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Remember when Trump fell for a fake account posing as his sister? (If not: He did.) Well, ...

Any rage-tweets from His Lardship toward the Supreme Court yet?


US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that Democrats are likely going to be favored to win.

Jimmy Breslin column about the cops who answered the call, "Man shot, 1 W. 72nd St."

"Meanwhile, over at Parler, they are taking the SCOTUS decision like mature people they are..."

Trump is "delusional at the core," will live in "fantasyland till the day he dies"

The Deadliest Days in American History

Great gift ideas - Tools. Oh and a messed up order delivery

You take the good, you take the bad. You take them both and there you have...

UPMC to receive COVID-19 vaccines for workers, senior care residents

''The confidence for rejecting the hypothesis remains many times more than one in a quadrillion.''

☦ Eastern Orthodox: Psalm 68, 'Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered...'

After todays rulings, i would say a good song the RETHUGS should be singing is

Yep, just call me the hate speech lady for posting "Hitler Reacts to Trump Losing the Election"

Great Read - Friedman was wrong

How court-ordered drug testing poses impossible choices

Biden, Harris to meet with civil rights leaders amid pressure to diversify Cabinet

For the love of God, just issue everyone a big check,

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, on the Texas lawsuit:

Are judges in the battleground states and their law cleks

Turns out there are consequences to turning your audience into a mindless cult...

Another thing I learned after age 70.

Ineos boss opts to build 'British' heir to Land Rover Defender in France

Judy Woodruff interviewing HHS Sec Azar

UM What did i miss? What happened to Joy Reid and the Reid Out? nt

Trump's retweet..What the hell?

TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

🚨🚨BREAKING: A unanimous Arizona Supreme Court AFFIRMS "the trial court decision and confirming...

Newest Election Controversy-Serious

Moron Ron Johnson holds COVID-19 hearing accusing health officials of ignoring alternative therapies

It Took The GOP 14 Years To Stack The Supreme Court With Six Reactionary Partisan Hacks.

'Alito is deep state now!' ..... MAGA meltdown

Denied, denied & rejected!

Certifications sent to the National Archives

Rep Fudge, Ohio 11th for HUD

Mnuchin Pitches New $916 Billion Stimulus Package to Pelosi

OH. I love Doug Jones for AG

Trump admin has yet to launch promised effort to get Americans to trust Covid-19 vaccines

Georgia Senate GOP push for end to no-excuse absentee voting

Ex-rugby union internationals to sue governing bodies for brain damage

NY Judge Orders Recount in Tight House Race Where Votes Were Killed Quietly (Dem votes)

Covid has made it to my family

US virus deaths hit record levels with the holidays ahead

Texas AG Sues To Overturn Election & Install Trump

Trump tried to turn the judiciary against democracy. Here's why he failed.

you all know trump isnt done. right?

Source of money behind GOP's new Georgia super PAC a mystery

Joe Biden: Why I Chose Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense

GOP lawmaker introduces bill to eliminate federal prescribing requirements

🚨NEW: The Michigan Kraken are appealing.🐙

The Health Plan of a Thousand Cuts (w/ Laura Packard)

Went To Doctor Today

Doctor who derided mask-wearing has his license to practice medicine suspended

I have supported and even cheered Biden's picks thus far but Lloyd Austin is a hard one to accept.

The Rude Pundit: We Cannot Overlook All the Ways That Trump and His Idiot Hordes Attack Democracy

12/9 Mike Luckovich: We did it before

Marc Elias: Looking forward to talking about voting rights and democracy with @donlemon tonight on @

What does it say about the GOP voters when two Senators

Gather 25 Americans in a Room

Troy Aikman, why don't people complain about his constant use of double subjects in sentences?

Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey just donated $15 million to fund basic-income pilot projects in

New Mexico ICUs over 100% capacity

Trump holds self-congratulatory vaccine 'summit,' dismisses concerns over virus spread

US National Weather Service Baltimore/Washington

Trump Cheers 'Terrific' Rise in COVID Cases During Off-The-Rails Vaccine Summit

If you or your close partner/household member has tested positive for COVID

The Jig is up for Donald Trump

Amid protests at meeting, CDH board members' homes, COVID health order vote postponed

As Biden passes 'safe harbor' milestone, Republicans on inaugural committee refuse to say he won

FB Deactivation - Again!

GM, Ford and Most Airlines Seen Lagging Paris Climate Target

Biden expected to nominate Tom Vilsack as Agriculture secretary later this week

"Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Man...."


Inslee extends Washington's coronavirus restrictions on gatherings, restaurants through Christmas

Seattle's SR-520 bridge and SR-99 tunnel tolls could increase amid $72M revenue shortfall

What is vote counting in fractions? It's the latest conspiracy theory from my sister

The Michigan Kraken is apparently being the wrong court.

Harold Budd RIP - died of Covid complications

Resignation Letter

To the foolish people who are still cheering and funding Trump at his "Stop the Steal" rallies:

"In case you were wondering what Georgia legislators are hearing on the ground right now"

NAACP wants Biden to create a Cabinet-level civil rights envoy

Mandatory Tuesday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! Live and Let Die!

Katie Porter: Senator McConnell's attempts over the last 8 days to tank a *bipartisan* COVID relief

Meet Scotty From Marketing

Vintage Christmas Music

So... My lady and I are enjoying a sweet sativa and some homemade pizza...

Olbermann Dec., 8, 2020

Over 1500 Attorneys Call For Sanction Of Trump Legal Team

"Welp. COVID plainly didn't cure the coke habit."

US Senate seats up for re-election in 2022 that are highly competitive.

I love John Fetterman........his comment about Ted Cruz is perfect.

Over 200 new Covid deaths, new high for CA

One Enduring COVID-19 Mystery: Who Gets It and Who Doesn't

Republicans don't want to give any stimulus2 at all, so the economy craters and they can blame Biden

Biden picks Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge for HUD secretary, Tom Vilsack to lead Agriculture

Namkai Norbu - Advice for Establishing Presence and Awareness - Dzogchen

Let's give trump the finger on Inauguration Day. I've got a great idea...

A question about vaccines and masks

Deadliest days in American history:


Oxford vaccine about 70% effective, but questions remain about how well it may help protect those ov

OSC Finds 'Substantial Likelihood' of Wrongdoing at Global Media Agency

If you don't understand how far behind we are with vaccine distribution planning

"Few people have been as impressively wrong about everything during this pandemic as Rand."


Compensated emancipation. Ever heard of it? I just watched a video, part of a series...

#9 Dream - John Lennon

Are there any limits to presidential pardons?

Ladies and Gents, please welcome Jon Charles Dwyer

Kelly Loeffler speaking at Ebenezer in January

Looks what happens when they change the center of gravity on this toothpick 😲😲😲

Van Halen III (again)

Led Zeppelin- Babe I'm Gonna Leave you. (Danmark's Radio 1969)

This woman just won Twitter

"Electoral Fraud" will now be the new "Birtherism"

*Rachel will discuss her new book with Lawrence on his show, coming up.

I feel I've been drowning this entire trump presidency but knowing the thought of Biden and Harris

What's your favorite quirky Christmas cover or song?

Today, In 1980, THe Marquee On The Beacon THeatre Said

Arizona Supreme Court unanimously affirms Biden's win in state

Hey. Could we could jam up the pardon process? Request pardons, offer bribes? Flood the zone

13 & 666 need to concede as scary numbers.

Joyce Vance just said she had worked for/with Doug Jones

Idaho officials had to shut down a *virtual* public meeting on covid b/c anti-mask protestors were

I'm pretty sure that Democrats didn't reformulate 250 years of Constitutional Law

Kamala: We have to listen to frontline health care workers like Maureen and Talisa.

Cindy Blackman Santana, Kirk Hammett & Vernon Reid

India's 7,000 train stations will be using traditional clay cups instead of single-use plastic for t

'The jig is up for Trump,' Laura Coates, Senior Legal Analyst @CNN

Watching The Right Stuff. Musing. Just now appreciating the metaphor that is that era.

Is Safe Harbor Day

daily affirmations (or are they?) part 1

Exclusive: Suspected Chinese spy targeted California politicians

Austin to replace five more names dedicated to Confederate history and white supremacy

Why Is Lindsey Graham Saying Biden's AG Must Not Investigate Trump? Here is One Big Clue . . .

So Kellyanne is writing a book..... there is even talk about a movie Hmmmm....

2022 US Senate Elections that Democrats are likely going to be favored to win.

Rebekah Jones has a gofundme, if you are so inclined

Virus infiltrates Longhorn training facilitates causing shutdown.

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 10, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Santa Sightings

Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols

TCM Schedule for Friday, December 11, 2020 -- What's On Tonight: Films on Film

TCM Schedule for Saturday, December 12, 2020 -- The Essentials: David Niven Double Feature

In case Texas v. Georgia, the two Senators from GA just announced that they are rooting for Texas

Mitch is also blocking the COVID bill bc he wants to foul-up delivery of the vaccinations

Katie Porter exposes Mitch McConnell's Sadism on COVID Relief

Biden eyeing Buttigieg for China ambassador

Trump goes fully OFF THE DEEP END at deluded press conference - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ga. senators tout Ethics rulings, but panel rarely finds wrongdoing

Shift to a Not-So-Frozen North Is Well Underway, Scientists Warn

who does the best messaging for Democrats? Eric Swalwell? Ted Lieu?

Report says $1.4 billion expansion of San Antonio's 1604 one of most wasteful U.S. highway projects

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump Turns Down Extra Vaccines & African Countries Enforce Masks

Georgia Senate GOP push for end to no-excuse absentee voting

Baby Jane - Dr. Feelgood

Jenna Ellis Has Tested Positive

BREAKING: SCOTUS wants response to Texas suit by Thursday at 3 PM

NY AG Letitia James Says "Trump cannot avoid justice in the great state of New York"

After saying seniors shouldn't fear COVID, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants testing when the TX Lege meets

from Capital Weather Gang:

The Daily Social Distancing Show: Trump's Voter Fraud Claims May Hurt Republicans' Odds in Georgia

"The stunning installation is a symbol of hope and transformation as a beautiful addition to 2020."

Something doesn't add up about Rudy Giuliani's coronavirus

Maddow explains the TX AG pushing the election lawsuit, well she takes him down..........

At this point the only person with

The first vaccine

MJ Hegar Is Selling Campaign Harley-Davidson, and Twitter Wasn't Too Kind

Biden Hopes To Have 100 Million Covid Vaccines Distributed In His First 100 Days - MSNBC

Get with the program. Legalize weed.

Republicans say Biden's pick to run HHS, Xavier Becerra, is unqualified. Meanwhile...

Handing it to the gop................

My apologies

Garrett: Republicans Are 'Holding Up Checks To Keep Americans Alive And Well' - Deadline - MSNBC

Seattle Police Ruled In Contempt For Firing Less Lethal Weapons At BLM Protesters

Jimmy Kimmel & Donald Trump Reenact Love Actually

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Trump's Pardon Gifts, Vaccine Hits UK & Exclusive Monolith Interview

"If she had a clue what that meant she'd realize how ridiculous it sounds."

Seth Meyers - Rudy Giuliani Tests Positive for the Coronavirus - Monologue 12/7/20

One of the world's first vaccine recipients, a 91-year-old UK man, goes viral in epic interview.

We can't rule out Rudy's fart

Andrews Sisters - "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" . . ..

Im looking forward to the return of music and the arts to the white house. you?

Trump Loses Last Ditch Scotus Case, Locking In His Loss To Biden - The Beat With Ari Melber - MSNBC

Trump BLOWS UP After Republican Shuts Him Down

"Uprise" Against Whom?

What's the Trump lawsuit count now?

Gee, I'm so proud of Toomey ...

"Trump Is an Asshole" - MUSIC VIDEO - NSFW


☦ Eastern Orthodox: Prayers for Creation - Pan-Orthodox Concern for Animals

VA-GOV: Terry McAuliffe, former Virginia governor, will begin a bid for his old job.

A geriatric-care manager


Ain't No Sunshine -- Bill Withers (cover by Canen 12 y.o.)

Lincoln Project's Steve Schmidt: American Democracy Was Deliberately Poisoned - Amanpour and Company

Lovely Day - Bill Withers

Beaten Mom with Toddler ... Demands Officers Be Fired

Loeffler's husband dramatically reversed his stock selling spree to spend $1 million on shares that

Six Digital Art Pieces by YT...

Missing patterns in corporate news: Project Censored's top 10 underreported stories of 2020

Southwest Airlines warns nearly 7,000 workers of possible furloughs

Texas reports more than 15,000 new daily virus cases

Jacob Collier plays All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie

Chris Hayes: The Rot Won't Go Away With Trump - All In - MSNBC

Survey: More than half of FDNY firefighters say they will refuse COVID vaccine

Arkansas hospitalizations near record level again

Test flight of SpaceX's Starship aborted at last second


It is a Christmas miracle!

The 'Moment' Has Passed. Austin's Most Controversial Public Artwork Might Be Coming Down.

Entrepreneur Steve Blank On Quitting Pentagon Panel Over Trump - The 11th Hour - MSNBC

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Stacey Abrams on Trump Losing, Senate Runoff in Georgia & Supernatural Reunion

It's over Donald Corruption Trump! Mike Pence Knows it!

Stephen Colbert - Monologue and Opening - 12/8/20

The problem is McConnell

Stephen Colbert: "Slate Political Gabfest" People Are Being Offered Pardons Who Don't Want Pardons

Colombia considering 20% minimum wage cut for new jobs

DEA bungled conspiracy against Colombia's war crimes tribunal: report

I Fought The Law (And The Law Won)

Colombia's police inspector threatened as chief submerged in corruption scandals

Argentina moves closer to historic abortion legalisation

Revealed: how Mexico's Sinaloa cartel has created a global network to rule the fentanyl trade

trumps patterns never change,

Los Angeles deputies arrest 158 people in raid on underground house party

Not everyone is sad to be missing the holidays with family this year

Legally Troubled Texas A.G. Concocts Absurd Election Lawsuit As an appeal for help from Trump

The world's rich need to cut their carbon footprint by a factor of 30 to slow climate change, U.N. w

She's back! Rebekah Jones' Florida Covid Action web-site is updated.

Spies with Russia's foreign intelligence service believed to have hacked a top American cybersecurit

Trump's Arab allies are already testing Biden

This company is using drones to replant forests devastated by wildfires

Texas High School Students To Return To Campus For State's End-Of-Course Exams

Let's not kid ourselves here, imagine if Trump won and people on the left were tying up courts

White House: No unemployment benefits, one-time $600 check in COVID-19 relief bill

The 'Smellicopter' Drone Uses Actual Moth Antenna to Sniff Out Smells

New study suggests indigenous practices can help revitalize pacific salmon fisheries

Fishing for gold: how eels powered the medieval economy

Comment about Obama seen on Twitter:

With Lamont bullish on gambling expansion, the odds improve

What trump's election lawsuits have done for me...

Lawsuit Seeks to Halt Debut of Ranked-Choice Voting in New York

Challenges to delivering special education have increased during the COVID era

The whole world doesn't suck. Are you ready for this?

Archaeologists find vast network of Amazon villages laid out like the cosmos

Archaeologists find vast network of Amazon villages laid out like the cosmos

Joe Biden: Why I Chose Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense

What fresh hell is this?

Republican 'It's A Wonderful Life'

Child advocacy group calls for major tax shift to close 'highly unjust' income, wealth gaps

Sound The Alarm: Closure of more than half of early runoff voting sites in key Georgia county

Baker rolls back Massachusetts reopening, aiming to 'build ourselves a bridge to the vaccine'

Well, Melissa Carone is STILL talking but she's NOT quarantining.


Idaho anti-maskers shut down health board meeting by raging outside members' homes

On this day, December 9, 1965, "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was shown for the first time.

While #Qanon were all looking in non existent pizza shop basement for Hilary Clinton's adrenochrome

UN rights boss welcomes Biden pledges, hopes for reversing "serious setbacks" under Trump

Merrill Lynch fined $2M, must pay ex-governor $24M in restitution

Zappos Tony Hsieh's extreme behavior..starvation diet and fascination with fires

Folks--actual billboard on display in Georgia.

Trump golf course dunes lose special environmental status

Rhode Island now leads country for new COVID cases per capita

Cyberattack cost UVM Medical Center $1.5 million a day

Little pygmy possum found on Australian island for first time since fires

Lighting up the sky

Desiree Dennis-Dylan,Bob Dylan's daughter

The man saving monkeys in the Colombian Amazon

Trump's Schedule for Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Victory! Malaysian Bank Will Stop Financing Coal In . . . . 20 Years . . . Oh, Wait . . .

Delaware sets new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations; cases continue to increase

Eligible DC Residents To Receive One-Time Stimulus Check

Illegal Mining Brings COVID, Malaria, Deforestation & Death To Brazilian Parks, Indigineous Lands

The War on Christmas couldn't be lost on the battlefield, it was stabbed in the back.

Things you can be sure of today trump will do,

Sri Lanka Returns First Of Hundreds Of Containers Of "Recycling" To UK; Had Illegal Medical Waste

The Rundown: December 9, 2020

Fund second stimulus check by overturning Trump tax cuts, Rashida Tlaib says

Webcomics Weekly #116: *Insert Timely Holiday Song Reference Here* (12/8/20)

We Want Comics: Dark

The Weekly Pull: Batman Black & White, SWORD, Home Sick Pilots, and More

No!! Could Bountiful Loopholes For LNG And Fracking Explain BC's Inability To Hit Climate Targets?

NPR has an online tool to show how close to full your local hospitals are.

A nurse who bragged about breaking Covid-19 rules on TikTok has lost her job

Batshit Crazy Michele Bachmann: Ever since election night, I feel like I'm being 'abused by Satan'

Two Presidents, Two Messages, One Killer Virus

Over 100 Americans Died Of COVID During Senate Hearing Where Ron Johnson Compared It To The Flu

☦ Eastern Orthodox: Proverbs 17:17

Giuliani witness whose testimony went viral says she isn't self-quarantining despite his covid-19

Yang calling NYC elected officials to gauge mayoral run

Oops! Venice Floods (Again) After Failure To Deploy Tidal Barrier, Based On Botched Forecast

The future of the Trump Party?

Rep. Katie Porter 'pulls back the curtain' on McConnell's COVID stimulus sabotage:

NOAA Annual Arctic Report Card; Region Becoming "An Entirely Different Climate Due To GHG Emissions"

Our Losses In Perspective--Recently Read

The Trump campaign paid Trump's private jet company $16,800 in 'consulting' fees after the election

Elton John - Empty Garden

'Vibrational frequencies': Trump supporters explain why they don't wear masks -- and it's a real dooz

Just a few Republicans together have more power than they think,


The rank hypocrisy of the Texas AG's election case

So Trump's ego is the reason 100 million doses of vaccine won't get to us until next July!


Dan Hicks, under rated and under appreciated when alive, was born on this date.

Eric Boehlert: Why is Washington Post still running puff pieces about Trump White House?

(Not so) fun facts...

Is Michael Bloomberg spending in Georgia?

Wednesday TOONs - Request Denied

Junior Wells was born on this date.

YOU raised $5,445.00 for DU for GA 2020 runoff on 12-8-20

YouTube closes the door on the election...

Nobody wants to be Roger Brooke Taney

9 other GOP-controlled states have now joined Texas's Supreme Court lawsuit - SD & 8 Southern states

If Pete is really out of the running for the cabinet

Merry Christmas less than 1,000 hours left for Trump

Russian Media Wants Moscow to Grant Asylum to Trump

College football player out with myocarditis from COVID-19

With workers and states in crisis, bipartisan relief bill would provide some needed relief

Just a curious question

AOC's Old-Fashioned Machine Politics - Democrats could learn not only from her social-media skills

trump is like the murderous ex boyfriend

Trump's next gambit to save the election

Hopeful, at last...

I want to scream.."You do not have the freedom to commit murder"

I never thought I'd live to see the day when a 74 year old loser

Witness Mellissa Carone says she's not self-quarantining after Giuliani's COVID-19 diagnosis

What is all this stuff about the Kraken?

PA GOP Leader: "My House Would Get 'Bombed' If I Didn't Want To Help Trump Overturn Election"

Youth are homeless in Maine for variety of reasons

Brava Angela Merkel

Cooking your bacon - Sous Vide it for best results

BLS Report: Job openings (6.7 million) and hires little changed; separations increase in October

Republican Candidate Glitches, Stuck in Bizarre Repeat Loop

Trump Planning HUMILIATING Inauguration Day Stunt

Going forward, the democrats have to LEARN how to fight and top of the list

On the contrary, everything adds up about Giuliani's coronavirus. It's called privilege.

The Atlantic: A Political Obituary for Donald Trump

No other states "joined" the Texas suit.

Don't Stop The Dance

Albert King - I Believe To My Soul

Santa Fe priest says he has no remorse for referring to coronavirus as 'China virus'

Santa Fe priest says he has no remorse for referring to coronavirus as 'China virus'

I KNOW this is the Federalist, but even those right-wing nuts predicted the outcome of the election

Another clip of CovidRudy doing the virus' work

Anti-vaxxers attack 90-year-old UK woman who was the first to receive COVID vaccine: 'She died in..

Talking cockatoo literally barks at the neighbor's dog

4444 new cases on the AZ Dashboard today, Wed.; 108 deaths

(ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) Gibson Medical Facility could become cornerstone site for new homeless shelter

Every Democrat in Congress needs to ask these questions when getting interviewed,

This Wild Cockatoo Does This To His Favorite Person Every Day

Tiny little puppy adorably steals food bowl from much bigger dog

Joe Biden goes to church. Politics remains outside

Face Mask Advertising

Northam signs 'Breonna's Law' making Virginia 3rd state to ban no-knock search warrants

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Party Is Now So Radical, Its Own Officials Are Scared

A political obituary

Hundreds of compliance checks happening in Albuquerque

Maine organic farm no one has heard of got a $1.2 million federal relief loan

Ok, but only for 2 Olympics. After Olympics 2 the Electric Boogaloo, that shit's over with

I wish liberals were as bad and evil as Republican say we are

We now know indirectly our first person to die of COVID19

Politics & Other Mistakes: Konstitutional klunkers

I admit that I was all prepped and ready to hate this record

Sticking With Trump

Gov Cuomo: I will be holding a COVID briefing and making an announcement at 11:30am ET.

Mrs. Claus tests positive for COVID-19

Trump Pays $2 Million to 8 Charities for Misuse of Foundation

Trump may have undermined Texas's Hail Mary election lawsuit with a single tweet: law professor


When Trump heard the results of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling

Columnist explains why Trump needs to be treated like a child

Idaho health officials threatened by anti-maskers as cases soar

POTUS-E Biden reaches out to mother of slain Charleston police officer

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown Angers Some With Salvation Army Partnership

Georgia Reducing Voting Locations Ahead Of Runoffs

Persian Poet Sa'di and William Shakespeare, a comparison by scholar Dr Ghomshei

Trump and Chavez/Maduro

I find humor in this insanity we live in with our dogs Duncan pup

How Kelly Loeffler's firm facilitated an Enron-like scandal.

How do we deal with a Republican Party that's become a traitor to humanity itself?

DeSantis appointee resigns in protest of "unconscionable" raid on COVID whistleblower

Never Forget

Mother of Casey Goodson Jr. says he was shot dead while entering home with sandwich

The judge who signed the search order of my house was appointed by Governor Desantis and sworn in le

Michigan Lawmakers Infected After Giuliani Visit

Trump Once Again Threatens to Veto Defense Bill If It Doesn't Include Elimination of Section 230

Persian Poet Sa'di and William Shakespeare, a comparison by scholar Dr Ghomshei

Thieves Loot Russia's Top Secret Doomsday Plane

"So long, farewell" January 2021 edition

Fresno County has 0% ICU beds, but my employer is still requiring me to report to work.

Will Trump Trash White House after Being Evicted?

U.K. Says Those With Severe Allergy Should Avoid Pfizer

Leoti, Kansas

Carone: "Obamas funded Wuhan lab to make Covid."

2020 Atlantic Hurricane stats

The Trump Administration Has Backed Down From Its Subpoena Demanding BuzzFeed News Divulge Its Sourc

Melania Trump 'just wants to go home'

Portland's plan for a temporary homeless shelter falls through

Watch For This

Does anyone know of any kind of timeline with the TX lawsuit?

Dire Straits - Once Upon A Time In The West

Republicans House members being "asked" to support the Texas lawsuit

I can't stop laughing. Using the "baby filter" w videos of Melissa Carone, Trump:

A GOP senator reveals just how deranged many in his party have become

Has The Post Thanksgiving Covid Surge Kicked In Yet...

EM doc: "We are so tired." Dealing with Thanksgivingers surge

How long before trump is threatening Supreme Court Justices publicly?

PA GOP Leader: My House Would Get 'Bombed' If I Didn't Want To Help Trump Overturn Election

Health Canada approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

How long before trump is threatening Supreme Court Justices publicly?

Republicans are evil ... but ...

'V-Day', really? The vaccine should be a source of global joy, not petty patriotism

Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral"

Symphony #9 in D Minor, Op. 125 "Choral" Ludwig van Beethoven

See, this is why Biden's DOJ must investigate everything the Trump admin did! Everything!

Trump's Republicans have gone around the bend

Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down Cold War Spy Photography - WIRED

Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania

Wisconsin is the only state that missed the safe harbor deadline

Florida Police point guns at Rebecca Jones's children...why? take a computer...???

Rudy Giuliani has tried to subvert the will of the voters before. He did it after 9/11

Funny tweet!

AOC: Our Homework Helpers program is off to a roaring start! I can't thank you all enough.

Putin should ask Trump to defect to Russia (Sarcasm)

President-elect? GOP may wait for January to say Biden won

It's time for the brat in the White House to make his great escape

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court rejects last-minute suit from Republican state House Reps

I have three words regarding the COVID-19 vaccine

And It All Started With...

14 organizations designated as hate groups by SPLC & ADL received PPP funds totaling $4.5M

Man arrested at Razorbacks football game after arguing about mask policy

If somehow this Texas SCOTUS case goes anywhere

Trump vows to intervene in Texas election lawsuit to SCOTUS

I just had to go take massive dumps.

Trump says he will intervene in Texas election lawsuit

We need to talk about what 'foodies' are doing to hummus

Romney: 'Madness' for Republicans to challenge Electoral College vote

Joe Scarborough slams Trump for being a 'rich white billionaire' playing the victim.

The Hottest Campaign Ads on Twitter Didn't Really Work: Study

The Pentagon announced that Michael Pillsbury will be appointed to chair the Defense Policy Board

Funny Thing about the SCOTUS - and other Federal Judges, too.

A jail officer in Spokane, Washington, shot and killed a 70-year-old woman in the building's lobby

The Uphill Climb Faced by Fleetwood Mac biographers (satire)

Will Trump be an Inauguration Day no-show?

Accused hate groups receive pandemic aid

Ron Johnson told reporters he wouldn't rule out joining an effort to challenge a state's results 1/6

Denmark charges Russian citizen with spying for Russia

Man holding trash can for friend in Bradenton finds body

Guess what "proof" Donny is now using to prove he won? C'mon, guess.

I threw a ball for my dog,....

Mayor Condemns Placerville Proud Boys Chapter: 'We Don't Want You In Placerville'

Trump's win in 2016

So, the inauguration for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris - anybody got links on how the day will go?

Trump administration rushes sale of California oil leases despite certain legal battle

I had a rather hefty visitor stop by the feral cat shelter, last night.

Pence's Remarks at the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit; December 8, 2020

Mitchell, South Dakota slapped in the face by herd stupidity. Washington Post

ICC abandons inquiry into alleged British war crimes in Iraq

Funny statement

Boeing 737 Max back in air 2 years after grounded by crashes

Bike Messenger Riding Fast and Fluid Through NYC Traffic

YouTube to remove videos claiming mass fraud changed election results

Here's A Book Detailing All The ...

Katie Porter slams McConnell: Here to 'expose corruption in real time'

Human-made materials now outweigh Earth's entire biomass - study

The Supreme Court is leaving the Trump tax case in limbo as the end of his term nears

Juukan Gorge inquiry: Rio Tinto's decision to blow up Indigenous rock shelters 'inexcusable'

UW football pauses all activities due to increased COVID-19 tests

Casey Goodson Update: Death At Deputy's Hand Is Ruled A Homicide

Another Trump veto possible as Congress votes on blocking $23B arms sale to UAE

On this day, December 9, 1902, Margaret Hamilton was born.

Tiny Minnesota town to vote today on allowing white supremacist church

2020 Leftovers Anybody?

CNY bluesman and musical mentor's death from Covid-19 brings grief - and a warning

A walking recipe for misery

Pornhub under investigation by Visa, MasterCard amid abuse allegations

What's going on here? The Republicans are running out the clock.

The pandemic has been really good for me,

Biden up CNN 1:45 PM

Giuliani's Star Witness Was Charged ...

Madison-based F-16 jet crashes in Michigan, injuries unknown

Another video from NY MAGA lady:

Fired Data Scientist Rebekah Jones Raises Nearly $200K After FDLE Raid

Trump's election lawsuit in Georgia literally included an affidavit from a person complaining he ...

BCA: St Louis County deputies not talking after fatal Mountain Iron shooting

The risk of right-wing terrorism is rising dramatically

Another GOP court loss in Michigan -- the MI Supreme Court voted 4-3 to reject a case alleging fraud

But Biden thinks he can compromise and work with these assholes

Lovely Trump supporters in Minnesota yell at cops and refuse to "back the blue"

ACTUAL Billboard (not photoshop BS) in Georgia. Meidas Touch! Looking good!

YouTube is now removing all videos disputing Biden's victory. Parler is losing it. Face with tears

Great WAPO piece on midwest mask denying town: Really well written

Ryan Zinke Unveils Official Portrait Featuring National Monument He Shrunk

The Lincoln Project's Rick Wilson On The Ads That Actually Worked

Can everyone please stop and make a positive comment about the POTOS here.

I wonder how tall General Austin is? He towers over everybody!

"[H]e may actually be off his rocker."

The only shot I got

Trump EPA finalizes rollback making it harder to enact new public health rules

"last place aversion", article in today's NYTimes about connection between social status & politics

Could it be that "covfefe" was simply Trump's lame effort to name himself "Covid Jefe"? nt

Here's a new and detailed breakdown of the emerging $908 billion economic rescue package

I cannot get to sleep, wee hours of the morning considering if I will continue to tread water, or

Allergy warning for Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine after UK health workers with allergy history suffer reac

BREAKING: Pennsylvania court DENIES Republican effort to decertify the 2020 general election results

General Lloyd Austin, the Sec of Def. designee is speaking right now on CNN.

Dems. will do well in the 2022 US Sen. Races despite the fact 2022 is a midterm year w/ a Dem. Pres.

Some good news, finally!

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf tests positive for COVID-19.

Katie Porter upcoming on MSNBC

The Chinese embassy in the US has retweeted Trump's fake claim of election fraud.

Probably a silly question, BUT-----

Biden Reveals COVID Team We're Going to See a Lot of As Crisis Worsens

Why Households Need To Earn $300,000 A Year To Live A Middle Class Lifestyle Today

Governor Cuomo Briefing December 9 2020

Melania Trump 'just wants to go home'

Records prove Johns Hopkins U founder owned slaves, shattering belief he was a staunch abolitionist

All in one place, the bogus claims debunked -- Election results under attack: Here are the facts

House approves defense spending bill without Section 230 repeal

Brooklyn dancer Storyboard P on the set of the 2012 documentary "Flex Is Kings."

Billionaire accused of blasting Gilligan's Island theme song wants to end feud with neighbor

JUST IN: All 50 states and DC have now certified their presidential election results

COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Gov. Tom Wolf Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Cartoons 12/9/2020

NY AG James: I'm leading a bipartisan coalition of 48 AG's in a lawsuit against @Facebook...

People With Severe Allergies Shouldn't Get Covid-19 Vaccine, Says U.K. Regulator After Reactions

Seattle chamber asks judge to deem city's payroll tax unconstitutional

Trump attorneys lose appeal to nullify Nevada election vote

Analysis: PPP data shows reach, shortcomings of $659B relief program

Dozens of states and the FTC sue Facebook for alleged anticompetitive behavior

Trump's losses in his election lawsuits are kinda like his lies:

Trump Administration Is Planting Loyalists in Biden Transition Meetings

DESPERATION - Seventeen states filed a brief in the Supreme Court just now in support of Texas

Florida GOP official resigns in protest over raid of COVID data scientist: 'I couldn't believe it'

High court takes on Fannie, Freddie presidential power case

Men with COVID-19 three times more likely to need intensive care: study

"...don't really believe Biden stole the election...they do want a coup"

Defeated, lying, narcissist ex-President Trump will make a perfect 'Florida man' Opinion

GM's Cruise to deploy fully driverless cars in San Francisco

GOP stealing the Georgia Runoffs

As Senate runoffs draw near, Pompeo warns Georgia students of Chinese influence on U.S. campuses

Breaking: 3 block massive scroll symbolizing billionaire wealth being stretched along Central Park.

Orange County, FL Mayor puts bite in the COVID violation order. First fines have been levied!

McAuliffe announces bid for second term as Virginia governor

The Daily Dread - Tracking the spread, 12/9/20

What's to keep Kamala Harris from taking over the Senate and telling Mitch to take a seat?

Back (over) the Blue

Rescuers saved several giraffes stranded on an island in Kenya after heavy rains caused flooding.

YouTube advises right-wing propagandist Tim Pool on how to spread election fraud conspiracies...

GRIFTBOT 2020: How Kelly Loeffler's Firm Facilitated an Enron-Like Scandal

Looking more and more like Blue states vs Red states to me

Ha! LIMBAUGH takes iddy-biddy blame/credit for unleashing "partisanship" on the country!1

U.S. and States Say Facebook Illegally Crushed Competition

It is not possible for me to reply to every bereaved parent & sibling who has replied to this ...

Been doing some post-lockdown cleaning? Someone just found one of our books, only a little overdue.

.@CDCgov has agreed to remove requirements on vaccine reporting data that could have been used to id

Re Covid treatment - I have some suggestions

Funkwrench Blues, Piss & Vinegar

17 states side with Texas in Supreme Court lawsuit aiming to overturn Biden wins in four states

🚨BREAKING: Michigan Supreme Court DENIES right wing effort to segregate ballots and delay the Michig

"Congressional Democrats Are Now Investigating Whether Kushner Used Trump to Get Himself a Billion-D

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf tests positive for the coronavirus

Photo shows poll worker in Pennsylvania, not Georgia senator


INBOX: Statements by Hunter Biden and the Biden-Harris Transition

Biden picks leave Democrats with slimmest House majority in modern history

The biggest cry-baby loser in American history. Period

Trump has moved to intervene in Texas' Supreme Court lawsuit seeking to overturn the election

Can the President Pardon Himself? His Family? Co-Conspirators?

Birthday Retriever Gets Special Treat

Registration for Covid Vaccination

A Question inspired by Texas Attorney Generals petition to the Supremes.....For the lawyers here?

Hunter Biden says U.S. prosecutor investigating his taxes

After resigning over slurs, W.Va. lawmaker reclaims seat

Thor Puppy Pittie Found In Freezing Cold

Bernie Sanders: When children are going hungry in America, suddenly we don't have enough money

Maryland AG Brian Frosh's statement on the Texas lawsuit

What is your considered opinion about 17 states joining the Texas suit at SCOTUS?

Michigan Supreme Court, in 4-3 decision, refuses to hear election fraud case

Billboard in Georgia...

Report: Despite Going Viral For Brutally Mocking Trump, the Lincoln Project Ads Didn't Really Work

The only time a Trump supporter will turn "Blue" is right before they die N/T

How Did Rudy Get Trump's Velvet-Rope COVID Treatment?

The most brilliant (and nastiest) Lincoln Project Ad.

Appointment of new VOA chief raises fears for US broadcaster

Would You Forego Christmas If...

Trump has now moved to intervene in the frivolous Texas lawsuit. This has become a true basket of de

WaPo Gridlock: Street closures planned Saturday in downtown Washington for pro-Trump rallies

House approves one-week spending bill as stimulus talks drag on

a few days ago, i mentioned that somone had been diagnosed positive

Newsmax TV scores a ratings win over Fox News for the first time ever

Devastation in South Dakota

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec. 9, 2020

Former Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella dies aged 66

Former Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella dies aged 66

House GOP removes Detroit Democrat from committees, citing 'threats' in her Facebook video

Don't mess with Nancy Christmas gifts....

Juanita Jean- Hi Donald! It's Me, Ken. I Need a Pardon.

Republicans TERRIFIED Georgia Voters Will Win

Calm the f**k down, Gym

Juanita Jean- Hi Donald! It's Me, Ken. I Need a Pardon.

Someone attempted to bomb the offices of the Spokane County Democrats today

Watch SpaceX test a giant 'Starship' over Texas today [UPDATED]

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Thursday, 10 December 2020

I'm no longer doing kinky new acts every time Trump loses in court.

Would Trump try to game individual justices on SCOTUS???

'Chunari, Chunari': Indian Dancers Perform To Song From 'Monsoon Wedding,' Bollywood Films

Gov. to announce new COVID-19 restrictions Thursday after record high for new cases


A note to the Lincoln Project

Cancel Culture For Real

Why So Many Men Stuck With Trump In 2020

Memorandum on The National Space Policy; December 9, 2020

And.....WE'RE OFF!!! (OH-11)

VoteYourPawsoff Sound on 🐶

How much land does a man need?

This failed coup needs to end the way they do in the rest of the world.

How Dave Filoni FIXED Ahsoka Tano in 4 episodes

Israeli spyware is helping Mexico hunt down journalists

IATTC leaves tropical tuna unmanaged as meeting fails to reach consensus by one vote

AP: Providing LEO with military grade equipment does not diminish crime, study shows.

Russian media suggests the Kremlin grant asylum to Trump so he can't be prosecuted

Pima County Public Health Advisory: Hospitals at capacity, COVID-19 transmission high

Reason is near death in America.

Now that Trump joined Texas lawsuit The Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in this farce of a case

NYT: The Year in Pictures

If I cover the inside of a bowl and the outside of a ball with magnets positioned to repel...

You know what happens Friday?

Can anyone explain what has been happening each day this week at the FDA?

Hackers steal Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data in Europe, companies say

Safe harbor in regard to Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan

SpaceX's #Starship prototype SN8 explodes on impact during its attempted landing

Trump's Response to 2016 Recounts

The final 4 minutes of Schmidt latest (?) great interview

The republican party is now not just an extremist hate group , and criminal enterprise,

Pima County (Arizona) Public Health Advisory: Hospitals at capacity, COVID-19 transmission high

Pima county Arizona: COVID-19 transmission is HIGH and hospitals are at capacity.

Attorney representing Trump at SCOTUS pushed conspiracy that Kamala wasn't eligible to be VP

GOP Lawyer Appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis Resigns Over Police Raid on Data Analyst

A friend of mine from Mexico, had an appointment with immigration ...

OK I don't drink sodas but I sure watched this ad

US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win in 2022 from Safe to Tilt.

Republican States SCOTUS petition

Now they are investigating Hunter Biden's taxes

Thar be WHALES here!!!

Can these states being sued by Texas counter sue them for all their legal fees

Looking to buy a digital camera. Should I get one with a mirror or without? Any help appreciated.

Another record breaking US Covid day and not over yet...

NYC lawmakers sue to delay new ranked-choice voting system

Follow-up on my adopted dog

Match.Com set this up! This is all their fault!

Played Golf Saturday With A Teaching Pro

Worldometer tonight -Deaths: 296,361; Covid Cases: 15,791,904

My granddaughter freaks out when I say I'm going to open a Snapchat account.

What the streets are gonna look like in January...

Can Nancy call her

"There's Another Santa Claus" by Bob Rivers

Trump Is Winning (the Republican Party)

Arizona Republicans Hurl Insults At Each Other After Trump's Loss in the State

Why Is Lindsey Graham Saying Biden's AG Must Not Investigate Trump? Here is One Big Clue . . .

Dismissing health concerns, State Department treats 200 guests to holiday drinks, tours and leftover

So Barr is going to try to save his own hide by going after Hunter Biden again?