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Archives: December 23, 2020

HGTV just got real 😆

Police in Harvey, Illinois arrest someone on their side for lunging at a man in cuffs

CVS to start its COVID-19 vaccination program for long-term care facilities

Austin Lucas - "Already Dead"

I want to apologize

Sidney Powell gets memes, but Thomas More Society is putting together some incoherent lawsuits too

Trump has granted full pardons to Hunter, Collins and Papadopolous and Van Der Zwaan

We Need A constitutional amendment to require 3/4 of the Senate to Pardon anyone of a federal crime.

tRump just pardoned Duncan Hunter (R-CA).

Trump just pardoned George Pappadopoulos, Chris Collins, and Duncan Hunter.

U.S. SEC charges blockchain company Ripple for conducting an unregistered securities offering

Treason's Greetings

The Trump White House has entered its final stage: complete meltdown

Who is going to be pardoned next?

Trump Pardons Two Russia Inquiry Figures and Blackwater Guards

Trump has pardoned four former U.S. service members who were Blackwater contractors guilty of murder

20 pardons

Senior Trump Aides to Launch Think Tank

Squirrel! Scene: Chevy Chase Natl Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Film

Coming 2 America - Official Trailer

Can Trump be prosecuted by the incoming DOJ for abuse of pardon power?

Trump pardons former Rep. Chris Collins

Just in case you've forgotten who Chris Collins is ...

Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song): Bing Crosby

Joe Lockhart tweet:

The Head and the Heart - Missed Connection

Trump orchestrates final loyalty test in dying bid to subvert election

Wow, ok, Pres Trump is asking Congress to come back and amend the COVID relief/Omnibus spending bill

Unarmed Black man fatally shot by Columbus police officer responding to noise complaint

Trump grants full pardon to Russia probe figure George Papadopoulos

In 2019 & 2014, Trump's Deutsche Bank Bankers "committed suicide."

Republicans Signal Latest Stimulus Will Be The Last, Despite Push From Biden, Democrats

ZERO Politics On The Golf Course!

German Man Gets Life Sentence For Yom Kippur Synagogue Attack In Halle

Pardons are gonna be real hard on us (28 fucking days)

now i can't recall if there was any revelation after all or just some kids getting high in babylon

1971 Sears Wishbook - men's underwear

Pfizer Nears Deal to Provide More Vaccine Doses

The fucking moron is now teasing he won't sign the new Covid bill.

Biden commits to a third stimulus check in 2021. What we know so far

Trump's threatened veto of covid bill will be overridden, like his threatened veto of defense bill

You never hear about anybody from Staten Island. People are

'This is not a drill': Berman breaks down actions Trump is considering (CNN)

Congress Plans Post-Christmas Session to Try to Override Trump Veto

Trump calls on Congress to approve $2,000 stimulus checks, hinting that he might not sign

Nope ain't messing with Miss Maxine!

For my 21,000th post, I have a few holiday wishes for Donald Trump:

Went with a family member to Goodwill tonight. The manager argued with two ant-maskers

Fuckers. Projecting fuckers. Hey Dante: we need a new Circle of Hell

Trump, MPMGA (Making Perjury & Murder Great Again)

The Senate needs to REMOVE this monster

Foxes Sneak Into Backyard And The Cutest Thing Happens

20 Pardons -- Future Allies

People Rescue Giant Manta Ray From Fishing Net

Rep. Steve Cohen: Why I am trying to put the brakes on Trump's pardon powers

Marc Elias: Lin Wood, call your office.👀


Advisory Cmte on Immunization Practices Updated Interim Rec for Allocation of Covid-19 Vaccine

Alaska Airlines is buying another 23 Boeing 737 Max jets for a total of 68 and adding new routes

Did your dad ever say any of these things?

Anyone have a link to the Trump Pay-4-Pardon White House Casino price list?

Indicted Giuliani associate seeks White House communications

TRUMP, you better watch out so don't even try...

The Queen's Gambit :)

Nancy Pelosi is ready to force republicans' hand, thanks to trump! Who was saying she....

Pelosi responds to Trump's threat to veto bill by saying Dems will raise payments to $2000

Biden to pick Miguel Cardona, proponent of reopening schools, as education secretary

If Trump had an illusion that his failed Presidency wasn't over ...

Jasper Wrath - Odyssey

Something you can do with your $600 stimulus check

Republicans plunge into open battle over attempts to overturn Trump's loss to Biden

Sleeping Pandora - Tears

Trump throws John Thune under the bus in tweet:

John Dean's take on the latest pardons

Republican AGs back NRA in legal battle against New York

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Trump's executive order set the stage for Falwell's political activities

Say it ain't so!

My thoughts on pardons

Oresund Space Collective - High Pilots 1/2

Orange Shading Starlight - Dawn

Is Trump looking to cut a deal?

Ossoff and Warnock have a huge opportunity here.

As of tomorrow, 1/10 of 1% of all Americans will have died of Covid this year.

Psychedelic Cowboy Christmas - Michael Falzarano

Trump wants Covid relief payments increased to $2,000, a gift to Warnock & Ossoff!

Would love to see Adam Schiff

Boogie Woogie Christmas

Jon Ossoff Calls out Sen. Perdue for Measly $600 Checks

Could trump give a mass pardon, pardon al the neo-nazi's and their ilk?

"DARTH BY DARTHWEST Episode II". Short Film.

House Dems will attempt to pass $2,000 direct payments on Thursday

'Good riddance,' China says as Germany leaves U.N. Security Council

It would be kind of amusing if the orange one ends up in prison with all his "friends"

I asked Alexa, "Alexa, who's your best friend?"

Presidential pardons need to go the way of the Dodo bird

I'll take it!!!!!!!!!!!

Coronavirus reaches end of earth as first outbreak hits Antarctica

DACA backers ask judge for reprieve until Biden administration

Biden says Trump needs to publicly name who is responsible for the Solar Winds cyberattack

Smerconish crowing on CNN about how great a play Trump made.

Is Trump subject to state laws that might end him up in prison?

Sidney Powell retweets claim that she would indict half a dozen people by January if she were

Tribute to The Great Alignment and Mutation

Across the land, intelligent people are sitting in front of their TV screens---some, like me

Rachel sent micheal bechloss a bottle of scotch

David Rothkopf: This is one of those nights when I wish I believed in Hell...

Just 2 weeks until Georgia saves our democracy.

Trump Orchestrates Final Loyalty Test

U.S. approves NYSE listing plan to cut out Wall Street middlemen

Trudeau Shuts Out China Again by Rejecting Arctic Gold Deal

Gus Johnson

If we win the senate in Georgia runoff could

More than 3 million will die in the U.S. during 2020, by far the most ever

Trump's worst crime ever: (won't be prosecuted for) "Downplaying Covid 19, & calling it a "hoax"

Alex Padilla

Dingbat conservative groups sue the Electoral College.

Someone I knew has died from Covid-19

Record breaking new Covid cases today...

Every person connected with Trump...

Third highest "new deaths" from Covid reported in US today.

Okay, A Relief Bill, a Cyberattack, and an Ongoing Coup Attempt Walk Into a Bar... (F/SC)

Ohio mayor wants officer fired for not turning on camera during fatal police shooting

Kyle Griffin: It took Congress 9 months to pass relief bill, & Trump just hours to blow it up

Another sewage overflow in the house of Trump

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas (Original Version - 4K Restored)

Merry Christmas with a song to our fellow DUers. Happy Holidays if you prefer.

Burl Ives - Holly Jolly Christmas (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Judge says Wood's post-election lawsuits may have violated professional rules

Ethics complaints filed against attorneys in AZ election lawsuits

AZ Judge shreds state GOP lawsuit in dismissal

Do Re Mi - Covid-19 version

Trump is trying to buy the support of the American public for his coup, with the $2000 bribes.

my daughter will get vaccination

tRump's Disgaceful Pardon's

Dishonest heart of the challenge to 2020 election results

There's a disturbing provision buried in the stimulus bill that could upend the way we use the inter

NAACP files suit accusing Trump, GOP of violating KKK Act

My Favourite Things - Covid-19 version

NHL COVID-19 rules require coaches to mask up behind bench

Barr's refusal to worsen his legacy is not praiseworthy

What leverage can Biden employ

Do you think Trump is seeking leverage for his repeal of 230?

Happy New year guys.

Trucks headed to France from the U.K. were stranded in an airfield, as some drivers stayed in them o

Adorable Puppy Sisters Get Adopted by Woman And Her Best Friend

If Trump doesn't sign the $600/person bill,

From 2018: Puppy Who's Been Through So Much Loves Her New Family

The Raveonettes - Christmas Song

Where does it end,

Julee Cruise - Rockin' Back Inside My Heart

How many of Trump's appointments could survive the "moral" requirements of most

So, how much has Trump made from all those pardon?

YEEEha! NOW it's getting interesting...

from Capital Weather Gang:

My neighbor's Christmas card this year is photos of neighborhood yard signs that she saw.....

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

When all else fails...

Christmas Star

Merry Christmas to my friends... Please look...

Why Does My Brain Always Jump To Conclusions - Now Trump's Call For $2000.00 Checks And.....

Mia loves Christmas too.


Great video: THE ORANGE DEMON WENT TO GEORGIA - a parody Don Caron

Yo-Yo Ma - "The Wassail Song"/"All Through The Night" - with Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer . . .

So, mitchy boy. Are you going to treat Biden better than you treated Obama?

Lawyers think they found a way to prosecute Trump for crimes against humanity: Keith Olbermann

Eddie Murphy reclaims his throne in 'Coming 2 America' trailer

excellent cover of bee gees love u inside and out

Florida Democrat files petition to disbar Gaetz

Trump commutes Steve Stockman's prison sentence

Lin Wood posted this on Parler and Twitter. 🤣

I don't watch the news much, but did tonight. And they are showing a lot of Biden.

Older workers are facing fewer job prospects and higher COVID risks - PBS NewsHour

Trump pardons 15, including 4 Blackwater defendants who killed 14 innocent, unarmed Iraqis.

got a question ...

Politico:Trump takes aim at Covid stimulus bill, raising spectre of veto

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 23: TCM Classic Christmas Marathon

Trump commutes Esformes' 20-year sentence in massive Medicare fraud case in Miami

Moon setting,

Found an amazing Twitch channel

xlnt cover where did our love (supremes)- play it at 1.25 speed as well

Will Pat Fitzgerald leave Northwestern? Rumors abound...if so where?

"I Know Why Poor Whites Chant Trump, Trump, Trump"

Will Luke Fickell leave the Natti?

Tucked into Congress's massive stimulus bill: Tens of billions in special-interest tax giveaways

When did "tough on crime" turn into "hugs for crime"?

God, I utterly loathe Lindsey Graham.

It is so strange to agree with former Rep. Joe Walsh

Alex van der Zwaan wouldn't even have been eligible to apply for Pardon.

Survive Style 5+ (English subs) (A Christmas Movie) (A Die Hard joke)

Lindsey Graham just gave up the game. More money in exchange for overturning Section 230.

Thread from attorney who represented families of Iraqis killed by Blackwater mercenaries.

I Burn For You

Schumer's down with $2000 Checks Too

Convicted Congressmen, Killers Of Iraqi Civilians: A Closer Look At Those Trump Just Pardoned MSNBC

The premiere of Frederick Wiseman's documentary "City Hall" is on PBS and streaming.

The Daily Show: Trump's Border Wall: A Four-Year Saga

Dog Reunited with Owner Slowly Recognizes Dad After Years in Shelter

Please Come Home For Christmas- Eagles

Songs of the Nativity From British Columbia

Nov 2, 2021

No surprises

('Surprise Partie') Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light

Fired Florida COVID Data Analyst Sues State Over Armed Raid - The Last Word - MSNBC


Well, you can't say Trump is boring...

'I'm dreaming of a Jewish Christmas' tonight on

Look what Mercedes is doing...

'I'm dreaming of a Jewish Christmas' tonight on

SLS: Crucial test for Nasa's 'mega-rocket' (BBC)

Epstein should have stuck around

Dr Deborah Birx: White House virus expert quits over holiday travel

SIGH IN THE NIGHT - A Parody of Silent Night - Don Caron

Native Americans Clash With Christian Prayer Group at Ohio Sacred Site

This is terrible

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse's new merchandise site signals 'new era' of criminal defense

Potential jurors in George Floyd case asked if they support defunding police, amid concerns about 'f

☦ Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Chant: 'In the Dark Night' 🌟🎄🕊

Pelosi and Hoyer are most correct in quickly jumping on this

(Jewish Group) How To Get Wax Off Your Menorah

Orthodox Christian: Christmas Carols of Ukraine & Transcarpathia 🌟🎄🕊

Tricky - 'Black Steel' (Official Video)

Coronavirus Reaches Every Continent On Earth As Antarctica Reports First Cases

Coronavirus Reaches Every Continent On Earth As Antarctica Reports First Cases

The "Rec" function is not working for me this morning.

Tricky - 'Black Steel' (Official Video)

Lo Fidelity Allstars - Battleflag

Cleanup Time (Remastered 2010) do they contribute to the fight?

Chris Porter Ugly and Angry

Rio de Janeiro mayor, a Bolsonaro ally, arrested for corruption

An Atheist Christmas Carol 2020

An Atheist Christmas Carol 2020

U.S. attorney announces resignation ahead of presidential inauguration

An Atheist Christmas Carol 2020

Chilling government documents allege Bondi nanny helped kidnap innocent South Americans who were tor

man, what a nightmare. dreamt I was starting a job in -gasp - sales!

Indigenous Leaders want Traditional Knowledge to be Centrepiece of New Global Biodiversity Framework

Perdue and Loeffler will vote AGAINST the 2000 checks, bash them with it starting RIGHT NOW !!

There is no line Donald Corruption Trump won't cross. Trump is a crook!

Solar Power from Argentina's Puna Highlands Reaches Entire Country

Prince - The Undertaker (Full Album) 1994

Solar Power from Argentina's Puna Highlands Reaches Entire Country

Crystal Ball

Black men have the shortest lifespans of any Americans -

Escaz: Historic Step Towards Protecting Human Rights Defenders in Latin America and the Caribbean

Trump Hijacks Pardon Process; Creates System For Personal Favors, Special Access - Rachel Maddow

Mexico to use China-built light rail car for first time

Factbox: List of 15 people pardoned by Trump

Breakfast 23 December 2020

Protesters Call Gainesville 'Most Racist Small Town in Confederate States of America

Satanists Posted a Dallas Billboard Advocating for Reproductive Rights: 'Abortions Save Lives!'

The Stimulus Bill Screws Over Single Childless People

A reminder Re: the pardons

Pete coming up on morning Joe scum. nt

No Evidence Of Election Fraud In Harris County, Task Force Finds

Am I The Only One That Finds It Ironic That The Only 'Reporter' That's Harping On Hunter Biden Is...

Outgoing Moldovan president: Trump's kinda guy

Bob Newhart LOL

Wednesday TOONs - Ain't That The Truth

After lobbying by Texas club owners, COVID-relief deal includes $15 billion to save music venues

GOP puts pressure on Pelosi over Swalwell

For those love science related visuals Who here...

Police kept Black man naked in yard while looking for teens

Oh good, this guy from Fox News approves of the pardons.

The race to save an Indigenous Brazilian language from extinction

Today in scams, this absolutely brazen cash grab for a bus trip to Trump's 2021 inauguration

An observation about the resignations of Trump's Deutsche Bankers

Three French police officers shot dead after responding to a domestic violence incident

Let's not kid ourselves, these people would have never accepted Trump not being able to run in 2024

Maybe Trump could assume another identity. Lindsey Graham

Despite pandemic changes, 250,000 wreaths laid at Arlington National Cemetery

Newsmax, OAN, Trump campaign sued by voting systems worker who says false claims led to death threat

34 Years Ago Today; Voyager completes first nonstop, unrefueled circumnavigation of the world

Biden's first act should be to pardon *nearly everyone* in federal prison

Trump's Schedule for Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Shock. Horror. Say it isn't so?

Happy Festivus Day

Judge Blocks Blackjewel CEO's Attempt to Liquidate Coal Company; He's Accused Of Fraud, BTW

Historic increase in U.S. GDP in third quarter revised slightly higher to 33.4% annualized rate

December 23rd Morning Sky in Flint, MI

Oz Will Subsidize Gas Exploration In Northern Territory; Sanctioned Russian Investor Will Benefit

US orders 100 million more coronavirus vaccine doses: Pfizer

Multiple Marsupial And Monotreme Species Bioflouresce, As Well As Seeing In Ultraviolet

Evolution of Reich Wing Pol's Behavior

Florida's Keyontae Johnson diagnosed with heart inflammation that has been associated with COVID-19

Are people looking at the entire Omnibus spending bill when criticizing the COVID19 relief bill?

"Captain Chaos strikes again."

Surprise! After Posting Greenwash, US Chamber Sued/Supported 14 Pro-Polluter Cases In 2020 Alone

Eric Boehlert: The PizzaGate election

Caspian crisis: Sinking sea levels threaten biodiversity, economy and regional stability

Jobless claims: Another 803,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week

The SUN room is ready for January.

LOL. Morning Joe just compared Trump to Otis the town drunk on the Andy Griffith Show

Memorandum on the AG's Authority to Use Classified Information to Review Intelligence Activities

You know, DUer Dennis Donovan posted this terrific achievement remembrance

Statement from Kayleigh McEnany Regarding Trump's Grants of Clemency; December 22, 2020

Am I the only one who thinks it's silly to start threads with "Am I the only one?"

I believe the repubs are going to use the trump insanity to their advantage

29 Days Left In His Presidency & Trump Turns Into A Democrat....

YOU raised $2,303.02 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-22-20 (over $241,000 raised so far)

Ya' know, the GOP wraps themselves in Christianity but . . .

There's little chance the $2k passes, but it does truly fuck over the GOP, question

Since Donald J. Trump Is Intent on Screwing Things Up,

Letting your guard down now would be like driving drunk because it's only a couple blocks home.

Prediction: Romney Will Be The Repug Nominee In 2024....

Brindisi-Tenney race narrows even more: 3 to 5 votes separate candidates

2020 Year in Review: Best Digital First Comic

The Weekly Pull: The Terrifics, Wanda & Vision, The Seeds, and More

'I can't even describe it': Dem lawyer stunned by Trump supporters' 'really dumb' lawsuit

Doin' the math.

Trump's game is pretty transparent.

Cookie time!

Great Hunter Mia

Trump just pardoned this young boy's killers.

America It Was Nice Knowing You

Now you know

Trump Pardoned Duncan Huner, but not his wife, Margaret Hunter, guilty on the same facts

QAnon Influencers Beg for Dictatorship

The danger for Trump in issuing the pardons is

Holiday thieves

Can You Pardon Someone Twice For The Same Crime?

More frightening than Nixon's final days: Trump's firing Pentagon civilians, pardoning war criminals

a little over-the-top holiday cheer for the Lounge

Rudy Giuliani TURNS on Trump's Lunatic Lawyer

Hilarious French Bulldog Gets New Baby Brother

Trump's CRINGE Phone Call to Sycophant Rally

Ok, I am looking forward to the CNN New Year's Eve celebration with Anderson and Andy!!!!

I have lost track, when is (if) the government shutdown if Trumper doesn't sign?


Hope hicks is now in charge of fulbright scholarship prg as trump f*cks w America

I don't understand how the Trump supporters ignore...

6058 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 54 deaths

Brexit trade deal imminent, may come Wednesday - senior EU diplomat (Reuters)

This Puppy Mill Dog Is Finally About To Get A Family

Trump's surprise demand for $2000 stimulus checks for everyone

Trump's presidential legacy, by the numbers

GOP 2020 Covid 19 Response

New Mexicans can register to get a vaccine shot

Decreased COVID-19 Mortality--A Cause for Optimism

Looks like Trump sand bagged Mitch with the $2000 gambit

"Rats"....kinda old...but still the truth...One min, 10 seconds..

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 24, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: TCM Classic Christmas Marathon

Chicago: Red Line Extension Project approved to enter project development phase

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 25, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Holidays with the Hepburns

This Adorable Puppy Wouldn't Stop Smiling in Her Shelter Kennel

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 26, 2020 -- TCM Spotlight: Memorable Goodbyes

I love Speaker Pelosi! This makes me smile

I talked with our primary care doc yesterday to remind him that our vaccines are on the priority

Girl with Nine Rescue Dogs Loves Her Grumpy Faced Boy The Most

January 6, 2021 Preview...One Opinion

COVID Relief Package - US Govt to Americans (in graphic format)

Moscow Mitch with no senate rule leaves Red Don in more control of the kGOP

Kirk Cameron -- D-list actor, A-list douche

Woman Adopts All The Animals No One Else Will Take

Mother Dog Found Tied Up In Park Finally Has A Real Home

Get that brain perking - some thought puzzles

Now that trump, of all people, has called for increasing payments to Americans to $2,000.....

Police officer turns on body camera AFTER he shoots unarmed Black man

Why the South Is Organizing Its Own Green New Deal

Want to wish every DUer a happy holiday and please stay safe!

Kelly Loeffler's Letter Helped Set Stage for Husband's $10 Billion Deal

Trump's corrupt pardons can be the basis of obstruction of justice charges

discussion about "It's a Wonderful Life" with Doris Kearns Goodwin on Morning Joe today.

Trump White House staffers receive conflicting messages about their departure

Federal Police Makes Largest Seizure of Wood in History of Brazil

Just Do Nothing - It Is Impossible.

Pennsylvania's entire GOP Senate caucus was invited to lunch at the White House today, sources say

In a fit of pique, Donald J. Trump appears to be burning down the house

Trump Administration to Begin Departing White House in Two Weeks, Email Says

I did a little math recently and the answer disgusts me

Well played Nancy, indeed- excellent chess move

Chet Baker was born on this date.

This mailman made Christmas stockings for all 250 dogs on his route

Housing Market Goes Crazy, Everyone Sees It Can't Last, and then the First Dip Appears

Has Congress Actually Adjourned?

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower showed us why we must prosecute Trump and company and do it publicly.

Esther Phillips was born on this date.

Question about measurements

Secular Americans Are the New "Values Voters" and This Election Proved It

Rescue Squirrel Loves To Eat Veggies And Tuck Herself Into Bed

Jorma Kaukonen has a birthday today.

So T-Rex Trump comes in and picks a fight with the Senate Republican Raptors...

ZOOM ZOOM - a child plays with toy planes, later a teen plays with drones, then as an adult----

I'm getting my first COVID vaccine tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

Tim Harden was born on this date.

It was 50 years ago today that I lost two flight school classmates in Vietnam. December 23, 1970.

2nd new strain of covid from South Africa now in UK--more infectious than previous variant strain.

Employers Will No Longer Be Required To Give Paid Leave To Workers With COVID-19

First published on this date in 1823

Maria Bartiromo Duped Into On-Air Interview With Animal Rights Activist Posing as CEO of Pork Giant

I got an early Xmas gift from DU!

Pic Of The Moment: A Christmas Message From Jesus

Pennsylvania's entire GOP Senate caucus was invited to lunch at the White House today

Truck traffic in UK resulting from COVID/Brexit restrictions

Trump's plan openly disregards presidential elections for determining who holds the presidency

Trump appointee names conservative allies to run Radio Free Europe and Cuba broadcast agency

White House Staffers Receive Conflicting Memos

Maria Bartiromo Duped By Animal Rights Activist Posing as CEO of Smith

Brexit trade deal expected within hours

Biden speaking now. CNN (Education nominee)

May This Be Love

So, where do things stand with the $600 direct payments?

San Francisco mayor says Harris replacement pick 'a real blow to the African American community'

Octopuses are ocean thugs that punch fish

The Foo Fighters apparently tweaked their name -- and the new version has a ring to it

Two Trump supporters die and go to heaven

Trump shooting for 61

How about this for a Christmas gift? The media would erase trump from the pages and airwaves

Pence speaks to large conservative gathering despite urging COVID-19 precautions

Biden says people in public service will have their student debt wiped out over time.

That time when an American jet pilot shot down 4 Soviet piloted Migs & you never heard about it

Quiet, everybody. Mike Lindell is about to say something stupid.

Perhaps already posted: has any R commented yet, on the recent temper tantrum?

On this day, December 23, 1960, "The Twilight Zone" episode "The Night of the Meek" was shown.

LOSER Claims He Will Sign A Much Better COVID Relief Package In His Fantasy Second Term

BFFs K'eyush the Stunt Dog and Sherpa.

*Earworm* - oddest ever!1 Never seen the movie, into the 2nd day, "Something Good"

Anyone is using Macmail on Comcast?

Kid Writes Letter To Santa Thanking Him For His Rescue Pittie

How many people are hopping out of bed each morning to find out if they can go to work?

Easy Christmas appetizer and dessert

The Year Newspaper Unions Roared Back to Life in Texas

Anyone have experience with Go Trax electric scooters? Having problem

Sanctions sought against lawyers who pushed to overturn Michigan's election

Octopus punches fish in the head (just because it can)

Years of Digital Disarray: Fixes? Fool's Errand?

Security guard bikes 3 miles uphill to return wallet. Gofundme to buy him car 23k

Chevy Chase, Downhill Fast: Natl Lampoon Christmas Vacation

On this day, December 23, 1956, "The Alcoa Hour" episode "The Stingiest Man in Town" was shown.

Parnas filed a motion in SDNY accusing Barr of arresting him to gag him as an impeachment witness

McDonald's sells 'Spam burger' with crushed Oreos in China

Amber alert came on my phone and scared me silly.

"I WAS THERE" - Erik Prince and his Blackwater asshole goons are pieces of shit

Who's who in desperate last stand

Made In Space makes ceramic turbine part in orbit in another 3D printing milestone

Here's why it is necessary to speak out about Trump's psychological dangerousness

There was fraud in the 2020 Presidential election - it was perpetrated by trump and the repugs

Looks like trump is following President-Elect Joe Biden's lead, and going to implement the

More frightening than Nixon's final days: Trump's firing Pentagon civilians, pardoning war criminals

Seals are making 'Star Wars' noises at each other underwater, and we have no idea why

S.3784 - Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act

Actor Kirk Cameron ignores directives from health officials to host another maskless caroling event

A good article about the new coronavirus mutations

Doctors heard music when checking a man's pulse. Here's why.

Cormac, FTW

Medicare fraudster who exploited the elderly in $1.3 billion scheme embodies 'grotesque' corruption

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Have our beloved Canadians seem Santa Claus yeh?

I literally cannot wait to witness Letitia James in action beginning at 12:01 PM on January 20th.

Ana Navarro on the acceptance speech by Biden's nominee for Secretary of Ediucaion

Trump's attack on Covid relief bill could lead to government shutdown, lapse in unemployment aid

Quiet, everybody. Kirk Cameron just did something stupid.

Giuliani told to preserve all records as lawyers for Dominion warn legal action is 'imminent'

Trump administration is considering granting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman legal immunity

Incoming CDC Director Warns of 'Dark' Days in January Due to Christmas COVID Surge

Georgia Democrats back $2K COVID stimulus checks as do-or-die Senate run offs loom

'Our blood is cheaper than water': Iraqis' anger over Trump pardons

If Dumpster wanted to create real havoc, he would leave 2 - 3 weeks early

Just imagine the reaction if a Democratic president pardoned Dem congresspeople convicted of crimes.

There Will Not Be a Pocket Veto of the Covid Relief Bill

This is why we can't have nice things. Part 1.

DC judge says case will go forward as soon as "all Defendants" are served......🤣😂🤣

Portland Video Survey - Vandalism, Homeless and Business Closures

Trump objections to spending package vs. Trump's own budget requests

Drive though The City by the bay,... during the pandemic (summer 2020)

FFS! Get people the help they need NOW!!!

Here's A Pretty Cool Mod

Mummified baboons may identify lost land of Punt, ancient Egypt's trading partner

Pence is leaving the country 6 January

Compare today's tepid response to the outrage over Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich

Cancelled Rose parade will be replaced with 2 hr tv special

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 23 2020

Programming Note: Goodbye, Losers!

New (to me) streaming service for western movies: Grjngo

I think the Death Penalty is called for...

Hooray! I got vaccinated so now I don't need to wear a mask!

Christmas will be 'very dark' for (those) living alone

Let's talk about Trump calling for a bigger stimulus....

Christmas will be 'very dark' for (those) living alone

Sources: Secret Service Has No Plan if Trump Refuses to Go (Daily Beast)

Driving on the PA Turnpike today...

Giuliani told to preserve all records as lawyers for Dominion warn legal action is 'imminent'

One of the first things I think Biden should do

The Hoarse Whisperer: Today is William Barr's last day. So, I baked him a cake.

We are under a blizzard warning. Maybe it's God's way of telling people

Bolivia To Repair Human Damages Caused by the Aez Regime

So, reading in WAPO that

Middle Age Riot: Guidance on washing your hands

Brazilian radio journalist Marco Antnio Ferreira threatened, car burned

Murders of journalists more than double worldwide

Diego Maradona: Autopsy reveals no drink or illegal drugs at time of Argentina legend's death

'PPP fatigue' means some lenders will opt out of a second round of loans

Pa. senators head to White House for pre-holiday lunch with President Trump

DeJoy to the World

Twitter to wipe Trump's followers before Biden handover Published5 hours ago

Retired nurse guilt

Secure the crime scene!

Cartoons 12/23/2020

Trump's threat to "primary" John Thune falls flat as Kristi Noem defends Thune.

Nativity in a cage tells 'overlooked part of Christmas story'

Effortless! movement.

Austin-Travis County moves to Stage 5 of coronavirus threat; tightest restrictions urged

Do some people just never get tired of being lied to?

Google could face trillions in fines in Texas antitrust suit

Yeah, will be sweet for sure...

Russia Sees Nothing Good From 'Hostile' U.S. Under Biden

I'm getting tested for Covid tomorrow.


Ohio officer who fatally shot unarmed Black man relieved of duty for not turning on body camera


Newly elected Republicans to the US House want to bring their guns into the Capitol

Putin Grants Lifetime Immunity to Ex-Presidents and Their Families

Biden: Trump 'failed' to shore up nation's cybersecurity

Democrats take the lead in Georgia senate races as Michelle Obama joins campaign

It would be a shame if you went to the Twitter feed of Loeffler and Perdue and

Is Caral, Peru the Oldest City in the Americas?

Is Caral, Peru the Oldest City in the Americas?

Speaker Pelosi called his bluff, using her power of position & her

A deputy to Eric Trump helped his family build a campaign shell company to protect the president

Hey ⁦@GOP⁩, how do you feel about this new party? 😂

Joni Ernst, who accused doctors of inflating Covid deaths for money, criticised for jumping vaccine

US companies no longer have to pay sick leave to people with Covid after Mitch McConnell ...

TRIGGER WARNING Dr. documents her mistreatment before dying of Covid-19

TRUMP has vetoed the NDAA

Jeff Tiedrich's Pro Tip of the Day

Well, you got me through another year, DU and DUers! Merry Christmas, happy holiday of your choice

Trump vetoes defense bill, teeing up holiday override votes in Congress

McCarthy says the $2,000 is a no go

COVID-19 patient charged with murder in deadly beating of fellow patient

Ancient European Hunters Carved Human Bones Into Weapons

The president is using his platform to pin a tweet of a long-debunked video

U.S. FDA warns Amazon's Whole Foods Market for misbranding food products

🚨BREAKING: Lawsuit filed against GA county for working w/GOP to disenfranchise voters

Science, Art Combine to Reveal Face of Ancient Peruvian Noblewoman

Andrew Yang has filed paperwork to run for mayor of New York City.

Science, Art Combine to Reveal Face of Ancient Peruvian Noblewoman

Dear President Trump: Drop dead. Signed, SCOTUS

Chevy Chase Xmas Vacation: Clark Goes Nuts, Job Bonus Arrives -2

Anthony Fauci Day in DC tomorrow:

What if Iraq charged the four Blackwater murderers for the same crimes

Repukes meeting right now to try and figure out how to deal with Idiot.

My old cat

Trump May Have Cost Mitch McConnell The Senate With His Stimulus Check Sabotage

So? If trump is doing all this illegal, seditious, unconstitutional

12 Days of Quarantine Song: Covid Christmas

Looks like all the States except for New Hampshire have met the 23 Dec electoral vote deadline

House Republicans To Block $2,000 Stimulus Checks On Christmas Eve

An easy fix to the problem for the GOPers?

Pink Floyd - Fearless

Post the birth name of someone famous & see if anyone knows their name W/O using Google-Part 3

My new couch

She has a college degree & teaches little kids. MY 35 Y O Trumper niece "MASKS DON'T WORK" she said

Years to Months to Weeks

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 24 December 2020

Sources say more pardons are likely coming today--

Lame Duck Mode. A tale of two presidents

Pentagon lies about Briefing Biden about Russian espionage. They did not brief Biden.

It's a Good Life

Oops!!!! Trump Was Visited By Only Two Ghosts.....

Chump vetoed the NDAA

Nicolle Wallace asks Chris Christie if he is trying to clean the TRUMP STINK off him for his run...

Oklahoma solider killed during the Korean War in 1950 is finally coming home.

Powerful Christmas Eve storm to rock East Coast with high winds, severe weather and snow.

Needy Amin ignores reporters' questions as he boards Marine One for Christmas at Log-o-Merde

Threatening Iran via Twitter as he travels to Mar-a-Lago

Brent Terhune's DIY Nativity Set

Discussing all this weird Trump shit made me recall that:

My younger self was right!

Christmas Eve storm threatens D.C. with gusty downpours before plunging temperatures.

Gaetz: "Biden will empty the prisons". Reality: Trump frees four mass killers

All I want for Christmas is...

With a video filmed in secret, Trump keeps sowing chaos

On this day, December 23, 1949, Adrian Belew was born.

How Walmart and Amazon failed to share much wealth with employees during the pandemic

Okay....let's waste money and keep the fucking crybaby happy

LOL! The Germans show us up again: social distance measured in units of corgis (3 corgis)

BREAKING: Trump campaign going on the air in Georgia...

Is trump getting ready to bomb iran

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 23, 2020

Trump's Veto Message to the House of Representatives for H.R. 6395; December 23, 2020

"Rand needs to be visited on Christmas Eve by the ghosts of some actual working Americans."

Cat food on the menu

T-ARA (티아라) _ LOG-IN(로그인) _ MV

Speaker Pelosi throws it down again.....

Beautiful World -Utada Hikaru

McGovern, Goldwater on Divisive Politics and '88 Election

Ted Lieu renews calls for FBI investigation into Kushner's shell company

Wolf seeks $145M fund shift to help businesses with pandemic

20 Passengers who arrived in Jamaica from Britain this week

Family game: which kids will flip on The Donald ?

"Mr. Organ" Delivers The Final Punchline In The Joke That Maria Fart-Aroma Has Become.

I have a serious question.

Dear Right-Wing Christians:

Woman charged in threats against Michigan election official

'America First' puts the U.S. economy at risk while the rest of the world powers forward

Statement from Rep. Bacon (NE-R) on stimulus bill. Trump was involved and kept updated.

Trump administration advances bomb sale to Saudis

Is it possible to change the locks at the White House while the "entity" is in Magalargo?

Jan 1, 2021: We did it guys. That awful year is behind us.

Pastor Who Disregarded COVID-19 Restrictions Citing 'Faith Over Fear' Loses Both Parents to Virus

Note on who these AG's are the same bunch that wanted to throw out votes in a General Election

U.S. Mulls Closing Iraqi Embassy

GOP leadership silent as COVID-19 relief hangs in limbo

Despite 'three martini' tax break, COVID-19 bill leaves struggling U.S. restaurants cold

Armageddon Update: Fa La La La... BOOM!

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 36

The "Candy Bomber" has COVID

Pardon me for asking a dumb question... Re: Stimulus $$

GOP Covid deniers who refused to wear a mask jump the vaccine line, adding insult to injury

FDA Orders Whole Foods Chain to Stop Mislabeling Products

FBI: White supremacists plotted attack on US power grid

Europe's Highest Court Gives Its Approval to Attempts to Outlaw Jewish and Muslim Life

What's the Dotard's game, threatening to veto the stimulus bill

This is why don't give companies litigation protection

Kirkland Lifts Downtown Parking Restrictions, Fees Until March

its a little that much!

New York mayor says deputies will check on UK arrivals to make sure they're quarantining

RIP John "Ecstasy" Fletcher. Gone too soon

I've never seen a bird like this (Victoria's Riflebird)

Sikh community prepare hot meals for stranded lorry drivers on M20 Meridian ITV News

Trump uses last days to appoint anti-LGBTQ radical to 'key position'

Top Democrat: 'Critical' that Pompeo brief senators on SolarWinds hack at State Dept.

Trump is calling out the $40,000,000 to the Kennedy Center as liberal waste. His own budget called

Leslie West - guitarist of Mountain - dead at 75.

What Chocolate-Drinking Jars Tell Indigenous Potters Now

Stop lying about the relief bill

What Chocolate-Drinking Jars Tell Indigenous Potters Now

Jason Johnson

Andy Borowitz: Trump frantically writing pardons...

Bill Burr at SNL

Some West Seattleites want to build an aerial gondola to connect peninsula to downtown

Europe's Highest Court Gives Its Approval to Attempts to Outlaw Jewish and Muslim Life

Waiting for Santa Paws

🚨Marc Elias representing @fairfightaction in a lawsuit against voter suppression for GA runoff

RIP Leslie West. Cripes - 2020 is fucking relentless

What Election Day Revealed About Progressive Policies: Robert Reich

You know what would make Shitbag's orange head explode?

Biden Declares Political Center Alive and Well

'The Sidney Powell of Geraldo Riveras': Fox's Maria Bartiromo mocked after 'punked' interview

The worst people of 2020 (who aren't Trumps), continued