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Archives: October 13, 2020

U.S. ethics groups say Barr uses DOJ as political tool, call for his impeachment

Black man who was led thru Galveston by police officers on horseback is suing the city for $1 millio

Potential disaster in Michigan... Gary Peters only up 1%

These Michigan regions are key to 2020 election

Watch this dad dance in a hospital parking lot to cheer up his son while he undergoes cancer treatme

I hate to even bring this up but is DU protected on Election Day?

Call the Senate (202)224-3121. Thank you!!!

Historian Timothy Snyder "Not a Normal Election"

Kentucky U.S. Senate Debate

California GOP says it owns unofficial ballot drop boxes (and it's not going to remove them)

Couple days ago, I saw a story here of a DU'er with a crazy neighbor...

I'm just one person with one vote.

Retired General Chuck Boyd endorses Biden

On CNN now: Trumpanzees at Sanford FL rally think

CNN just interviewed women in PA who voted for Trump in 2016, but won't in 2020. WATCH...

There ain't no "only" in front of "one vote"! nt

10,000 attend Nashville revival, worship leader says. Now officials are investigating

Keith Olbermann: Episode 4 - Here's why trump is pretending Regeneron cured him.

Antiabortion groups say they stand behind Trump's use of a drug tested on cells derived from an abor

Do we have info about virus infections following Trump rallies?

Purely hypothetical.... Just a small wish list...

#ManOfTheMoment - The extraordinary man that is Joe Biden


Imagine If Putin forgave $1000 in personal debt for every dead American

Naked Republican hypocrisy is destroying trust in Supreme Court: Reagan, Bush lawyers

Protesters pull down controversial obelisk in Santa Fe plaza

From a friend

Dr. Fauci: The Trump Campaign Is 'In Effect, Harassing Me'

Trump says the pandemic has been a 'lovefest' the country went through together

Fake "official" drop boxes set up by California GOP may be in "violation of state law": official

Pollsters have sucked at Florida

On the Turning Away

Even if Obamacare was unconstitutional, which it is not, you would NOT take the case

"They say I'm immune". Also, Scientists confirm Nevada man infected twice with Coronavirus.

I love my husband to death........but he's to damn nice.

Top general did not give his consent to be used in Trump political ad

Have we heard anything about Russian interference????

CA Attorney General Sends State GOP Cease and Desist Letters for Unofficial Ballot Drop Boxes

Why Is A Statue Of Medusa Being INstalled IN A Park Facing NY County Criminal Court?

Landlords can start the eviction process despite moratorium, government says

Trump has turned Texas and Arizona purple, maybe even blue, Republicans worry

KS-SEN: Kansas Democratic Senate candidate breaks fundraising record

Here's Trump suggesting he's won 3 or 4 Nobel Peace Prizes when he's in fact won 0

The Doors: Light My Fire

'Hamilton' cast to reunite for Biden fundraiser

Graham lays groundwork for committee vote on Supreme Court pick

Just saw this:

Anchorage mayor admits to "inappropriate" relationship with news anchor

Yard sign reports

Democrats have cast more than three-quarters of Pennsylvania early ballots so far

With fake vote drop boxes in Orange County and the like, are the GOP

In Michigan, Dem Gary Peters quarantined after exposure from Republican colleague, meanwhile

CA-25: Grassroots campaigns collide in Trump-era showdown

3 Weeks To Go And Putin Could Still Help Trump, Ex-Administration Official Says

Lawyer for grand juror in Breonna Taylor case blasts Kentucky AG's 'misleading' statements, says his

Mandatory Monday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

IL-13: After narrow 2018 victory, will GOP's Rodney Davis keep his seat this year?

"McConnell's gleeful laugh when McGrath talks about his failures on COVID is...something"

Sign report Kitsap County

Here's something different: Six minutes of being stalked by a cougar!

Johnson & Johnson pauses vaccine trial due to unexplained illness

Making America Great Again

Maskless DeSantis Gives High Fives to Crowd

Three-Quarters Of Voters Want Congress To Pass New Coronavirus Relief

Lyft: Plan ahead & ride to vote for 50% off

Call 12 GOP Senators in these states...NO SCOTUS, Save ACA!

Record voter turnout expected, as Harris County roll grows by 234K since 2016

'Simpsons' Lists 50 Reasons Why Re-Electing Trump Is Terrifying in Exclusive 'Treehouse of Horror' C

Holy Shit! Have you seen the Politics USA ad re Fauci

When the media asks Biden about the SCOTUS, he should pivot to Trump releasing taxes.

Pets - Gotta love em' even if they make you crazy sometimes

If he offered to spit in their mouths, there would be a line

Covid is spiking again!

Is this guy real? This is 10/10/2020 in SW Washington State.

TX-24: Beth Van Duyne and Candace Valenzuela, locked in battle to define Texas suburban way of life.

Nevada Republicans Hoist by Their Own Petard? or Two Can Play That Way

Trump Boards Air Force 1 Through The Cargo Hold. (Only Half As Many Stairs.)

TX-23 Was the State's Only True Congressional Swing District. Can Democrats Win It Back?

McConnell's gleeful laugh when McGrath talks about his failures on COVID is...something

Wisconsin says Foxconn factory touted by Trump has failed to deliver on jobs

US Senate seats that Democrats are definitely going to be winning in 2020.

Correa Warns of Second US Operation Condor in Latin America

Having descended from Asgard for a night of hearty partying with a bevy of mortal wenches, Odin's

Rudy Giuliani gets someone to hold his mask on his face while he gives an autograph

I sent in my absentee ballot and verified that it was received.

Imagine for a moment....

$1293.00 per month

Trump, downplaying risk, says he's ready to 'kiss everyone' at his first campaign trail rally since

U.S.-China Trade War Gets Wrapped Up in Twist-Ties

Anybody ask how Judge Barrett's 7 kids get healthcare?

Johnson & Johnson pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial after 'unexplained illness'

What can we do?

This is how Italian legislators deal with a politician who won't wear a mask

"You better vote for me Puerto Rico."

McGrath killin' Mcconnell in KY debate

22 days to go. My daily post to watch for late trends. Tracking two sites -

Went to check my email just now....

Viola Davis narrates latest Jaime Harrison TV ad

Has anyone been watching PBS Flesh and Blood? COBRA?

Aww... Lindsey is all concerned about the young women:

My wish for DUers - and all US citizens

New RVAT ad with Olivia Troye defending Fauci, airing digitally & nationally on Fox & Friends

Top general did not give his consent to be used in Trump political ad

Chef Jose Andres and his team are at the long lines in Georgia feeding people...

***Night has fallen, but voting lines continued in Marietta, Georgia.

Election 2020: Trump Tweets Democratic States Are 'Going To Hell'

Wisconsin just denied Apple's biggest supplier a huge tax break

Eric Trump canceled a visit to a gun shop in Michigan where one of the men accused of plotting to ki

Column: Make way for Slayer Pete. Buttigieg is the Biden campaign's ruthless secret weapon

The Worlds of The Expanse (no spoilers)

Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders Urge Stimulus Bill Focus Over Amy Coney Barrett Hearings

Save the ACA, Call the Senate, personal calls DO's the info...

fake CA drop boxes a repub ploy to tie up CA electoral votes in court?

Keith Olbermann on someone saying about trump that he's going to kill himself:

Borat 2

So many great Dem women candidates

Anderson Cooper's face when he hears they are playing "Macho Man" at Trump's rally.

Autumn: Vivaldi

HELLOWEEN - How Many Tears (Live in Wacken, 2018, United Alive)

An Eighth-Grader Reviews Ben Sasse's "Eighth Grade Civics" Presentation

From an ER Nurse:

A message from Speaker Pelosi:

2022 US Senate Election Rating with a Biden-D Presidency.

Details emerge of new right-wing coup plot in Bolivia

Woo hoo! Beto's Powered by People made over 2.9 million calls today!

Justice and Salango May Be On The Ballot For Governor, But Democratic Stalwart Manchin's Presence

Hawaii reports lowest daily case count (42) since July

What really sucks is Barrett wouldn't be there w/o mf45, and

Project the 12 GOP senators who will decide our future...

Great polling news

Steve Reich - Six Marimbas

Rick Wilson on The Lincoln Project's latest ad (and the ad itself, too):


Trump demands that Puerto Rico vote for him -- there's just one problem

Trump demands that Puerto Rico vote for him -- there's just one problem


Trumps schedule for tomorrow. All he has going on is a rally.

I've come to the realization that America is content with being in a permanent pandemic state.

Mexico wants Catholic Church to apologize for 'offensive atrocities' against Indigenous

Leaf Sheep: The Animal that Photosynthesizes

mf45 threw masks into the crowd but didn't wear one?

Elizabeth Warren is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight - ON NOW

Cancel John Fund!

Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court hearing is a formality. But Democrats have one last card.

How Many Times Has The Number Of Seats On The Supreme Court Changed?

Authorities investigating large religious event in Nashville with maskless crowds

vote to reinstate obamacare if court dumps it and biden wins, dems get senate back?

Could this end Rudy's career

Trump had Conley along & a bandaid on the back of his hand again today. Still getting IV treatments?

Halloween Is Coming! #56

Halloween Is Coming! #57

Halloween Is Coming! #58

Halloween Is Coming! #59

Halloween Is Coming! #60

voted today via drop box! turns out a mayor candidate voted for trump

trump rallies are only aimed at people who already believe what he says..he gains nothing

For any Star Trek fans, there is a fundraiser tomorrow with 19 actors from the series.

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams: People are waiting in line to vote sometimes 11 or 12 hours. eom

"Mother! Mother!" Mike Pence: the Hitchcock version

White woman calls the wife of Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor the n-word while grocery shopping

Some Biden endorsements. Some trump endorsements

"Or maybe these two pictures aren't of the same place." (Devin Fucking Nunes)

Genetic study suggests US man was infected twice with coronavirus

Alabama's nation-leading 16,000 Fortified roofs held up well to Hurricane Sally (

10,393,706 people have voted so far. A lot of the votes are from swing states.

Why didn't the Dems leave after Mike Lee showed up maskless?

Time to Rewrite the History Books (Trump corruption)

Seems overdue, but I'll let it go. Especially since no one else seems to be bothered

I started a channel of some of my gaming on YouTube if anyone is interested.

This video has got 1 million views!

Ahhhhh! TREK THE VOTE ..... Check this out 🙂

The Daily Show: The Trump Administration's First Term Corruption

📍BREAKING--First ever reinfection death from #COVID19 has now been scientifically confirmed.

Marc Elias: " voter should have to wait more than half an hour to have an opportunity to vote."

WTF Wall Street Journal? "Why Trump Doesn't Need to Wear a Mask"

Who is the Long Island serial killer?

What the democrats are up against (trump rally)

Trump is suppressing the GOP vote in a manner no other person or institution could accomplish.

The Daily Social Distancing Show: The What/Why/How of the Columbus Day Debate

Trump steel tariffs bring job losses to swing state Michigan.

Rachel Maddow:When you wake up on the morning of election day, will you be able to say to yourself..

2020 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will have a net gain of 5 to 10 seats.

High-speed mail sorting machine reassembled in Maine

'Major red flag': Expert warns Michigan race is so close Democrats might not win back the US Senate

NYT, WSJ, WaPo, Politico, BuzzFeed & Hearst won't let reporters travel with Trump

Trump, downplaying risk, says he's ready to 'kiss everyone' at his first campaign trail rally since

Putin's piglet

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Alexandra Pelosi - How America Weaponized Phones

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump is Only MENTALLY Ill Now

New species of aquatic mice discovered, cousins of one of the world's rarest mammals

This Glitch turned out to be so funny that SUCKER PUNCH left it in ...

Capuchins Caught On Camera Teaming Up To Rescue Youngster From A Boa Constrictor

Five Reasons Not To Sit Out This Election - Senator Bernie Sanders



Borat tweet:

Beto working for Texas

Trump Crashing In States He Needs Most - As Biden Matches Clinton's 2016 Margins - The Beat - MSNBC

biden, cuomo, nick reisman, and candy corn

Chris: GOP Doesn't Seem To Care Who Gets Covid--So Long As Barrett Gets On The Supreme Court - MSNBC

The Dangerous Ones


Michigan GOP cuts ties with Macomb House candidate with 'crazy' theories

Eric Trump won't appear at Michigan gun shop where man accused in Whitmer plot worked

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren on Trump and the Election

With increased interest in Ohio, Joe Biden leans on the 'dignity of work' playbook

Biden tells Cincinnati crowd 'It's go time' during trip through Ohio

Don Winslow Films: #MemoToTrump

OH-HD27: This eastern Hamilton County House race just got competitive

The female physician who popularised the Pap smear

WHO Chief Says Herd Immunity Approach To Pandemic 'Unethical'

Feed the Polls organizing thousands of meals for 2020 voters in food-insecure areas

Large majority favors New Jersey marijuana legalization, according to poll

Happy birthday to @WWEAsuka Otanjoubi Omedettou Gozaimasu!

Amy McGrath silences Mitch McConnell who has no real answers to serious debate on supreme court

marsha blackburn sends marshals to doctor's house to subpoena him on fetal tissue used for trump

The Pennsylvania women Trump has lost

Georgia breaks record for first day of early voting -- while voters wait in line late into night

A National Security Reckoning How Washington Should Think About Power

Black churches mobilizing voters despite virus challenges

Justice: 'Way premature' to lift state of emergency despite favorable risk map

People Have Been Using The Alphabet Of Amharic, An Ethiopian Language, As A Meme.

Don't make 'em like they used to.

Abortion pill now easier for women to get during pandemic, but not in some states

Florida is a swing state again. These battleground regions could decide the race.

US Senate seats that Democrats will be going to win in 2020.

'Long Covid': Why Are Some People Not Recovering?

On a ghost train to Sprout City

Rate of uninsured children rises significantly

Forget 'Packing' The Supreme Court. Just Reduce It To SIX, As The ORIGINAL Supreme Court Was.

Question, start here. Recruitment, statue of limitations, sexual abuse?

Vermont has already voted at 28% of its 2016 total.

'Peoples Needs Can't Wait': To Put Onus On Senate R's, Progs Urge Pelosi Take $1.8T Covid Relief Pkg

VA-05: Race for Fifth District seat tightens as Bob Good struggles to unite Republican Party

VA-05: Bob Good Denies 'Any Knowledge' of Past Investments

How Amy McGrath took Mitch McConnell to the cleaners & closed down his leadership skills

NC-08: DCCC POLLING MEMO: Patricia Timmons-Goodson Leads Congressman Hudson

Mitch McConnell Elicits 'Very Cold' Feelings in About Half of U.S. Voters

NC-11: Madison Cawthorn said he worked full-time for Mark Meadows; record says he didn't

Republican Voters Against Trump ad: Trump's Lying About Fauci

Over 500 LGBTQ candidates to appear on November ballots, shattering records

MN-01: Minneapolis Star Tribune endorses Democrat Dan Feehan for Congress.

'Trump-Appointed Judge Smacks Down President's Campaign In PA Ballot Fight'

Naked Republican hypocrisy is destroying trust in Supreme Court: Reagan, Bush lawyers

ME-SEN: Susan Collins wrote legislation that made millions for her husband's lobbying firm

'tRump Picked The Wrong Guy To Pick A Fight With'

Health officials sound alarm over surge of new coronavirus cases

Well, I guess if Trump had appeared unwell at his rally, we would have heard about it by now.

Armed pro-Trump vigilantes plan to show up at election day polling sites amid fears of voter intimid

the flaming lips - tiny desk concert (from home - last week) cause life can always use some lips

Georgia voter testimony about surprise at the poll (FB)

Georgia is seeing 10 hour lines to vote

UN Warns That World Risks Becoming 'Uninhabitable Hell' For Millions Unless Leaders Take Climate Act

Johnson & Johnson pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial after 'unexplained illness'

Al Franken owns conservative hypocrite on GOP lies over SCOTUS

A 'second wave' of mental health devastation due to Covid-19 is imminent, experts say By Naomi Thoma

Alaska absentee witness requirements scrapped for election

Trump faked Covid to get out of the 2nd debate.

11-year-old in custody after alleged joyride in school bus

Statements That Make Me Laugh

The current SCOTUS nominee belongs to a sect which...

Police: Woman found dead, baby removed from womb in Texas [Updated]

'How Long Can I Expect A Covid-19 Illness To Last?'

Head Of USPS Board Of Governors Is Also Director Of Mitch McConnell Super PAC

Rick Wilson on the future of the Lincoln Project.

Set your watch...500 hours until the Orange Moron is voted out.

UK: Tempers Flare Over New Covid Rules As Boris Johnson Warns: 'We Must Act Now'; New 3- Tier System

Whether Trump was really sick or he played his base like a fiddle?


KKK 'Social Visit' Cards Left at Joe Biden Supporters' Homes in Tennessee

This isn't normal

Michelle Obama, LeBron James team to help boost early voting

I'm scared to go to hairdresser now. Greenville's

My last post before noon January 20, 2021 (post #2020)

Ohioans can't afford to lose the Affordable Care Act

Step By Step: How To Vote Absentee By-Mail In North Carolina

China still allowing use of pangolin scales in traditional medicine

Faculty union at Youngstown State University hits the picket line

Worst person in the world by Keith Olbermann

Tuesday TOONs - The Liars Club, plus Anne Telnaes sketches the hearings

New research explores authoritarian mind-set of Trump's core supporters

Tanishq: Jewellery ad on interfaith couple withdrawn after outrage

Good morn all. Watching Mika n Joe and remembering the mornings Trump called in.

'A consolation prize': Losing hope for Trump, allies focus on a final victory

Cabinet Chatter

Don't Lose Your Voice, Vote!

Trump dismisses 'Fake News' reports that his campaign is low on money

Biden says he's 'not a fan' of court packing

I have a couple of things to say or ask of Amy Coney Barrett.

Jewish Democratic Council of America Ad

Republican game plan

Near Record Number of Voters Registered In Ohio For 2020 Election

From The Guardian: 'Jet fighter' godwit breaks world record for non-stop bird flight (...)

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan donate $100 million more to election administrators

The Intercept Promised to Reveal Everything. Then Its Own Scandal Hit.

In his final pitch to voters, Biden goes hard at moderates

The outlook for House Republicans keeps getting worse

I dreamed that covid had decimated the population. Someone

MeidasTouch Trumps travel ban without a plan-without PPE & without testing caused mass chaos & death

And The Wolf Finally Came; Decline In Home Sales, Home Values On FL Coast Began In 2013

I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall in futility

The latest 'game' on Facebook

So will the MSM talk about Mitch's cackle the way they did Hillary's?

OSHA closes more than half of workers' coronavirus retaliation complaints without investigating

OSHA closes more than half of workers' coronavirus retaliation complaints without investigating

Trump just tweeted that he'll sue California for hiring a "Sleepy Joe Democrat firm" to count votes

I'd love to see every advertising dollar spent to play this ghoulish video

Sorry, pets only

Trump's Schedule for Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Trump being Trump. You do you buddy!

A Song for McCONnell, that dirty old scoundrel.

Scientists Confirm Nevada Man Was Infected Twice With Coronavirus

Zuckerberg and Wife Donate $100 Million for Elections

Trump slams Fauci in tweet someone else wrote/typed for him.

Trump TV ads on Biden and Crime

Trump intensifies focus on Harris in final weeks of campaign

Republicans Think Satan Is Jesus

Deranged Trump Threatens To Kiss His Entire Audience Because He Thinks He's COVID Immune

Trump flunkies now going after CIA head Gina Haspel as "part of the plot to take down" Trump

538 state of the race, forecast Biden 87 Trump 13 Poll average Biden 52.4 Trump 41.9 Biden +10.5

COOK POLITICAL now estimating a D Senate Gain of 2-7 seats

TRAVIS county voting machines down (but most are fixed now-edit)

What A Coincidence! 3 Weeks Before Election, Right-Wing UT Politicians Publicly Bleat Green Concern

Conservatives beg Trump to shut up during SCOTUS hearings: 'Any time he's not on the front

Why is he boarding through the belly of the plane? Is he too weak to walk up a full set of stairs?

Mining - Both Legal And Illegal, And Always Toxic - Already Occuping 20% Of Amazon's Native Lands

As I was thinking about Dump saying he's immune...

Why trump's doctor used the antigen test instead of the pcr test to clear trump is very suspicious

Cal AG issues cease-and-desist to Cal GOP putting out fake ballot boxes. GOP replies "suck it'

Trump supporter regrets not taking CV seriously: 'I feel like a drunk driver that killed his family'


Eliminate lifetime appointments

Flooding From Delta Piled Atop What Laura Blew Down; SW Louisiana Coast Reeling From 2020 Hurricanes

The Texas Drop-Box Rule is Deeply Unequal

McGrath response to the turtle about number of SCOTUS judges

Catholic attorney's Daily Kos post on Barrett and the People of Praise cult

States and Localities Intensify Voter Education Before Election

Texas counties can offer only one drop-off ballot location: Federal appeals court

What time are hearings today?

This isn't a confirmation. It's a referendum on the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

The GOP's newest Bullshit:

Republicans are trying to make court expansion a mortal sin. Don't let them.

Hope this keeps up! The Senate! GOTV!

Trump says Biden is dodging. Fair. So when will Trump answer these important questions?

Thwaites/Pine Island; Volume Of Warm Seawater Melting Key Glaciers From Below Larger Than Thought

Trump KILLED it tonight!

New Florida poll (Florida Atlantic Univ, B/C): Biden +4

Alaska absentee witness requirements scrapped for election

Alaska absentee witness requirements scrapped for election

Uptick for retiree checks in 2021 amid coronavirus worries

If you have seen Jurassic Park, this might look a little ... familiar.

Boat load of Morning Consult Polls this morning

TX-SEN: Cornyn moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean Republican

The Rundown: October 13, 2020

Wrapping Wednesday: Micro Reviews for the Week of 10/07/2020

Ghosts of Comics' Past: October in Comic History - the First Disney, the First Conan, and Legend

GA-SEN: Loeffler moves from 'Lean Republican' to 'Tossup'

How long should it take for a ballot to arrive via mail?

Why are her husband and all her children

Nominee Barrett has a Phyllis Schlafly vibe not so much in appearance, but in presence and

AK-SEN: Sullivan moves from 'Likely' to 'Lean' Republican

Make way for Slayer Pete. Buttigieg is the Biden campaign's ruthless secret weapon

I hate it when republican judicial nominees

She is just not going

Good grief Feinstein!!! Barrett HAS expressed her view on abortion in A PUbLIC newspaper!!!

On October 12, 1998, Matthew Shepard died.

When Dems win big we will have a mandate

Virginia voter registration portal down! EDIT: Fiber cut

Are there a lot of new voters registering this year?

Texas Appeals Court reinstated Abbot's ballot box removal

Voters rush to deliver mail ballots in Clark County, NV.

Women who will vote for Trump....

Pete is everywhere suddenly

Finally! Early voting begins!!!

Republicans Broke Florida's Unemployment System. Could It Cost Trump the Election?

Since she is a member of this Praise cult

Where is Bill Barr?

YOU raised $15,362.08 for Biden-Harris, $40.40 Amy (DITCH Mitch) McGrath & $0 for duhneece on 10-12

Very cool video. It has drama, hard work, a happy ending and a cute cat

Amy Coney Barrett is a hostile witness.

Heh. Loser Lindsey doesn't like Citizens United anymore.

U.S. Constitution, Article III

Return of the fly at yesterday's SCJ hearing...

Bloomberg - Covid-19 Soars in Red States as Drumpf Restarts Rallies

A question regarding early voting:

Well I have attempted to start the the Federalist Society BS talking points about

Just early voted in Harris County, Texas.

Know what could really seal the deal with the uninvolved youth?

Heard about the fellow that wanted a job cleaning mirrors

Democrats are obviously hugely motivated this election. What about Republican voters?

Trump mocks Fauci's pitching arm and his Covid predictions

I'm currently on a forced Twitter break because I openly wished nature to take its course...

-4,961 Wow! That high?

"Give us a president..."

what good is raising a lot of money

If you want a short term "deal" on Washington Post digital access, Amazon Prime Day deal:

Should we address Amy Barrett as Honorable when she has none?

Long lines greet Dallas County voters on the first day of early voting

Mayor Pete has a new nickname: Slayer Pete

Merrill's Marauders: WWII jungle fighting unit approved for congressional medal

Biden Says Amid Hurried Barrett Hearing: 'Court Packing Is Going On Now': TPM

Thermapen Mk4 on sale for 48 hrs

Presidential Debates: will there be anymore?

The single biggest lie told in the first day of the Amy Coney Barrett hearing

The magnificent Art Tatum was born on this date.

Florida adds 1,533 new coronavirus cases, 47 new deaths

Wave of 'Nutcracker' cancellations hits dance companies hard

Covid reinfection: Man gets Covid twice and second hit 'more severe'

Long early voting lines in austin/Travis county

Long Island restaurateur allegedly beat and hurled gay slurs at staffer

New Fall Calendar. Share with everyone

TLP: Chyna

Barrett "Open Minded" About Trump Unilaterally Delaying An Election

Barrett refuses to say if she would recuse herself from ObamaCare case

Bipartisan Christian group forms super PAC, Not Our Faith, to oppose Trump

Terry Gibbs was born on this date.

If you're vegetarian, don't eat coconut!

Ray Brown was born on this date.

The Arctic is in a death spiral. How much longer will it exist?

Pence's fly is back!

Republicans are doing Joe Biden's work for him

David Axelrod commented last night that 2020 voting may break the 1960 record of 63%, he will not

i really wish Democrats would approach the hearings differently, particularly on recusal

Who will Mitt Romney vote for?

Pic Of The Moment: When You're A Star, They Let You Do It

Cut Cable Crashes System on Final Day of Online Voter Registration in Virginia

Lee Konitz, alto sax, was born on this date.

Virginia voter registration down on last day to register to vote before election

Biden extends lead over Trump to 17 points

FBI agent: Groups discussed kidnapping Virginia governor

***Opinium National Poll of LVs*** Biden 57 Trump 40

racist woman throws puppy at black man. black man adopts the puppy

Nothing to base on but watching Feinstein grill Amy and I am struck by

What's for Breakfast? Tuesday, 10/13/20

Today is a black day for the UN. The world's worst dictatorships will be named as judges of ...

Broken Promise: FreightCar America in Virginia

Michigan billboard campaign contrasts Trump's words against Jesus'

Paul Simon has a birthday today.

13,015,675 ballots in the reporting states

Men accused in Whitmer plot talked about 'taking out' Virginia's governor, FBI says

Lenny Bruce was born on this date.

On this date in 1960

I'm watching Cindy McCain as a guest co-host on 'The View'. MUCH better than Meghan.

Broken Promise: FreightCar America in Virginia

GOP fears a wipeout -- and has 'never seen the left more engaged or organized' than in 2020

New North Carolina Senate poll (Monmouth, A+): Cunningham +1

Anyone notice the constant whining from turtleneck about how the Democrats tried to

Coldest Thing I Have Ever Seen Short Of the Little Girl Picking Daisies....

Tommy Vietor thinks it's past time for a "Both Sides" museum in DC

Member of Violent MI Group "also talked about 'taking out' a second politician," VA Gov. Northam

Ivanka shows how stupid she REALLY is, maybe even more so than Eric...

The Twit tweets: "STIMULUS! Go big or go home!!!"

683 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Tues; 8 deaths

Minnesota Catching Wave Of Virus From Recent Trump Rallies

Sen Durbin thank you! Great questioning re gun rights vs Voting rights.

WOW !!! Barret: Felony convictions to deny voting? OK? To Deny Firearms ? NOT !!

I voted this morning! Yeah yeah and yeah!

David Corn: What was the Constitution's original meaning about..

Pennsylvania second lady reacts to getting called racial slur

Huguely argues civil deposition could hurt chances of retrial

"During Monday night's debate, Sen. Mitch McConnell gave this endorsement for Amy McGrath."

Senator to Amy Coney Barrett: It's distressing not to get a straight answer

3 Trump appointees uphold Repub Gov decision to allow only 1 ballot drop box per county in Texas

Just voted!!!!!

If Trump loses, he will go away, but not really go away. The GOP nightmare.

Got my flu shot this morning at a pharmacy within

Are Amy Coney Barrett's evasive answers today because of

#MonsterHunterWorld #lceborne : Diablos Capture

"3 minutes after the MICHIGAN tweet... "

Cook Political Report moves Senate races in Texas, Georgia, Alaska toward Democrats

"If you want to know why any national republican does anything, here is your answer."

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Planned Parenthood funding

Sen Lee just gave credence to INCREASING the number of SCoTUS. He said

Pendejo45's Acceptance Speech @ 2016 RNC ...

A H.S. classmate of mine has died from COVID

Rudy Giuliani Falsely Claims 'People Don't Die' of Coronavirus 'Anymore'

An accidentally cut cable has caused the entire Virginia voter registration online system to go down

"Momma, how much longer are we going to wait in line?"

Without voter suppression, the Republican Party couldn't exist

Has any Dem actually mentioned "stacking the court"?

Sen. Lee is an outrageous liar.

"Your Ballot Has Been Received"

Omigod! Just dropped off my absentee ballot at the

Jennifer Rubin: "Get her to explain the consequences when she does overturn precedent"

Pedometer/Calorie help requested.

"How'd I piss off, Wilson?"

Something Beautiful (I didn't take this pic)

Fifth Circuit Revives Texas Limit on Ballot Drop-Off Sites

Internet recoils in horror: Amy Coney Barrett ruling says n-word does not make workplace 'hostile.'

NRA "blood on its hands" - ex-collaborator with LaPIERRE, 100M owners vs 5M members

If Amy Coney Barrette is right and the Constitution should not be "updated," then . . .

Trade body rules EU can put tariffs on $4 bln of US goods

The Lincoln Project keeps rolling them off the assembly line. This one about trump's China policy:

Brooks Brothers Permanently Closes Dupont, Georgetown and Friendship Heights Locations


The Biden campaign should make an all-out effort to win Florida

Rudy Giuliani to Trump supporters: 'People don't die from coronavirus anymore'

In 2016, GOP promised to keep SCOTUS at 8 seats for entirety of President HRC's term.

Cry No More

Men charged in Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot also wanted to abduct Virginia governor: FBI

Ugh......just saw Ken Starr on faux noise when flying around the dial......

This is how Italian legislators deal with a politician who won't wear a mask. 😂 👍🏻

How many Trump voters does it take to change a light bulb?

Mother let dog run loose in Wisconsin Walmart and performed a series of karate moves while.......

Didn't Ms. Barrett

Oh, Now You Believe in Norms

*Senator Whitehouse on.

Suspects behind thwarted kidnapping plot are 'domestic terrorists': Michigan governor

Senator Whitehouse

This Tribal Map of America Shows Whose Land You're Actually Living On.

Voter groups founded by LeBron James, Michelle Obama join forces ahead of Election Day

U.S. Army chief returns to Pentagon after self-quarantine

Sheldon Whitehouse

Rudy Giuliani to lead Trump's post election legal challenges.

Virginia: You can register in person or by mail during registrar site outage

After a Hospital Stay for Covid, Patients May Face Months of Rehabilitation

Trump attacks Fauci with falsehoods after backlash for quoting him out of context in campaign ad

Prince William launched a new environmental prize worth $65 million

Justices Won't Revive Democrats' Suit on Trump Business Dealings

another portrait of my crimson fronted parakeet

Bipartisan Christian group forms super PAC to oppose Trump

I just early voted in Texas and here are my observations

Georgia Voters Set Record on First Day of Early Voting

Sen. Whitehouse bringing it on.

Salon - Don't believe the hype: Trump's economy was plummeting even before the pandemic

Who here was a Deadhead, knew Jerry Garcia, and followed them on their world tour?

So, the Covid routine at my Dentist's office

Mitch McConnell laughs at criticism over Congress Covid relief failure

Faux News broadcasted Biden's comment on "court packing"!

WWII Jungle Fighting Unit Approved for Congressional Medal

Arctic Sea Ice extent at lowest level for date in the the satellite record

🎶 Don't you cry no more!🎶

Every patient so far today has had "...Just one more thing!..."

US coronavirus: 'Hunker down' because the fall Covid-19 surge is here

"If laughing hysterically at this makes me immature, call me immature"

IF YOU WATCH NOTHING ELSE in the Barrett hearing

Supreme Court declines to hear Democrats' emoluments case against Trump

10/13 Dose of Joe

Trump's Taxes

Vox - Amy Coney Barrett refused to say if Trump can delay the election

McConnell to force vote on 'targeted' coronavirus relief bill next week

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend certain cops didn't identify themselves

I can not bear to look at Ted Cruz.

Florist in #Minsk gave flowers to women during rallies. He was brutally detained in the morning,

Trump returns to SCOTUS to try and keep financial records from NY grand jury.

Nice article on flower photography.

Ghislaine Maxwell to urge U.S. appeals court to keep damaging deposition secret

Senator Whitehouse at hearing, in full

Hey Ted Cruz! The First Amendment has ANOTHER RELIGIOUS CLAUSE:

My brother's dog has stage 4 kidney failure

I don't recall John Roberts at his confirmation hearing being asked about his kids.

North Dakota is Numero Uno

3 types of people you NEVER EVER trust.

Ted Cruz only asked a handful of questions to ACB and spent the rest of his time

Amy K up at bat.

Airborne radioactivity increases downwind of fracking, study finds

Two Polls That Predicted Trump's 2016 Win Now Predict His 2020 Landslide Loss

Bank of America flagged Michael Flynn's 'suspicious' payments for secret Turkey lobbying.

Bank of America flagged Michael Flynn's 'suspicious' payments for secret Turkey lobbying.

I voted, and donated time or money

Amy Klobuchar

94-year-old comes 300 miles with family to cast her vote in-person in Detroit

Flynn received bank transfers from Putin ally *WHILE ADVISING TRUMP CAMPAIGN IN 2016*

94-year-old comes 300 miles with family to cast her vote in-person in Detroit

Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal and Juventus forward tests positive for coronavirus

Samaneri Jayasara - A Guided Meditation on No-Thing in Particular

I'm willing to bet the reason there hasn't been a second stimulus

The Jefferson Bible

EU agrees sanctions on Russia over Navalny poisoning and on Lukashenko

I'd really like to see a couple of these Proud Boy types

The Jefferson Bible

"Let the meme'ing begin."

Watch Live: Confirmation Hearing, Coney Barrett: Free Speech TV (CSPAN)

Kojo for District 1

Researchers Find Elevated Radiation Near U.S. Fracking Sites

WW2 'earthquake' bomb explodes in Poland during attempt to defuse it

Barrett is a rigid ideologue.

Serious question: Does anybody know a mailing address for Joe Biden?

What is the point of Barrett even being at this hearing?

"Let's make treason great again." Slim Pickens

Hmmm....she just said that she'll respect the laws, as written. Yet, she also said

88 of Amy Coney Barrett's faculty colleagues at Notre Dame ask her to withdraw

Tested yesterday-still waiting. Fever up, chest very sore and back as well. breathing labored star

The next time some right-winger tries to tell you that universities are biased against

"You're God Damned right I'm gonna pack the courts. All of them. Eat shit and die Republicans"

GA SOS wiped BMD software, replaced with UNcertified untested software from Dominion 10/3/2020

What are your thoughts on the propositions for 2020?

I think I may agree with Barrett on one thing.

And another thing that bothers me about Amy Coney Barrett claiming that she follows

Lookin' At You, America -- Three Weeks from Today

I tried to early vote today

Is Gums on something?

FBI: Whitmer plotters also discussed kidnapping Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam

Does anyone know the order of questioning this afternoon for Barrett hearing?

C-Span: House Oversight Hearing on Tax Avoidance & the IRS The House Ways and Means Subcommittee

DU legal minds pls comment on originalists like Scalia and Barrett contending...

Sen Klobuchar just asked Judge Barrett whether it's illegal under federal law to intimidate voters

In a racial discrimination case, Barrett wrote that being called the n-word at work by your superv

Sheldon Whitehouse (Barrett Confirmation Hearing- Full Video):

"'No one believes the Supreme Court is going to strike down the Affordable Care Act,' McConnell said

No Woman No Cry

Fuck your prearranged, rehearsed slice of life and arcane tidbit questions and answers

The reason I don't have health insurance is because, I CANT AFFORD IT

COOK: "might be the most horrific poll I've seen for him all month, and that's saying something...."

Election officials: Don't disinfect or microwave your mail-in ballot

Judge Barrett said she writes her opinions from the viewpoint of the losing

This Is What Amy Coney Barrett Thinks Her Confirmation Hearings

BREAKING: U.S. pauses Eli Lilly's trial of a coronavirus antibody treatment over safety concerns

Has anyone asked Barrett about how she defines a "virtuous citizen"?

Joe uses Trump's own words against him

Obama to hit the campaign trail for Biden 'soon' as race enters final weeks

Amy Coney Barrett on originalism

Just wanted to remind DUer's that Windows 10 free upgrade from 7, 8.1 still works.

No, tRump

First Amy Coney Barrett Hearing Is a Display of GOP Senators' COVID-19 Hubris

Mike Lee Tested Positive for Coronavirus 10 Days Ago. Why Was He Not Wearing a Mask

Joe is LIVE: I'm in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to discuss my plans to protect and strengthen Social Se

West Virginia Poll.... Trump 53% - Biden 39%, Trump won by 42% in 2016, now only +14

Cartoons 10/13/2020

Damn. Political ads never make me cry but THIS one...

Hold on tight as the wacky October weather continues

George Takei: It's not a sexual "preference," Judge Barrett.

Fraud and Ineptitude Are Undermining Covid Relief

Johnson & Johnson just paused its coronavirus vaccine trials after an 'unexplained illness'

Woo hoo! My absentee ballot has been received, accepted and will be counted!

Shorter Every Amy Coney Barrett answer: As a law professor, I wrote some things to make me attractiv

Vicious panda attack

Stop Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett is the least popular Supreme Court nominee in recent history

Gawd, I wish RBG could've hung on for three more months.

Joe: Your voice can change the course of history -- use it.

Trump defends virus record in 1st post-COVID COVIDIOT rally

97% of Travis County's 850K eligible voters are registered to vote.

(Jewish Group) Gal Gadot to star as Egyptian queen Cleopatra in historical biopic

Under questioning from Chris Coons, ACBarrett refuses to commit herself to recusing from 2020

Not exactly an upgrade

Coronavirus stimulus: Pelosi lays out 8 areas of disconnect, calls Trump's attitude 'shameful'

The way this dog looks at her mom is human 😍

(Jewish Group) 70% of Jews plan to vote Biden, Pew study finds

Usually not much for anecdotal tales, but---

GREAT Lawyers here, can you answer this?

4 GOP Governors Do Not Sign Letter in Support of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Gunman Opened Fire on Children Playing Basketball in Ohio Street, Police Say

MAGA - making america great again for...

Golden Retriever Loses 100 Pounds In One Year

Daniel Dale: Trump is running against an imaginary version of Joe Biden.

Small town Ruby Red Oklahoma has a new sign on one of the two major thoroughfares.

Don't DUers find it hilarious that Sen. Hawley started out by boasting

How would you describe Ivanka's fashion choice for Wisconsin today?

Ivanka Trump's Spin On Her Dad's COVID-19 Failings Backfires

When this grumpy cat finally gives his brother a kiss for the first time 😍

Want to see what a real loved political figure is?

McConnell Giggles At 214,000 Americans Dying From Covid-19 with Amy McGrath: *Watch Video

What should media say when a rethug says "Democrat" party?

Has anyone seen or heard about Melania lately.

Mitt Romney finds a way to feel superior to both.

Guy Rescues Chipmunk From Swimming Pool During Zoom Class

Michigan Man Charged with Hate Crimes for Attacking African-American Teenager

Why can't I search?

Virginia Registration Portal Back Up! n/t

Amy Covid Barrett found trump's healthcare plan!!

Ivanka Trump barnstorms Fox Cities with stops at Team Industries in Kaukauna, Brindlewood Barn in H

WTF NYTimes!

Calif. Republican Party Says It Won't Take Down Illegal 'Ballot Boxes' Despite State Orders

Gotta watch his preview of the Simpsons treehouse of horror clip

Johnson & Johnson has paused its Covid-19 vaccine trial due to an "unexplained illness"......

Fort Bend County machines malfunction for a brief period as early voting begins

When this little boy is finally taller than his 180-pound best friend 😭

Did Amy Coney Barrett casually refer to the "eugenics portion" of the Indiana abortion law?

NEW at SCOTUS: Trump administration returns to the Supreme Court with an emergency request to keep t

Chef Andres is out with his team again today, feeding people waiting in line at polls

Look what I found today!

U.S. Justice Department accuses Melania Trump book author of breaking nondisclosure pact

Latter-day Saints For Biden-Harris

Could the WNBA Help Flip the Senate?

Quorum? Prevent a quorum? No need for a quorum? Two Democrats needed for a quorum?

Photos of animals taken at just the right time.

The U.S. defense secretary declined to rule out sending active-duty military personnel to the polls

Eli Lilly pauses study of COVID-19 treatment over safety concerns

Early voting for the November election begins in Kentucky

Texas Republicans challenge curbside, drive-thru voting in Harris County

When Swing States Can Start Counting Millions of Mail-In Ballots

88 of Amy Coney Barrett's faculty colleagues say she should withdraw from consideration for the Supr

WOW have you seen this Covid film trailer?

Voting view from Montana

U.S. Justice Department accuses Melania Trump book author of breaking nondisclosure pact

Groups to appeal lawsuit over Wisconsin absentee ballots to U.S. Supreme Cour

Mich. GOP Deflect Their Role In Encouraging Militia Terrorist Plot; Maybe 'Only A Citizen's Arrest'

It strongly suggests that Trump no longer expects William Barr to bail him out before Election Day.

Why Democratic Senate Candidates Are Competitive in Red States Like Alaska, Kansas and Montana

I've got $250 to donate

Michigan Sheriff Who Rallied With Domestic Terrorists, Militiamen Soft Pedals FBI Arrests

Tiniest Kitten Ever Makes The Cutest Little Noises

I'm finally symmetrical!

My adobe flash runs out in December......what else is out there

Lindsey Graham inadvertently bolsters the Dems' point on ACA

Star Wars Trivia with Mark Hamill and John Kerry!

Ohio State to pay $5.8 million in second settlement with Strauss accusers

Florida coach wants to pack stadium. 3 days later...

Stacey Abrams update on GA voting - very encouraging

My ballot has been DROPPED into Drop Box

Facebook bans anti-vaccination ads but not antivax posts

Thom Tillis' Ex-Wife Cites "Cruel and Inhuman Treatment" in Divorce Documents

This is why I was out with the camera and caught the Monarch.

Graham challenger pushing conservatives toward 3rd candidate

Amy Coney Barrett says George Floyd's killing was "very, very personal" for her family:

The Sheldon Whitehouse Juggernaut Day 1 -- Transcript

Biden debuts the 'double mask' look for Florida.

Damn those "lazy Christians..."

Steve Benen: Republicans say a bit too much about their health care problem

Just shut up Mitty Mittens!

Seattle is the 2nd fastest-growing large US city, study finds

Broadway cast of Hamilton are doing a special performance/"Hamilton Town Hall" for Biden.

Over 65,000 lose power as windstorm rolls into Western Washington

This may be The Lincoln Project's best, a takeoff on the ASPCA ads, extremely well done....

Sen. Whitehouse Strips Veil Off Dark Money Running 'Puppet Theater' of Barrett Hearings, Stunning

BREAKING: Supreme Court grants Trump administration's request to stop the census count.

Classic Seattle Diner Beth's Cafe Closes Indefinitely, But Hopes to Return

Bill Barr's DOJ Files A Complaint Against Melania's Former Friend For Allegedly Breaking NDA

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Game,set and match : NBC News reports @BarackObama is about to hit the campaign trail for Biden

Amy Klobuchar Just Blew Up The GOP's Sham SCOTUS Confirmation Hearing

McConnell says 'no one believes' Supreme Court will strike down the ACA despite Barrett confirmation

I got my ballot today!

***October contest now open for second submissions***

Can we start calling her Amy Covid Barrett? Has more of a ring to it.

Haven't received your ballot yet? Here's what Seattle voters need to know

Luckovich on Amy Coney Barrett

New Battleground State polls (Reuters/Ipsos, B-): Biden +8 MI, +7 PA, +7 WI, +4 FL, +2 AZ

Republicans are ADMITTING to Placing FAKE BALLOT BOXES Around California!!!

Amy Phony Barrett should be her well deserved name

I'm not going to call her by her by her initials

'What if he dies? - Greg Olear [See H. Cain timeline]

Carville predicts Biden will quickly be declared winner: 'Not going to be close'

Interstate billboard near Columbia, SC

Texas Southern goes to the polls

What's for Dinner, Tues., Oct. 13, 2020

Just voted! Felt Good! To Hell with that

Conspiracy article the president retweeted is so bonkers it is almost completely incomprehensible.

California Republican Party says it won't take down illegal 'ballot boxes' despite state orders

Bat shit crazy Ernst has the gall to say

Cut cable shuts down Virginia's online voter registration

My absentee ballot has officially been counted!

Census Count Can Be Cut Short, Supreme Court Rules

Don Winslow and Bruce Springsteen Biden/Harris Ad:

Don Winslow Bruce Springsteen new Biden/Harris Ad:

TX Trump Fan Regrets Not Taking Covid Seriously: 'I Feel Like A Drunk Driver Who Killed His Family'

What's the longest you've ever stood in line to vote?

What the Trump admin is doing to the International Criminal Court--issuing crippling sanctions ...

Pete Buttigieg throwing some shade at Amy Coney Barrett.

GOP has been aggressively trying to pack supreme courts at state level, study says

Wonderful clip of a charging Bison.

Mexican Foreign Ministry Confirms Two Nonconsensual Procedures At ICE Facility, Hints At Class Actio

Trek the Vote Reminder Starts in 20 Mins (6PM Eastern):

"You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell." Lindsey Graham

Can anyone fill me in on some right wing politician named Steve Baldwin and his long screed against

I just saw Joe Biden! Sort of....

Supreme Court - I hope Biden takes Pete's plan and runs with it

Watch Nancy Pelosi tear Wolf Blitzer a new one for being a gop apologist.

Cory Booker doing a great job of showing that Amy Barrett is full of shit.

Mars to shine extra bright tonight, poised opposite the sun.

Keith Olbermann disassembles Mitt Romney's "Both Sides" Letter in a Spectacular Fashion.

Pierce:Sheldon Whitehouse Made the Case That Amy Coney Barrett's Nomination Is a Bag Job

Colombia's president charged with fabricating charges against political rivals

Just Seen On ESPN Crawl

Covid deaths 220,698; Covid infections 8,082,042

Republicans have ONE goal: maintaining white male supremacy.

Nancy Pelosi takes down Wolf Blitzer. . .

Report: US agents working in Guatemala violated agreement

Traitor Joe (not Biden)

Rabbinical School Dropout

Why does Barrett's voice irritate me so much?

Is/Was It Truly Necessary For Barrett's Children To Sit There Quietly The Entire Day?

Asked if he would consider pardoning Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford said at his hearings ...

*Senator Harris after 'dinner' break @ 6:50.

One more tweet from Michael Beschloss

Woman to lead the landmark restaurant's kitchen

Food Bombers - Allied Operations Behind German Lines, Netherlands 1945

Greek man jailed for life for raping and killing US scientist

Amy 'my thoughts are not my own' Barrett refuses to commit to peaceful transfer

'Unmasking' probe commissioned by Barr quietly concludes without charges or any public report

Conchata Ferrell has sadly passed away .. Bye bye Berta

SCOOP: Trump's campaign almost went broke after Brad Parscale spent big with plans for a $200-millio

Nissan's U.S. lending arm to pay $4 million fine over improper repossessions

Nissan's U.S. lending arm to pay $4 million fine over improper repossessions

I wish I could tell everyone who has stood in line for hours to vote,

The GOP Senate staffers aren't manning the phones, call and leave a message...

Kenny Barron and Dave Holland: Billie's Bounce

Breaking :Barr's unmasking probe on Obama ends silently with nothin

Trump Campaign Suggests Omarosa Manigault Newman Pay for $1 Million in Ad Spending

Twitter suspends accounts claiming to be Black Trump supporters over spam, manipulation

Twitter suspends accounts claiming to be Black Trump supporters over spam, manipulation

Nashville Zoo prepares for rare bloom of "corpse flower" 🌼

Stacy Abrams is totally geeking all over the Star Trek Women and vice versa:

CNN up now: Kamala Harris grills Amy Coney Barrett live n/t

FDA faults quality control at Lilly plant making Trump-touted COVID drug

6:52 - Kamala Harris is next up!! GO Madam VP!!!!

Olbermann unLEASHED!

Have there been any Bill Barr sightings since he agreed to quarantine?

New MeidasTouch video: Don't Worry / #AmericaNeedsHealthcare

Florida Coach Wanted 90,000 Fans at Home This Week, But Now His Players Have COVID

Proposal to hasten herd immunity to the coronavirus grabs White House attention but appalls top scie

Went to vote before work

Kamala is on point

On a scale from 1 to 10, how covidy does this look?



A $52,112 Air Ambulance Ride: Coronavirus Patients Battle Surprise Bills

Kokoroko Afrobeat Collective - Colonial Mentality

McCaskill: For the first time Barrett has become totally unbelievable. She wants us to believe she

I don't know what's worse - that I worry too much about too many things,

Jonathan Pie's latest rant...

Texas Republican Party sues Harris County over drive-thru voting

Wow!! Check this out!!

Don Winslow's new video set to Springsteen's music has had 3 million views on Twitter already

Investor Howard Marks paints grim view of economic outlook: stimulus alone won't cure 'down-cycle'

Wow, California!! Check this out!!

Stimulus... Corporations are people too. $1200

On this day when we so sorely miss RBG, here is the statue to be unveiled in Brooklyn in March

How Honduras became one of the most dangerous countries to defend natural resources

MASSIVE Thank You to Joy Ann Reid for . . . . .

US Senate seats that Democrats will definitely be winning in 2020.

Trump again asks Supreme Court to shield tax records

Biden tweet with new ad: What Trump Says vs What Biden Actually Says

Just got a call for a survey.

Ghislaine Maxwell lawyers attempt to keep deposition details secret

I. Love. Gavin. Newsom.

Another pro-Trump ad uses footage from Russia

How NOT to wear a mask.

WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Live Cast Read For Joe Biden

Toshiko Akiyoshi Performs "The Village" (solo piano)

Has any Dem asked Barrett about her cult membership?

Harris County set new record for early vote-128,000 votes

Trump Touts Falconer's Benghazi Blood-Sacrifice Conspiracy Theory

Billboard in Des Moines, Iowa ahead of Trump's Iowa rally tomorrow.

To understand the sadistic extremism of Trump's evangelicals, read this

I really hate to open DU with his ugly face staring at me.

New and shocking details revealed at hearing for Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot

I just thought of another reason that we need Biden for our next president.

In honor of The Pence Fly: "There ain't no bugs on me..."

Has anyone here voted in person in Cleveland (Cuyahoga)

All I can say is Barrett makes Harriet Myer look like a very qualified SCJ.


Either-Orchestra Live at Alliance Francaise, Ethiopia

Trump's trying desperately to convince Pennsylvania Biden's "not a nice guy"

Clever and creative Halloween decoration

'Voter enthusiasm is off the charts' as 193,000 Ohioans cast in-person votes in first week

More needs to be made about the plots against the governors of both Michigan and

Someone added my name to the Republican mailing list so this is

ben franklin's poor richard's almanacK- Weath is a CHEAT, believe not what is said; greatly it