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In the garden and on the patio, this evening

US Senate seats Democrats need to win in 2022 to offset potential losses in 2024.

Feds are now looking into Rudy Giuliani's dealings with Romania: report

Whatabout Maine, Kentucky, and South Carolina to name just three..?

The Arizona GOP is disintegrating.

Pelosi calls for 'diplomatic boycott' of 2022 China Olympics on human rights grounds

Texas Gov. Abbott threatens to fine cities and local officials if they impose mask mandates

This Rat is doing everything he can to make President Biden fail

Tennessee becomes second state to ban medical care for trans minors

Amazon's Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen

Joy - Apollo 100

GOP governor blames Joe Biden for Chick-fil-A sauce shortage in strange plea for donations

Senate voted 50 to 48 to advance nomination of Kristen Clark as AAG for Civil Rights

Is there a chance that Ryan(D-OH) and Demings(D-FL) can win the 2022 US Senate Election?

Biden keeps to 'quiet diplomacy' as calls for Israel-Hamas cease-fire ramp up

Colonial Pipeline hit by new computer problem

Amazon will block police indefinitely from using its facial-recognition software

We are in the era...of "Instant Research"...It is what it is.

In my opinion, the only reason not to subpoena McCarthy to testify before the January 6th

Coronavirus vaccines may not work in some people due to underlying conditions. Immunocompromised.

MTA returns to 24-hour service with largest officer presence in the past quarter century

Biden tours Ford facility in Michigan as protests erupt over Gaza-Israeli conflict

The Doors "Waiting for the Sun" photo shoot

Two wordy but funny memes. 😆😁🤪

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread!

Arizona Audit's Major Procedural Flaws Will Create Conflict With Official Tally

Judge accused of almost hitting Black Lives Matter protesters with his car

Feel like fixing the climate crisis is your responsibility? ExxonMobil has been telling you that

Arizona auditors now say voter data is intact, after sparking GOP feud

FBI is now opening an investigation into the Andrew Brown Jr shooting.

Poorest Families Could Miss Out On New Monthly Checks For Parent

sleigh bells - rill rill (studio-2011) no idea what it's about, but it's a stupid catchy tune :)

"There Are Some Idiots Who still Stay in The House Today," Says Bolsonaro about Isolation in The Pan

please stop calling anti-maskers stupid. they're not stupid. they're terrorists.

Solving climate crisis will require 'total transformation' of global energy use, IEA report says

that electric f150 is amazing

Sen. RonJohn the clown questions Dems' focus on Jan. 6 Capitol riot amid debate over independent

I do not want a "9/11 style commission" to investigate the insurrectionist attack on Jan. 6 on our

Chris Christie confirms he's mulling a 2024 presidential bid and won't 'defer' to Trump

Rudy Giuliani's attorneys say prosecutors are treating their client like 'a terrorist'

Blinken heads to Iceland meeting with Russia on his mind

'Coolest thing I've ever done in my life': Rioter who bragged about pushing female cop down Capitol

Group of House GOP lawmakers remove masks in Chamber on Tuesday

During infrastructure meeting with Biden Republicans did what they do best, nothing.

GOP congressmen sign letter warning of 'hyper-politicization' of Capitol riot prosecutions

Donie O'Sullivan: QAnon world turns to Arizona as next false hope to overturn election

The Bright Light Social Hour - Guillotine Billionaires/Responsibility (2021)

How much can these whining republicans do to stop an investigation into Jan 6

Seattle home values up $80K over last year

Biden goes 80 mph in new Lightning.

Can President Biden create a 1/6 commission by Executive Order? nt

The NY State AG investigation into the Trump Organization is "no longer purely civil."

Fox's Will Cain Says Attorney Ben Crump 'Might Be the Single Most Destructive Force in America'

NY AG 'investigating trmp org criminally.'

House Republicans stage rebellion over mask rules

Palestinians go on strike as Israel-Hamas fighting rages

Lawyers square off over Devin Nunes suit

FBI investigating alleged massive scheme to illegally finance Susan Collins' reelection bid

Fox News files motion to dismiss Dominion lawsuit

Biden is increasingly at odds with other Democrats over Israel

Coronavirus vaccines may not work in some people. It's because of their underlying conditions.

House Democrats' 2020 election autopsy: Bad polling hurt and GOP attacks worked

After showing its worth during pandemic, momentum builds for free or reduced-fare transit

I was sorting through old T-shirts today.

More MTG ignorance

Roe v. Wade's survival just got a little more unlikely

Trump Claims Arizona Audit Uncovered Widespread Math

He was supposed to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"...

*Lawrence gonna cover Val Demings story,

Groups ask judge to block Indiana 'abortion reversal' law

DOJ COVID-Fraud Task Force/Civil Rights Cases/Rudy Search Warrants - Justice is Snowballing

Book Reveals Some Secret Service Agents 'Were Openly Rooting For Trump' - Deadline - MSNBC

St Louis gun vigilante announces Senate run using image on a farm -- even though he isn't a farmer

Who would LOVE to see Trump taken down by Tish James? n/t

For those who've warned Senate Republicans' partisan audit in Arizona is just a dry run...

Incumbent Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto Concedes To Ed Gainey On Twitter

Lancaster County, PA primary: 1/2 of mail-in ballots now need hand counting due to vendor error

Trump calls for Jan. 6 commission debate to end 'immediately'

Trump Losing Blog Wars After Losing Election MSNBC's The Beat

McCarthy Could Face Humiliating Defeat If Jan. 6 Commission Bill Passes - Deadline - MSNBC

Andrew Yang proposes lowering NYC voting age to 16 and allowing green-card holders to vote

Kevin McCarthy's 'Surprising' Opposition To January 6 Commission

Trump Insurrection Witness McCarthy Tries To Stop MAGA Riot Probe -The Beat - MSNBC

The Healthcare Divide, Frontline, PBS

Who is NOT under criminal investigation by the NY AG and the NYC DA?

"That wasn't a random person. It was Maggie Haberman."

Arizona sheriff Arpaio's immigration patrols targeting Latinos to cost public $200M

New York state probe of Trump Organization is now criminal -attorney general

Three by Gian Francesco Malipiero (Oops, 1st one duplicated.)

Rep. Katie Porter Grills Big Pharma CEO About Industry's Lies

Don Jr.

Dallas QAnon Convention to Pump Proceeds into Sidney Powell's Pro-Trump Nonprofit

New York AG: Investigation Into Trump Organization Now 'Criminal'

Twenty firms produce 55% of world's plastic waste, report reveals

Oakland Becomes Latest City Looking To Take Police Out Of Nonviolent 911 Calls

What I love about the Trump org. investigation

KKK and Blackface: Former Callisburg ISD Teachers Accused of Racism

There's a photo contest over in the Photography group!

Cancel Envy

There's a photo contest over in the Photography group!

Unable to Get People to Protest, North Texas Neo-Nazis Resort to Stickers and Graffiti

Mick West analyzes Navy UFO videos

Aliens come in, aliens go out, never a miscommunication. YOU can't explain that!

Lunatics Think The Vaccine Has Them Magnetized, de Blasio Gets Roasted & Amazon's Buying Everything

Trump In Trouble? NY Trump Organization Investigation Is Now Criminal (MSNBC)

How to stop a January 2025 election coup

The Daily Show: The Real Reason Workers Aren't Running Back to Restaurant Jobs

Seth Meyers - CDC Announces Fully Vaccinated Americans No Longer Need to Wear Masks - 5/17/21

Democrat Marty Flynn just WON a critical special election for the Pennsylvania Senate!

Texas Bills Aim to Boost Rights for Parents Accused of Mistreating Kids

Amazon's Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen

Casella, Alfano, Malipiero, Karlowicz

Tweet of the Day

Trump's DOJ Tried To Unmask Devin Nunes Parody Twitter Account - All In - MSNBC

YOU GOTTA LOVE THIS, trump in deep

Outspoken Dallas sports anchor Dale Hansen announces retirement with parting jab at Cowboys

Outspoken Dallas sports anchor Dale Hansen announces retirement with parting jab at Cowboys

Pro Trump Rapper Takes Album Cover At Capitol Riot, Now Facing Federal Charges

DHS Division Failed To Analyze Intelligence Ahead Of Capitol Violence

Loose Ends - 'Hanging On A String'

Fort Bend County Judge Sets $300,000 Bond For Alleged Tiger Owner


Just one of those days...

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington has signed into law 12 new police reforms bills.

'I'll tell you what they did. Liberals got women the right to vote. . .

FBI probing possible illegal donations to Susan Collins PAC and congressional campaign,

Mark McCloskey

If Joe Manchin really believes this about the GOP, we're in serious trouble

7 years ago, different camera. ;-)

Arizona Senate president says 2020 recount will proceed, despite angry objections from Maricopa Coun

NY AG Announces Criminal Probe, Ups Legal Pressure On Trump - The Last Word - MSNBC

St. Louis attorney famous for waving gun at protesters is running for U.S. Senate

Shambolic Arizona Ballot Spectacle Becomes Embarrassment For State Republicans - Rachel Maddow

McTurtle is undecided and McCarthy doesn't want the Jan. 6...

cop mistakenly fires live shotgun rather than bean bag round at mental health situation

Why Can't They Agree On Two Investigations - Separate Them....

Republicans Are Blaming Joe Biden for the Great Chick-fil-A Sauce Shortage of 2021

Nick of Time - Bonnie Raitt, Live

Trump's DOJ Tried To Unmask Devin Nunes Parody Twitter Account

Voting rights champion Stacey Abrams will kick off speaking tour this fall in San Antonio

*WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: TCM 8:00 pm Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)

Still no timeline to reopen Oregon Capitol to the public

Deputy Zachary Wester found guilty of planting drugs at traffic stops.. guy lost custody of kid

Poll: New Jerseyans on another Christie presidential run: No thanks

Tiny traces of DNA found in cave dust may unlock secret life of Neanderthals Advanced technique used

How Zombies Work

In 10 Years A Gas Powered Car Will Make As Much Sense As A Horse Drawn Carriage

Can those who were involved with the Jan. 6th insurrection.

Trump's Impact On The Secret Service Was 'Corrosive' - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Which animals should be considered sentient in the eyes of the law?

Albert Einstein's lost letter to British engineer suggests 'unknown physics' in animal behavior

Talking Heads [Nothing but] Flowers / ft. Johnny Marr on guitar

Roman baths emerge from sand dunes of Cadiz

Klamath County voters reject bed tax increase that would have funded tourism

Kevin McCarty is against a bipartisan commission for the Jan. 6th attack on our government,

Oregon Senate votes to reinstate foreclosure moratorium

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 5/18/21

Underwater archaeological site to open next month

They're Vaccinated & Keeping Their Masks On, Maybe Forever: NYT

Swiss farmers contributed to the domestication of the opium poppy

Breakfast Wednesday 19 May 2021

Ancient Australian Aboriginal memory tool superior to 'memory palace' learning

Is trumps CFO Alan Weiselberg's indictment on the horizon?

A Dubya Admin era "Oldie But Goodie?" - Title: DubyaMD

An Inspirational Video

Scientists urge 'eruption plan' as world's largest volcano simmers

Plant species richness at archaeological sites suggests ecological legacy of Indigenous subsistence


Belgian manhunt for soldier who threatened top virologist Ranst

Israel-Gaza: Hamas chiefs targeted as truce efforts stall

AP Interview: Disinformation concerns mail voting expert

AP Interview: Disinformation concerns mail voting expert

Suit: Georgia election law threatens voting, speech rights

A great date for the indictment would be

South Carolina deputies involved in Jamal Sutherland's death have been fired, sheriff says

The Congressman in Charge of Transportation Fears Oregon Is Squandering Its Chance to Replace the

Feds seize $3.6M from Oregon company over sale of fake N95 masks to state of Maine

Homeless man charged in Palisades brush fire

McCarthy's future is over now in the House

Homeless activists gather in Venice over fears of unhoused displacement

LA County approves pilot for guaranteed basic income

As a vet I often wondered how other vets could support trumpig

Grown Adult Republican Lawmakers Fined $500 After Whiny Mask Protest on House Floor

Wednesday TOONs - Pro-Mask Republicans

E.U. agrees to reopen to vaccinated visitors and those from Covid-safe countries.

Biden's Schedule for Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Hummingbirds have arrived in western Upper Michigan

Israeli airstrikes kill 6, level large family home in Gaza

People run as skyscraper wobbles despite good weather and no earthquake

Pete Townshend turns 76 today.

A momentous vote for Republicans in the US Senate?

FBI interviews top NY pol in probe of Gov. Cuomo over nursing homes, book deal

Now Liz Cheney needs to do two things,

Yikes QAnon Shaman Atty to TPM

"I'm sorry, Miss Adams! I did all my homework on special watermarked bamboo paper,

White House brings back climate scientist forced out by Trump administration

If Neanderthals and Sapiens were separate species

Sen Tammy Duckworth: "This is what the so-called "tourist visit" did to my office:"

Not to be TOO cynical, but how do we react if the five "Republicans" named to the January 6th

NSW Politics "Engaged In A Campaign To See Who Could Pray Harder At The Altar Of Coal"

In a change, patients can now read the clinical notes written by their physicians

From The BBC: Ezinma: How Beyonc's violinist is tearing up the classical rulebook

We made several concessions when negotiating for a January 6th Commission that would

Dry Soils, Western Slope Drought Cut Into Any Help CO Snowpack Can Offer Downstream States

"The Trump Organization? Never heard of it."

Capitol Rioters' 'Trump Defense' Comes Up Again And Again. Will It Make A Difference?

GQP Progress: From Embracing Coal & Oil To Spite Al Gore To Embracing Coal & Oil To Spite AOC

Belgian manhunt for soldier who threatened top virologist Ranst


Jebus Effin' Krist - Jake Tapper is giving MoscowMitch the benefit of the doubt

The failure of justice will lead to the fall of democracy.

Indian navy recovers 22 bodies from barge that sank in storm

New Comic Releases for May 19, 2021

The Weekly Pull: Shang-Chi, Batman/Fortnite, Rangers of the Divide, and More

The Webcomics Weekly #137: I Am the School (5/18/2021 Edition)

The Rundown: May 19, 2021

Lawyer for insurrectionist having a fight with John Berman on CNN

Dr. Hook - Sharing The Night Together

Wish I could afford one of these.

The real reason republicans oppose the 1/6 commission...

Trump pressuring McConnell and McCarthy to vote against any January 6th Commission.

Kitten saving mom from shower

"Management' of Wolves in Idaho and Montana Harkens Back to Extermination Era

Eaten alive


In case you want accountability for the treasonous 06Jan attack on our Capitol--

Dean Martin - By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Another spectacular sky three days ago

The sky Is Crying

St. Stephen's Food Bank (Phx) reminder

From The BBC: How rafts helped primates rule the world

Pete Townshend has a birthday today.

My antivaxxer

The mask mandate will end in Dane County on June 2. At that time, mask enforcement will be up to the

Column: Trump couldn't steal the election in 2020. His allies are laying the groundwork to try again

Raphael Warnock, the 'senator reverend,' keeps preaching most Sundays

@PunchbowlNews AM this morning: House Republicans are a mess.

The scariest thing about America...

Fill in the blank: There is always _________ in my fridge!

JetBlue to enter transatlantic market with $599 roundtrip ticket to London from JFK

Stock market is down today, and I have to wonder if it is because of the ponzi bit coin scheme

DU the Poll, please!

DU the poll, please!

Families Live in Fear as Long-Haul Covid Afflicts More Children

Pandemic Hit Less-Educated Workers Hardest

A "Dear Evan Hansen" movie is on the way

GOP to Democrats: If you raise taxes now, we'll cut them back when we win power

'My God makes no mistakes': Texas Senate OKs ban on gender-affirming care for young Texans

Has Allen Weisselberg flipped? Is that why there is now a criminal investigation into Trump Org.?

Webby Awards go to Fauci, Oprah, DuVernay and Pharrell

BREAKING: House coming into session to debate Jan 6 Commission; Speaker Pelosi presiding

Nicest spring since moving to TX in 1997. Mild not hot. Few mosquitoes.

Advocates push Biden to use his exec powers to grant clemency for hundreds of women in fed prisons

Trump spends post-presidency allowance on high priced aides as he builds out political machine

The South could still become a summertime Covid-19 hot spot

Republicans say Jan 6 probe is redundant, but here's what we still don't know

UPDATED: Biden calls for 'significant de-escalation' in call with Netanyahu

Pic Of The Moment: So Let Me Get This Straight

'QAnon Shaman' attorney refuses to apologize for 'short-bus people' comments

"I watched the GOP's Arizona election audit. It was worse than you think."

House GOP Worried About Defections on January 6 Panel

Things MLK said (other than I Have a Dream)

There is no Democrat who would still be walking free

The Pentagon is the only federal department that has never passed an audit.

Black Pumas - Know You Better

Another Sign Democratic Enthusiasm Remains High

"Attendance highly discouraged"

Any News about the Wealth Tax???

Jared Yates Sexton: No Cruelty That Cannot Be Solved Through Cruelty

Donald Trump's New Reality

Trump Rails 'Third World Election' in OAN Interview, Chanel Rion Says Fraud 'May Be Uncovered...

'They kill the person twice': police spread falsehoods after using deadly force, analysis finds

Now that the trump org is under CRIMINAL investigation, his outburst are becoming more manic.

'Would You Consent to Be Waterboarded?' Remembering Charles Grodin's Wild Interview w/Sean Hannity

EU to ask UK to respect citizens' rights after mistreatment scandals

EU to ask UK to respect citizens' rights after mistreatment scandals

Charles GRODIN stuck it to HANNITY: "You're NOT a Fascist? Oh come on!"

McConnell opposes House's bipartisan Jan. 6 commission bill

Kevin McCarthy is choosing Trump over his own colleagues

Good Day DU (May 19, 2021)

With Respect To The Nov 2020 Presidential Election I've Had This Question.......

Lyft and Uber are offering free rides to and from vaccination sites...

Video: Jewish Men Attacked By Alleged Pro-Palestinian Mob Outside LA Sushi Restaurant

Hiring troubles prompt some employers to eye automation and machines (WP)

If a bipartisan commission won't fly, why not a AG appointed special counsel? n/t

How to win big in 2022

Storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime May 17, 2021.

How Cyber Ninjas Tricked Trump Into Yet Another Election Conspiracy

LAT:A California militia fuels civic revolt in a red county

Benghazi! Her Emails! Benghazi! Her Emails! Benghazi! Her Emails! Benghazi! Her Emails!

GOP Governors Facing Trump-Inspired Primaries

Guy builds an obstacle course, based on Mission Impossible movie, to thwart

I'm Surprised How Quickly 38% Fully Vaccinated Became 100%

Update on my side-yard kittens

Another Sign Democratic Enthusiasm Remains High

RIP Paul Mooney

The Decian Persecution of the Republican Unfaithful

The GOP endgame for Trans children

BREAKING: McConnell opposes bill creating bipartisan commission to examine Jan. 6 Capitol attack

Quote of the Day

The Election War of 2024 Is Being Fought Now

Question: "Aren't you glad your mother didn't abort you?"

GOP bills would embolden challengers and create election chaos, voting rights advocates say

Liberals Push to End Infrastructure Talks with Republicans

540 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed; 17 deaths

Prosecutors Need to Prepare the Country for Trump's Trial

stormy sunset

50 men & 8 women watch Gov. Abbot ban abortions in Texas

Big Brother IS watching...

Another Sign Democratic Enthusiasm Remains High

Roadblock: Snow Windrow along the 9100 Foot Contour

Texas governor signs extreme six-week abortion ban into law

Dave Rubin: Wearing a Mask Is Basically Nazi Germany

From the air, the Bedminster property resembles the world's most luxurious prison.

Pa. voters approve constitutional amendments to curb governor's power

Can a Senate committee subpoena a sitting Senator?

Pa. voters approve constitutional amendments to curb governor's power

107-year-old survivor of 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Testifies in front of Congress 😳

Paying Your Friend Back With Bitcoin

Insurrectionist congresmembers have received $2.6 million from corporate interests since January 6th

Hopefully this is a good omen for Dems

Bill Clinton, the Good Friday Agreement, and the IP Conflict

Trump couldn't steal the election in 2020. His allies are laying the groundwork to try again

I almost killed a motorcyclist just now.

New poll by Democratic pollster Stan Greenburg in swing states and districts

Vaccine Skeptics Should Heed George Washington's Example

McConnell Says He Opposes 'Partisan' Jan. 6 Commission Bill - MSNBC

January 6th? What about 1 week later when Trump was IMPEACHED for January 6th?

Another Amazon scam

Neighbor accused of dognapping Delaware neighbor's pet, leaving dog in New Jersey

Reliving the Good Old Days.

Texas man accused of torturing kittens had worked as teacher

Biden Derangement Syndrome?

Bitcoin: "We will pump again once the selling is finished."

"Asking Republicans to investigate 1.6 is like asking Al-Qaeda to investigate 9.11"

Maine DU'ers can have some pride in this: 49.8% are fully vaccinated !

Only 35.9% in Florida are fully vaccinated....

Why America Needs a January 6 Commission - The Bulwark

Why a 200-Year-Building in Morocco Is the Only National Historic Landmark Outside the U.S.

Michigan QOP strikes again!

Mitch McConnell has forced the Democrats to go it alone...

Mormon Church's secretive $100 billion fund scored a 900% gain on GameStop -- and boosted its TSLA

Philly police unions fail at ousting reformer Larry krasner

Biggest. Antlers. Ever. Meet the Irish Elk

I have a (what might be a stupid) question for any mixologists, out there



Trump calls New York criminal investigation 'corrupt' and 'in desperate search of a crime'

FBI releases new video of brutal (and vulgar) attack on officer at Capitol Jan 6.

New Book: Obama called the former guy a "fucking lunatic"

If a mob of Muslims attacked the Capitol

'Madman ... racist, sexist pig': new book details Obama's real thoughts on Trump

An Estimated 50 Billion Birds Populate Earth, but Four Species Reign Supreme

I am a finance guy working 80 hours a week in a highrise

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez preparing resolution to block weapons sale to Israel

Quantifying Litigation Surrounding The Presidential Election

Florida expands gambling, joins ranks of sports betting states. But hurdles remain

Russia offers to help demarcate Armenia-Azerbaijan border after alleged incursion

(NPR) America's Satanic Panic Returns -- This Time Through QAnon

Oregon counties vote to secede to Idaho

California readies to prevent blackouts, but threats remain

Wonkette: Kevin McCarthy Real F*ckin' Bad At This, January 6 Commission Edition!

Thank you Medicare. (Don't read if your health insurance is lacking)

Federal Judge Lets New York Attorney General Sue Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman for $2.75 Million

Hundreds of PPP Loans Went to Fake Farms in Absurd Places

UT's "Eyes Of Texas" controversy just got more intriguing.

Home in Arizona listed on rental site without owners' knowledge

Buying New Appliances - Big Box Store or Online at Wayfair?

Bank of America to raise its minimum wage to $25 by 2025

Alleged Capitol rioter turned in by fellow patient at dental office

The Republican Working- Class 'Rebrand', Exposed: Robert Reich

Teens laugh as they beat up a gay boy & vandalize rainbow flag in violent "Gay Day" rampage

Why Do We Dream? A New Theory on How It Protects Our Brains - TIME

Teens laugh as they beat up a gay boy & vandalize rainbow flag in violent "Gay Day" rampage

Reversing Trump, Buttigieg reinstates local hiring program

A rare (for me) encounter with a Drumpf/MUSK lover.

State Department tosses Trump regulation that denied citizenship to gay couples' kids

Appeals court rules cops should have qualified immunity in violent takedowns

Yep! Republican Gov: Trump's TOXIC. GOP showing insanity & signals BIG LIE deniers not wanted.

Zoe Roth, the face behind the viral "Disaster Girl" meme, sold the meme as an NFT for $430,000.

Marjorie Taylor Greene gets some advice from Tiffany Cross as she skewers the congresswoman.

Even murder would boil down to who has the best PR and who has the best message?

Reagan Foundation demands the 'Trump Train' bus remove an image of Ronald Reagan in a MAGA hat

Rep. Katie Porter grills executive about the lying thievery of the pharmaceutical company

A Fungus Is Pushing Cicada Sex Into Hyperdrive And Leaving Them Dismembered

107-year-old Tulsa Race Massacre survivor Viola Fletcher testifies before Congress

107-year-old Tulsa Race Massacre survivor Viola Fletcher testifies before Congress

House Republicans unveil $400B transportation bill as negotiations on larger infrastructure package

New documents show who's still getting federal paychecks to work on Trump's post-presidential staff.

Why do we need a 1/6 commission? Why not let the FBI just keep investigating?

Dan Rather: Can Republicans Handle The Truth?

Israel says it will strike more Hamas tunnels running under Gaza homes, rockets fired from Lebanon

Pittie Drags Mom To Shake Shack

Nevada is on the verge of passing a public option

Why the Republican Party can't reckon with Trump

Krasner wins Philadelphia DA primary

I really don't think there's many MAG regulars who won't dig the latest from The Killers

The Seattle that could have been: Proposed versions of the city that failed to pass

'God came knocking on my door last summer disguised as an angry mob,' says gun-brandishing St. Louis

LA Times Has The Wild Story Of A City Facing Rebellion Over COVID Rules

Michigan Judge Flatly Rejects 'Last of the Lawsuits Attempting to Undermine Democracy

We successfully defended 2 school board seats from stealth sneaky Q write-in attacks

Rep. Gosar said that the Democratic leadership "actually aided and abetted" the 1/6 insurrection.

Montana Governor Signs Legislation to Implement Marijuana Legalization

Al Gore leads new push to educate corporate leaders on climate change

Article: "The threat of civil war didn't end with the Trump presidency"

New York AG's Office Opens Criminal Probe Into Trump Organization - Morning Joe - MSNBC

Steve Schmidt: Decoding the latest in poisonous nonsense from Kevin McCarthy

Montana Tribes Confront an Epidemic of Violence Against Indigenous Women

Laughing Cops Charged for Violent Arrest of Woman With Dementia

Trump's Legal Problems In New York Intensify As Attorney General Joins Criminal Probe

Trump lashes out at prosecutors over criminal probe into company

Open the Prison Gaetz! Roll out the welcome Matt. nt

Mask guidelines stores?

Republicans Fear Jan. 6 Probe Undercuts Midterm Message

I hate that something that would cause anyone else an inconvenience makes me feel so shitty.

Iranian Activists Protest Decry "Honor Killing" of Gay Man by Wearing Pride Flags

Trump PANICS As Investigation Closes In

MI Senate wants legislation to "stop the count" of votes at noon the day after an election

The Reich Wing Long Game.

"Police told Mr. Greene's family he died in a car accident."

11-year-old girl fights off abductor at bus stop

cat says "what kind of voodoo sorcery is this?"

A woman named Torah

Colombia's military allegedly aiding armed civilians and vandals

Minister of the Environment Is The Target of Federal Police Operation after Complaints from Foreign

Unprotected, Yanomamis Are Now Attacked with Tear Gas

New York's Mayoral Race: Where It Stands

Cartoons 5/19/2021

No longer silent, Gulf Arab citizens express anger at Israel

A prosecutor says no to a rape charge, so a college student calls her own grand jury

Earl Klugh - Dr. Macumba

What's for Dinner, Wed., May 19, 2021

Northwest lawmakers seek Boeing records to probe quality-control lapses

Had Trump and his organisation not conducted their nefarious activities in NY

Mount Stromboli Volcano Eruption in Italia (May 19, 2021)

Paul Mooney, 'Bamboozled' and 'Chappelle's Show' actor and comedian, has died

The idea of a spooked Trump howling into his "desk" blog is HILARIOUS.

The Triumvirate That Means Doom for Donald Trump - E. Jean Carroll

India sets global record for daily coronavirus deaths

AOL News: McConnell says he'll oppose Jan. 6 commission to probe riot

'Best $500 I ever spent': GOP lawmakers flout mask rules, risk fine on House floor

'I'm scared': AP obtains video of deadly arrest of Black man

Editorial: The Supreme Court hits and misses in two criminal cases

The more you're outside, in nature, the healthier you'll be.

Goslings with parents on my yard, southern MD!

Capitol Police respond to McCarthy and McConnell's refusal to support insurrection probe

Retail Workers Are Pissed Off About The End of Masks In Stores

Laura Ingraham: Left Used COVID Lockdowns To Groom Public For Climate Change Lockdowns

U. of Lynchburg men's lacrosse coach Steve Koudelka has spent 25 years getting best out of players

Seven passengers injured in single-car crash near Forest, officials say

Got goslings and adult geese on my yard, southern MD!

Five questions about New York's investigations of Trump

Yet another Commission?

Colonial Pipeline confirms it paid $4.4M to hackers

Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Capitol Rioters And Attacks Black Lives Matter During House Speech

Dump is losing the blog wars

Federal Judge Lets New York Attorney General Try to Sue Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman for $2.75 M

Jedi Psaki: SIMPLY Badass

Watching the debate on the 1/6 Commission. Both sides are just about out of time and I see....

Guy Gives Up Everything To Save Animals

Student's arrest for racist post sparks free speech debate

Josh Marshall is spot on here about how to handle the vote on 1/6 commission

Amy Coney Barrett Made Money Off Anti-Abortion Group Going After Roe v. Wade

UAW: Detroit 3 autoworkers to keep masks on at work -- for now

Wow Tim Ryan has had enough

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 20 May 2021

Andrew Giuliani is only 35 but he told Fox News he's been in government service for '5 decades'

With apologies to Guy Fawkes Day...

Kevin and Mitch, sitting in a tree . . .

Fauci says the public is 'misinterpreting' the CDC's latest mask guidance

Miles Taylor infiltrating a wayward Republican Party to return it to sanity

Georgia Republicans Won't Condemn Atlanta Spa Shooting

Sen Duckworth gets a committment from Pres Biden's newest picks for the USPS Board of Governors

Capitol Police send GOP a bombshell letter demanding Jan. 6 Commission to hold criminals responsible

If Never-Trump Republicans don't run their own candidates in 2022, they're essentially collaborators

GO Tim Ryan

There will be no unifying

In a Small Town, a Battle for Racial Justice Confronts a Bloody Past and an Uncertain Future

Frontier lied about internet speed, FTC says in post-net neutrality case

Tick Tock Donald....

House Republicans Hold Tax Cut 'Boot Camp'

WAR - Youngblood (Livin' In The Streets)

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee okays transgender youth treatment ban

Louie, go home. You're drunk.....

Intelligence agencies gathered the information predicting violence on Jan. 6 -- then DHS sat on it

OAN Stars Bolt for Newsmax as Pro-Trump Network Reaches New Levels of Bonkers

Someone Killed a Legendary Colombian Rebel Leader--and Cut Off His Pinky

Do you remember our grannies loo rolls doily's when we were kids?

Colombia's Military Killed Three Times More Civilians During FARC War Than Previously Reported

Guns, Germs, and Deals: A report from TN legislative session

More Than 100 Retired Military Brass Sign Letter By 'Jack Meehoff'; pranked ...............

Trump Organization investigation turns criminal: Here's what we know Just the FAQs

Justin J. Pearson brings fight against oil pipeline from his Memphis neighborhood to the nation

Tiedrich tweet:

White Supremacist President Sentenced to 35 Years in Violent Racketeering Case

175 ReTHUGs vote against Commission -Speaker Pelosi up now

I have Hum (app like Onstar which is supposed to tell you when the car needs


Every inch of this Earth has been fought over ad infinitum.

After 1/6, @Ford said it would review its political contribution criteria in light of the violence

Senators reach bipartisan deal to reform USPS finances, tighten accountability requirements

Rathian Pit Fight MHW

Continuing to Match Fundraising in Texas to Combat GOP Gerrymandering ($35 short of $1000)!

House passes bill to create commission to investigate Jan. 6 attack on Capitol

Baseball diplomacy re-emerges in tense U.S.-Cuban relations

This Brewery Is Giving Away a Free Mountain Getaway, Plus Beer

How Fashion Helped Defeat 18th-Century Anti-Vaxxers

Klobuchar Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Lift Travel and Trade Restrictions on Cuba

Klobuchar Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Lift Travel and Trade Restrictions on Cuba

Message To The Trump Family: 'It's Time To Separately Lawyer Up'

Update on Nebraska dad who killed his 2 kids & fled to CA.

The Fed hinted it could reconsider easy policies if economy continues rapid improvement

Convoy drives through London shouting 'f**k the Jews, rape their daughters'

House rejects GOP effort to roll back chamber's mask mandate

35 Republicans Defy Kevin McCarthy And Join Democrats To Pass 1/6 Commission Bill

Alternet: The decades of deceit behind the 'Big Lie'

Senators expected to announce deal on US Postal Service reform: report

It just gets freaking old... Fraternity deaths.

Viola Fletcher, oldest living survivor of Tulsa Race Massacre, testifies in Congress 'seeking justic

A View of Life Beyond the Days

Five Oregon Counties Vote to Join Idaho to Seek 'Political Refuge From Blue States'

The Global Death Toll From Working Too Much Has Been Calculated, And It's Awful

There are more vulnerable Republican US Senate seats than Democratic US Senate seats in 2022.

What actually is Pipeweed?

Greg Pence votes against commission to investigate the traitors who wanted to murder his brother

Amazing variety of thirsty "visitors" to the backyard fountain, Vista CA

'Remember The Names, Remember The Vote': Michael Steele On GOP Reps

U.S. government denies disrupting Russian ransomware ring that hacked Colonial Pipeline

U.S. waives sanctions on Nord Stream 2 as Biden seeks to mend Europe ties

Mob Violence Against Palestinians in Israel Is Fuelled by Groups on WhatsApp

New Covid-19 Cases Dramatically Fell in Nursing Homes After Vaccination

The 35 Repubs who voted with Democrats

Urgency To Pass January 6 Commission Bill To 'Heal The Nation'

"Shame: painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety.

Here is how the Republican Party will Save Itself..