody treatment was tested using cells originally derived from an abortion MIT Tech.

Great Dane puppy barks at mop nemesis

Here are the five craziest moments from Trump's unhinged Fox Business interview

Handy graph to carry around

Going to the store; you need anything

From BecauseOfThemWeCan Black Excellence Parenting

SATIRE! "I know I'm not contagious because I haven't reinfected myself. If I was

Joe, don't do that debate alone

Pelosi now: "Tomorrow we are going to be talking about the 25th Amendment" (Trump's mental state?)

Hundreds of attorneys & judges offer to support any Trump official opposing political misuse of DOJ

Remote presidential debate 1960... Nixon in LA, JFK in New York

I wish when Mike 'SHIT' Pence was waxing about the sanctity of life

Feds thwart militia plot to kidnap Whitmer

Vox: Trump just did his first TV interview since his coronavirus diagnosis. It did not go well.

The White House Bet on Abbott's Rapid Tests. It Didn't Work Out.

Howz about some GOOD NEWS

Trump on Kamala Harris: 'She's a Communist. A monster.'

How about using "Talking Sticks" for the next debate

Feds Thwart Right Wing plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, overthrow Michigan government

John Ratcliffe's Dangerous Declassification Game

Feds twart plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer

Biden Campaign Official Statement on the Townhall debate

25th Amendment Is FINALLY On The Table....

If he only had a brain

Fox declares Pence the winner of the debate

She did. RBG did!!❣️❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸❣️❣️

Trump with a warning for media and Biden camp

FBI thwarted what they described as a plot to violently overthrow the government and kidnap Whitmer

THIS MORNING: @ProjectLincoln filed an amicus brief in Texas supporting voting rights organizations

Guy Objects To 'Virtual' Debate During 'Virtual' Interview

Top White House security official Crede Bailey hospitalized with COVID-19 ("gravely ill")

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman appear at their felony arraignment in Michigan

Excuse me, but really? Susan Page? I want to ask you a question. Let's imagine that

Biden should face an empty chair at the next debate

How do you know when a Trump rally is over?

Trump's bone spur x-ray released.

Europeans overwhelmingly want Biden to defeat 'terrible' Drumpf

Science Proves a Harsh Truth About Very Good Dogs.

Pence's ode to "the fly"

Trump Fatigue Is Finally Here

A man fell to his death while taking pictures on a cliff in Arizona. Authorities discovered other ..

Biden balks at Trumpless town hall debate

Trump, just now: If a Republican LIED like Biden and Harris do, constantly, the Lamestream Media

Guess who pretend president wants arrested...

A friend's Album just dropped: here's a cut or two ...

If there is a cure to COVID, why did Trump not roll them out earlier?

Ok, anyone have old tweets of trump or top surrogates saying Biden wouldn't debate?

#ChickenTrump is currently the #1 trend on Twitter

"Sticky wickets"?

Has Steve Bannon been arrested yet?

Wisconsin is the nation's #1 coronavirus hot spot.

I'm sick of hearing that Obama's economy recovered too slow

Trump will be on Rush Limbaugh's show tomorrow, hosting what Limbaugh's calling a "virtual rally"

Speaker Pelosi: "There ain't going to be no stand-alone bill."

Militia group plotted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, feds say- Pro Trump militia?

Trump militia plotted to kidnap Governor Whitmer and overthrow government

Hopeful anecdote - die hard *rumper appears to no longer be on board.

Facebook bans marketing firm running 'troll farm' for pro-Trump youth group - WP

"I Just Found Out Canned Pumpkin Isn't Pumpkin At All, And My Whole Life is Basically a Lie"

This tweet from " David ex Trump voter for Biden Weissman" is really special.

Biden to Take Voter Questions After Trump Rejects Virtual Debate

Dr. Fauci seems weary on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

If a virtual debate is a "waste of time" why isn't that true for a virtual SCOTUS nominee hearing?

Another WTF: "I'm back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I'm extremely young."

The Real Reason Trump Is Avoiding Debate Is That He Is Not Well. Not Format

How many saw something like this coming? Neo-nazis were planning do take over Michigan!?

rubber band airplane flight

Pence starring in "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."

Feds say they thwarted militia plot to kidnap Whitmer - NON TWEET VERSION.

Trump campaign cuts back on ads in Minnesota

For those who hate pumpkin but love squash,

How do you not feel a fly crawling around on your head?

Dear mr trump: you've said you hate losers.

Can't help it: they broadcast his voice on CNN

Posted without comment

What distinguishes "militia groups" from "gangs?"

Pelosi: 'We're going to be talking about the 25th Amendment'

McConnell's been virus distancing himself from Trump and the WH since August

DT now agrees to in-person debate on Oct. 22 that Biden requested

Trump campaign- offers moving debates to Oct. 22 & 29

Breaking: Trump campaign asks to move debate to Oct 22nd and 29th

Freaking Wow! Sofia Kenin is in the French Open finals

Let's put our heads together - we need a new concept

Principal who declined to say Holocaust was real is rehired

Israeli government extends ban that limits public protests

Chicken Trump

Ronna Romney McDaniel was on FOX and it looks like her COVID is affecting her heart & pulmonary.

John Fugelsang compares Pence to Trump

McConnell says Trump "seems normal." Expecting to hear from Merriam-Webster any second now...

Golf cart caravan delivers Biden ballots at elections office in The Villages

25 of the Funniest Mike Pence Fly Memes

McConnell literally distancing himself from the president

Sarah Cooper needs to do one on "Therapeutics"

John Fugelsang on his VP debate drinking game:

Trump complicit in planned armed overthrow of Michigan

Brad Parscale cried during arrest, told officers his wife won't have sex with him

October blooms - Red Rose and Passion Flower

Does this famous scene not have something to say about the fly and Pence in suitably creepy way?

"I don't feel like I'm contagious."

FBI charges six who it says plotted to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer...

for a long time I was of the firm belief that it would take a SWAT team to remove the orange asshole

Trump blaming Gold Star Families for getting sick is no accident.

Link to press conference on the thwarted Gov Whitmer kidnapping plot. It's supposed to start at 1PM.

When MSM helped install Donald J. Trump into the White House

Police in armed standoff with suspect involved in Michigan governor kidnapping plot

Kitty attacks a fly!:

You know you want one !

This press conference re: Gov. Whitmer is terrifying. Donald Trump is a fucking terrorist.

Trump and Collins: the Love Story

Biden campaign agrees to Oct. 22 debate, rejects Trump campaign's Oct. 29 debate proposal

소향(Sohyang)의 ′I Will Always Love You′

Trump attacks the FBI director on the same day they bust a right wing plot to kidnap a Dem governor

I'm having so much fun. NOT! I hate arguing with pro-lifers.

Holy crap. Trump just posted a batshit "to my favorite people in the world, the seniors" video

"It's a people's republic, not a democracy."

Biden campaign won't let Trump rewrite the debate schedule

Sonny Perdue reprimanded for Hatch Act violation following CREW complaint

America Needs to Know: WAS THAT FLY RADIOACTIVE??? n/t

Chicken Trump via The Lincoln Project

Oh my god, Pete slays yet again on FOX

'Boobytrap' political sign slices Michigan township worker's fingers

Donald Trump just got another excuse if he loses the 2020 election

Salient point about the plot: Whitmer is a woman who stood up to them

PELOSI: "Let us see a date, a time, when you last tested negative."

Andrew McCabe, former FBI Deputy Director, just blamed donald trump for Michigan Violence

Biden - NO on delayed debates

Bill Barr insisted he was unaware of threats against Michigan governor -- as FBI was unraveling plot

I thought perhaps some might enjoy

Animal Messengers - The Fly

One of the first things a newly appointed Attorney General

trump has a video that is clearly a green screen background of him on the WH lawn.

Donald Trump: Cult Leader, Domestic Terrorist, Plague Bearer

trump campaign posts a FAKE video on Twitter. It's done in front of a green screen!

Were some of these militia members actual Republican Party precinct delegates??

What are the odds that someone in Trump's campaign...

Has Trump imploded yet, or is worse to come?

All I could think during the debate - She will likely be the first female President in US history

On the lighter side, Big Gretch is trending on Twitter. Black Twitter especially has her back:

Remember the times when Antifa plots to kidnap/kill Republican politicians were thwarted?

Are there any pictures of these militia people with trump flags and

Biden campaign rejects Trump debate plan: "Trump's erratic behavior does not allow him to rewrite th

Kamala Harris's cash haul from last night's debate

see donald - this is how it is done.

andrew kaczynski @KFILE : Hey everyone, Francesca not only had a successful brain surgery

Trump admin. imposes crushing sanctions on Iran in defiance of European humanitarian concerns

Tribes defend themselves against a pandemic and South Dakota's state government

Artist's 'lost' erotic drawings worth 2m discovered

"he's shedding virus like pigpen from peanuts"

Michigan terrorist revealed

Am I understanding Trump's Pandemic Solution?

Trump supporter shoots gun at semi-truck during road rage confrontation on Ohio freeway

Big Gretch as Biden's AG?

Elliot Broidy has finally been charged!!!

Justice Dept. Eases Pre-Election Constraints on Investigating Election Fraud

Incels Gonna Incel

Damn. 7th Circuit Court just reinstated Nov. 3 deadline for mail-in ballots in Wisconsin

Breaking - White House's Meadows Reportedly Flouted Covid Rules In May For Daughter's Large Wedding

I have an idea why they targeted the Governor of Michigan

Pittsburgh officials ask COVID-infected Trump to stay away from their city

Any news on the ratings for debate last night. Just wondering how many tuned in via tv. Nt

Eric Boehlert: Why the debates were always doomed -- Trump's a madman

Ex-Fundraiser for Trump, RNC Is Charged Over Foreign Lobbying

White House won't say when Trump last tested negative for COVID-19

In all seriousness...

The View from the Tenderloin

Downtown Madison alders look to loosen local cannabis laws

Blackburn on The View re COVID

McConnell avoids visiting White House over its handling of coronavirus

House Republicans Stare at a Cliff

In reversal, court says Wisconsin absentee ballots must be returned by Election Day

Looking for a place to send your kids?

Florida ruled felons must pay to vote. Now, it doesn't know how many can.

RVAT campaign ad: "Trump Incites Violence"

Bad timing for Mike Lee's rant against democracy (Michigan)

I can't express how much a LOVE this!!! Made my day.

Let's talk about our new Attorney General

Nancy Pelosi: 'We're going to be talking about the 25th Amendment'

Kamala Harris: 'They Knew'

Feds Charge Prominent GOP Fundraiser

From USA Today

Ok, now trump* has pissed off the Welsh!!

Health officials scrambling to produce Trump's 'last-minute' drug cards by Election Day

This is the best one yet. I'm dead. Dead. (the Pence fly)

The finally published DHS Homeland Threat Assessment

Pittsburgh officials to Trump on campaign appearance: Stay home

His rules, not mine

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks Donald Trump Jr. Just Said 'One Of Saddest Things I've Heard On Fox News'

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article: WI residents involved in plot to kidnap & murder Gov Whitmer

Gold Star WH event organizers: "all attendees tested negative before the ceremony"

Vox: 5 winners and 3 losers from the vice presidential debate


Trump was upset that his boys in Michigan were about to be arrested.

Ex-FBI Director Andrew McCabe: Trump is 'person most responsible' for Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping pl

This is for you dad

Video shows raid on home of Michigan militia member involved in governor kidnapping plot

Just posted on the NextDoor app in "Lost and Found"...

Kidnap?!! What were they going to do to her once they captured her?

51 arrested late Wednesday following protest of Chauvin's release

'We're being massacred': Colombia accused of failing to stop murders of activists


The treatment that Trump touted as a 'cure' for Covid-19 was developed using cells

Lucky Chops - Danza 2016 (Official Audio)

Kamala Harris had a warm welcome before the debate last evening

Never seen behind the scenes footage @ the White House

What Donald Trump Doesn't Want to Hear

Trump says he beat Biden in the second debate, an event that has yet to happen

I am really mad as hell these scumbags wanted to hurt MY governor.

Wow. The resemblance is uncanny.

Whitmer is on now with statements regarding the

Governor Whitmer is making me cry.

WH/campaign staff trying to change Trump's mind on not doing second Debate...

Whitmer just destroyed Trump. Well played Governor.

Let's try kidnap a governor

'Pelosi Says Trump Is 'Disassociated From Reality,' Democrats Discussing 25th Amendment Options

interesting... spike in COVID linked to that supernatural ministry that took over Redding

No way to prove it, but this seems true to me.

Voted this afternoon in Franklin county

Whoever did this, take a bow... LOL!!!!

Worried about my governor (Oregon)

An explosive new documentary details how Jared Kushner's coronavirus task force consisted mainly

The Geography of a Woman--Sent by a female friend of mine!

Yes, Evangelical Christians can vote for Biden with a clear conscience

Biden to participate in ABC town hall Oct. 15 in lieu of Trump debate

ABC To Hold Town Hall With Joe Biden On Oct. 15

Just received my copy of undaunted.

White House are covering up Trumps testing.

Omg. Trump is.calling our candidates liars

If the fly laid eggs in his hair, he's required to carry them to term.

U.S. reports uptick in daily coronavirus cases as outbreaks surge in Great Plains

Where can I get a Biden/Harris Fly swatter ?

Militia began kidnapping plot shortly after Trump praised armed anti-Whitmer protesters

Sea shell still life

Senator Mike Lee: Democracy isn't the objective. Liberty, Peace and prosperity are.

A Rant For Today: I Just Learned That If You Have ComEd Service And DirectTV In Your Home......

McConnell draws 'red line' on coronavirus bill: It won't pass without 'liability protection'

3,306 new Florida coronavirus cases reported Thursday; 164 new deaths

My personal state dem phone banking epiphany: day 2

Don't know why, but I suddenly got the urge to give this a listen (warning -- 70's disco era!)

Why does the republican party have a woman problem?

Trump adviser Jason Miller: "Michigan plot against Gov. Whitmer was horrendous crime, BUT!....."

I fear that there are many goof balls planning more plots...

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer calls out Donald Trump for perpetuating domestic terrorism

'Democracy Isn't In Peril- It's On Its Deathbed.' Trump Has Shown Us Authoritarianism Normalized'

Chileans rally to rescue elephant seal that got stranded in town

Did Pence tick off Gawd?

Michigan Terrorists look exactly like i expected them to look

I don't think Biden should have agreed to the town hall

USSC upholds Montana vote by mail plan

6 week old Baby Giant Panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo:

I remember what Obama said about Pete: Pete is the future of the Democratic Party.

ProPublica to Launch New Regional Units in the South and Southwest; ProPublica Illinois to Expand to

Recreational marijuana sales in Maine start on Friday

Is anybody reminded of when Chernenko and Andropov had 'colds'.

Militia began kidnapping plot shortly after Trump praised armed anti-Whitmer protesters

Dr Bright coming up on CNN after the break

Maine Hires Lawyers With Criminal Records to Defend Its Poorest Residents

NEW FLIPPABLE: Kolbe Cole for PA-HD10

Gov Whitmer speaks

Senate Republicans are 'furious' and 'worried' about ongoing 'cover-up'

"I can't reveal that at this time. Doctors would like to keep it private"

Pelosi to Hold Press Conf on Intro of Legislation to Est a Commission on Presidential Capacity...

New Kansas Senate poll (GOP internal): Bollier +4

'How You Can Stop America's Slide Toward Tyranny,' Robert Reich

BREAKING: Speaker Pelosi to establish a "Commission on Presidential Capacity"

Enlightening CNN graphic re: Murders committed by domestic terrorists

SNL cancels singer's debut appearance due to his mask stupidity

Carrollton mayoral candidate arrested for fraudulently obtaining mail-in ballots

Wealth Inequality in America

Eliz. Warren: "Voters Must Beat Trump Bigly In Nov., Get Out & Vote For Our Democracy"

Whoops: "Mitch McConnell Whacks White House Over Lax Coronavirus Protocols"

REAL REASON why DONALD TRUMP and The White House will not disclose when he last tested neg for Covid

Trump called on Attorney General William Barr to indict Joe Biden and Barack Obama

New Texas poll (PPP): Biden +1

The Lincoln Project: Trump's Regeneron commercial

BREAKING: Vice President Pence has canceled his trip to Indiana on Friday, no reason given.

Glorious Leader and his pals are certainly being quiet these days.

'How You Can Stop America's Slide Toward Tyranny,' Robert Reich

My ballot has been entered as received by the auditor!

Kentucky AG files motion to silence Breonna Taylor grand juror

The Turner Diaries

GOP consultants say Trump's threat to skip the debate is foolhardy

Federal budget deficit hit record $3.1T in 2020, largest as a % of GDP since 1945, CBO says

Elizabeth Warren: 'There Can't Be any Dispute, We Need To Beat Trump Bigly': MSNBC

New name for Michigan militia

A D.C. resident has installed a sign counting Covid deaths in his yard, because Mike Pence passes by

Would AG Barr be so bold as to indict Hillary Clinton and others before the election?

Fauci says the treatment Trump called a 'cure' may well work, but needs more testing.

Trump just inexplicably retweeted a tweet saying it wouldn't be a coup to use the 25th amendment

Do you think, deep down in the American right wing underbelly, there is a traceable link . . . .

'Pence Refuses To Discuss A Peaceful Transfer Of Power: 'We're Going To Win..' (Transfer Since 1792)

My ballot has been received after I mailed it in, BUT

Democrats link Trump-Collins, literally, on campaign signs

Dr. Bright - this interview with Jake Tapper is really good.

Gov. Whitmer denounces hate groups, says President Donald Trump is 'complicit'

KY Gov. Andy Beshear says he had to leave the Capitol from a different door because of a threat.

Rock song the Trump/Pence gang should use:

Mike Pence's Interruptions During VP Debate A 'Big Win' for Biden-Harris Campaign, Experts Say

Federal budget deficit hit record $3.1 trillion in just-ended fiscal 2020, CBO says

GOP senator defends not wearing a mask at Rose Garden Supreme Court event

the 2020 Nobel Prize in Poetry goes to...... Donald Trump

Supreme Court Rejects GOP Bid to Stop Montana Mail-in Ballots

Every Republican running for office should be asked about the question Pence dodged

This is our first look at four of the suspects state and local officials say targeted Governor

Trump, Biden campaigns clash over debate timing, formats

If Trump wins, it will not be a "legitimate" election.

Exclusive: FBI warned over summer that pandemic was reenergizing militia movement

Pence Suddenly Cancels Campaign Events

McConnell says he hasn't visited White House in two months due to coronavirus

Not Sure What This Means...But....

Pelosi won't support standalone airlines bill without larger relief bill

One way to go about the SCOTUS questions: "We have no plans to pack a future Court until

The Man Who Pretended Not to Notice

Do the people have a right to know if their president has a serious medical condition?

'At Least 16 Reasons Pence Repelled Suburban Women of America His Ticket Desperately Needs To Win'

God bless the Internet.😂😁😁

Pence Suddenly Cancels Campaign Events

Don Winslow's latest video, haven't seen it here yet today:

Could it be Trump had a positive test back in Tulsa....

the New England Journal of Medicine has a voided politics for 208 years

Vice President Mike Pence postpones Friday appearance to vote in Indianapolis

I think rethugs need to have IQ tests when being tested for COVID-19

VP Debate Songified (Schmoyoho delivers again!)

Questions for Amy Coney Barrett by Linda Greenhouse

Kamala Harris: "You have a fly on your head"......

Some good news on the medical front today!

Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law Enforcement

***A+ Rated Emerson College State Poll MI*** Biden +11

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Oct. 8, 2020

Trump in his video message to seniors: "We're taking care of our seniors. You're not vulnerable. But

Has He/IT Actually Ever Been Tested?

No Wonder

Americans aren't worried about white nationalism in the military - because they don't know it's

a spray tanned, drugged up pitchman for Regeneron

"A spray tanned, drugged up pitchman for Regeneron"

We can't stop a murderous dictator because

I'm hearing a lot of people, many in fact, are saying...

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 34

Has anyone considered that tRump is setting up a case for incompetence.

On the Highway to Hell With AC/DC Video

Biden Got Some Of His Best Polls This Week

Pelosi Mulls Trump's Fitness To Serve In 25th Amendment Bid, 'Lives Are At Stake'

'Beast Of A Snake' Breaks Record For Largest Burmese Python Captured In Florida

The Rude Pundit: A Few Thoughts on the Vice-Presidential Debate ...

Was Donald Trump on steroids at the time of the first debate with Joe Biden?

Editorial: Lovick, Berg deserve House seats for 44th district

KS-SEN: Democrat Barb Bollier leads in internal GOP poll

"Trump is going to waste Medicare money on an election stunt."

You know what's scary about Trump (and this country)?

Cartoons 10/8/2020

Inslee, Culp joust on COVID, climate, crime in feisty debate

Randy Rainbow on Halloween

All but one Circuit Court has more judges than the Supreme Court

RANK SPECULATION: Pence cancels plans. Pelosi to address us tomorrow re: 25th.

The United States needs a parliament system

"President Bartlet and his West Wing staff will be returning to television, every Friday

So, since we are living in chumputin's wonderland

Donald Jr. -- THIS is why we can't have nice things...

CDC ensemble forecast forsees death toll from Covid-19 climbing to 233,000 by end of month

"You Start Seeing the Dreaded Sensitivity Label": Is a Pro-Trump Twitter Army Strategically...

Total Speculation: Pelosi knows Trump is in extremely bad shape

As demolition looms, famous Elephant Car Wash sign may be headed to MOHAI

And now, a word from the President!

Could Pence canceling

"FWIW, I have no idea why Pence cancelled his trip to Indiana to return to Washington"

Facebook finds pro-Trump group helped make hundreds of accounts to spam comments with attacks

Keith Olbermann today:

Joe: Tune in as @KamalaHarris and I kick off our Soul of the Nation bus tour from Phoenix, Arizona.

Your Daily Brent Terhune - ROFL

Most Americans support higher taxes if it's spent on these 2 things: Poll

Trump's promise to withdraw from Afghanistan 'by Christmas' reflects foreign policy disarray

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Trump Rhetoric To Blame For Threats To Michigan Governor -- And Her

Here we go again.. Trump, in reversal, has told allies he's interested in a large-scale stimulus now

They look just like the MAGAs that I see driving around

Look at these assholes...

Officially hunkered down. Hurricane # 2 on its way.

Nebraska-2nd Presidential Polling: Biden (D): 53% Trump (R): 42%

Change text size?

The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) (Official Video)


What Joe Biden Could Learn From Abraham Lincoln About White-Collar Crime

The Windowsill

I heard Pence cancelled travel to Indiana tomorrow.

When corps boast their services are powered by Artificial Intelligence, shouldn't they disclose that

Ari Melber Just "Bothsided" Biden with Trump's Illness

Trump just nixed the second debate. Mike Pence showed us why.

Ben Carson Wondering Where Everyone at White House Has Gone

Fly humor

Mother comforts son after terrifying attack by animal

Trump's handling of coronavirus pandemic hits record low approval: Reuters/Ipsos poll


Oh, dear, the Repugs will jump on Joe again

Trump is caving on stimulus

Another White House reporter has tested positive for COVID-19

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 9 October 2020

Two of the Michigan terrorists pictured at the state capitol during a protest.

News on Pence having COVID potentially set to drop

Maya Wiley officially announces what could be a historic run for NYC Mayor

More than 6.6 million Americans have already voted, suggesting record turnout

Website crashing

That's some holy shit.

One of the first steps of a Biden presidency should be to reinstate the assault weapons ban.

Spacex booster being towed into port right now.

West Wing' reunion to get out the vote coming to HBO Max next week

Report: ACPS Superintendent Sends Child to Bishop Ireton High School

So is Bill Barr going to recommend sedition charges for the MI terrorrists?

Floridians ask judge to declare Trump debating 'a public nuisance' so he doesn't spread COVID

Apparently Trump's addiction is so strong, one hit a day will no longer suffice

Okay, Either This is One Hella Deep Fake or Something is About To DROP UPDATE: Deadline PULLED IT!

Bill Barr You Really Won't Like Prison

What am I missing that the airlines are not getting their bailout, or stimulus???

Christie In Hospital For A 6th Day: WH Doesn't Want Contact Tracing, But USA Today Is Trying

My rumination of the day regarding presidential accolades

Breaking News: Fly that landed on Pence during debate checks into Walter Reed.

Favourite to win the Nobel Peace Prize tomorrow: World Health Organization

Don't look now, but protests are brewing in Minneapolis

I'm trying to decide if pence knew, and wanted to infect Harris to get

Deadline Hollywood has pulled the Pence story...

When Biden becomes President on January 20

Here We Go With The "America's A Republic, Not A Democracy" Shit Again.

Few Covid safeguards as Trump campaign restarts rallies

Federal Judge Orders Presidential Law Enforcement Commission to Halt Work

Theory; The reason Shitler was so obnoxious w/Biden was an attempt to infect him too.

BBC: Top Republican Mitch McConnell avoids White House over Covid-19

Raccoons invade White House grounds

*"President Bartlet and his West Wing staff will be returning to television, every Friday

Mask works better covering your face. Not holding it in your hand. Still a dumbass!

FBI Says It Busted Up Far-Right Militia's Plan to Kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

US Senate seats that Democrats are gonna win in 2020.

Word of advice: If you admit something "might be bullshit"...

Monica Roberts, TransGriot Creator and Pioneer in Trans News, Has Died

PG&E power shut-offs possible Sunday and Monday (Oct 11-12) in northern California

OK - Joe wins! Now what?

Real Time with Bill Maher guests - Friday, October 9, 2020

BREAKING: Dr. Conley says trump can return to public engagement on Saturday. Rally's.

Ann Richards: I VOTE because

Jackie Robinson's daughter tears into Trump for using his likeness in campaign ad

DAMMIT! They got ahold of our plan!

Ok, I will say it. I have a man-crush on Keith Olbermann

Biden is stronger on the age question than Trump

Trump's COVID Rally - Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse

The Butcher of Mar-a-Lago's hoax has now brutally slaughtered over 15,000 Americans in Florida alone

I just want to extend a "Thank you, job well done" to the FBI and law enforcement in general.

NEW - trump is apparently deleting his tweets re: support of MI terrorists

AOL News: The IRS says it still hasn't opened more than 2 million returns this tax season.

Over / Under on total votes for Biden - Harris vs. Trump-Pence.

Has anyone heard

McConnell says he's been avoiding the White House for months because of lack of virus precautions th

Dozens infected, nine dead in COVID-19 outbreak at a Santa Cruz County nursing home

the fly has just been named as the next debate moderator

Got a really good deal on a misc lot of stuff at an estate sale last weekend

#2 "Worst Person in the World"

Iz pounce sick?

Notice NOT A word from POTUS about his loving FLOTUS?

We tested the postal service to see how long your ballot will take in the mail Here's what we foun

Wondering if police are realizing these "militias" are not their friends...

Help with setting up a new Samsung tablet.