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Archives: December 9, 2019

71 Republicans Who Supported Russia's War On Ukraine In House Resolution This Past Week

When are we going to see the other 3 parts of the Senate intelligence committee report,

It's that time of year again

17 candidates in GOP primary for Texas CD 22

Amy Klobuchar's husband is NOT a Federalist. Someone else's tweet is NOT evidence.

From Juanita Jean- Bloomberg may spend $100 Million just in Texas

2020 US Senate Election- How Democrats can win the US Senate seats to get them in the majority?

Rough week for Trekies

It's amazing what a good saw can do!

Best of Opossum Lady

Stunning in the spring of 2019 Trump team worked to draft

From December 1, 2018 to December 1, 2019 Wisconsin has lost 551 dairy farms. Let that sink in....

For some reason I started thinking about Tim Russert this morning

Articles of impeachment against Trump likely this week, Nadler says

There Are Now 18 House Republicans Retiring. What Does This Mean For 2020?

Julian Castro filed for Texas Primary

Video: Sharp Computer IT screwed over a scammer

I read in my local paper that Ohio is the 8th dumbest state

Know any good psychiatrist jokes?

Harvard geneticist goal: to protect humans from viruses, genetic diseases, aging

2020 US Senate Election- Winning both of the GA US Senate seats will put Democrats in the majority.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash - Southern Cross

Do you want to see some amazing dancing?

Booker slams Democratic debate rules as he ends Iowa tour

Biden Gets Hostile With Axios When Asked About Hunter, Pledges Family Will Not Conduct Foreign Busin

These are the safest and the most dangerous countries for LGBTQ visitors in 2020

Rene Auberjonois, actor featured in 'Star Trek' and Altman films, dies at 79

When 19-year-old, working-class kids go abroad,

Buttigieg pledges openness but cautiously

We need to point out how utterly weak and incompetent...

SW Indian Ocean Storm Fastest Strengthening Ever S. Of Equator; Kammuri Had Coldest Cloud Tops Ever

Donald Trump Jr.'s tour through India is staggeringly corrupt

White House "working" on official visit between Trump and Russia's Lavrov

"Explosion Of Fire" SW Of Sydney Forces Crews To Run For Their Lives; "No Relief" For Now

Buttigieg campaign says 2000 people attended Iowa rally

Christmas home decor from the 50s and 60s

Tweet of the Night: I wonder if the religious right will get it?

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Monday, 9 December 2019

Axios asks Biden why he hadn't named Warren as possible VP choice. Biden handles it perfectly.

500,000 Protestors In Madrid; Potsdam Director Warns No Real Sense Or Urgency Inside Conference

Bloomberg committed to spend $100 million just in Texas at meeting of State Party

New RW talking point. We just hate Trump

Warren has put out a summary of her private legal work and payments --

I know we are not supposed to post about sports here...but something happened in the world of sports

Nutball @ my low rent gym wanted to know what I thought about all this "impeachment stuff."

TX-22: Pierce Bush (Yes, those Bushes) to enter race for Congress.

Clip from the Yang fundraiser in Dallas.

Trump Extorted Ukraine in 2017 and 2018 Before Getting Caught This Year

TX-HD28: The hottest race in Texas gets even hotter

it's all one story and not that complicated

Christmas Cookies

2020 US Senate Election- US Senate seats that Democrats are likely to win to get in the majority.

Giuliani's Motive

Inside Rawabi: A new West Bank city built by a Palestinian for Palestinians - 60 minutes

Have there been any conspiracy theories

Trump is the GOP's Elizabeth Holmes

WaPo writer posts dishonest incomplete hit piece on Warren......

Please explain why so many otherwise reasonable people consider the conduct outlined by Mueller A-OK

Can anyone imagine a scenario in which Senate Repubs convict in order to usher in Pence?

Celadon, biggest bankruptcy in truckload history expected by mid-week

Head of Jewish Democratic Council of America denounces Trump speech as anti-Semitic

Miss Universe 2019........OMGOSH.......Stunning

Catcher Ted Simmons now

Ever see a fifty pound crayfish???

I hope South Korea is on high alert,trump cutting back the joint training and asking for more money

I just binged s 1,2,3 GOT in 2 weeks to watch Richard Madden.

AMERICA FOR AMY addresses false claim about her husband John Bessler.

Biden campaign attacks Trump policy on Saudi Arabia, North Korea

Lawrence Tribe: Impeach Trump. But don't necessarily try him in the Senate.

Democrats are more likely to regain control of the US Senate in 2022 than in 2020.

Anti-vaxxer arrested in Samoa as measles outbreak claims over 60 lives

Donald Trump's new homelessness czar has argued feeding homeless people enables them

KS-SEN: Pompeo had off-the-books meeting with Republican donors in London

Do Yourself A Favor, Walk on By Prince 2019 Re-Release of "1999", from 1982

UK election 2019: Boris Johnson targets Labour Leave seats in final push

Bonus Tweet of the Day

Don't practically all the criticisms against M4All also apply to the public option?

New Zealand volcano: At least five dead after White Island eruption

Psychiatrists Warns Congress About Dangers Of Trump's Declining Mental State

Trump is running out of time to make his deals

Rearrange - Prince

Prince "Annie Christian" '82 Punk Version

Barr Allows for Release of Additional Details About Ex-Spy Behind Steele Dossier.

No more touch-screen ballots in St. Louis County after $6.9 million voting equipment upgrade

about 100 tweets and retweets from Trump that a record?

The Exodus Has Begun - NPG

Decorated with butterflies, infant-sized coffins sent to measles-ravaged Samoa

Dissecting 'the black vote'

Website to check for unclaimed money. Check your name and family members

Rahm Emmanuel decimated GOP Trump-Hate impeachment talking point.

Trump brought along convicted war criminals to secretive Florida fundraiser

Artist donates Santa Clause and his 3 rein-gators to Morgan City, LA

Since there have been so many inquiries about my absence...

Mike Bloomberg bets big on California, but the state has a history of rejecting ultra-wealthy

The Truth

Jobs of the future are clustering in a handful of (BLUE) U.S. cities study finds... fuels resentment

California man arrested for making more than 10,000 harassing calls to government offices

Trump Brings 2 Officers He Cleared of War Crimes Onstage at Fund-Raiser

China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment

Good morning, 2020 human, your new tune is Rearrange

Alarm in Colombia over escalation in unlawful arrests of journalists

Pearl Jam 1999-10-30 Mt View, CA

Ween - Ocean Man

Lo Fidelity Allstars - BATTLEFLAG

Giving $1000 to the poors benefits everyone in the community. Greater

Message to GOP

Sexuality - Prince

Why Is Rudy Helping Russians Who Are Attacking Us?

Elizabeth Warren talks top issues and competing 2020 campaigns at College of Charleston

How poor people survive in the USA DW Documentary

Flush Ten Times!

North Korea calls Trump 'thoughtless' old man over tweets

Agolf Twitler Makes His Intentions Clear...

Russia banned from 2020 Tokyo Olympics

**Breaking** Russia banned from next two Olympics for doping violations

Climate change: UN negotiators 'playing politics' amid global crisis

**What/Where to Watch at Monday's Impeachment Hearing** THREAD 1

Snowflake Huckabee tries to sue critic into silence with outrageous legal action

Ted Cruz is a spinless asshat

Woman Finally Manages To Get Her 17 Pets To Sit Still For A Photo

Child Porn Charges For Donald Trump - Tied to Mueller Witness Raise Questions?

WaPo Exclusive: US officials misled public about War in Afghanistan

Tamaskan Dog

Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas! 103 years young!

John Oliver: It's time to end SantaCon

Russia banned for four years to include 2020 Olympics and 2022 World Cup

Monday TOONs - Doo-Doo Process

Kamala Harris Leads Senators In Demanding 'Immediate Removal' Of Stephen Miller


Bernie Sanders - What Patriotism!

Yeah, let's talk about Hunter Biden.

A ramble Feeding the troops this weekend our sons and their friends

Farmers, Farm Bureau, Sonny Purdue So Concerned About Climate That They Held Closed-Door Meeting

Eagle Ford Oil Output Down 20% From 2015 Peak; Grow Production Or Make A Profit - Pick One

The Rundown: December 6, 2019

Pensacola Attack Probed for Terrorism Link. Saudi Suspect Clashed With Instructor

Russia reacts to being banned from Olympics for doping.

Huckabee, private beaches and smearing the man fighting his land grab

Bill Bar to publicly undercut conclusion that launch of Mueller probe was legit - not a 'witch hunt'

More evidence The Hill is a rightwing clickbait machine

105 tweets/retweets on Sunday.

Rudy G. make Dick Tracy look fictional!

Please go see the movie "Dark Waters" and take a neighbor

"The Long Kiss Goodnight." Lots of over-the-top fun.

At War With The Truth

Judiciary Committee to hear cases for and against Trump's removal

Trump accused of 'dipping into a deep well of anti-Semitic tropes' during speech to Jewish voters

Off mic scenes from Joe Biden's wild road trip through Iowa

How a closed-door meeting shows farmers are waking up on climate change

George H.W. Bush grandson to enter Texas congressional race

Trump heads to court in fight over emoluments

Barr told Trump Giuliani is liability: report

WTO faces crisis over settlement disputes unless Trump backs off

Does everyone have their bags packed?

( Watch it! ) Elizabeth Warren: I hope Amelia and her two golden retrievers can meet me

Biden, Ignoring 3/4 of his VP Tenure, Says Sharing Power With Republicans Is a Good Thing

Nothing is true & everything is possible -by Tom Tomorrow


Jewish Groups Blast Trump's 'Anti-Semitic'' Remarks, Warning They Could Have 'Deadly Consequences'

What's so special about hoop cheese?

Paul A. Volcker, Fed Chairman Who Waged War on Inflation, Is Dead at 92

Happy Weary Willie Day! It's not what you think! 😏

Impeachment hearing live stream.

Kamala Harris Leads Senators In Demanding 'Immediate Removal' Of Stephen Miller

House Judiciary Committee hearing to review impeachment evidence starting soon

Mike Bloomberg kicks off his climate week

Who is that interrupting Nadler

Well, that was special. A trump*ster was just removed from the committee hearing

A wingnut

North Korea calls Trump 'erratic' old man over tweets

*NEW* YouGov South Carolina Poll - Biden 39%, Sanders 13%, Buttigieg 10%, Warren 10%,

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber: Rather than ask how a candidate polls among black, brown or white voters

West Virginians head to Canada to find affordable insulin

Breakfast Monday 9 December 2019

New Zealand volcano: 'No sign of life' after White Island eruption

'Snowflake' Devin Nunes Mocked For Panicking After Reporter's Question

The Afghanistan-Papers A secret history of the war

Mike Bloomberg campaign ad: "On the Economy"

Finnish minister Sanna Marin, 34, to become world's youngest PM

Cooler heads will prevail.

The "team" is shrinking.........

Shock and Awe: tweet storming the day away. . . . Please come CAPTION PresiDented Trump!!!

Wow, the Minority A-holes seem to be panicking

Hungary government submits bill to boost grip over theaters

Joe Biden is tied for first place in Iowa

A man with a plan

Louis Freeh's consulting firm ensnared in Rudy Giuliani's drug deals.

Infowars boy disruptor, video here:

Just found a guy shooting up on the clinic's doorstep.

Star Trek / Benson Actor dies: Rene Auberjonois

ABC News @ABC 'FIRE-NADO': Aerial footage above southeastern Australia

Wildlife Photography Award Finalists

Interesting: Go to and search for "The Case Against Impeaching Trump"

Economic discussion, why low unemployment hasn't brought inflation?

The Ukraine investigation only validates the Mueller investigation.

December 9 - Happy Birthday Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) NY

Irony so thick, Faux's KILMEADE has "Never Seen Such Partisanship" - am gagging on the laughter!1

Another advantage to living in a metropolitan area.

Summation by Dems: Trump is a crook. Summation by GOP: So.

Michelle Obama Says The Impeachment Hearings Are 'Surreal'

All the republicans care about is disruption. They have nothing else.

( Naomi Klein ) Forged in Fire: California's Lessons for a Green New Deal

Paul Volcker dies at 92

Impeachment hearing. Look at all the Republic tears.


How did we forget about the "Presidential Right to First-Term Crime Spree" clause

Pro-Immigrant Electoral Organization CASA in Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Pentagon Concerned Russia Cultivating Sympathy Among US Troops

Pro-Immigrant Electoral Organization CASA in Action Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

GOP Counsel Steve Castor's nonsensical argument:

How you know when you've been a bad girl

Our state and national organizing teams are doing great work to try to expand the electorate

New Zealand eruption: No survivors on White Island after volcano suddenly erupts, say police

Economic Battery & Violence

When is the hearing for Bolton

Matt Gaetz gets shut down after interrupting impeachment hearing

CNN learns about Lavrov's meeting tomorrow with 45 from Russian spox, not WH

Bob the donkey loves my wife I smile I cannot compete

I suggest Andy Biggs get more fiber in his diet. The organ he thinks with seems to be constipated

In "the greatest economy ever" Textron is laying off hundreds in Kansas:

"a single instance of an arguable false statement in a civil suit unrelated to official duties"

North Dakota County May Become U.S. First to Bar New Refugees

Democratic Lead Counsel Makes The Case For Trump Impeachment In Less Than 2 Minutes

Is there a strategy behind the GOP's delaying tactics in the hearing? Or is it just spite? nt

JFK On Universal Health Care

"Paris Bars"

U.S. Supreme Court Leaves In Place Kentucky Abortion Restriction

RW network OAN: Giuliani had to flee Ukraine at midnight to avoid troops; Soros reportedly there

Steve Castor's briefcase!!

Sports Illustrated 2019 Sportsperson of the Year: Megan Rapinoe

Warren's Fighting Corruption

Supreme Court leaves Kentucky's ultrasound law in place

Do we have a defense against "swift boat/e-mails" tactics?

Junior Wells was born on this date-

Whoopsie! Scam Callers Threaten Apex Police Captain with Arrest

Joe Biden to campaign in San Antonio this week

Seriously---if you can imagine yourself to be an mildly interested citizen who

The Long, Disheartening Wait Is Over: Ted Simmons Is Officially A Hall of Fame Catcher

LGBT language added to Loudoun school employment policy after School Board debate

Donald Byrd was born on this date-

This Goldman guy is something else!

You raised $31.00 on December 8, 2019 ActBlue POTUS donation links

Politico on Biden's one-on-one encounters with voters explaining his popularity in the polls

Dan Hicks was born on this date-

Matt Gaetz is angling to be adopted by trump, hoping he can gain more favor than Donnie Diaper.

Republicans are at this point simply opposing anything Nadler says.

Real-time visitor photos/videos of New Zealand volcanic eruption- who escaped only 2 minutes earlier

Update - IG Report exonerates the FBI

Republican response/defense to trump treason

OMG: A San Diego man believed to be rehearsing a mass shooting of pedestrians from a downtown hotel

"Some of you I don't like at all And you're going to be my biggest supporters," Trump told the Israe

Elko Daily interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders

West Virginians head to Canada to find affordable insulin

Let me know when Peleton releases this model of exercise machine.

Futurist Sees 'The End of the World as We Know It for Average Person'

Someday, I dream of bringing my Muslim son home

Happy 103rd Birthday to Kirk Douglas

How do public school teachers cope? In the past,

Walmart pulls Christmas sweaters that mixed Santa with sex and cocaine

Videos by suspect in "dry run" mass shooting excercise.

Impeachment Does Not 'Overturn' an Election-The founders were extremely clear about the importance..

Impeachment thread # 2

Inshallah, Hasan, some day.

Castor is now promoting the Hunter Biden Debunked Ukraine BULLSHIT.

Criminal justice reform activists, crime victims fight back against concerns about coming reforms

Republicans are revealing their strategy in the impeachment hearing:

Some perspective on Warren's earnings

Trump had a legitimate concern about Hunter Biden on the board?

'There's something terribly wrong': Americans are dying young at alarming rates

THE WORD IS LOVE, John Lennon: December 8, 1980, RIP

Cat Takes Bite Out Of Every Single Tortilla In Pack When Mom Isn't Looking

Happy 103rd Birthday to Kirk Douglas

Thom Hartman is really infuriating

Tracfone smartphone advice sought

OMG! Some people in Ukraine actually said mean things about The Don!

Now you can't mock Kanye West on Facebook by comparing him to Chappelle's character Clayton Bixby

I don't see how this doesn't end

TDBBS Voluntarily Recalls Pig Ear Pet Treats No Illnesses Report, Strictly Precautionary

Are Your Jeans Red or Blue? Shopping America's Partisan Divide

WARREN: Says All-Women Democratic Presidential Ticket Can Beat Trump

"Yes...yes, I do believe there was spying"...- AG William Barr

There are many well qualified female Democrats.

Reuters Justice Dept IG Finds Opening of FBI Probe Into Trump Campaign-Legitimate/No Political Bias

Finland's Sanna Marin Is To Become World's Youngest Prime Minister

Among the many emotions that are triggered by the Republicans' hypocrisy and childish

Mr. Castor is a horrible witness!

Fuck these Repuke obstructionists! That's all they have. NUFF SAID.

Trump-Has Taken At Least 1,100 Children From Their Parents Since Family Separations Officially ENDED

Twisted filibuster! The Republicans are in full-fledge disruptive behavior.

Wendell Potter speaks out on McKinsey and their role slashing and burning on behalf of insurance co.

Documents Reveal Misleading Public Statements on War in Afghanistan.

Now that Kamala Harris is out, she's gonna be needed to prosecute Barry Berke...

A note on expert witness testimony --- if they're mad, you're winning.

Saudi Arabia gets another pass

Inspector general report says FBI had 'authorized purpose' to investigate Trump campaign's Russia ti

BREAKING #NEW South Carolina @YouGov

Something That Puzzles Me About Trump And His Biden Investigation.....

Listen Castor Oil

The IG's report was going to be their "fire wall." So much for that.

Should the DNC start doing real-time rapid response to GOP lies on everything?

Castor is melting under cross by Berke.

Will the FBI or other government employees that were fired or forced to quit

Nice catch

Please, please, please SNL let Kate McKinnon play Stephen Castor on this weeks cold open.

Trump "family member" referenced in the IG report who had a friendship with Chris Steele was Ivanka

'Whose side are you on?' After murder of Houston officer, Chief Acevedo blasts senators & the NRA

Sports Illustrated names Megan Rapinoe sportsperson of the year

Boris Johnson refusing to look at a picture of a four year old forced to sleep on a hospital floor

man smacks reporter's butt on Live TV: 'You Violated Me'. Groper identified, police involved

CNN: The inspector general says the FBI's investigation was properly opened. Barr disputes that.

'Dossier' author Chris Steele met Ivanka Trump years before Russia scandal, source says

doug collins is yelling again. what a piece of shit.

The best Fox News can concoct for the Trump/Russia report: "Mistakes but no Political Bias"

I hope SNL does a parody of the exchange between Collins and Goldman.

****Impeachment thread # 3****

Debunking a Huge Medicare for All Myth

City of Pensacola experiencing a cyber attack.

Debunking a Huge Medicare for All Myth

Climate Grief: Savoring What Remains, In An Age of Climate PTSD

The World's Most Epic Cat Cribs

Didn't the law require tRump to notify Congress if he wanted to withhold funds?

I wonder if it was the Republican counsel was the one spying on Democratic members this weekend?

president of the united states vs. private u.s. citizen

Wow! Durham just betrayed his country to Russia and went all in for Putin

How do you feel about the choice element of the Public Option?

Same protester--InfoWars host Owen Shroyer,-- yelling 'Trump is innocent' at impeachment hearing cal

I finally figured out why I didn't leap on the Harris bandwagon.

Castor complained about investigation going too fast.

Cruel primary history lessons Joe Biden won't want to hear

The Next Winter Storm Is on Its Way to You

They keep backing the bus up and rolling it over Sundland....

Guess who CBS has for "expert" commentary on impeachment hearing during breaks...

ABC: Ivanka tried to hire Chris Steele to work for the Trump organization in 2007

DOJ argues Congress can't take non-legislative steps against Trump on emoluments

Ranking member Doug Collins is succeeding.

Does anyone have a good link for a liquor based Advent calendar?

I kept waiting for minority counsel, Ms Callen, to to lapse into "Fer shur, dude---totally!" when

Scam call? "Your iCloud account has been breached....."

Nadler v Gohmert

****Impeachment thread # 4****

If one were to cross an auctioneer with Sarah Palin, the hybrid would spew word salad

Trump to meet with Russian foreign minister Tuesday

Facebook ads push misinformation about HIV prevention drugs, LGBT activists say, 'harming public hea

Facebook ads push misinformation about HIV prevention drugs, LGBT activists say, 'harming public hea

Just saw a comment from a Trumpist claiming that Barr/Durham have called a grand jury

Trump 2020 campaign emails

Born on this day, December 9, 1957: Donny Osmond

A NATO expert criticized Trump on Twitter. So a U.S. ambassador barred him from speaking at a confer

🔥 Bernie Speaks to Working Families in Carson City

Winning Pixs of Historical Sites

If you put cockroaches in the neighbor restaurant's soup you'll get that raise - Swalwell

BREAKING: Trump speaking on IG Report. 'It's far worse than I ever thought possible'

OMG: Pete Buttigieg gave a campaign contribution to a.....DEMOCRAT!

Lol... Alan Dershowitz seems to be having some difficulty using Twitter:

Amazon: Trump used "improper pressure" to block AWS from DOD cloud contract

Strange - Life's circle

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson to run for Congress

Pat Toomey considering run for PA-GOV in 2022


1974 - On tonight's edition of Monday Night Football, John Lennon stops by booth during a match

A diminished Trump attempts to gaslight the country about the findings of the IG Report

Bernie Sanders Announces Opposition to Drilling in Nevada's Ruby Mountains

Jason Hayes / IDEAS

Anyone ever file a FTC complaint? I just did with GE Appliances

France Bans Dozens Of Glyphosate Weedkillers

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez Urge Administration to Deny Gilead Monopoly Profits on HIV Drug Over Misco

Inbox: Buttigieg Camp Announces Fundraisers Will Be Open & Names of People Raising Money Will Be...

I finally realized who Steve Castor reminds me of - William Macy's character in Fargo

Seth Abramson....DOJ Inspector General completely exonerates FBI

Gee! I had to turn down the volume to 11 because Gohmie talks so loud.

Latest installment on why @iamcardib supports Bernie Sanders: ''he has the perfect intentions''

Jeffrey Epstein's Victim Details Abuse / Virginia Giuffre Prince Andrew & the Epstein Scandal (BBC).

If brains were gunpowder

tRump "heedless and erratic old man"

Joe Biden Says He Doesn't Want Republicans To Get "Clobbered" In 2020

HOW MANY OF US HERE wanna use super glue to keep Jim Jordan quiet. HE IS YELLING !!!

GOP House Intel counsel argues Democrats failed to enforce impeachment subpoenas

Israel prepares for...another election

Sanders on potential federal rights violations at a state-run institution for Iowans w/disabilities

Luwdie Gumwart...

Rep. Doug Collins Loses It Over Devin Nunes Getting Exposed In Ukraine Plot

Nobody elected Ivanka Trump. Nobody elected Jared Kushner. Nobody elected Rudy Giuliani.

I think they are doing what their fearless leader has told them to do.

Uggh, Ken Buck... Don't blame Colorado, for him, guys. He was elected by the same tiny

****Impeachment thread # 5****

Pray for the Bernie Embeds.

Taron & Rocketman golden globe nomination! 🤩

Gohmert just spoke in the past tense about Trump

louie gohmert's performance today ...

Photo shows Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein at Prince Andrew's party

Which of the four liberals declined to hear a challenge to Kentucky's anti-abortion law?

Mike Bloomberg books another $25 M in ad buys

Can you think of anything that would make you tweet 100 times in a day?

Bloody Hell -- new SSD just WON'T show up in Win7, even after formatting to NTFS.

My AMAZING daughter did it again! Invited to South Africa!

Martha Roby ... what an embarrassment for Alabama!

Klobuchar Approaches Her Now-or-Never Iowa Moment - Seib

Impeachment hearings: Most insufferably obnoxious Republican? (Poll)

GOP's McCarthy argues against first-term presidential impeachments

Dog Refuses To Put More Than One Paw Out In The Cold

"Rapid Reaction" doesn't apply just to political campaigns...

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Duncan Hunter's father: "He's tougher than a $2 steak"

New Data: Top 1% Income Has Grown 100 X Faster Than Bottom 50%, Since 1970

Megan Rapinoe Is Sports Illustrated's 'Sportsperson Of The Year'

Man, the Social Security laws are written to screw you if

God bless MSNBC. soon as Mr. Gaetz got his turn MSNBC cut away.

Ben Carson illegally holding 18 Billion in aid for Puerto Rico

American Factories Demand White-Collar Education for Blue-Collar Work

(Jewish Group) Labour's Gardiner says Corbyn isn't antisemitic, just 'critical of Israel politics'

101 Refresher

(Jewish Group) The fight to recognise the Jews who fled from Arab countries

When I met John, a veteran, a few months ago, he had $139,000 in medical debt.

There is no hope that any Republicans will look at the evidence and change their mind...

my world since my meltdown

Sanna Marin of Finland to Become World's Youngest Prime Minister

BREAKING: McKinsey authorizes Pete Buttigieg to reveal clients

After IG report came out, Fox and Friends cancelled James Comey's appearance tomorrow morning.

Last remaining glaciers in the Pacific will soon melt away

Comey was scheduled to be on Fox and Friends tomorrow

The last Morse code maritime radio station in North America -- Bartell's Backroads

hey you're bringing your briefcase today for your nationally televised impeachment hearing?

Warren Goes After Buttigieg After Slipping in Polls

Call For 'Climate President': 500+ Groups Demand Next Administration Take Immediate Action

Caring killer whale grandmas help calves survive

Caring killer whale grandmas help calves survive

I think Schiff should agree to testify before the Judiciary

Black Voters Back Medicare for All, Not So Much the Candidates Pushing It

****Impeachment thread # 6****

Oh fuck you mr. mcclintock.

Kentucky Derby Horse Profile: Thousand Words

67 votes in the Senate

House Judiciary Dems: As Rep. Swalwell notes, nobody asks "what did Trump know and when..."

Bernie Sanders' Plan to Slash Monthly Internet Bills Could Work, Experts Say

Tiny, deformed tortoise takes off running when his dad gives him wheels 💚

What do you think of Republicans?

Have You Read Giuliani's Crazy MEMO

How progressives are plotting to stop Pete Buttigieg's rise in the 2020 race

What's for Dinner, Mon., Dec. 9, 2019

"It was bad, maybe worse than anyone expected, worst in history, probably worse than..."

Someone please explain to me why a small, rural, mainly white state like Iowa should exercise

Who's the worst, if you had to pick one?

Tweet of my day

Juanita Jean-Most Excellent News-someone good is running against Gohmert

Juanita Jean-Most Excellent News-someone good is running against Gohmert

Is anyone else having this specific problem?

"Oh hey what's this?"

That's Democratic Party you asshole

repubs hide behind giuliani back channel cover up

James Comey tweet:

Strasburg stays with Nats; record 7-year deal worth $245 million

The Essence of the Atchafalaya Basin

Impeachment and Pardons questions

The Essence of the Atchafalaya Basin

I tried the five million dollar new apple today -- Cosmic Crisp.

An inside look at One America News, the insurgent TV network taking 'pro-Trump' to new heights

I was just reading some comments on CNN.

How many republicans have repeated Russian promoted talking points today?

just got home and started the hearing on DVRWho was the heckler that police had to escort out?

Thank God for mute buttons...👍👍👍👍👍

Johnson refuses to look at picture of boy forced to sleep on hospital floor

Strasburg stays with Nats; record 7-year deal worth $245 million.

Seth Abramson to Dan Rather: It's in 'Proof of Conspiracy'.

Christoper Steele and Ivanka Trump have had business-contacts since 2007.

Lisa Page: "Cool, cool. /end"

RCV experiment interesting Watch out for Klobuchar

Meet the Dem running to remove the idiot Matt Gaetz - Phil Ehr

Northrop Grumman donates jet to Maryland's first high school aviation program

Shit for brains teapubs chant three syllable to display smarts

Well back on the phone talking to people I know across Iowa to get a feel for what is

Excellent interview Of Biden and Kerry in NH --

Republicans can lie their asses off to protect Trump, but there is a price that will be paid.

Rep. Duncan Hunter spent $625 on 'flights for a pet rabbit,' report shows

Chris Cillizza at CNN The Point (email)

Houston police dept calls out McConnell, Cruz, and Cornyn regarding violence against women

Former Boeing Employee Who Warned About 737 Problems Will Testify At Hearing

Diplomats: US backs out of North Korea human rights meeting

A Perennial Congressional Candidate Beloved by Trump World Was Just Arrested on Stalking Charges

Pete Buttigieg talks to Michael Harriot on a variety of topics. 20 minutes long and worth it!

'The Trail' podcast: Joe Biden and John Kerry

National @MorningConsult Poll: